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August 13, 2009



i'm not sure mincey was going to be a boost to their run defense anyway. was a converted DE who was 260 something. probably would have helped their interior pass rush tho.


Right on Solar. Plus we will have 1-2 suspended that game according to es verdad for an incident last year. I think one is Bubba Gump.


Solar sent 86 a pic of our lobster catch.

Dont know if you have access to the host email acct.


and i've read a couple articles in the past month or so about that high schooler. they've been trying to find the right situation for a minute. will ideally play over there for 2 years and then be on his way to the pros. but who knows might be able to say he shouldn't have to wait two years since he'll be an international player after a year. no age limit for international ballers. we'll see.


not sure if this has been posted, but espn.com did their own preseason all acc team.

ACC: Preseason all-conference team

August 14, 2009 10:00 AM

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

The ACC has released its preseason all-conference team last month, now ESPN.com is releasing ours. Here's the final version with minimal tweaks from the original ballot:


QB Riley Skinner, Wake Forest
RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
RB Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech
WR Jacoby Ford, Clemson
WR LaRon Byrd, Miami
TE Greg Boone, Virginia Tech
OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College
OT Jason Fox, Miami
OG Thomas Austin, Clemson
OG Rodney Hudson, Florida State
C Ryan McMahon, Florida State
PK Matt Bosher, Miami

DE Willie Young, NC State
DE Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech
DT Vince Oghobaase, Duke
DT John Russell, Wake Forest
LB Sean Spence, Miami
LB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina
LB Dekoda Watson, Florida State
CB Stephan Virgil, Virginia Tech
CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State
S Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech
S Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech
P Travis Baltz, Maryland
SP C.J. Spiller, Clemson



Miami completed its first two-a-day of fall camp Thursday, with an early morning practice in full pads before a late afternoon session in shells at the Greentree Practice Fields.

The morning session was highlighted by a strong showing by the defense, including several stops in the red zone. Ramon Buchanan had a good morning session, recording an interception, a sack and a handful of tackles.

Offensively, a Jacory Harris to Jimmy Graham connection that resulted in a 60-65 yard gain proved to be one of the top plays in the morning. The two hooked up again in the afternoon session in 7-on-7 drills.

In the afternoon session, Tommy Streeter made a couple of long receptions - his last coming from Cannon Smith for a 35-40 yard gain. The defense held the offense to one score in red zone action.

After six straight days of practice to open camp, including Thursday's two-a-day, the Hurricanes will take the day off on Friday before returning to the practice field on Saturday.

Practice Highlights

Morning Session:

· Ramon Buchanan recorded an interception in red zone drills and made several big stops, including a sack, in 11-on-11 action.

· Jacory Harris hooked up with Jimmy Graham (60-65 yards) and Travis Benjamin (35-40 yards) in 11-on-11 play.

· Olivier Vernon recorded two sacks, with one coming in third down drills and the other in red zone work.

· Mike James had a handful of plays of 10+ yards, including a few catch and runs in third down situations.

· Defense held the offense three straight plays on a 1st-and-goal from the three-yard line.

Afternoon Session:

· Tommy Streeter made two long receptions in team passing situations and had another nice grab in 7-on-7 drills.

· The defense held the offense to one TD in red zone drills. Aldarius Johnson had the touchdown catch.

· Linebacker Kylan Robinson intercepted a tipped pass for the defense.

· Running back Lee Chambers had a nice long run to convert a third down.


you see Streeter mentioned a lot so far. offensive version of Vernon in that sense.


Watch out for dvd, he has 1 reason and one reason only if nothing else to play better this year:

"Demarcus Van Dyke, a junior, said he can't wait to quiet the ``haters'' at his mom's job who keep asking her, ``What's wrong with DVD?''

``I'm ready to prove all the doubters wrong. I don't get into the message-board things, but I listen to my mom and the things she tells me. She keeps telling me I have to have a great season this year because there are a lot of haters at her job.

Than in the Oh My how things have changed category: jimmy graham caught around a 50 yards pass and would have scored but dvd ran him down"

"SAY WHAT, WHAT YOU SAY" dvd recorded a tackle, uh oh, if dvd keeps brandon mcgee from starting, that's good news for the secondary. But damyum, u know in Miami we keep it true, so if you related to someone on the field who not getting the job done, you gone hear about it!


Canezilla, you know your way around down there?


"you see Streeter mentioned a lot so far..."

Posted by: Esteban | August 14, 2009 at 11:26 AM

I just wanna see Streeter catch some more TD passes from Ja-Scory in the Right-Field Endzone (the corner with the fowl pole).

Similar to the deep TD they hooked-up on during the State Championship Game against Lake Brantley.

Have SOUP put up a banner, "STREETER'S CORNER" or "THE STREETER-ZONE... Sponsored by CaneSpace!!"

conch salad

I have a 17' carolina skiff with 60 hp yamaha, is this enough boat to get me around and do some snorkeling or do I need to upgrade?
Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | August 14, 2009 at 05:13 AM"

Native, that should be all the boat you need to jet around the reefs and go snorkeling. Yamaha is the only engine i rep as well, as they start everytime and are incredibly fuel efficient.

