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October 24, 2009



Be good gang I am off to see if Miss St can beat the Gators


then right on que

"Blown assignments," Shannon said. "We had something called and we went on the field and it was totally different. ... Guys didn't get it done."

i knew it was the dam players

man am i tired of Shannon shedding responsibility



"Clemson trailed seven times in the game, erasing every one, "

whip it good



Calvin I was wondering the same thing, hoping Whipple was not so pissed off that he ran the ball when he has passed successfully all season in that situation.

coaching staffs like fsu are not good, it startes to influence the players.

Chi Mia 'Cane '98

I just had a feeling Miami was going to lose today. The last three games, the 'Canes have played against Clemson have all gone into overtime. I knew once we could not put them away in the third & fourth quarters that it was going to be a dog fight and Miami was going to have to be lucky to win this win. Do not get me wrong they should have.

I am a realist but I sometimes drink the "kool aid" and was hoping for them to run the table but I knew in the back of mind that they probably were going to lose at least one more. They are too young, inexperienced and injury depleted to have gone 11-1. 10-2 is not bad... Come on, half the people in this blob thought they were going to go 0-4 and they were hoping 2-2. Well here are the two loses for the year. The 'Canes should win their remaining games and go to a very respectable bowl.

Like someone said in an earlier post, this team reminds me of the '99 team. If they finish the year strong, get some of these players back healthy next year and some younger players contribute and add depth they are going to be scary for years to come...

The feeling sucks now, but in the next few weeks when they start rollin' again and finish the reguler season up strong people will forget about this game. And who knows how the season is going to play out in the ACC or College Football itself.


Solar that is what I was talking about, I would respect Shannon a lot more if he just said those were my defensive call, and I blew it on the time out. Shannon could learn a lot from JH, JH mans up even if it not his fault, got to love that.


Since the start of the 1985 season, Miami is 136-2 when scoring 34 or more points.



I know solar, i haven't heard anything yet, and i don't want to from the coaches for real. I will say this, as far as the db's go, mcgriff is doing a good job with them, the problem comes in when we get spread out and have to have the safties cover top end speed wide-outs. I knew cj spiller was fast, but for the 1st time i saw brandon harris chase somebody he couldn't close on.

The coaching staff got confused, now that i think about it, the reason whipple gets conservative alot of times is simple, he all of a sudden goes back to his headcoaching experience mode and plays it safe at times, every now and than he'll waste an offensive series, he gets brain farts for sure. We can go back and disect the series in the Fsu game where whip brain farted, the g-tech game, brain farted, the v-tech game was farted from the beginning, every game whip has had brain farts, this time it cost us.

At the same time, we put up 27 points on offense, should've had more. bailey made plays, and left it all out their on the field, marcus robinson is doing well.

I knew pipho would handle bowers, because he's a big guy, it's the speed guys that give pipho fits.


Iowa 8-0. They are a top 4 team. To all the iowa haters. Shhhhhh


JH said "We fought so hard throughout the game as a team, and we didn't come out with the victory," he said. "We let Clemson out-work us. We turned the ball over too much. It was little things that made us get to this point. I came out there, was throwing too many interceptions."


Once again, Randy blames everyone else! He needs to have the damn courage and decency to admit he and his coaching staff blew it. I know the players screwed up almost across the board, but no one can convince me that the coaches are not to blame for the loss. I have no respect for anyone who never admits responsibility.

Chi Mia 'Cane '98

BTW, there a too many undefeated and one loss teams this late in the year that there is no way Miami would have played for the NC. Yes, it would be nice for the them to play in a BCS game but...


Sarasota 'cane



yea Cal,
I have nothing but respect for Spiller, he put the game on his back several times.

Everytime we play Clemson it goes to overtime and the visiting team wins, that's weird.


orange 'n green in the vein

Time to regroup. This team is good enough to play with anybody in the nation, but not ready to dominate everybody in the nation yet.

Esteban, still want to take somebody other than Spiller as the best back in the NCAA? How about at least the ACC? Can we agree on that?


We are looking at the gator bowl. I just hope this game doesn't hurt our recruiting momentum

Chi Mia 'Cane '98

Next year baby...

Let's get these guys one more year of game experience and a season under our belt with the new coaching staff.

This loss sux but I want the players and coaches to feel how bad it is lose like this so they will never want to feel this way again while they are at the "U".

Chi Mia 'Cane '98

What year is Spiller? Hopefully he will be playing on Sunday's next year when we head to Death Valley.


Spiller is a man.

p.s. Finally met 86 and JSQ. Moneycane as well.

Great people.



Sarasota 'cane

NC, BCS, Gator Bowl??????? With 5 games left to play???? I fully expect to win out, but...... I think it's time we stop trying to figure out which bowl UM will end up at! There are so many trap games left on the schedule, there is no point trying to guess our post season until we have finished playing all the games.

P.S. Whoever called the conservative 3 and out at the end of regulation is the one who lost the game. I would rather have lost on a pick 6 going for the juglar then to let Clemson take it to OT.

