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October 24, 2009



Well, you're on to something mi@mic@ne, to many times this year i heard the players saying the other team came out running things a whole lot different that what they practiced for, and that was the tone after the Fsu game. I heard it again after the ucf game, if the defensive coaching staff is not recognizing what's going on in game, more than likely right now, a young team will not either.

Tht last play worked to perfection for 1, the linebackers were getting caught with that tight-end screen all game so they were sitting on that, that's why jacboy ford knew he could get open behind them. Defensively, we never looked lined up right alot of times as well. clemson missed on some big play opportunities, that one flanker screen where the pass was dropped was one, of course the trick play was another one.

If i'm the coach and its 3rd down and 11, i'm calling a timeout, to let my defensive line rest to say to them, give me everythign you got on this pass rush, safeties, play up on the crossing routes, and than i'm sending the blitz up the middle, something clemson hadn't seen.

That defense that was called yesterday, it basically had the linebackers and safties out of the equation.


One good thing though, it was good seeing a defensive lineman that had to be doubled team on a consistent basis for the whole game.


Anyone else watch that WR screen that was "incomplete" and BH was picking it up to take to the house. That was a lateral... blown call that cost us 7 points.

Both coordinators need to grow a pair and call plays that give our teams the best chance to win. I have no idea where this mentality came from in this game by calling plays not to lose rather than to win.

On D. Our 1st and 2nd they were holding it down only to get beat on 3rd and long consistently. We brought no pressure and got killed by TE screens. The backers did not recognize it all day and that crushed us.

On O. Yes, J12 made some mistakes, but he kept his head up and brought the team right back. I have no issue with that. I have an issue with 4 min to go -- up 3 -- we run the damn ball 3 times just to set up the punt. This is not '09 Miami football. Where is the killer instinct to put the team away. You have the ball and game in your hands and need to do something with it. If you are going to go with the running strategy, why wasn't Berry in the game. He was the most consistent back all game and was hitting the hole hard. He would have given you the best chance to pick up a few firsts and ice the game if you have no intention of scoring. Then in OT, same thing as the end of regulation.

Whip-man needs to learn how to close games out. Love-man needs to study up on 3rd down scheming.

This one is on the coaches. I think they realize it. Especially Whip. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the coaching staff on the sidelines in the upcoming weeks and if any rumors surface about unrest/tension between them.

Also, the crowd. This loss just kills me, but what was up with that lack of crowd? We had a top 10 team playing a pretty good clemson team and hardly anyone shows up. WTF?!?! That part just rips me apart. It was sad, pathetic and unfair to our players. 43k was the supposed attendance -- it was more like 30k. Absolutely disgusting. Not to make excueses, but they really need to re-examine the pricing schedule for those tickets. ~$70 for upper deck sideline is crazy for a college game in this economy and on top of that another $25 or whatever for parking. As a student, it is not an issue, but I can see it being a huge financial burden for a lot of people...

Joseph Gatz

We are 5-2....not a bad place to be. At the beginning of the year I believe Truth said we will "win one we should have lost (FSU) and lose one we should have won (Clemson)" We run the table, punch Butch Davis in his b&(ch-azz face and tell the nation...wait until next year!!!!


Calvin, good idea on calling TO on 3rd an long to give the D a breather. Only one problem with that... The Offense will have wasted all of them by then


After a bad nights rest, i am still pissed at Whipple for calling 3 straight runs at the end of regulation and at Lovett for being so laid back on defense all night!


i love allen bailey but he is not a de. the times he got pressure is when he was at dt. i saw about 4 plays when he was letting ot dictate where he was going instead of him dictating. And where was the help with tackles from our running backs chipping. Lastly, i can live with effort penalties but the pre-snap ie offsides, 12 men in the huddle makes me crazy.

Cat 5 Cane

We beat our selves... too many mistakes and penalties kept them in the game and No points at the end of the first half!

My biggest complaint... not enough rushing or at least, the threat (Move them in, move them out) to bull rush, leaving no guess work for the QB. When we did, he rattled.... I saw it so clear, so why couldn't JL see it!

IMO...Offensive play calling was fine. How does anyone second guess a run play ?... Ohhh yeah, he didn't get the first down, so should of passed it to Benji or Hank or Bird... ppppplease, they had the right defense at the right time or we missed an assignment block.

If the play worked he's a genious... who would have guessed it! if not,... he's a bum


Dabo Sweeney>Tommy Bowden
Clemson >Clemsdaughter
Sweeney has his team playing to their potential, they have had the players they just now got a coach.
Like the Truth said "We ain't quite there yet."
I wouldnt trade our coaches or players for anybodys.
Now Im gonna go watch Angrys drunkest guy ever video again.
Go Canes!!!


When I woke up this morning at first I thought it was just a nightmare. Then reality sank in. Sorry for all the players and all the fans, but not the coaching staff.
On TV, it seemed that the stadium was so empty. What is the capacity of the stadium? Maybe that's why it looked so empty. What was the attendance?
Makes for a lousy Sunday. Can't bear to watch the Lions today!!!


being hungover after a loss just isn't as fun as after a win...


boy reading the comments after this loss was depressing. everyone is disappointed but thats what happens when you drink to much kool-aid.

we still have the chance to go 10-2 (which for anyone other than the 12%'s is the best anyone thought we would do) and hopefully the coaches and players can improve their effort from tonight.

