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September 06, 2009



Act like you been ther before!!



Act like you been there before



#2 probably


even at safety? i like it overall tho.


Go Canes.....


soup .... I have a pic taken at canesfest while you and Ocala & Mrs Ocala were out getting pics of players. We were guarding the shirts and brochures. I saw this little tyke with her mom and asked if I could take their picture I explained about Canespacew she said yes let me know if you want it for upper Left photo



It's on


86 - have u not had a chance to check your email?????


Canez1...U need U some Canespace gear! U know what to do.

Fran...if not for your recent injury I am SURE U would have been first. Plus U got your gear already!


sorry upper Right :-(


Raize...I checked it but have not replied yet. If you knew how much stuff I get daily it would make your head spin!

For the Orlando game watch U should go here, Canchic and Angry will be there with Canespace gear:

Welcome to the home page of the University of Miami Orlando Alumni Club! We welcome all UM alumni, friends, parents and families to participate in our events.

UM vs. Florida State Game Watch Party
Hurricane Grill & Wings 2401 West SR-434, Suite #141 Longwood, FL 32779 407-772-5504
Date: 09/07/2009
Time: 8:00 p.m.

Join the Orlando Alumni Club in cheering on the 'Canes as they take on Florida State! To R.S.V.P. or for more information, please contact Mark McKay, B.ARCH '95 at orlandocanes@aol.com.


Fran...YES! See U for the UCF game.

Anybody on here live in Tallahasse?



If anything I owe you.

Thanks again for all you do for us crazy Canez fans.



I hate waiting.


photo sent to ....Host@canespace.com.... We will be at "The SHARK " for Oklahoma, Clemson & Virginia.
Some controvery here because of less time for tailgating at Brighthouse (UCF) due to a death last year


Canez1, I'm understaning where your'e coming from but...

I think Spence and Jacory have the old school mentality like we havent seen here in years.

It's all about making the Canes better.

I'm just a soldier!!!!


Soup, you going to the Orlando game watch at Hurrricane Bar & Grill tomorrow? I think Canechic is going too. I'll be there about an hour before kickoff so I can secure a decent seat. Can someone have 86 come by and bring by a Canespace shirt in orange and 3xl for a big Cane fan? See ya'll tomorrow! Go 'Canes!


Jamericane I have a 2XL only. Raizncane email me at tlwflores@hotmail.com.

HurricaneRick Machiaveli

if Miami goes undefeated do we play in the bcs championship game an vs who

Aces & Canes

It's bout time boyz.
Cant wait...We ballin BOYZ.

Go Canes


Great post Bourne! Awesome stats dude! That's a high PPG, higher than I thought. Also, I didn't realize that Nix was so good in the red zone...at least he was good at something. I'm sure Bosher did a lot of that heavy lifting..

I was a little surprised at your score prediction. You have UM with a lot of edges at key positions and a close final score? Why so close?


86, any chance of gettin a tee for coming in first yesterday?


PB I hear ya.

I love the kids we have on this team right now and think they are going to lead us back to greatness.

I am just selfish and want every balla in the country here!! LOL



Bourne how can you have even at DE?? Fsu sucks at DE


i was looking at the predicted score and thought to myself...i have no clue what to guess when it comes to what the score will be.

mr troutman

I'm just a soldier!!!!

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | September 06, 2009 at 07:03 PM

Be careful saying that since we have sesative panty boys and idiots getting on Winslow saying that.... Most street PEOPLE and SOME your average Joes knew what he meant ...ONLY LAME A$$ MEDIA BOYS AND SENSATIVE OLD WHITE VETERANS (sorry yall i have to keep it real because who else was complaining besides them. . ...What a F%$$@&^CKING JOKE SOME OF THESE LAMES ARE.


dlu, i was gonna say that too, but then thought about our DEs. Until they actually live up to their potential its only potential. So can't count that as being proven goods. So end up about as proven as FSU. Just slightly more proven, but not a big deal more.


Almost 24 hours. I feel worse than a child on christmas eve. I'm normally optimistic on the day before the season but this year I have a anxious feeling.

Got Some Canes over here!!





"Almost 24 hours. I feel worse than a child on christmas eve..."

Posted by: bhamcanesfan | September 06, 2009 at 07:53 PM


Whom is really going to be able to go to sleep tonite???


Esteban, on that I do not agree, way more proven to me.


I think this yr. as a whole the DE's position is going to be one of the strength's of the team.


I add that even with all of the players out, the U still have Bailey, and Forston that practiced for some possible situational play. So, the U has quite a bit of flexibility at DE.


who's way more proven of the bunch tho? just going off what they did numbers wise last year.


Christmas eve... except I was neither bad or good this year and Santa could be nice and give me a win or give me a lump of coal. I just dont know what to expect. The great unknown... dont know what I am getting this year. I love the U so so much Santa please please PLEASE GIVE ME A WIN!!! GO CANES!!!


Wats da weather forcast for mon nite???


dlu, i just went and looked up the numbers....i will rescind my last statement. i still believe our guys aren't that proven, but damn FSU's besides two guys have no stats.


Anyone going to be watching the game in Houston?

I've tried to OD on college football this weekend and I still can't wait for Monday night.


Here's what i do kow, if Fsu, like virginia under-estimates jacory harris, they're going to be in for a long game. Also, i hear them talking about the unknows of being ale to prpepare for our 2 new coordinators, but the one thing su and a whole lot of other teams have not had to prepare for, and basically we made it easy for them, but they haven't had to prepare for us having a qb who can audible and recognize defenses.

jacory did that last year on the goa-line against the gators as we all well know by now, but mickey andrews the last few years has just been able to tee off on our offenses because what ever play was called was the play we were going to run the last at least 5 years. Those days are over, not only do they have to prepare for whipple, but they'l have no idea what audibles we're calling as well, so go ahead and get blitz happy this year.