Bend don't break?? Puuulease!

Let's go canes!


Even randy phillips admitted he should have come up on that play instead of staying in the endzone, now that is a play where lovett wasn't necessarily calling the wrong defense it's just that since he's not an aggressive dc, our guys don't take a whole lot of chances like they should, had phillips stepped up and laid the wood on ford, we got to another overtime.

dlu, whipple acted like he wanted to quit at halftime with all that bitching but shannon does have a way of getting under peoples skin on purpose or by default. This tem is improved by a long shot, losing a tough game like this in ovetime, we were in trouble anyway. If nothing else this will make the guys more hungry and pissed off.


i said the same thing earlier, Jacory should have said fug it in OT and changed the plays at the line of scrimmage, he could run laps all night after the game if Shannon didn't like it.



The lack of depth on the D-Line finally caught up with us

We still can finish this season off strong

It might not be the way we wanted it to be before kickoff, but none the less it can and will be a big step in the right direction

Our D is missing to many playmakers this season to not expect a misstep along the way


dont think I have ever felt so deflated by a loss....turned off TV after that jerk scored, and havent turned it back on since....

we gift wrapped that damn game to Clemson, and title to GT....enjoy a-holes, next year, you are toast...

I dont particularly like the O play-calling, but we scored 24 on them, and if not for 3 other big plays (kick return, spiller pass play, INT for TD), should have been more than enough...D play calling, i felt flat out stunk....when we blitzed this kid, he froze stiff....one LB should have been going at his ass all game

was proud how guys came back after each time being down....now will be the true test, how do we come back after a deflating loss like this?


i think this game should help in DT and DE recruiting....showed we need a bad ass pass rusher other than #57....he is a beast, need 3 more like him, and all is good


The U did a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong, all the way around. I'd love to have seen J12 audible on 3rd and 3 toward the end of reg. or in OT, as someone had to show some confidence in the offensive style that had taken them this far this season. Somehow I don't think J12 is going to do something that will be considered divisive to the team, at least not publicly. One thing is for sure, Solar. No matter how laps he might have run, he wouldn't have been suspended!

How about that trick play that Ellington dropped the ball on in the 2nd half? Clemson had the wideout all the way to the sideline as if going out, but he stayed just in bounds and the Canes completely forgot about him. Fortunately the throw up the left sideline was dropped, or that play would have been shown non-stop on ESPN all week.

One would hope the coaches could be more honest with the players about responsibility, although at times this isn't a good idea as players need to believe in their leaders. I hope the civil unrest between coaches doesn't affect any of the potential recruits.


I wonder how would everyone react if we won this game? It's amazing how fickle fans are these days! Listen this team is talented but even they said that they have a long way to go. They know that they are not that good yet. We gotta take our lumps.


aight gang,
it's not like the season's over, shoot at the beginning of the year anyone on here would take 10-2 and a bowl game.
im out



Agreed! Our expectations far exceeded the talent level and the experience of our players. Whipple really needs to get into JH's ass about these crazy INT's but he is young. Someone tell me what was Tebows records as a first year starter?


Bernie Kosar


Tebow's record as a 1st year starter = 9-4


# 6 Iowa

Iowa might just be the most overrated team in the top 10.
--Nope. That would be our hurricanes.

They needed two..yes TWO blocked field goals against Northern Iowa to save a 17-16 win to start the year.
-Alabama needed to block a FG to win as well. So what? A win is a win. Much better than a loss in OT

They beat Arkansas State and Michigan by a combined 5 points.
---They won.

Their only significant win came against another highly overrated team in Penn State.
---Who have we beat that isn't over rated? FSU? Oklahoma?

Although their three remaining games don’t look like much, neither does Iowa.
--Wrong. Best D in the country and the best coaching as well.

They start with a tough game on the road against a pesky Michigan State team before traveling to the “Shoe” to play Ohio State. They finish the year with another tough game against Minnesota.
--This is valid.


^^^**Noone cares

DallasTX Cane

Team Stat Comparison
Clemson U
1st Downs 22 18
3rd down efficiency 7-14 8-14
4th down efficiency 1-1 0-0
Total Yards 410 433
Passing 326 256
Comp-Att 25-37 17-27
Yards per pass 8.8 9.5
Rushing 84 177
Rushing Attempts 34 35
Yards per rush 2.5 5.1
Penalties 4-39 11-79
Turnovers 3 4
Fumbles lost 2 1
Interceptions thrown 1 3
Possession 31:44 28:16
Kick Returns 173 59

DallasTX Cane

177 rushing yds - 5.1 yd per attempt

11 penalties for 79 yds

4 turnovers

173 yds in kick return yardage given up

a) special teams
b) penalties
c) turnovers
d) OL pass blocking
e) Defense, or lack thereof

a legit top 10 team doesnt lose at home to an unranked team. we're not a legit top 10 team right now. we fix 3 of the 5 problems listed and we will be.



Cat 5 Cane


Sarasota 'cane

"Kick it out of bounds if you have to, but like I told you all week, DON'T KICK THE BALL TO SPILLER!"