Dwelling on this is just going to make it worse.


cat5Cane, this video is for you, even if we pick up the 1st down running the ball 3 straight times, that's not high percentage play-calling, if we closed out the game the way we did against oklahoma, just watch for yourself, hadwe run the ball 3 straigh t times against oklahoma, we probably lose on a fieldgoal. We close out strong against oklahoma with strong play calling, we punk out against clemson:


Tough loss...i really don't wanna believe Whipp called 3 straight run plays to prove a point to RS.I understand running 3 fresh backs at them,but D.Berry was ballin why not stick with the horse that's running better.NO PRESSURE on a rs freshmen qb,who skill set and future is probally baseball looked like an all american.A.Bailey is decent,but we just don't have that dominant DT/DT's.The linebackers couldn't cover area 51, yet alone rb's in space.Shannon&Lovett showed clemson o-line toooo much respect.For once,i would like to see this team move up and down the field ATTACKING no matter who the opposition is and a defense that will put your LIGHTS OUT!


Speed kills, Spiller is a bonafide assassin.

Calvin is right,

Our coaches have no swagger,
When there is pressure they wilt every time.
We don't go for the kill, we play not to lose.

We lead that game SEVEN times and lost.

Randy is a great defensive coordinator when he is up in the booth and can see the entire field.
He doesn't seem as sharp from the sideline.

And he needs to stay way down there with the special teams and defense like whipple joked about at the beginning of the year... he didn't look like he was joking yesterday.

I loved when the announcers said Whipple called the time out cause hes from the nfl.
Where did Whipple when his National Championship?
How many thousands of times has Whip gone over what to do when and why in game situations?



Tough one yesterday. Fukked up my whole night!! Funny thing is everyone knows to stay the fukkk away from me when the Canez lose.

I hate to lose.

Bottomline is the kids gave this one away. We played sloppy all game and did not execute. How many fukin penalties can one team have?????

A great Miami team would have overcome those penalties and came out with a W. We are not there yet. We almost had it though.

When our talent on the field starts to overcome any obstacles(penalties, bad reffing, bad bounces)that is when we will know this program is ready for greatness.

The bomb from Jacory after the huge mistake was a glimpse.

It's coming....

And why can't we just end up on the wrong side of a tough fought game without calling for coaches to be fired.

I have yet to see a perfectly coached game and it is tough to coach a team when the kids continue to fukkk up and try to give the game away.

I wish all of our drives where the first drives of the second half. We look all world on them!!!!



new blob



myndraize, the offense did that in the second half, started attacking more, but than in the critical situations, come on, that was some bullshat right their. If the coaching staff doesn't have a killer instinct, or call the plays that show aggression, you can't blame the players.

I would rather you call a passing play, and that puts the execution sqaurely on the players, as opposse to bailing out clemson's defense by running the ball. I'd rather live with jacory throwing an interception being aggressive as oppose to us running. I like that jacory tried to force that ball in their on third and goal, he knew more than anything, we needed he touchdown and he wanted the touchdown in overtime instead of 3.

You gotta like that about jacory, while people wanted him to throw the ball away, jacory was more like phuck that, i'm going for the touchdown, of course not getting 1 is where we're at today, but damien berry should have been in that game if healthy. Or javariss should have been giving the ball times, but give clemson credit, that safety mcdaniel came up and forced coop to go wide, what i don't like is, and what bothering me the most is, when did our coordinators become punks.


Well..season not over lets finish strong and maybe just maybe we can get one of those mighty SEC gods to knock off their perch.


Calvin,i don't see where i blamed the players,infact my disgust is with the coordinators...I feel whip ran the ball too much they were ready for most run called plays...they had no answer for Byrd,TB,and Hank why not attack downfield more.Much respect for McDaniel but i don't remember him being consistently challenge downfield or making him defend Epps or Liger...but it's all good the Wake should be in for a serious butt-kicking.


Calvin, up to this point what is your opinion of the back 7. average,below average, descent or incomplete?


If we get the first down, everyone here would be saying "the Canes have heart-rammed it down their throats-swagger."

It didn't work. What was the difference between this game and FSU? One Play. Just one play. In years past, once Clemson gets the pick 6, UM collapses. This team has enough fire power to come back. And they are the youngest contending team in the nation by far.

This is a good, young team with a huge upside. Does anyone recall that we've lost Josh Holmes, M. Forston, Ojomo and Gavin Hardin on the D line. Could Clemson lose 4 players like that on the D line and compete with us? Not to mention Futch, Hill and all the other injuries to the D alone.

The media made a big deal all week about UF missing 3 starters on D-We're missing at least 6 almost every game!

Maybe Lovett deserves a little break, huh? He allowed 26 points to an explosive team, and even contributed 7. 34 points should have been more than enough to win this game. If Uribe doesn't miss a squib call we probably win. One play.

The only thing that concerns me is a potential rift between Whip and Onion. We need Whip to stay. He has done a great job with this O, and the bright future I see has Mark Whipple as the OC. I hope this is just one of those things that happen in a stressful situation and not something more serious.

I know we could have won this game, but this is the last tough match-up we have for the rest of the year. Right now, we are succeptible to big play offensive teams. None of our future opponents have the offensive fire power of Clemson-not even close. Our O can move against anyone (barring a monsoon) so the future match-ups favor Miami.

With the injuries and youth on this team (and 2 brand new coordinators and systems) can U really be disappointed with 10-2?

Sarasota 'cane




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