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September 25, 2009



Today between 11:30 AM and Noon Canespace will be promoted on the Raycome Pre-game show.

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Sarasota 'cane

1st, 86 doesn't count!


ESPN and Sports Illustrated giving the U more praise than any program in the country.

Funny how people like Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris can kill other teams and bring nothing but respect to their schools.

Looking back that thug shyt was really pretty damn lame.

I think Jacory probably breaks every record in the book and makes it to church with his mom and 12 year old kids get it.



OGV I enjoyed that. I still think GT with their stingers backed firmly up against the wall beat Tar Hell, and maybe Connecticut is just good?



"The bandwagon is closed"

- Jacory Harris

I thought the height of nausea with me was hearing every electronic and reading all print media that praised the Crocs QB #15 as the greatest college player to ever live .... I think all these media people now that are Gorilla Glued to Miami's hairy coin purse and gushing about them, is making me just as nauseous


Scary moment for the Lakeland Dreadnaughts, they just wheeled out the stretcher for one of their players and he hasn't moved for a while now

He got hit hard by a crack back block and hasn't gotten up

Hope the kid is alright

Sarasota 'cane

I just saw a ticker that said Bradford was going to go see some "specialist" about his shoulder. That cannot be good for his return next week.

Sarasota 'cane

Lakeland wins! The De la Salle's coach should have checked his ego at the door tonight! He had no right to gamble his kid's game like that!

Points were at a premium in that game! The coach should have gone to OT # 2!

Way to go Lakeland!!!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

after watching the '01 UM-VT game on classic, i got a little grounded. arguably the best college team ever went into blacksburg (after beating back to back ranked teams outscoring them 124-7) with a national championship game at stake. we escaped with a 26-24 win thanks to an ernest wilford drop on a conversion attempt. it was beamer ball at its finest, we marched up and down the field, fumble here, blocked fg there, and they just kept hanging in the game. and thats just what the hokies do. they cant be overlooked.

that being said, i like the rain. fearless prediction:
- the rain will affect bosher and he'll go 2-4
- big redhead (LOF) drives the paint for td #2
- VT scores a st td, neutralized by a 'Canes def td
'Canes 34 VT 20 (only because of field position)

Posted by: OceanStateCane | September 25, 2009 at 09:30 PM

Ocean I have to agree with you dude, alot of the people here thinks that we are going to just show up and we will come out with a win. They think that VT is a cake walk, as long as the team does not buy into the media BS we will be fine.

Posted by: True Cane aka Canian | September 25, 2009 at 09:32 PM


Guys, guys, neither I nor anyone else expects VT to roll over and play dead.

Nor do any of us expect these Canes to go in with any attitude other than DOMINATION, from the first whistle to the last. Focused, Hungry, and Well Prepared are the three adjectives to describe out players and coaches.

Any comparisons to that 2001 game are apples to oranges for this one because of two simple reasons.

1) Randy Shannon

2) Mark Whipple

For those of you who don't know, Coker was psychological Kryptonite to that team, meaning they dominated IN SPITE of the HC.

So when he prepared for those games he game planned tentatively, to say nothing of the demands he placed on those guys in practice. There was no competition btw, no real competition.

That's why you saw how much weaker the 2002 team became as the season wore on. The Rutgers, Pitt, VT and FSU games were the tell-tale signs that something was not at all right.

So when we were up 21-0 at the half, or whatever the score was, and even that looked lethargic, and let VT back in the game in the 2nd, you were seeing the results of COACHING, SOFT, PUZZIFIED COACHING from the TOP.

Chud was good but he wasn't very creative. So combine that with a HC who was prepared to lose, and you get letdowns and lethargic games overall, BC being the best example.

Shannon and Whipple don't have either of those problems.

Throw in the serious senior leadership and the HONGRY YOUNG LIONS, and you get a TURKEY ROAST.

VT can't matchup physically or tactically. Only a sloppy game from the U will let them in this game.

And that ain't happening this year. Maybe next year, MAYBE, but not this year. If a team beats us it's going to be because they had more than we had. Nothing else.

This team is a lot more like 1986 than 2001. It's not as spectacular talent-wise as 2001 but it's deeper in some ways and mentally everyone's on the same page, which to me makes it a little more like JJ's teams.

But y'all will see as the season progresses and the beatdowns keep coming.

There was a reason why those teams never let up or had shoddy games.

JJ refused to allow it. If y'all don't see that Shannon is the truest of JJ's disciples you'll learn soon enough.


Well said Cav. Ain't going to be any let up.

And OGV, I got Clemson. That's one of the games I'm most curious to see how it plays out this week.

mr troutman

Well ladies and gents it will be showtime in 12 1/2 hours from now. i am putting in my last post until aftre the game. I am glad that we have a Qb like jacory . He will not let the crowd or anything bother him. That is one of the main things that will keep us rolling come tomorrow.

