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August 08, 2009




Old Skool

Dang I took time to read. Good info Thx


miracle whip, lmao soup!

skool did you ever get a Canespace Tee??

off to the Hobby Lobby with my wife, after we touch everything in the building twice and argue about the merits of bringing it home I'll be back

GO not so baby Cans!!


thanks for the info. great blog and i love reading it.

i find it hard to imagne spence even making an impact on graham. graham is a large mammal. 6'8, 253. he's gonna be very effective if utilized correctly, also intimidating.

go CANES!!!



Got to disagree with you Hankerson. I said from looking at him on the Mark Duper videos he looked JACKED. So yeah I have to disagree bro.


Cannon really sucks.


1906...U can disagree all u want. We always encourage differing points of view.

Of course I am ALWAYS right, but if U want to be wrong then have at it! LOL


go CANES!!!

Posted by: PFCane | August 08, 2009 at 01:14 PM

PF...welcome to The Space. Post here, post often!


good practice report. I'm really curious to see how the logjam at receiver works out.

**I love the Miracle Whip thing that has started


And I really hope Pipho is not the starter at the end of camp.


Lamar Miller making nice moves while breaking off a nice run for a big gainer

98 yarder here we come

Its only the 1st practice...Yes

How did that 1st practice go BB??? Last time I mention that name

Great news so far on day 1


The DVD pick 6 was sweet. They even did an endzone celebration. DVD got on the ground and held the football up and I beleive was pretending to film some of the other Canes dancing.

Jimmy Graham had a coach by his side most of the practice giving him individual attention, teaching him blocking schemes on field goals extra, how to move his feet and shift. I saw them put Jimmy in motion on at least one play. He has a nice stance, I think he could get some playing time if he gets the blocking down, good hands too.

Ian S. had no stamina left at the end of practice, his is big and slowwwww.

In the receiver drills it looked like men vs boys. our CB are tiny, no wonder we can't get any interceptions. Most of the times the receivers were lined up against CB that were 4-5" shorter than them.

Also, like the Dolphin practices, they asked fans to not use cell phones, video recorders, or tweet.

Posted by: miamihurricane34 | August 08, 2009 at 01:09 PM

Some pictures from practice

Posted by: miamihurricane34 | August 08, 2009 at 01:16 PM

Other observations: way better turnout than I thought there would be, they are estimating 1,500, but I thought more like 2K.

We need to issue the players smaller shorts, everytime they would run off the line their shorts were falling off and they had to keep pulling them up.

Posted by: miamihurricane34 | August 08, 2009 at 01:18 PM


We need more detail


thats great that Hank has gotten bigger, but size has never been his problem. He needs to catch the football consistently. I just cant handle to see more easy drops by our wr. I am hope full that with this group of studs we can find some that will catch.


Soup I am going to keep buggin you till you give me those duke tickets... Its football time baby!!!!!!!!!!


where is all the info from those who went? i know it ain't gonna be much since its the first practice, but still...feed the beast.


Soup I am going to keep buggin you till you give me those duke tickets... Its football time baby!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Canefantasy | August 08, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Not gonna happen, I already gave them away the other day when someone guessed my area code for the first time. I just can't remember who it was?

Sarasota 'cane

Hey 86 and Legion,

The UM UCF ticket went on sale today! My brother said he got my family 4 good seats, so you all better get while the gettin's good!

Go 'canes!

P.S. I think the USF tickets wen on sale today as well!


Este...I'm waiting for CaneZilla and others to file his report and photos later today.

More to follow...


Sarasota...thanks for the heads up on the UCF tickets. Just bought 5 myself @ $50 each. We are in baby!!!

Ocala and Jarrel..are U in?

Canechic and Angry...are u guys covered already?


5? Who you heading with 86?


That is my neck of the woods coming from the Tampa area..


great info about the first practice. hope to see you guys at the UCF game, ill be a freshman at UCF this year, but ill still be wearing my canes stuff for the game.

Aces & Canes

Man I Love me some CaneSpace! Keep all that info coming.


