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August 11, 2009



How much confidence do you have in Jacory Harris to lead this Miami team an ACC title?

"The unwavering, unflinching, blindly loyal, would follow him through the gates of hell kind."



close solar, but a small change would have been made had i said it, it would have been closer too:

"I'll wager soup/your salary next year" That's how mine would have started off!
I kind of always had this rule, unless i'm atcually playing, it's hard for me to bet!


Cal, that was the 7Floor Crew bloggers

It sounded just like you when I read it.

You only betting if you are playin is a good rule too.

You can't win it if you ain't in it!



i gotta run,
catch you guys tomorrow



more FSU injuries: falling like flies...

Three of the four backs behind Jermaine Thomas on the depth chart had to spend time off the field because of injuries.

Tavares Pressley could not go the entire practice because of a leg injury, while Ty Jones also missed some time. Freshman Chris Thompson, injured his right ankle near the end of practice, leaving Thomas and Lonnie Pryor, a freshman from Okeechobee High, as FSU's only healthy scholarship running backs.

Defensive end Kevin McNeil has been academically cleared to play and will spend two days in shorts and two days in shoulder pads before going full-contact.

Defensive tackle Justin Mincey was helped off the field with a left knee injury. FSU officials did not immediately know the extent of the injury.


Looks like only one receiver did anything in the redzone today, hmmmm, who can it be now, which reminds me, "who can it be knocking at my door, go away, don't come round here no more".

The one thing i'm not hearing is, who's throwing all these interceptions lol. What's good though is we got real speed back on defense now again. Guys like marcus robinson and vernon who could actually play linebacker. Than we converted safeties to linebackers like cookie, no word yet from cj holton doing anything, as long as he's having fun it's all good.

m.james doing his thing out their today, guys on this team will be heard from left and right, we'll see that look on beamer's face, because outside of Miami, not to many people know what a true HURRICANE team looks like better than beamer. He's studied us probably more than anybody, last year, that look was on his and foster's face like uh oh, here they come gain.

He went and got jayron hosley who'll add more grit nad confidence to that team from a mental standpoint. He's the type player that can be the difference maker they need on defense, kind of like how chris gamble was for ohio st. Although andre johnson was eating his lunch, dorsey kept missing johnson to many times that game.

Anyway, off that game and back to what's brewing down in coral gables. If you can make plays cosistently against this defense, you must have some real good offnesive players. Right now, you better have moe than one offensive player.

We got ball hawks on defense, we know 2 linebackers(spence&cookie) who'll pick you off, and something tells me if spence or c-mac(preferably c-mac sense he's big enough to be more physical regularly) can play in the middle, that has alot more to do with the coaching staff wanting to get cookie in the starting line-up so the 3 best linebackers as of right now will be on the field at the same time.


Just thinking about all those kids who like to say they looking at depth charts, unless they are true competitors, not too many of those type are coming here!

The Truth

Gamble and the safety (Mr. Throat Slice) are currently on the sexual predator list for what they did to Johnson that game.

Holding. Punching. Pulling. Grabbing. It was all good, too until...

Well, I won't go there again.

I told you they were small out there soup. Don't know why either. On the 7th I did just fine...in and out in about 6-8 ft of water. But the last two times it's been a lot of work...it is going to be a slow season. Maybe it'll pick up by December when to too smalls grow the 1/8 of an inch but then you're just yanking in a bunch of "keepers" and that's no fun.

Cookie is going to get a lot of pt. Don't read too much into cmac in the middle...they're working nickle D and stuff like that. Then again, before he got hurt he was going to work at MLB. Right now it's all about competion and finding that perfect mix of guys. One thing that is certain is the kids are really responding to Lovette and his way of teaching.

Calvin, Holton ain't ready. Won't be either. Not until he gets a better grasp of things. He's a little too slow for a guy that was a DB. But I chalk that up to not knowing what to do.

The DBs look good. And no, Jacory isn't throwing all the pic LOL. Cannon is guilty of that!!!

The Truth

And I don't care what they say in the papers

Highsmith ain't no QB. Nor do I think for a second he's REALLY going to stay there...


Well that's good news, because it means if you got a scrub qb against us, you're done, it's going to take an elite qb to be able to make plays all game long against this defense. I was thinking it than and i'm still thinking it now, while the attitudes of the guys who came from Fsu country are about the team, i was a lil leary about us recruiting ryan hill and cj holton.

shannon has brought in guys that even he can learn from, let alone the players.




Sebastian told me that the water is gettin' warmer in the Atlantic!!!


lol, you know this staff is about their word for the most part, so if they recruited as a qb, they're going to let you play that position until you prove you can't. Right now, i'm sure lil highsmith won't be a qb by the time stephen morris comes in, but since canon is third string, might as well hold what we got and let highsmith try and take taylor cooks job.



Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer


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