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October 05, 2009





hey hey


Good article. Nice to be invading Gator country.. Go canes...


Good article


Drew22...way to pay attention. U have won a Canespace T-shirt. Email me at:



MM01...when bg1906 sees this U are in a heap of trouble. U beat him to the punch and called and covered the recruiting game better than he could ever dream.


thats the shyt right there!
Where else do you see bloggers intrviewing head coaches and players during the seaaon?
mm01 and Randycane thats awesome!!



bg reading text messages from his bff texascane while mm01 and randy beat down the sawgrass, and palmettos getting the scoop lol



Good peace of work homeboyz.


That's an awesome article, certainly one of my favorites in awhile. Great job guys.

That being said, I think we got big fish in the pond than Davis.


im not into high school sports and the recruiting game, but i personally don't understand why a parent would allow their child to go to a school where he won't be prepared for the things he will see in the NFL. all this spread offense crap that schools run these days really puts you at a disadvantage.

if you are a big time QB then why would you go to a school like Florida or Oklahoma? those systems that they run don't prepare you to play QB in the NFL. if that was your son's dream (to play in the league) then why would you diminish his chances of being an impact player? BTW an impact player is not a backup TE.

of course if you're a school like Kansas or Texas Tech, then i understand. you can't matchup with the powerhouses so you must make the defense defend the entire field.

that's why i LOVE Miami. we have the personnel to run a pro style offense effectively and we put tons of guys where they ultimately want to end up - the NFL.


already got one 86 thanks tho


Does anyone know a good site where you can find stats from current HS commits?


bg reading text messages from his bff texascane while mm01 and randy beat down the sawgrass, and palmettos getting the scoop lol

Posted by: solarcane | October 05, 2009 at 09:51 PM

That's what I'm sayin'!

And it is just getting started. Trust me Randy and Mike are ON THIS!

There is more to come...

Aces & Canes

Great job fellas. Who needs scout and rivals when U got canespace diggin in.
Keep up the great work.

Go Canes


I already have another appt. on Thurs. It's in my own backyard, the 904!

Just wanted to note:

Kevin is SOLID. He's already changed his cell to a 305 number. He wore eye black that said, "DA U". I also spoke to his mother after the game and she said she can't wait to see her son play for the U. (she's a Gator fan)

Devont'a is leaning. He and Kevin are God Brothers. I believe, in the end, Davis chooses UM.

Both young men were very respectful, humble, and down to earth.

RandyCane and I took in Wednesday's practice, then spoke to these guys. It was an enjoyable experience: being introduced to the players during practice, then being able to interview them after practice in the coaches office. Attending a VERY entertaining game on Friday night and able to take pictures.

It was an awesome experience. This feature, to be continued, I promise...


Yo I was just on the espn cfb page reading the comments in the stoops article and can't believe how many fans are upset wit dude??? I mean I kno he's 1/4 in c'ship games but atleast he's been thr... These last few yrs of losing has made me really thankful for any win the canes get...mat of fact if Shannon goes 1/4 over the next 5-6 yrs in champ games I for one won't be callin for his head!!!!


It was an awesome experience. This feature, to be continued, I promise...

Posted by: mm01 | October 05, 2009 at 10:10 PM

MM01...U and Randy are my heroes!

How much better can this get?

ITWho? I gotta breathe...

The Truth

So THAT's what my $20 was for LOL J/K

Lamesport Who?

Inside the where?

Great article!! I love it and no one here has to pay for it.


Truth...we have more planned and lots more features that are going to happen.

And I mean SOON! When was the last time U saw fans talking to the players and coaches?

For the Fans, By the Fans...

That's what we do.

The Truth

And maybe they could slip in a question about those pay sites and how the kids feel about the questions they're asked and what their peers (other recruits) say about how they use (litterally) those sites to garner attention.

Good stuff.


Nice article.

Anyone surprised by Dunbar's decision? Once he jumped ship it was clear there was going to be no going back. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hurns and McCartney both end up in the fold, but it depends on how many wideouts are taken and who else might be on tap to fill the spots.....