By the way 86 I was thinking about it.. The offense is going to have some awesome packages..

Two or even Three TE sets.. With Gordon and Epps on one side. J.Graham or T.Johnson on the other..

Four or Five wide receiver sets.

Power I running game with James/Berry and Calhoun/Hill.

Split back sets with Coop and either James/ or even chambers/miller.

Tall WR sets. With Byrd, Streeter, Johson, hank

Speedy WR sets with Benjamin, Collier, Thompkins, Johnson

Special spread sets with J.Graham or Epps playing in the Slot in the goal line.

Tons of opportunities for Whip, he just has to get the team 100% solid on a certain amount of plays before he increases the information..

Also. stuff I've heard about today..

People were a little ticked that the team walked off the field. No autographs after, no coach thanking the fans. Though there was a nice little set-up for the field.. BUT canefest was really for that anyways..

Whip was barking orders and was controlling the field from an authorative stand point. More so than Randy..

Starting lineup included a few suprises.. As the DB's... had B.Harris, DVD, Chavez Grant and R.Phillips.. With VT standing right behind the first group... Not sure if it was a special package situation or if they were actually plaing C.Grant at Safety but they ended up giving VT more first team reps..

Hankerson looked bulked up, dropped no balls. Though he did bobble a few easy ones.

Ray Ray had a tough day, dropped 5-6 passes that came his way as part of drills. (DUDE IS HUGE)

Apparently Gary said Jermaine Johnson could seriously challenge Pipho for that RT spot. Which is interesting because of how much people said he struggled in the spring. So he must have been busting his a$$ over the summer. or Pipho looked like crap today..

Another report said that B.Jones/Brandon Washington were looking pretty good as well but this is with no pads. B.Washington is a monster and will be a stud if he focuses on getting stronger.. (Think Cowboys Olineman Larry Allen.. He could be that big and strong)

Forston split first team reps with J.Holmes. Bailey was the other first team tackle.

D.Epps had a nice touchdown grab off a tipped ball and looked very good. Very healthy, very fluid and was cutting well. God I hope he is mentally ready for the season with his body looking ready.. We all know that just the thought of injury kills these guys..

Apparently B.harris INT was due to Hankerson falling down on a route. DVD pick was off a walk on WR... but he returned it for a TD and did a celebration. Dropping and appearing to film his teammates with an imaginary ball.

L.Miller had the only run that actually broke through the line on 11-11 team drills but he got limited carries and Gary seems to think he is way behind.

Benjamin and a lineman quit running drills at the end of practice as they did 110 yard sprints.. Not sure if it was conditioning or injury..

J.Reid and D.Johnson had hamstring injuries and were out of practice about halfway..

Cory White looks a lot bigger and seems solid. Could be a beast after a good year of redshirting and putting on solid muscle.

Did I say RAY RAY IS HUGE... I MEAN LIKE CRAZY BIG>.. If he really is fast that could be crazy.. but again people said he looked like a deer in headlights and lot of people said that maybe the hype has gotten to him early. Too many expectations, so maybe we slightly temper them. But the kid has the potential to play 5-6 positions on offense or defense.. That is crazy scary...

Jacory was very impressive and he was the only QB who did not throw a INT I believe... T.Cook was inconsistent but had some nice throws. Cannon Smith and Highsmith are very short and C.SMith should likely not be playing here on scholarship, I like the kid but the talent level is bad. Highsmith with be a QB for at least this eyar because he throws a better ball than C.SMith already...

Streeter had an amazing day. .Catching everything and scoring two TD's.. One a very impressive diving catch... We shall wait until the pads come on to judge him..

Ramon Buchanon is looking very good and Gary has some talks with Barrow that indicate that if an injury happens (or maybe not even that.. he could steal a spot) that "cookie" will see the field. That this will be his breakout year.. Gary even said J.Futch looked pretty solid.. NOT EVEN A WHIMPER ABOUT A.BROWN.. Take it for what it is worth. Other people might have seen soemthing different but I guess Gary wasn't paying attention to A.Brown when he was in or if he didn't have a great day..