Yeah i hear people talking about.. don't take V-tech lightly and stuff. I will put it to you like this, we didn't take Fsu nor G-tech lightly so we damn sure aint going to let up on them. This team want to win every game not win a few here and there. You heard jacory..." i refuse to loose...i come to win...That statement alone should put the doubters to rest.

To beat Miami you have to play hard the whole game period. Any slack off in coverage and your team will get lit up. U best believe Miami has been throwing BOMBS since Whipple came to town. V-tech Secondary have to play the best they ever played in their live to keep up with us. Another thing people haven't pointed out as muchis that V-tech haven't had a week off and are playing their 4th consecutive week. After the second Qtr...look for the anouncers to say V-tech D looks tired already after jacory light them up a few times.

Good night yall and THE CANES are 3-0 by this time tomorrow.. There i said and now it will come to life.



TO me a wet field is our advantage. Here is my reasons.

On offense the big assumption is a sloppy field = more running game and that is partially true, and that works to our advantage because they suck at defending the run, however when that is expected playaction works much better which happens to be our bread and butter. also our Offense is a lot faster then their defense and on a sloppy field where cutting is hard it is easier to make cuts when you know which way you are going, when you are reacting like on Defense it is harder.

On defensive side of the ball again our team speed can help us because we can recover quickly and just stack the box with 8 our sheer numbers in the box will make it a long day for them. What do you think?


VT's offense ranks in the bottom 30 of the NCAA every year for the last 3 years and they look that way again this year. However, they still win 10 games and ACC titles! They still go to BCS bowls.

Guess what? I'm sticking with my score: 45-17

Their bloated record during year's of bad offensive output is a direct result of sub-par ACC opponents. They have a rep among their fans for not being able to win the "big games." That's because the perception of VT has been as overblown as their W/L record. When they come up against a real team they lose.

What UM needs to do is prove to the nation that they are one of those real teams that VT typically loses to.

Remember that scrimmage in the pouring rain from earlier this season? The Marlins were rained out that day and we didn't really get any information about it until after the weekend...that scrimmage is going to pay off today at 3:30pm.

Cat 5 Cane

Betting Tips...

Play Home Dogs
There is probably no better bet in sports than playing an underdog at home. Teams play inspired ball at home. Slim underdogs regularly win outright. Big underdogs often find ways to cover the spread and they rarely give up toward the end of a game in front of the home crowd.

Bet at the Right Time
The sharp bettors tend to bet underdogs, and they tend to bet them early. Squares usually bet later in the day (or week, for football) and they tend to pick the favorites. If you like an underdog, it is best to get your bet in as late as possible, where there is heavy action from squares on favorites. If you are going to go with a favorite, it is best to place your bet early in the week when the Pros are laying heavy money on the points. Not all games work according to this formula.

Never bet with your heart. Emotions of both, love and hate, always cloud your judgement... So Don't bet it, stupid... Lay-off the bet and find another one, unless it is the Canes, then be a sucker and bet it anyway... ya gotta love those Canes...


Go Canes!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Addiction... Gotta like your support but on a rainy day the score should be lower. The line is 45 ... which has not changed since Monday, but the rain is forecasted at 100 percent... go figure?... as the over/under should have dropped.

Personally I think we win by 10/17. Equates to The U 31 / VT 14 on the high side and 27/17 on the low side...

But what do I know, I'm a 12%er.

Cat 5 Cane

Got my Canes Hat on, beads and Hawaiian lays draped around my neck, Canespace shirt on, coolers chill'n, sandals flopp'n... Whoops! Where my shorts?... Go Canes

I thought it was a bit chilly !!!

WE ready... We Got Some Canes Over here!


GGGAAAMMMEEE DDDAAAYYYY!!!!!! need a big win today, dont care if its by 20 or by 1....just win



Virginia Tech vs. Miami

WHEN VIRGINIA TECH HAS THE BALL: Virginia Tech has generally struggled to move the football, and it will not get any easier Saturday against Miami. On Sept. 17, Miami held Georgia Tech's option offense to 95 rushing yards in a 33-17 win. The Hokies' offense has only shown its ability to run the football. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor has not looked crisp throwing the football, completing only 47.6 percent of his passes. The Hokies' offensive line has also remained a source of concern, and Virginia Tech ranks 113th nationally at four sacks allowed per game.

WHEN MIAMI HAS THE BALL: Under the steady direction of quarterback Jacory Harris, the Hurricanes' offense has looked crisp and has shown a quick-strike ability in its first two games. Harris is third in the nation in passing efficiency (184.07) and has connected with 12 receivers. Harris has also been well protected; he has been sacked only once. Miami has a physical offense line and sometimes uses blocking schemes that keep seven men in protection.

