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October 20, 2009





Oh come on! I was editing my typepad profile or I would have been there!

Nice move canechic!


For some reason my new avatar pic is not showing up!


Esteban... nice work again. (As usual.)


Money - thanks for the generous offer but I'll be looking for 2 tickets. If I only needed one I'd be all over it!

SOUP - Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds like the alcohol free zone. I think I'll hold out for an area where we can operate like the lush we both are. Thanks so much for the offer though, you're the man.

Anyone else need to get rid of 2 tix let me know.

Posted by: CanesAddiction | October 20, 2009 at 08:05 PM


Here is my opinion on the whole donation thing. I apologize if I offend anyone here.

We are going on a few years of Canespace, a project Soup and to a lesser extent Solar came up with, put thousands of man hours into and MOST importantly put in what has to be a ton of their own cash.

They did it for one reason only, us. This place provides a forum for all of us to at the very least talk Canes 24/7. We can also vent when we are pissed, get inside scoop from those in the know and if we so choose, be morons (like me) as we goodnaturedly laugh at ourselves and others.

The entire time this has been going on I've seen Soup give away tickets and t-shirts, arrange tailgates, help people get together who need a way into a game and drive hundreds of miles to get us a good blog, all on his own dime.

So now for once, Solar asked us to help him out. Not for five hundred bucks or even a hundred. They've asked for the change in your pocket, or if possible what you spend on one or two big beers at a Canes game.

So if you dont like the reminders, IMO you have two options:

1) Go to the Sentinel or Herald and enjoy the profanity laced insults and idiots who blog there or 2) Ignore them and continue to enjoy this fantastic blog for free.

But my fellow chronics, even as bad as things are you should give, just a little if thats all you can, a bit more if you can spare it.

It's worth it.

Mrs. 86

Esteban; U're like a Pacino & Brando, but, yet, a smoother U style! Great TV work! Hey 86; U're lucky; Esteban's = "10"!


Good job Esteban!

Clemson has a safety with five picks?

We MIGHT finish the year with five as a team.


you were right with Hank as your player last week.
Brave pick with Ray Ray he could be the man though.

With Brandon Harris leading the nation in pass break ups, and being mentioned on some 1st team All Americas,

I'm going with BH. Heck a football might get wedged between his face mask and he will get a pick he can run with.



"Clemson has a safety with five picks?"

just till halftime then he will have 7, but we will still muster our 29 points and beat them.


Gin & Tonic

Missed everyone at UCF; parked at one of the Sorority houses on campus and got a little toasty before stumbling into the stadium. Great pics and nice write up on game.


can anyone name me a senior other than fox that will truly be missed next year...

i know you can make a case for a couple of seniors..but will they TRULY be missed..with the back-ups we have?

this team is setup to dominate NEXT year...


G&T - How did you miss EVERYONE? we were all over the place, lol.

Oh, and today I am celebrating the 6th anniversary of my 40th b-day :-)

Go Canes.....


Clemson matches up with Miami athletically, and they have game-breakers in Spiller, Ford, Harper, Bowers, and Chancellor.

The tackilng must be good to great, and everyone on D must stay at home, as Clemson likes to run reverses and use Spiller as a decoy.

On offense, J12 must avoid INT's and the O-line must bring their "A" game. If Clemson spends much time in our backfield, it's gonna be a slugfest.

UM must be prepared and have a good plan. If not, it could be a long afternoon.

Gin & Tonic

Happy Happy 2 u raize


Happy 40th + 6, raize.

Clemson is also very streaky. They played well last weekend, and I have doubts they can string along two games bringing that same intensity. It is Miami, but Clemson will make mistakes, our Canes have to make them pay.

Nice work, Este. As always.


Nice job Esteban, I see the game as an adjustment game for Whipple. Looking for Clemson to try and bring it hard and for Whipple to have the quick passes and running game totally have Clemson out of sync.

On defense hoping the D builds on the approach used at CFU, but probably the coaches feel they can pressure with 4 rushing and play more contain.

Gin & Tonic

If Miami plays a clean game(no turnovers or special teams miscues); they win by 14. If they get sloppy, they will be in a 4 quarter dogfight. The team is getting better but still is not good enough to overlook BCS teams with a sloppy effort.


I agree, G & T.

A man's gotta believe in something, and I believe I'll have another cold one!


Clemson has something to prove so like G & T said, we need to play a "mistake free" game. We can't give up 6 sacks to Clemson either so I hope the O-line does a better job than what they showed at UCF.

Thanks for the B-Day wishes......