He also said L.Bryd seemed a bit sluggish but still had a solid day. K.Thompkins looked very good but didn't really do anything within the 11-11 format.

Don't think anythhing else... I'll put in anything if I forgot.


Being in California is killing me - thank God for this site and the info. you all bring me!!! Finally, fall practice is here!!!


QandA with Shannon from Canesport.. So go suppor their site and get a membership.. cheapskates...But still wanted to share the info with my brethren..

Q: Last year Jacory Harris platooned with Robert Marve to give him experience. How do you attack that now that he has to play every snap?

Shannon: It's different because Jacory is an experienced quarterbacks. That's why we went to a two-quarterback system. Now you have a veteran quarterback that has played. You don't worry about it now. You have a quarterback that's done it.

Q: how has the offense responded to new coordinator Mark Whipple?

Shannon: Fine, great, no problem.

Q: You have two new coordinators.

Shannon: The only thing different is terminology and how you use players. It's all verbage. How you use people is going to be a difference on defense and offense.

Q: Jacory, going back to the Emerald Bowl, he talked about how much his shoulder hurt. How hurt was he in that game?

Shannon: Honestly he was probably seriously hurt, but knowing Jacory is a competitor, it probably wasn't as bad as what he assumed it to be because he threw some deep balls. He did some things in the game. It shows that as a quarterback he went in that game and proved to the team that no matter what happens I'm going to be with you guy – let's go out and have fun, I'm going to prove I can win the game.

Q: How do you challenge Taylor Cook now as a backup?

Shannon: The difference first year to now is depth. The numbers make a big difference. Taylor knows that no matter what happens, if he has a bad practice, you have Cannon Smith and A.J. Highsmith right behind him. So don't say `I'm No. 2,' because you may become No. 3, No. 4. The running backs, you can do a lot of good things at running back because it's you have to compete in practice or the next guy comes in. The same thing at receiver, defensive line. When you have those situations, now guys understand every day you have to go out and get better.

Q: Do you feel like the players are understanding everything they need to now?

Shannon: The seniors have done a great job. Randy Phillips has been around a long time, Jason Fox, Chavez Grant, Eric Moncur and Dedrick Epps. Those guys have been here three years. They know the heartaches, ups and downs. This summer they did a lot of senior things together, said what we have to get done, the problems, who they have to talk to, pull in as a group.

Q: So they had a team council?

Shannon: A team council because they want to win. They understand you can't have anyone slack off.

Q: Javarris James was less productive last year. What do you expect from him?

Shannon: A big season. He's done a great job of getting himself ready. Me and Javarris this off-season, we looked what he did his freshman year. He was 207, 208, real quick. Then he gained weight. He was weighing 218, 217. It was good weight, but he was nicked up a lot. He's cut his weight down (this year). He's faster, bigger and stronger than he's ever been by losing weight. He's doing well.

Q: What does a healthy Colin McCarthy mean to the defense?

Shannon: Oh, a lot. You look at what Colin has done when healthy, it's unbelievable. Big hits, touchdowns, blocked punts. He could have went this spring, but we wanted to get him ready for the season. He was upset (sitting out the spring), but I'm looking at the big picture on what he can help us with as far as leadership, be fresh, ready to go.

Q: What have you done to improve the run defense?

Shannon: Well, we're a lot older. A year experience will make us a whole lot better on the defensive front. Plus we have Colin McCarthy, Darryl Sharpton was banged up (last year).

Q: What about the tough early schedule?

Shannon: I can't control the schedule. You can play Oklahoma early, play (them) late. Either way, you play them.

Q: What about Eric Moncur?

Shannon: You add Eric into the mix, the run defense – you have energy on that defense. Take Eric out (with a double team) and you're looking at Allen Bailey. Marcus Robinson had a good year last year as a freshman, Adewale Ojomo as a redshirt freshman (did well).

Q: Talk about Bailey. He's moved around a lot.