Also, i'm not giving Fsu the o-line advantage over us, to me that's even or we're better. They didn't do any better than we did, they just called the right running plays at the right time, take away ponders yards and it was nothing special. It was one of those game where jimbo fisher had bill young chasing his own tail, that's what it came down to.

I'm glad Fsu's confidence is high, because that's what we want. I'm not buying the they don't have receivers notion. forston and reed can make plays. THey got speed on offense and if we underestimate their offense, we'll be the ones looking crazy. We got the guys we need to succeed, i hope we win the coin toss, so we can get back to what we always did, let the defense get on the field 1st and set the tone, defer to the second half.

If Fsu wins the coin toss, take the ball 1st. This game means a whole lot to both programs, not only in who wins, but how the game is played. jimbo fisher, comes out running than bubble screen. He's also going to try and strike quick if he can. The defense he saw in the second half is what's coming monday night though for 4 quarters. We made ponder look like chris rix in that second half, especially after the spence touchdown.

CHanging topics though, all this shannon talk, here's how i look at it, shannon and jacory harris have been held to way higher expectations than any headcoach/qb combo that's ever been here at this stage of the game besides dennis erickson who took over a championship team. It's definitely a whole lot higher than dorsey and itch davis.

That's how i look at shannon in all this, davis came in when the program was down a lil bit, we still were putting out 1st round talent, nobody had high expectations for butch davis because no one really knew what to expect. I for one didn't like when butch davis came in, i didn't forget all the negative talk about how he was going to clean up the program etc. etc. On the field though we were pathetic as ever. The oc was doo-doo than and he's still doo-doo now, run right(no yards), run left(2 yards)than pass on 3rd downs. Often times a run was called on all 3 downs.

We were the most conservative offense with all the talent we had. butch bringing in talent is undeniable, because he put the recruiting focus back where it should have been, shannon has done the same thing. All i know is, when butch came in with that bs message of cleaning up the program, the people i know were pissed, alumni, etc. etc. He was trying to keep them off the sidelines back than too, that's why like steve walsh said, they're supporting randy shannon 1st off because he's one of them.

In other words, for the 1st time in the history of UM, one of the guys who helped to make UM football known to the world, is leading the charge back to the top, from player to headcoach coming full circle. Winning a championship as headcoach is the last/only way shannon hasn't done it. At the same time, shannon is only focused on guys being focused, he knows everything else will take care of it's self.

I luv the feeling going into this game, alot of people want to be cautious and not get over confident, but the truth of the matter is, we finally got a real team again on both sides of the ball, playing consistently at a high level last year was our main problem and that's hard to do with that many young players, is to continue to play at a high level all game. Now that we got alot of guys that shannon sealed up in his 1st/basically last minute recruiting class that will get alot of minutes in graig cooper, dvd, jojo nicolas, allen bailey, franklin, jaw ojomo, hankerson and reliable lee chambers and harland "i committed 1st(to shannon)" gunn. To have that many guys that can be relied upon in your 1st recruiting class is pretty good.

When you look at their potential, 5 to 6 of them could actually end up as 1st round draft picks. figs will moe than likely have to step his game a few notches up to get gunn out of their, the competition at the spot will more than likely be on going. What we know though is, harland "up and coming larry allen" work out monster gunn, should be able to man-handle guys like he did marvin austin in the all army game.


86, any chance of gettin a tee for coming in first yesterday?

Posted by: SunriseMike | September 06, 2009 at 07:32 PM

Sure if it can be documented. Prove it!


and i think projecting for this year...i'm excited about our DEs, but still gotta show and prove come tomorrow night and the rest of the season. have to be consistent. and am i the only one who expects to see Moncur on the field tomorrow?


Anyone going to be watching the game in Houston?

Posted by: Canesfan4life | September 06, 2009 at 08:29 PM

Houston Alumni Club

Welcome to the home page of the University of Miami Houston Alumni Club! We are working to plan a variety of activities and would like to have your input. We welcome all UM alumni, friends, parents and families to participate in our events.

UM vs. FSU Game Watch Party
Texadelphia, 6025 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77057 713-785-6700
Date: 09/07/2009
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Join the Houston Alumni Club in cheering on the 'Canes as they take on FSU!

RSVP to: Allison Esenkova at aesenkova@yahoo.com


Just found out that Tailgate Overtime on Sunshine Network has been canceled. Not a great show but I like most of the info that they brought to the show. I've always liked to listen to Todd Wright.


and am i the only one who expects to see Moncur on the field tomorrow?

Posted by: Esteban | September 06, 2009 at 08:30 PM



Soup you already in Tally?


and looking up the numbers...Steven Wesley was our leading tackler amongst the DL last year. No sacks tho.


Soup you already in Tally?

Posted by: canechic | September 06, 2009 at 08:38 PM

NEGATIVE. Leaving at 7 AM from the CCC arriving in Trailernasty at 12 noon.

Meeting Canespacers at 1 pm.

Going to the PBCC tailgate at 2 pm.

UMAA event at 5 PM.

Game at 7 PM.

"I Got This" at 11 PM!


Sounds like a George Straight song:

"Traliernasty By Morning"



Posted by: mr troutman | September 06, 2009 at 07:40 PM

You know what I'd say to those types whom were complaining?




All this waiting is killin me...

Does anyone know if we are going to have to do this Labor Day game again next year? I think when we started this the last time back in 2004 we signed up for 2 years and then added the 3rd game after that.

86, sent you and email.

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