Great work Este! I'm actually a litte disappointed Randy is coming back. I love seeing Ray Ray out there.


I hope our team is prepared to play. Clemson is a real team, not a FAMU or UCF "rollover game" that our team can check out mentally against.

I doubt they check out menatally at all but because of the athletic similarities UM is going to have to be crisp on offense and tackle very well on defense.

That means UM needed to turn the light back on starting Sunday: Attentive in meetings, practicing hard and watching film with a high level of focus for the entire week leading up to the game. You can't loaf the entire week and then turn it on come gametime like we tried to do vs. Va Tech.


Esteban....if you see this e-mail me at [email protected] I need help with a video issue, was wondering if maybe you can help with it

And as always...great job!


Canesaddiction, loafing all weeking and then turning it for game day works for me.


Great Job Esteban! Your doing great on your posts. RayRay was a very bold pic, IMO he doesnt play as much this game. Remember he is a true fresh, and is still learning the college game. There are very few people who make nig impacts as a fresh/rookie at any level.


Oh come on! I was editing my typepad profile or I would have been there!

Posted by: roachcane77 | October 20, 2009 at 08:04 PM

Roach...U snooze, U lose!

Another great job Esteban, as always. U know what I'm sayin'?

pb and MaryLou...thanks for your support! All donations are greatly appreciated and completely volutary. They go directly to support operations of the blog (shirts, tickets, tailgates, etc.).

Contribute $$$ when and if U can and if U can't no sweat. Contribute articles, help promote the blog and just enjoy The Space...



I feel like a deadbeat dad on that list LOL

I thought we worked out my donation. If not I can always send more. Just let me know.

Great job as always Este!!



greetings CS...Looking for 1 ticket for Saturday...email me if u got 1


from clemson coach just in press conference: Their running backs get a lot of yards after contact. Obviously their quarterback and wide outs are very talented." Their quarterback has been the difference maker for them. He has made a lot of plays and is a very poised young man. We will have to affect their quarterback and we have to do a good job with our front four. Those guys have got to win some matchups and get after their quarterback. That will be a big key in the game along with how we tackle. "

Whipple will have a game plan to counter that approach.


I thought we worked out my donation.

Posted by: Canez1 | October 20, 2009 at 09:32 PM

Canez1...did U donate at the tailgate? Seriously, I can't remember? Too much Rum Punch!

dlu...please email me at [email protected]. Thank U!


Canesaddiction, loafing all weeking and then turning it for game day works for me.

Posted by: dlu | October 20, 2009 at 09:22 PM

this comment rocks!

That new recruit just said on QAM that he won't even take a visit. He's UM all the way and he's never visited Coral Gables!

Anyone know more about this kid, I like his attitude! He's not scared of competition at all.

Also, he may be listed on the websites as 6'2'' 189 but he said he's now 6'3'' 205 lbs.


LMAO!!! Nothing at the tailgate. Punch is good stuff!!!

Soiler and I worked something out to help everyone involved.



Ooooooops..... Wrong blog. By the way everybody who doubted Joe Joseph need to man up and give the kid props, he might be playing himself onto an NFL team this year. Just watching plays, even when he doesn't make a play he is generally taking on two blockers, freeing up blitzers i.e. Sean Spence in the UCF game. Major props to him and M. Regis in light of the injuries!


Drty...I got one for U if U can meet me at the Hampton before 11 AM or the tailgate at W22 at 3 PM before the game.

Cat5...are U ticketed for Clemson?

Addiction...I only drink before the game at the tailgate. I drink water only inside the game so I can drive home safely. Plus I refuse to pay $8 or $9 for ONE beer, it's not that I can't, it a matter of principle.

Rape (financial or physical) is illegal. But hey, that's just me.


RS said Phillips, Moncur, Jo Jo, Holmes and Aldarius will be play on Sat...and Cooper is a go.

Randy phillips and joel figueroa will be fine for saturday and allen bailey looked fine out there today.


Gin & Tonic

Posted by: Canez1 | October 20, 2009 at 09:55 PM

The benefits of a 2 week bye before resuming conference play. This is great news.


GT the last two "bye" weeks really helped this team out.

We needed to get healthy in a bad way.




do we have a list yet as to whom will be attending the Clemson game?

moneycane & wife

who am I missing? Just curious who we are gonna run into...


Miami is coming off a convincing 27-7 win over UCF last weekend in Orlando. The win secured a 5-1 start for the Hurricanes - the best start in head coach Randy Shannon's three-year tenure.

Sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris had one of his best performances against the Knights, going 20-for-26 for 293 yards and a touchdown in the 20-point victory. His 293 passing yards marked the second-highest passing total of his career, behind his season-opening 386 yard performance at FSU.

On the year, Harris has passed for 1,518 yards with 11 touchdowns, seven interceptions and a 64.8 completion percentage. Heading into Saturday's game against Clemson, he ranks eighth nationally and second in the ACC in passing efficiency (157.3).


After a slow start to the season, sophomore linebacker Sean Spence has emerged over the last four games, averaging over seven tackles per game over that span. He recorded his first two sacks of the season at UCF and is currently third on the team with 34 total tackles.

Ahead of him are fellow linebackers Colin McCarthy and Darryl Sharpton, who have 38 and 36 tackles respectively. McCarthy recorded his first interception of the season at UCF while Sharpton nearly matched a career-high with 11 total tackles against the Knights.


dabo swiney just gave away the fact that when he said jacory harris runs well, that he has been looking at film of jacory from last year as well. Make no mistake about it, jacory can run, i remember before he came out of highschool we had a discussion about that, he can move, the only thing he does do, is often times he waits to long to actually take off, and at 6'4, you're not going to find to many quick guys at that height, now once he takes off, he moves pretty good, but he gets tracked down if he takes off to late.

He's pocket passer who can run. That's why that dual threat label they were giving jacory coming outo f highschool was in-accurate in the sense that, he wasn't a run 1st qb who could pass after the defense broke down to early.

Forget unc and the rest of the games, this is the game that i want to see us play more so. We're going against a real strong veteran team that our teams has to go out and play strong. We need to punish their offense early and often, our guys are looking forward to the challenge. If you ask me this is the most complete team we will actually be playing to this point, forget the 1st 4 games.

clemson has a defense, and they have some what of an offense, if we can get constant pressure on they're qb, he's got happy feet and throws it in the dirt alot, the safeties just need to play deep on jacoby ford's side often. Their other receiver, he's physical, our guys will have to Miami style football, and not let up, the great thing is, our o-line knows they will have a good challenge in front of them saturday, we got a few guys on the o-line that'll probably be playing against a few of these guys on the clemson d-line in the pro's. We all know fox will more than likely get drafted, franklin will get drafted, the way figs has been playing and if he stays consistent, he'll more than likely end up their, harland gunn is continuing to progress, plus i know how confident our o-line guys are, even pipho.

sapp is the speed rusher while bowers tries to use his power a little more, hopefully bowers lines up on pipho's side more often, i like sapp being over on fox's side alot more. i feel good about our inside guys though, because franklin and figs, and trump is real stout in their
, they will do a good job.

If jacory has time, i don't care what defense we're going against, he's going to make a play, those passes he threw to epps against oklahoma and the passes he threw to graham against ucf, those guys didn't have much separation, but jacory put the ball on the money, and they snagged em down. I'm looking forward to this match-up, i was hoping the good news would have been aldarius is playing saturday.

The better news too is guys are not slacking off in practice, they know that this might be the most talented team they've faced all year so far with the exceptionof the qb position, where right now he's playing sporadic, but he's making plays as well. I just want to see ray ray lay somebody out this game early just to set the tone, somebody on defense neds to set the tone early.

As far as seniors we'll miss come next year, joe joseph is one of them, moncur and wesley, fox and possibly trump, and time will tell about javariss james, while he hasn't played at superstar level consistently, he has been the safety blanket back their as the starter.

Some on here may still be trying to get over the fact that that receiver, #87 from northwestern, k.jones is gone from last year.


Esteban's Space Video = PRICELESS! Looking good kid... like "Brancino" I tell 'ya! Luv U'r work: 86-Good job on Este's "10"!





86 how much u want for it?>



Smooth and informative, as always.

Ok, I'm calling for a piksix this game, question is who's it going to be: Randy P, RayRay, somebody else.

We are SO overdue for an old school Cane defensive beat down, smash mouth, defensive scoring, dominating the LOS, intimidating the bbq out Clemson, performance.


Posted by: miamimike01 | October 20, 2009 at 10:05 PM

I will be there.

orange 'n green in the vein

To be fair, J. James, when healty, has been the best back on the field his entire career at UM. When he was healthy being the operative phrase of course.


Thank you Calvin.... !!!


I picked Ray Ray cause he's going to get lots of opportunities to make plays against the pass. Plus I remembered Kenny Phillips as a freshman getting the game securing INT vs Clemson. Figured that memory popped in there for a reason so I had to go with it.


Highlights of the new recruit, travis williams!

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