Shannon: The first year Allen was the fourth linebacker. We only had three. We get an injury, Allen has to go. The following year we lost Eric Moncur, still had Antonio Dixon, Dwayne Hendricks, Josh Holmes (so Bailey played DE).

Q: Do you have the depth you need to pull through the first four games?

Shannon: We still have some depth issues. We still have some holes we have to fill through recruiting. Do we have receivers? Yeah, we have receivers. But we have sophomore starters. If Eric Moncur isn't the starter, we have sophomore teamed with another sophomore. Do I think we'll be a lot better next year? Yeah. Because we'll have (more) game experience.

Q: What can you expect from Jimmy graham?

Shannon: From watching him today, he's not afraid. When we get in pads, the difference is how he'll respond. It's the 30 pounds (of pads) added on, how he gets on guys.

Q: Is DL the strength of your team?

Shannon: I don't know. We have some pretty good running backs. I won't make that statement.

Q: What are the strengths and weaknesses of this team.

Shannon: Strength, we're young. We'll fly around, make plays because they don't know any better. the weakness is we are young – they may take a chance on something, it may hurt us.

Q: How do you plan to get the young RBs in the rotation?

Shannon: I don't know what we'll have on game day. I've been here two years. We start off with four or five running backs; by the end of the season we have one. (In practice) every running back is going to get equal amounts of reps.

* Shannon said there were no serious injuries coming out of the morning's practice. He said there were some hydration and cramping issues.


Virginia Tech is #7? what are this mofos smoking? same VT team that struggled in the ACC last year? it is a effing joke!!


Not sure yet CSM. Probably Ocala and his wife and then ??? Gotta check with Angry and Canechic but they may be able to get their own through the school. If so I may have two extra for U.

BTW...U can buy single game tickets for UCF vs UM on line right now. Cheapest ones are $50, next level is $65.


Nice article on Moncur:



Man I Love me some CaneSpace! Keep all that info coming.

Posted by: Aces & Canes | August 08, 2009 at 03:28 PM

That's the plan!


Ok, just curious.. Even if I buy my own online for that game want to meet up with you guys..

The cash flow like I said right now is a little limited because we are focused on paying off the wedding but I should be solid by the end of the month or mid September.


Sarasota...Negative on the USF tickets being on sale. They go on sale 9/10/09.


The cash flow like I said right now is a little limited because we are focused on paying off the wedding but I should be solid by the end of the month or mid September.

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | August 08, 2009 at 04:09 PM

CSM...just wait and see how it all shakes out. If U go we will definitely meet up at the stadium for a tailgate. Even if U get shut out for the UCF game there will always be the USF game in Tampa with tickets going on sale in September.

I already bought the 2 FSU tickets you wanted with the pre-game UMAA party, and U were gonna mail me a check for one of them ($105). Email me about when U plan to do that or if U plan to just pay me at the game.

Sarasota 'cane

Thanks Soup!

FYI on the USF game, if you know anyone (or company) with a suite at Raymond James stadium for the Buc's games, they have first right of refusal to use their suite for any event held at the stadium. They would still have to buy a ticket for each person attending the game.

Just a thought, I have been to several events and games @ Raymond James with my buddy whos client gave us his suite when he was not using it. We just had to pay for tickets.

If you have a relaionship with a business that has a suite, lean on them! It won't cost them a dime! The tickets are pretty cheap too!


Thanks 86 I have not checked with UCF but I am sure will get something. I am going to try this week. Money is tight this month with Nicole leaving for Miami. Thanks for looking out for us :)


I cleaned the garage yesterday and had a yard sale today and I am just exhausted, it is just miserably hot.


yea I wouldn't send you a check..SOUP.. I Will either send you a money order or bring the cash at the event..

send me your address to my work email and I'll figure out from there..

Def. will get you the money. No doubt about that.