SPECIAL TEAMS: The Hokies have continued to show that Beamer Ball is as strong as ever. Punt returner Jayron Hosley has shown a special burst, ranking seventh nationally with 21 yards per return. Brent Bowden, who punted eight times against Nebraska, ranks fourth nationally in yards per punt (46.26). Virginia Tech's Dyrell Roberts ranks second nationally in kickoff return yards per game (48.33). Miami's Graig Cooper is a shifty playmaker, ranking 12th nationally in kickoff return yards per game (34).

COACHES: One of the most intriguing matchups will be between Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster and Miami's first-year offensive coordinator, Mark Whipple. It will be interesting to see how the two coaches scheme against each other. Foster's defense, typically the Hokies' backbone, is talented but has been susceptible to big plays because of poor tackling. Whipple has designed a hard-to-predict offense that has maximized its talent at the skill positions.





1. Can Virginia Tech slow down Miami?

All eyes will be on Hurricanes quarterback Jacory Harris, who has emerged as a Heisman Trophy candidate during Miami's surprising 2-0 start. But slowing down tailbacks Javarris James and Graig Cooper might be No. 11 Virginia Tech's top priority when it hosts the No. 9 Hurricanes on Saturday at Lane Stadium (ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET).

Virginia Tech's defense ranks 107th nationally against the run, allowing 200.3 rushing yards per game. Three running backs already have gained 100 yards or more against Bud Foster's defense, which hadn't happened since 2002. Under Foster, the Hokies ranked in the top seven nationally in total defense in each of the past five seasons. They have to play better to beat Miami.




Oh Lord!

Cat5 Cane

No contest... We should smoke them!

Bring in the run for awhile, forcing them to stack the box and then let Jacory smoke'm... Benji, Byrd, Hankerson, Epps and maybe even Streeter, filling in for AJ???, all have big days., but I'm not done... last week they brought up JJ as a slot back (I think?) and if only Jacory had thrown it with a lead... JJ had 6 all over it! Hell even Hill caught a huge first down... Cooper is clicking on all cylinders catching and running... Now lets talk MIKE JAMES AND COLLIER... hopefully they're playing and if so... Damn...

Yeah... We Bad!!!





great if Tebow has a big game...... thats all we will hear about for the next week.


The Big Day has arrived Canes fans!

Canes 27, VT 20

Canespace gets National exposure on Raycom.



Cat5...getting an early start I see? One thing I gotta know is: U got this?

DAT...Thnaks for the links and the content. Scanning the Net and doing good research as always. Much appreciated.


I will have to miss the game today due to another commitment. Its worth it but it is going to hurt.


No prob 86, enjoy your shine U earned it!!

Cat5 Cane

Laughing... it should be illegal to have so many gifted players all on one team... Give Whipple 2 more years of teaching NFL routes and blocking assignments... The NFL will be drooling to get our guys... I think 15 to 18 will be picked to go pro from this team of 09... It's all good!

Vault it!

Cat5 Cane

"Cat5...getting an early start I see? One thing I gotta know is: U got this?"... The Soupster...

Ohhh Yeah... I got this!

Cat5 Cane

Time to go... gotta do some work before the game.





Este...I need to know if U can record the Raycom pregame and then post it on U tube?

Also anyone else who can record it on a DVD and/or your computer with the LIVE web cast and burn it to a DVD and send it to me.

No need to respond here, just do it and them email me at [email protected] or [email protected]. Thanks!


Saturday, September 26, 2009
NCAA Football Betting: Miami vs Virginia Tech

The Miami Hurricanes and the Virginia Tech Hokies will both be gunning for a victory on Saturday when they meet at Lane Stadium. Oddsmakers currently have the Hurricanes listed as 3-point favorites versus the Hokies, while the game's total is sitting at 47. Miami got past Georgia Tech 33-17 in Week 3. Miami covered the 4-point spread, while the 50 points fell UNDER the posted total of 54. Jacory Harries threw for 271 yards with three touchdowns in that win for the Hurricanes. Tyrod Taylor had the game-winning TD pass in the fourth quarter in Week 3 as Virginia Tech got past Nebraska for a 16-15 win. The Hokies failed to cover the 5.5-point spread at home in that contest, while the combined score fell UNDER the day's posted total (51). Current streak:
Miami has won 2 straight games.
Virginia Tech has won 2 straight games.Team records:
Miami: 2-0 SU, 2-0 ATS
Virginia Tech: 2-1 SU, 1-2 ATS Miami most recently:
When playing in September are 7-3
When playing on grass are 7-3
After outgaining opponent are 5-5
When playing within the conference are 6-4