Just got back from the bahamas and will post some pics up soon...

conch salad



my LOF pick AJ made the top 5 in manny's countdown i see. the world is now safe for another year.


Per ESPN, Louis Nix will take visits (Notre Dame in September, Florida and FSU to follow) and considers his commitment "soft"


Conspiracy Theory

I think Manny used some hometown cooking on that list. He seems like he has some favortism for AJ since he's from the 305 and that's why he was put ahead of the Bird Man.

Of course I am half joking around, but I for one would take Laron over AJ, and I think Streeter is proving himself to be a threat too.


We will see but his boy Glenn seems all U so I am not to worried.

The Truth

Isn't a top 5 player supposed to be a starter?


There you go Truth! I like you ribbing SOUP like that.


isnt a wideout who drops passes supposed to be a backup?


I don't remember any dropped balls from AJ or LB. They pretty much caught everything that was catchable.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


Why do we never hear anything about CJ Holton? Is he having difficulty with the position change from safety to lb?


Alright, Truth earlier I thought you were kidding re: AJ on the bench. If it happens, then our WR's are better than I thought. The kid may not be fast, but he doesn't drop many and he and Byrd seemed pretty damned tough last year. Then again, I was comparing them to Leggett and a few others . .


yeah native i go at least twice a year on a boat i just rent one..

dj moonbat

"Of course I am half joking around, but I for one would take Laron over AJ, and I think Streeter is proving himself to be a threat too."

I'd take Byrd over AJ every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Speed's not everything, but it's not nothing, either.


560 wqam has Randys interview from this morning


What is this talk about Dye moving to TE?

BTW I wish Ray Ray would have played TE he would be the next great one.


Holton is being held out of practice for unknown reasons





Last I read, Dye has #49 and is practicing on defense at end. He played TE some in HS, but end was his main position.

Armstrong to TE? that would waste 2 years of his eligibility. He'll get a crack at safety, we just need to be patient with him and he needs to learn how to be a college football player. Didn't Taylor RS?


Shannon wasn't Miami's first choice to replace Larry Coker after the 2006 season, and he's had pretty mediocre results in his first two seasons coaching his alma mater. Shannon has done a nice job cleaning up the Hurricanes' off-field problems, but his 12-13 record leaves a lot to be desired at a place like Miami.

The Hurricanes finished 7-6 in 2008, losing their last three games after they were in contention for the ACC's Coastal Division title. With 18 starters coming back, Miami might be good enough to win 10 games in 2009. But its early schedule is brutal: at Florida State, home against Georgia Tech, at Virginia Tech and home against Oklahoma.

Shannon's contract expires after the 2010 season. The school was willing to offer him an extension this summer, but with only a modest raise. He's gambling the Hurricanes will be good in 2009 and even better in 2010. It's a big risk. Remember: Coker had a 60-15 record when the Hurricanes fired him.



Ray Ray won't leave Miami as a safety. He is not Sean Taylor. He is either a TE or a LB. He would be great at either but we have more of a need at TE.


MM01 - The "insiders" on have said that Dye is being given a shot at DE, but TE is also a likely destination. They said this about two weeks ago. Of course things might have changed but this was what was said

macjones de Albuquerque

August 14, 2009

Hurricanes feature plenty of depth in backfield


Longtime Miami running backs Javarris James and Graig Cooper stood together on the Hurricanes' sideline during last season's Emerald Bowl, watching relatively unknown Lee Chambers break off a series of impressive carries.

Cooper still remembers exactly what they were thinking.

"We were so happy for Lee," Cooper said. "It wasn't fake. Man, I was so happy for him. We saw somebody that we loved, somebody we have a real close connection with, finally doing good, too.

"We've got some depth there now."

That depth is a nice problem to have, the Hurricanes say. James is entering his fourth year, Cooper his third, and together they've posted combined career numbers of 3,193 yards and 20 touchdowns for Miami. But James has seen his stats plummet each year, thanks to an array of nagging injuries, and Cooper has yet to score more than four rushing TDs in a season.

Clearly, they need a little bit of help.

So Miami went out and found some.

Junior Damien Berry rushed for 114 yards at Miami's spring game, including a 54-yard score. Chambers earned consideration by capping his freshman season with 60 yards on nine carries in the Emerald Bowl loss to California. And Miami signed two coveted high school backs, Mike James and Lamar Miller, the latter of whom scored twice during practice drills Tuesday.

"You've got to have depth at every position," Miami coach Randy Shannon said. "And we think we have it there now."

Miami hasn't finished a season with a team per-carry average of 4 yards or more since 2003. Not coincidentally, perhaps, that was the last season where the Hurricanes won a conference title and played in a Bowl Championship Series game.

If that's going to change, James might be the key.

The cousin of former Hurricanes standout Edgerrin James came to Miami looking to carry on the family legacy and got off to a rolling start, rushing for 802 yards as a freshman. He's rushed for only 868 yards in the two seasons that followed, with neck and ankle injuries slowing him to a crawl.

