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August 11, 2009



Good day, all. First day in full pads is going to lead to lots of stories for us to digest! And only 26 more days until it counts . . .






"I'm forever young. I get younger and younger each day. "

guy has always known what was what,
How is his tea business doing?
I think he donates a lot of profit from it to underprivlidged Jamacian kids



es. It's 100% true. The offer was on the table and Shannon said wait.

Posted by: The Truth | August 12, 2009 at 11:41 AM

RS seems to say it ain't true...about half way through the interview..."I don't know where that rumor came from".




I posted that about the tight end playing center in practice til the two real centers get back.

A lot of OU blogs have the offensive line getting shredded by the defense.

over at GT Johnson is pizzed at how poor his special teams are doing.



Matt Patchan Media Day Photo at Floriduh


Also Andre Debose, Deonte Thompson, Frankie Hammond, and Jeff Demps


Sean Spence is a beast!!!

Wow, i'm pretty sure everybody here heard about Darren Evans already, you'll hope a kid doesn't have season ending injuries, but dang it i truly hope the Canes take full advantage of this, the Hokies national title hope went from good to slim!


#6 looks stoned, perhaps he took over Harvin's locker?



What is he supposed to say??? In a radio interview at that. RS is very private. He's not going to negotiate or say something like that in public. Also, why is it you always try to defame Truth?

Not beefing with you or anything, I'm just asking...Don't take it personal and flame me bro???


The Truth

Yes Texas, of course. Cuz Randy has ALWAYS been straight forward and informative with the media.

Bg - what's doing up in crabcake land? Speaking of which, where are the good crabcakes up there?

Aqua - ain't competion grand??!!! I'm not worried about 56. He'll keep his spot and if he doesn't he'll earn it back. He's too good not too.

But Vernon is no one to sleep on either. That kid is goooooooooood!!!

But what's up with Aldarius??? LOL


CGNC...LOL nice

#85 needs a line-up!



That is Deonte Thompson. Remember his a few years ago. From Bell Glade came down to us and UF and after he WASN'T playing at UF, rumor was he wanted to transfer to UM.

Yeah...That's him! HAHAHA!


Hell man, Maryland Crab Cakes are EVERYWHERE here. I don't eat crab, but I hear Jerry's Seafood crab is to die for.




That is Frankie Hammond from Hallendale. We scouted and offered him first then his recruitment picked up, and Urban swooped in and took him.


Patcham needs a bra.

and Clyde's crab cakes are the best according to the wife.



I can VOUCH for the Clyde's Fish and Chips...OFF DA HOOK! Very good. The one in Chevy Chase right outside of Georgetown.



Yeah I remember Frankie Hammond. I still like our receivers better.

I still think if you're going to take a picture, for Media Day nonetheless, you'd look proper. But maybe that's just me



I was thinking the same. In fact, I was actually thinking, though that is a small sample, that our guys actually look to be in better shape at this point in time.


i asked my wife where the best crab cakes are and she included "my god", "i was meant to try those out since they were the special", "by far the best", and a few others over the top superlatives when talking about Clyde's.


Man, did ya'll see the woman that Ricky P. did his thing with!...DAMN!...All I've got to say is...WAY TO GO RICK!...HOO HOO HOO!.......YEEEEEEEAH! GO HEAD' RICK, I AIN'T MAD AT YA'!


and i got the crabcakes originally from the Gallery Place Clyde's for her and then she asked me to grab some for her and got those from that one in Chevy Chase.


Good afternoon spacers...FINALLY the kids are back in school and I can work lol....just 26 more days, but how "Da Space" has made the time to by so fast, seems like yesterday it was 3 months and we were in the "dead period"...not in "Da Space"





Colin McCarthy looked good during this morning first Miami practice with full pads, pulling down 2 INT's. He looks 100% healthy coming back from injury.

The Oline looked real good today as a whole too. Some of the players ahve been saying that even though Miami changed OC's, OL coach Stoutland has done a good job translating terminology for them but that the concepts are the same. There is alot of confidence among the OL right now. Most people have mentioned them as potentially being a big question mark, but I think they may be one fo the most improved units this year. Most people agree that Miami's DL the potential to be among the best in the nation this year, dont't forget that our OL goes agains tthose guys everyday and they are doing pretty well against them.