Virginia Tech most recently:
When playing in September are 9-1
When playing on grass are 8-2
After being outgained are 8-2
When playing within the conference are 7-3A few trends to consider:
The total has gone UNDER in 5 of Miami's last 6 games when playing Virginia Tech
Miami is 7-2 ATS in its last 9 games on the road
The total has gone OVER in 5 of Miami's last 7 games on the road
Miami is 7-3 SU in its last 10 games
Virginia Tech is 5-0 SU in its last 5 games at home
Virginia Tech is 7-1 ATS in its last 8 games when playing Miami
Virginia Tech is 6-1 SU in its last 7 games
The total has gone UNDER in 5 of Virginia Tech's last 6 games when playing MiamiNext up:
Miami home to Oklahoma, Saturday, October 3
Virginia Tech at Duke, Saturday, October 3



Solarcane, U got any links to VT blogs? I want to see what they are saying.


dat only a couple i read this one a minute ago


i'll post anything i read from vt fans



hokie blog



Both of these fans run their own VT blogs titled "Gobbler Country" (GC) and "Fight For The Old DC" (FFTODC) with high quality content that can be found at the links below (where they have posted my reply):

http://fightforolddc.blogspot.com/ and http://www.gobblercountry.com/


vt o line coach:

"they have a track team over there"

Newsome knows lulls aren’t an option this week against Miami, given the Hurricanes’ across-the-board speed and their ability to rotate several D-linemen. “We’re going to have to be a lot more consistent, because they are really fast,” Newsome said. “They’ve got a track team over there, and they’ll be rested.”

* The ‘Canes defensive rotation is dangerous for Tech, which has really only one truly reliable back-up offensive lineman right now (back-up tackle Greg Nosal). “It puts a lot of weight on the offensive line’s shoulders,” starting tackle Blake DeChristopher said. “We just need to keep working our second-team guys and hopefully coach can get them in there this week if we need it. Against Nebraska, some of the starters were getting tired. We need to step it up this week and keep pushing ourselves.”



Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | September 26, 2009 at 02:04 AM

i agree 100%, i was in no way comparing our staff from then to now. i understand we have the true "cane mindset again, and that this team is verrrrrry different than the teams we paraded out in the past 7 years or so. i don't feel like digging it out, but i know my season prediction was 14-0 or something ridiculous like that, as it always is until we lose a game. i know we got this, i think i was just trying to bring myself a lil bit back to reality for a minute.. but, i do think vt hangs in for the first half. alright, maybe first quarter lol.
headin out for pregame errands in "gameday road gear"- #44 road jersey, nike canes pants, orange nike hyperflights... oh yeah rose bowl tee underneath for the season...

goooooo C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!


vt cornerback Whitely

ON MIAMI’S PASSING GAME: “They’re on a roll right now. (Harris) has a lot of confidence, but I don’t think he’s seen a defensive backfield like us. We’re just going to go out there and execute like we always do. We’re going to give him his respect, but we’re going to do our jobs also. We’re not just going to let him throw all over us. We’re going to challenge him. We’re going to give him a good look. ... We’ve got to get on him before he gets started again.”



nice, thanks!!




welcome dat,
you always work your azz getting links we appreciate that

ON WHETHER THIS IS THE BEST PASSING OFFENSE TECH HAS FACED: “This will probably be the best receiving corps and quarterback we’ll face this year, just from a speed standpoint and size and how much confidence the quarterback has. It’s going to be a tough game.”



lb cody grimm

ON WHETHER THE VALUE OF PLAYING AT LANE STADIUM IS OVERSTATED: “I’d say having that home-field advantage is a pretty big deal. On defense, it doesn’t really matter because we have hand signals. The quarterback has to make checks and if they can’t hear him or can’t hear the snap count, it can definitely cause some problems. When the crowd noise as loud, you’ll see the O-linemen hold hands so they can squeeze each other when the guard hears the snap count because the tackles can’t hear it. And just other little stuff. If the quarterback has to make a check, he has to walk down and yell in every O-lineman’s ear. You saw Nebraska had a couple (false starts) in a row. My roommate said Lane Stadium has like 100 (false starts) in so many games – something ridiculous – because of the crowd noise. So I think it definitely helps.”





Good write up, even though I still don't understand why Brokelahoma is not on the list...oh I get it...after next week they'll have two losses...Umike you are good...it is umike who writes this right?


No...it is Orange and Green In The Vein (OGV). See below:

Enjoy the games this week and join me back here next week as we move from counting who's out and focus on who's left in the race and where they are in the running on the Shortlist to the San Fernando Valley.

Copyright 2009 by Christopher Whelpton for Canespace.com real name is Christopher Welpton.


Nobody has said how physical the canes have been on the o-line. These holies are going to have thier hands on thier hips before the half is over just like GT was. BY will keep it close in the first quarter but as long as we score first than everything is going to be alright.

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