Shannon asked James a simple question earlier this year: What did you weigh as a freshman?

James said 207 pounds.

And as a senior, he's back down to exactly 207 pounds.

"Never felt better," James said. "Cut out all the fast food, worked harder, rehabbed my injuries. My senior year . . . got to make it happen now."

Already, teammates are giving him high marks.

"Javarris, he's healthier," Miami quarterback Jacory Harris said. "He's come back and he's 100 percent ready to go for the season. Plus he dropped some weight, so you know he's going to be quicker and faster."

That's partly because he and Cooper are being chased.

"That's all right," Cooper said. "Competition makes you better."

Cooper and James entered training camp as the presumed frontrunners to get most of Miami's carries, but no one is discounting Chambers, Berry or either of the freshmen to get into the mix as well. That means every carry seems to be up for grabs, which is making this camp particularly intense for the veterans.

"If any man goes down, I'm prepared to step in and take on whatever role I have to," Chambers said. "We all, in the backfield, none of us are selfish. We're all happy to see the next man succeed. The bowl game helped me out a lot, opened a lot of people's eyes, but I always had confidence."


That'll probably be ray ray's best position, tight-end. Leave dyron dye at defensive end. At the same time, we got a whole lot of time to see. The good news is, not to many freshman are coming in taking jobs, which can only mean one thing, the sophmores and up are balling like they should.

Also, i'd rather be on a team where i came in, and it was hard as hell for me to beat out an upperclassmen. If i came to a team and saw alot of guys becoming starters that came in with me, either it meant we have a whole lot of talented freshman, or over-all our team is not that good. Few freshman starting, just another sign of things that have been changing around here these days.

Now if a freshman comes in and starts, we really know they can ball.

The Truth

"isnt a wideout who drops passes supposed to be a backup?"

When he starts your point will be....?????

macjones de Albuquerque

Now if a freshman comes in and starts, we really know they can ball.

Posted by: Calvin | August 14, 2009 at 01:58 PM

My impact true freshmen players this season, whether they start or play significant minutes, are McGee, Oliver, Ray Ray, and a "coin toss" between Smiley and or Miller Tyme.


RAY RAY tight end???? basing this on practice or what?????? Did you guys see him play any in high school?

I do not know about that observation????


sorry that was canechic not angry


I think Ray Ray will be a great safety unless he just outgrows it and should be a good lb because of hi speed. I think some of us are jumping the gun with him...let me grow into whatever he will become and trust the coaches


UMike I agree. I think its clear that Ray Ray's impact won't be seen till mid-year at the earliest. In the meantime if we want to celebrate freshman OV and McGee are perfect candidates thus far

And if the reciever we're talking about dropping passes is Hank, well lets wait to see if he drops any in the first game before we move him to the end of the line. He is the most physically talented receiver we have on the team. That is a fact. Its just about his head which finally might be screwed on straight.

In fact I will say that if he holds it together these last two years, he is a first day draft pick. (with tons of production could even sneak up further than any of us thought). Boy just needs some confidence and to slow things down.


And before anyone says I am crazy about Hank being first day (and even early rounds that day in fact) the numbers and facts speak for themselves IF he can hold on to the ball (again this is mere prognostication that's all)

6' 3"
225 lbs
4.45 40 yard dash
Good weight room numbers
Good route runner
Good pedigree (St. Thomas and the U)
Pro-style offense experience



Old Skool

Nice pic of the baby in U clothing on Manny's blog?

Just wondering, is there such a thing as FSU diapers?

Old Skool

How bout UF diapers with Urban's face on them?


I'm thinkin the same thing with Streeter, he might have gotten pretty tired of all the
"________ is the greatest wide receiver to ever graduate high school,".... maybe Tommy just goes nuts this season



Ray may be able to play safety but that doesn't mean it is his best position. Ray Ray really doesn't have any natural position which is why any position he is at it will take him some time. But I think you maximize his potential at TE or LB. He isn't fast enough to be a Sean Taylor or Taylor Mays


Solar I hear your on that point.

To me this is the WR rotation using six guys and 3 WR set (which for our team I think could be our best formation right now)

X/Split End: (Hank earned the started till he drops the ball)

Z/Flanker:(These guys are threats deep and are poised to lead the team in yards)

Y/Slot:(I love Pimp but Kendall seems like he's out playing him right now)
2) Pimp

Now I am sure people are saying what about Blur. I think he needs to be a little more polished before I put him in the top 6. He will still see the field plenty I think on returns (even though Coop is dangerous rather have him healthy) and trick/gimmick plays (end arounds, hb toss etc.), 4 WR sets and bunch formations.


Canefan - The only thing Sean Taylor and Taylor Mays have in common is a name and they can lay wood. Taylor Mays is no where near the player ST was.


I'm thingking we need an ssitant runningbacks coach. Let's see we got james and coop on the front line for now. We got lee chambers and damien berry after that, than we got, mike james and miller time. Than coming to the stage next year, darion hall, maurice fullback hagens and ?(clements, giovanni, gore/gainer!


Good Vick/dogfighting article:


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