The run game was an emphasis today, as well as the 2-minute drill. the tempo was up today compared to the beginning of yesterday's practice. I think the players were looking ahead yesterday. A couple of players had a day off, not for injury, but for rest.



think back to your high school parking lot

what would the gross dollars be today for the cars that were sitting there back then.


In my jr class I still remember we had

A 66 427 ci Stingray
66 GTO
64 425 hp 409 Chevy
62 406 3/2 Ford
62 Chevy II
62 Corvette ( traded dead even for a Hemi Road Runner, this particular one being the slowest Hemi to have ever lived)
63 Falcon Sprint
Chevy powered AC Bristol
Caddy powered 57 Chevy
numerous other 55-63 Chevys
Altered wheelbase/ straight axle 396 55 Chevy
1 at least of Every Mustang
1 at least of every Chevelle
A bunch of Dodge Darts Ford Fairlanes, Firebirds, Olds etc.
Beach Buggies

dem were da daze huh?



cmac back with a vengence,
he better make hay quick, if he wants some big paydays down the road



Solar I would take a candy apple green convertible bug too!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Vernon is the best thing to happen to Jason Fox. Physical and just strong. Gives Fox a different look and should only help him get better.

Posted by: Esteban | August 11, 2009 at 10:18 PM


My thoughts exactly. Our DL will prepare our OL for anything they see this season. That's the difference between 8-4 and 12-1.


Who's the other half of the "Wipe Out Boys", I know Marcus Forston is one...



I don't eat crab so I can't say, but ALOT of peoples LOVE Jerry's Seafood.


Great Practice! Go Canes!


Practice pics from yesterday.




Adewale Ojomo.





Im back...Workn alot and Lovn the move to ATL...now on to it..I am still 100% a 12%er and I am almost sure 80% of U are too rite now...

Jacory my Offense MVP
Spence my Defense MVP
Collier my Special Team MVP
Most Improved will be Randy Phillips(who will star in the OU game jus to show the new guys tht he's back and OU penalizing him the 1st time was a hoax...)


He should sound different.

He walked into a shythole 2 years ago and is finally getting his nose out of it.

I would feel relieved too!


Posted by: Canez1 | August 12, 2009 at 10:29 AM

Randy crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of chit smelling foulness I can't even imagine, or maybe I just don't want to. Five hundred yards...that's the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile.

Randy Shannon, who crawled through a river of chit and came out clean on the other side...

Let's hope this works out for the Onion as well as it did for Andy Dufresne...


And can we once and for all kill the Swasey is the problem talk?




I like The Shawshank Redemption quote(Excellent Movie)

Sarasota 'cane

I just got a ticket and VIP pass to the Dave Matthew's show tonight in Tampa!!!!!!!

I've never seen Dave before, should be awesome! I hope it doesn't rain a lot!!!!!

Go 'canes!


I hitting up both DMB concerts in WPB this weekend. I go to them every year. They put on one hell of a show. Keep an eye on Beauford as he is hands down the best drummer playing today. You will not be disappointed Sarasota.


FRAN - a bionic elbow that has titanium in it ... you should've told them to dip you in a tub of Adamantium like Wolverine while they were inserting metal into your body.

You going to be setting off alarms at the airport?

Heal well and heal fast.


Sarasota - the forecast for the Dave Matthews concert tonight .... slightly hazy skies in large parts that smell like Maui Wowee or Orange Kush

Old Skool


Yepp, real metal, real wood (in the case of Woody's.)

And cars worth singing about.

At least, I haven't heard any good songs about my Hummer, Honda, Toyota, or Yugo.

You want to know what is probably the greatest destroyer of wealth from your childhood...Mom.

My mom threw away more valuable baseball cards, comic books, toys and even a baseball with the signatures of Berra, Maris and Mantle I got when I visited the spring training camp in Lauderdale.

Sarasota 'cane

On the day of a Hurricanes football game, students may be lathering on body paint, pre-gaming and planning to tailgate, but few want to worry about transportation.

University of Miami students can ride the chartered American Coach buses that leave the BankUnited Center several hours before home games at Land Shark Stadium.