Wednesday August 19th
Football Season Kickoff Party

with Special Guest Speakers Lamar Thomas & Steve Walsh


7:00 PM
Miller's Ale House

1200 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, FL

Here is the link to RSVP:



For the record Hankerson is a junior this year. Its his 3rd year in the program which is when most players breakout so i could see it happening.


went to the practice today, wearing my canespace T...

a few observations.....

stephen plein does look big...and slow...he looks very laborsome in his moves...i see a move to LT for him, he is no TE...

billy sanders on the other hand looked very good...i can see good things in the future with him...has good balance and body control

jimmy graham is very physical and not surprisingly has soft hands...he is still learning his footwork and body positioning in the blocking plays...but while the other TE's were doing their drills he was wasnt just looking around at fans but he was watching what they were doing and putting it to use...

i didnt see dedrick epps limping at all...i didnt watch him a whole lot though...but i did see him running pretty good...

aj highsmith did show that he had some zip behind his throws, although they werent always on target...but not bad for the first day...i did see him doing some secondary drills also...he didnt look so good doing those...often trailing the receiver

micanor regis looks like he is stronger this year...he was pushing offensive linemen around...lookout for him

and one more thing......LT36 was there..nice to see him...i didnt notice any other former canes


Been tring to save a duck with a broken leg down in Miami...Exhausting as well. My fianee' is so emotional and one of those amazing women that cherishes all life and I have to help when I see her face...

So just got done creating a bed for it, giving it food and water and ME the DR. put a makeshift splint on there.. Not sure that it will help but that was the best info I could get from google on the subject.. Amazingly enough animal services won't rescue ducks... Vets won't save them because they are not native to Florida, so all they can do is put them down.. (Which in my opinion might be best for the duck. Though I won't say that to my fiancee's face)

BUT say a little prayer for our new ducky friend.. Hope everything will work out.


im working an angle to get tickets to the UCF game hopefully it works so we can represent in orlando....
a guy i work with has a really close friend that lives in orlando and 2 houses down from him is the strength coach for UCF..and apparently the coach told him that he could get him and his friends into the game...


We will all pray for the duck CSM! :)


From Gary Ferman at www.canesport.com:

Quarterback Jacory Harris spoke today at media day, and he had a simple one-sentence message.

"It's time for an ACC championship," he said. Harris says some weight gain this off-season will "help my durability."
He played at 175 pounds last year and is up to 190 this year.

* Harris spoke about some of his targets.

Of Dedrick Epps, Harris aid, "Dedrick is a great player. He brings a lot to the team. He can catch, run fast. He's a strong guy, strong individual that is passionate about football."

Of TE Jimmy Graham, Harris said, "He's looking good. He's out there catching the ball, doing his assignment. He can help us a lot. The tight end position, we don't have numbers there."

Of Leonard Hankerson, he said, "Hankerson is doing well, has improved for last year. He's a hard working guy."

* Harris spoke about the running game, saying, "You need the run to help open up the pass. Without the running game it's going to be hard. We have a good stable of running backs. We're going to look good this year."

Of Javarris James, he said, "he's healthy. He dropped some weight, so he's going to be quicker, faster.

Of Mike James, Harris said, "He's doing well. He's a guy that doesn't make mistakes. He knows all his plays, is just having fun out there. I expect him to do great things over the years at the University of Miami."

For more news on today's practice go to:



Thank you Canechic that is sweet of you..

I really hope what we did helps and doesn't make things worse but he seems to be breathing steadier and at least comfortable now.. So..


Canesfan3...thanks for the correction.

Sling...thanks for the report and sporting the Canespace shirt at the event.

Zilla...where U at?

CSM...don't do that again, now I gotta go fix it. Paraphrase it or summarize it in one paragraph.


I guess I'm confused.. I thought I just had to cite the source, No??


Is that wrong SOUP.. my post disappeared, but I thought as long as I gave credit to the appropriate site, it was ok..

I didn't claim the information as my own and advised the readers to purchse memberships.. That is free advertising for their establishment.


once the pads come on some guys will rise up n some will fall back.

and lewis n regis need to have that stamina. could be the lil difference that allows someone else to be in the rotation while they watch.

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