Speaking of rags, Jorge at the PBP had an article yesterday saying UCF is 1-4, with their first W coming against Memphis... UCF is 4-1... And on their mobile site they have Hurricanes spelled "Hurricaines"...

Gotta love the Space! Great articles and insight without the support of a giant media corporation!

Go Canes!


Good things happen to good people. 86 your hard work is starting to pay off in a positive way. This was a nifty feature and props to mm01 and Randycane for bringing it to us for free. And yeah i just dropped the work nifty in my post. so what


Nice work, 86, as always!


Just watched the replay of the OU game. That last drive to kill the clock really showed the character of not only this football team but the coaches as well....




According to their website UCF is now 3-2, with losses coming to E. Carolina and Southern Miss. on the road. They don't appear, from what I've seen, to be much of a threat, although I don't want to see Canes let up. I wouldn't mind the focus moving to 2nd and 3rd teamers, assuming a nice healthy lead, to help prepare for the future though. First things first. FAMU is next. See my opinion above, although a very respectable subdivision program.


Change of subject.......anyone else tired of hearing about Bret this and Bret that? Any knucklehead knew he was going to have a good night. It's MNF and he is going against the Packers. It's not like he was going to just hand the ball off. If he can throw 6 TD's, he will......


Money and JW...we are just getting started.

There are BIG plans here and we will not stop until we reach our goal.

FREE info for the fans, by the fans 24/7...


U think MM01 and Randy are done?

Shoot, they are just getting started!

They already have other appointments to fulfill, and they will not be denied.


If we get a big lead in games this year will AJ Highsmith see the field or will we keep Jacory in to preserve the red shirt. Or perhaps one of the walk on QBs will spell Jacory.


Thanks, 86, to put me in position to be able to do this, now that we live in FL. W/O canespace, this would not have been possible.

More to come. This is NOT a one time article, folks. Irons in the fire...

If you guys want more pics, email me @ mthomasbradley@yahoo.com. I'll be glad to share.

I'm glad U guys enjoyed this, motivates me to produce more articles like this...

So we ALL can enjoy. By the Fans, For the Fans...



Oh this is just the icing on the Canespace Cake here. GREAT JOB!

MM01 and RandyCane, that was a great job interviewing those 3 guys. Good, effective questioning. I thought I would have to buy a Rivals subscription to get this sort of thing, but forget it now. Besides I can actually respect the info that you guys would get. Just fantastic!

I'm still in awe that we're 3-1 and that includes a W vs. Oklahoma. How can one team improve so much in one offseason?

In the offseaon, drunk off Kool-Aid, I never invisioned a 3-1 scenario where we beat OU. I'm very impressed by these players and particularly the offensive unit. They seem to have made the biggest improvement.


Cane86.. its Jesse from the oklahoma game.. im lookin forward to seein those pics from the game.. thanks for the tailgate, i had a great time


this is ONLY THE BEGINNING, canespacers...


Had a great time doing this and what an what an awesome group of young men on the Gainesville High School team. Kevin and Devont'a are the kind of young men we want at the U.

A shout out to coach Ryan Smith and the great job he is doing with his Canes. This is his second year at the helm. The year before he got there they were 1-8. His first team was 5-5 and they are 4-1 and should be 5-0 except for a bad center snap at the goal line in the game they lost.

Thank you coach Smith for your hospitality and for the opportunity to visit with your players.


Any late night Canespacers hanging around? While we're sortof on the topic I have a couple of Rivals questions. Anybody know much about that site?


Great article.

While we're on recruiting, ESPN had an article about Joshua Shaw, an Under Armour All-American from California, and ranked #3 overall CB.

He states he wants a Miami offer. He has great size (I think Shannon's favorite trait) and says he wants to go away for college.

Of course, it could just be a ploy to add up more offers... who knows. But with all the news of the Gayturd front in recruiting (Trail, Dunbar, and it appears strongly Luc) it's nice to hear something positive. I am surprised a 3-1 start hasn't appeared to help us as much as I expected. But, it's still a ways away from signing day...



I'm in California, so it's not late. And I'm up. What do you want to know about rivals?