“The buses will depart from UM within a range of times convenient for students starting three hours before game time all the way up to kickoff,” Director of the University Center Dan Westbrook said.

Westbrook explained that UM officials will try to be as “flexible and accommodating” to students as possible.

In order to ride the shuttles, students will be required to obtain stickers from the University Center’s Information Desk located in the lower lounge area. These stickers, which will be placed on students’ ‘Cane Cards before each game, will be distributed a week before most games, but distribution will stop three days prior. This means that students cannot wait until gameday to pick them up.

The Division of Student Affairs released a survey to determine the number of students who would use the transportation.

Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia A. Whitely said the university plans to have 20 buses for low attendance games, and at least 50 for more popular games.

Whitely said the number of buses will not be capped so there can be more buses available for high attendance games such as Oklahoma.

“Freshmen do not have cars,” Whitely said. “Because of that, we’re going to have to have more infrastructure to make sure this is smooth and make sure that it works.”

Students who want to drive to Land Shark Stadium for the games will be able to purchase a special discount season parking pass. The $75 passes will be sold at the Hecht Athletic Center, the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center and the Whitten University Center, and will allow one student car to park at the stadium (not at any designated lot) for each home game. This discount pass is a great savings compared to the $150 regular parking price for six games, and it’s available only to UM students.

Last season was the first for Hurricane football at Land Shark Stadium, which is also home to the Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins. Previously, Miami football played at the historic Orange Bowl for 70 years.

“Riding the shuttles to football games is actually really simple,” junior Michael Spears said. “The buses are continuously coming and going during the game. Riding the shuttle itself isn’t bad. You’re there before you know it, especially with your friends with you.”

For freshmen, the buses were particularly helpful without the benefit of having a car on campus. Sometimes floors even coordinated going together.

“The buses were really comfortable, the line wasn’t as bad as I expected and there were enough buses so that we didn’t have to wait that long,” sophomore Rosa Cubas said. “As a freshman it was great because I met new people and we all got more excited for the game.”


...You going to be setting off alarms at the airport?

Heal well and heal fast.

Thanks fot the kind words. The cast came off 4 days after the Operation. I discovered I was alergic to one of the components. The itching and burning started spreading beyond my Left arm. I removed it and later the DR. approved.Dr was amazed how fast I am healing for an oldtimer :-)
Go Canes


Hey 86Cane, got a question:

Just booked a room at the Hampton Inn, got my Oklahoma tickets, and got my plane tickets. Very excited. My question is this. Do you think I need to rent a car for the weekend down there. As ive heard there are shopping and restaurants in walking distance. But I want to see the campus, go to the allcanes store, etc. Plus, is there transportation to the game form the hotel? Thanks for the help.


I just want to get this season going. My patience is running out. We need to start 1-0...

I know this is a question that may not get answered, but I like to put this out since it is only August 12th: who scores the 1st TD of the season?

TB opening KO IMO


If you want to go to the campus you should rent a car. Soup would know about the transportation.

Sarasota 'cane

Six, what can I say, I'm more of a White Widow man myself! But I also go nut's for the Jack Herer strains as well!


Now I also think that we can go undefeated but dont think that it will really happen, I see the reason we lose this year is because of our DBs .. sorry i have 0 faith in them

Yeah I agree our defensive backs are going to have to step up their game. They look small and non athletic (with exception to Harris) but other than that are db's are weak. I just hope DVD shows me something and hope our linebacker can stay healthy. If we have question marks around the MLB position than I can guarantee you that we lose more than 4 games this year. It all starts with the run defense and making teams uneasy with what we bring. This year I WANT DOMINANT D LINEMAN. I mean the feeling we had in 05 when we played VT at night and straight dominated all night. Also everyone is talking about VT, do U guys forget that we dominated their front four all game long. What makes you think their offensive line is that much proved?
It all starts by that front four and getting pressure.. Do not count us out of that OKlahoma game. Their o line has some concerns and I think that we are finally at the point where we have more speed than most teams on gameday.


Thanks canechic. Yeah I was thinking it would be better to have a car ne ways. But I want to tailgate for the game so I dont want to drive drunk. Hopefully he knows about some good ol transportation

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