"Got it coach!"



How Miami gets to the BCS title game

by buying a ticket


The defense allowed 16 points and scored 7...not a bad night.


Excuse me...allowed 26 and scored seven...we should win when the defense holds them to 19 net.


We made plays on offense and defense, we played pretty well throughout the game.

Problem is that they made plays on offense, defense AND special teams. That was the difference.

Also they were too fast for us. Speed kills and we just got a dose of our own medicine.


Had we won the game mot of us would have been happy, at the same time the same criticism for the most part would still apply. The biggest difference in the game wasn't that clemson was faster than us or something, hell the talent level for the most part was about even, this game like alway came down to who was going to stay aggressive, and when you hear that jacoby ford called that last play, lol.

WHen people refer to us seeming to go back to nix play calling, why go with a bunch formation, i would have spread clemson's defense out, and ran the ball like that. I'm sure whipple is kicking himself right now for the most part, any offensive coordinator with pride who gets down to 1st and goal and doesn't get the touchdown has to be pissed off.

I'm dissappointed we never gave hankerson a chance in the redzone, i think aldarius was a decoy out their for the most part, while jacory did throw to him, his shoulder was more than likely still banged up, for the mistakes jacory made, he still help lead the team out in front. lovett calls defensive plays that respect the opponent to much, as someone said earlier, enough with the game day spring game defensive play calling.

This was oneo f those games where had our defense stayed aggressive on that young qb, we'd have won this game by 2 or 3 touchdons for sure. On 3rd and 11, i would have sent the house, one of the biggest problems on defense though, while they got jacoby ford, i can understand plaing back on him, but why are we playing so far back on the other receivers, next, ford should have been pressed with safety help over the top, while the defense that was called was a decent defense, it wasn't an aggressive defense, that's what got us in trouble all game

When we were about to take a 10 point lead, kevin steele blitzed us and sapp came up with the sack, jacory was winding up to go deep. It was real dissappointing to see clemson run nothing but screen plays against the defense though. Also, on 4th and 1, for clemson, when they handed the ball off to harper that deep in the backfield, had we run blitzed we would have ended the game, instead we stay in the base defense.

At least for the 1st time all year the defense got a few turn-overs in the game, 2 forced fumbles and an interception, as stated before the season, randy phillips and cmac are going to get or be involved somehow in getting turn-overs. With the defense that lovett calls, the thing i don't like is, where are the safeties, to many times i see them being in effective, so it's basically 9 against 11 out thier, i would ahve blitzed parker all 4th quartr long.

That's the one thing about mickey andrews, rigth or wrong, he's going to stay aggressive on defense, he'd rather go down blitzing, if you're going to beat his defenses it'll be because the oppossing qb knew where to go with the ball and stands in their.


This was one of the most dissappointing losses though in a long time, for the most part for real, i kind of had the same feeling the whole second half that i did against ohio st. Turns out now, i see why.

shannon must have had temporary amnesia or something though, when he's saying running the ball 3 straight times is not conservative, and that we've done that the last few games, correction shannon, against oklahoma, the fake toss sweep and than pass to aldarius was one of the biggest plays against oklahoma, as well as the pass to THE TIGHT-END epps on another 3rd and short on the same drive where jacory gave the thumbs up.

If we do the same thing this game, we would have been able to close it out and go home with the win, instead, we play it safe, put our defense up against the speed they got on offense, when people talk about the ones who got away, we just played against 2 of them in spiller and ford.

The main thing we did wrong from a coaching standpoint in the secondary was, we didn't make sure jacoby ford had either brandon harris or dvd on him irregardless of where he went, forget all this boundary corner and field corner talk, shadow their fastest guy with one of those 2 db's. That play had nothing to do with scheme, it was just an easy isolation play, they knew our linebackers were not going to get depth on the the pass route and it cost us.

Let's see if this tough loss makes for a tougher team, i gotta agree though with whipple, shannon needs to not worry about the offense, let whipple handle that side of the ball, whether he makes a mistake or not, for the most part, at least let him do it on his own, it's lovett that really does need the help.




Shannon has the recruiting and the practice intensity thingy under control. His problems are along the lines of being able to look at what is transpiring in the game and working up a game plan to counter the areas they are trying to expose.. usually it is stretching the field in the 10 yrd areas where our linebackers need to close on their receivers. In my opinion we are missing the lb with the motor. Its the same thing with getting beat by the flanker screen... lbs could not shed the blocks and we had a hard time with being blocked on the perimeter... not enough early recognition... we did so well against GT. Thats probably our biggest downfall... people on the field being caught as if the game is coming to them .. not enough early recognition. I mean.. its coaching communication when we get beat by basically three passing plays.. flanker screen... the Spiller flies.... and the te down the middle in front of the lbs.


My other question would be was there something illegal going on... blocking before the ball got to the receiver on those screens. Are the going down field before the completion? I just seemed like we were unable to avoid the blocking.


I think we used to call it ... getting caught flat footed.



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