MM01...when bg1906 sees this U are in a heap of trouble. U beat him to the punch and called and covered the recruiting game better than he could ever dream.

Posted by: 86Cane | October 05, 2009 at 09:45 PM

bg1906 does his job very well.

I am just taking advantage of my location. bg is the recruiting expert. I can chime in, here and there, but he's the authority. I can back him up.



forgot to change the nick.

I can help concerning rivals questions, as well.


Hello Ladies and Gents

Enjoyed the game. Sorry i didnt run into any of you but the shark has the absolute worst student seating procedures ever, so we lined up 2 hrs before, got in 90 min early and i sat jammed in a tunnel with 1000 other people for an hour because the personnel insist we snake through the rows seat by seat... what a cluster****

Anyway it was a great game. Not perfect, but they showed character and got the W. In other news, i saw this video of bowden on dinich's blog. i have never, ever seen this man snap like that. there are some serious troubles up there in tallahassee. You dont just oust the man who made your school relevant like that, record or not. Jimbo is a flake and that team will change ways when bowden and andrews leave. Here's the link... (ps in the second vid tubs talks about how the U deserves the credit they have received and that he thinks we will get better. still love the guy).


ps solar shoot me an email if you get a chance.


I want to address something about randy shannon, when he hired walton as defensive coordinator, i can't put that in the "piss poor" or bad decision category myself. walton had been with the program for a little while working with randy and had earned the chance to either excel or fail and randy in that short period of time gave a man an opportunity when randy himself was just trying to establish himself, it was a loyal move a the same time it hinged on success as well, and i'm sure randy let that be known.

The nix hiring was along the same lines, now that one can be put in the whatever category deemed necessary, the 1st tiem i headr nix do and interview, when he was talkng about he'd do whatever it takes to score points, i felt than we were in trouble, and he called sissy azz plays that we got on film to prove it. The thing about whipple whehther he was successful or not, the man calls aggressive plays, and that allows the players to be aggressive, which puts the execution on the players, that play where jacory faked tossed to javariss and rolled left and aldarius was wide open, that was a case of a beautiful play call, executed beautifully by the players, jacory put that ball on the money with touch(just imagine for a sec if tht play was called for kyle...OK times up).

aldarius snagged that bal out of the air and did his thing, in the not so distance past, somethign would have moe than likely went wrong with that play, either the reeiver would have dropped the ball or the qb would have thrown a bad pass or something messed up, with the environment once again reset back to GREATNESS, execution is what's getting done.

The main thing though about that play i wanted to point out was, the way whipple calls plays often times than not, the defense is already a few steps behind. Feels good to see oklahoma use a timeout and than see us call a timeout and see whipple over thier having to flip thru his plethora(see that big word)of plays and say ok, i got em now.

When nix was here, how many times did you seem him flipping thru plays, that mofo had what looked to be like 1 sheet of paper that had plays on the front and back that he went to kinko's or something and had them laminate it, and than called himself an oc. Which reminds me of this old joke that ROBIN HARRIS told about a piccolo player. It basically went something like this, one Sunday at church, they were singing a special song, and the music starting playing, and somebody hollered out in church, "piccolo player a mofo", so the preacher jumped up and said, got dammitt, i wanna know who called my piccolo player a mofo, was it you sir, the guy said know, the preacher said i wanna know which man, sitting next to the man, sitting next to the man, sitting next to the got damyum man, who called my piccolo player a mofo, was it you, he asked this about 2 more times, and finally a guy got up and said, sir, i'm not the man, siting next to the man, i'm not even the man, sitting next to the man, sitting next to the man, i'm not even the man, siting next to the got damyum man, but what i wanna know is, who called this mofo a piccolo player.

And so it was with nix.


We can't underestimate the value of aldarius johnson on this team, the guy is just smooth with how he plays the game and he makes it look easy out their, those 2 back to out routes he caught on that 1 drive were text book, he sold both of them, he more than likely could have done it a 3rd time because the guy would have thought we were going to run a double move and go deep, but more importantly though, aldarius was moving the chains, and coming back to the huddle with that confidence we all know and luv, just like when he was walking out to the game and he flashed the "U" at the camera, it was and 86 "i got this" type of feel to it.

