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October 19, 2009



Money - thanks for the generous offer but I'll be looking for 2 tickets. If I only needed one I'd be all over it!

SOUP - Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds like the alcohol free zone. I think I'll hold out for an area where we can operate like the lush we both are. Thanks so much for the offer though, you're the man.

Anyone else need to get rid of 2 tix let me know.

Da U N Houston

I think man coverage would be what this offense was made for....three wr's tight end a rb (set). No matter how good your outside corners are, no team in college has three stud db's....our slot wr, rb and TE should have huge games......as cocky as Chancellor and his guys are they are VERY open to the deep route b/c of there in your face man coverage. If we keep our TE and RB in to block, that gives us 7 for protection (remeber Bowden said thats what killed FSU's pressure) so that leaves your 3rd db or safety one on one with either Hank or TB.....uh yeah i'll take that all day!!!!!!

Then our TE's and RB's will out run and route any of their LB's.....I am sure Whip is Ready, just need protection!!


Enemy at The Gates was the movie.

Ed Harris stole the show

Posted by: Texascane

I never understood why J.Fiennes, R.Weisz & Jude Law all had English accents even though they were supposed to be Russian

Ron Perlman got tagged in that movie, ha


solar - you'll know my envelope in the mail as soon as you see the name on the return addy


I hope Clem. plays man-up. Benji' should go over a buck on these dudes. I really hope Street' gets some rub on Sat. He screams mismatch. That saftey better be in position on EVERY play, because methinks the CB's are gonna be needing help over the top all day.


Canes baseball season is back ... hellll yes


Anyone else watching the Angels/Yankees series and see just how short Pat Sajak is, when he stands behind home plate in that cage thing?

Dude must be 5 foot 3


LOL Six nice pick-up but my thinking is.... it makes me laugh cause if I really cared about how their accents are in a movie, I would be watching it in the language it was supposed to be in... ala Passion of the Christ or Pan's Labyrinth.

Which don't get me wrong, I can still enjoy that type of movie, but the majority of time I'm just looking for entwrainment and not getting into that much depth or else the majority of movies would make no sense at all.


I mean I seriously sat through and watched the whole movie, "surfer dude". I've dealt with a lot worse in a movie then a bad accent (for example The last Batman movie, I thought was amazing. I guess I'm biased cause my Uncle did special affects on the movie but I enjoyed the movie and hated Christian Bale's batman voice)


Certain people enjoy finding the small details, I rarely do that with a movie unless it really inspires me or affects me profoundly.


Esteban....if you see this e-mail me at mike@centralvacuumplanet.com I need help with a video issue, was wondering if maybe you can help with it


I guess I'm alone tonight to drown in my own thoughts???

Hello world is anyone there?




CSM...try the NEW BLOG! It went up at 8 PM.


By the way everybody who doubted Joe Joseph need to man up and give the kid props, he might be playing himself onto an NFL team this year. Just watching plays, even when he doesn't make a play he is generally taking on two blockers, freeing up blitzers i.e. Sean Spence in the UCF game. Major props to him and M. Regis in light of the injuries!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer



Bennie Blades



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