We have a team that we can be proud of once again, only this time, we've been able to follow the chronological order of success from the get go(substituted for how in the fiz-uc you spell beginning again, wasn't sure).

I luv how sahnnon and company have been recruiting the family tiesagain, dvd and kevin nelson are cousins, i like that from a family point of view, and dvd is actually making tackles this year, he did it his freshman year well at least in the marshal game. He's out their to ball now though, i can't see a player taking dvd's spot next year though, because if dvd keeps filling out his frame and maintains his speed, he has alot more upside to em and being around a team full of young confident guys has actually helped dvd out.

The theme shannon has been preachign from day 1 about we got to develop competition on the team, what that has basically done is help bring out the real potential in guys like dvd, from a personality standpoint dvd, is confident, but from a playing standpoint, especially from having to play so early on, he lacked that high confidence needed to be at UM, but now though with the younger guys on the team and their confidence level, dvd will continue to excel.

aqua i see you over their saying if bradford & gresham was in the game we'd have lost, and i say to that, line em up. The way our defense played the other night, and it's not like bradford did much against byu either before he got hurt, in fact, to me, landry jones is less mistake proof than bradford, that's not to say landry jones will win the heisman or something, but had bradford played healthy all year, it would have been fun along with gresham, meet vaughn telemaque or ray ray.

landry jones was a lil more mobile than bradford as well. Anyway that game is over, we dominated oklahoma except on the scoreboard. WHO GOT NEXT!


**and cant forget GREAT blog!

talk about inside news at its finest. These two young men look like class fellows who want to work hard.


I can't remember who the poster was, but i read here that Canesport had to get rid of all the "insiders" on their message board if they wanted continued access to UM. Is that true?

My buddy has a subscription and used to get some fairly (I mean 60/40) correct insight from those boards re: a pretty wide variety of stuff.

Names I can remember: Biggestcanefan and FSUwho.

Is the only person there with insight now just Ferman and Shodell?

I know it's gossipy but I just want to know what the whole deal.



the rumor is true. Confirmed by Truth. LT#36 used to post, and he was asked not to.

There is one more, but won't reveal his name. He has a cool car, tho.


Insight? just check canespace... did U read my article? LOL

Free. By The Fans, For The Fans,



Calvin, something did go wrong in that play to Aldarious. He stepped out of bounds.

Still a great call though. When we get the run going Whipple calls a whole lot of effective play action.

He has so much motion and so many odd formations. I can remember at least twice he had Jason Fox in the slot. I'm pretty sure one was in the play action play to Aldarious too.

What an awesome coordinator.

UM hiring Mark Whipple = Robert Plant hired to sing for a high school band's recital


The way they're trying to do bobby bowden is f'ed up. IF they are not careful, they won't be that relevant again. Than to try and negoiate a deal where jimbo will have the power to make staff changes before he's officially announced as the headcoach is even more ridiculous, because we all know his 1st move will be to get rid of jimbo fisher. At the college level when a guy like bobby bowden and mickey andrews are the institution of what help Fsu a GOOD GOOD program, you don't try an end it like this.

For some johnny come lately, and jimbo has no respect of his elders as well. 1st off he was under the tutelage of one of bowdens son's in terry bowden, show some got damyum respec, mofo gone go to the a.d. at the time to try and force himself in their, and so far it's half way done. Now you got bowden's wife calling disrespectful mofo's out as well. I bet bowden wants to slap the taste out of jimbo fisher's mouth. I got mickey andrews on the verge of catching a case against jimbo if jimbo's not careful.

That $5 million dollar clause has to go down as one of the most disrespectful moves of all time to one of the well respected figures in sports, now if you ask laverneus coles, randy moss or preston parker about it, would be interesting what they would have to say. Anyway, as the saying goes, i'll tweak it alil bit, alot of things must come to an end.

By the way, good job on getting the interviews and asking good questions.


Damyum i'm watching the highlights of the game and on the play where ray ray let demarco murray know he was in the game, watch dvd on that play, the cheat blocking started early, #83 was blocking dvd all in the back. And now, back to the hgihlight!

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