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October 28, 2009



Kirby! He is a great guy and responded to my email that included the link to the article. GO CANES!


Kirby! He is a great guy and responded to my email that included the link to the article. GO CANES!

Posted by: 86Cane | October 29, 2009 at 01:46 PM

Kirby is awesome. Nothing but good things to say about him.






let me start off by saying that what this team has been able to accomplish is nothing short of remarkable. even if we end up with 3 losses like most of us predicted, this will still be a tremendous stepping stone in the development of this program.

everybody was making comparisons about this team and the 2000 team. the truth is:

there is no Heisman contender at LT
we don't have two first round picks at WR that are about to leave
there are no All - Americans at MLB and safety
no difference maker in the middle of that d-line.

once we return to that level of talent again then the acension back to the top of college football will be seamless.


It doesn't really matter about the Crocs O

It's about their D, and always has been every year they've won a National Championship

Even if Spikes doesn't play, doesn't matter b/c Carlos Dunlap, Jermaine Cunningham and Stamper are holding down the fort

The back 4 of the Crocs are more impressive than the front 7. Jenkins, Haden, Wright and Black - Georgia isn't going to do alot throwing against those guys down the field on one-on-one matchups. Sorry, that's just the straight up truth. AJ Green better hope his man releases him and the safety blows his assignment

The Crocs O doesn't have to do as much b/c the D is so good and will slowly give them good field position to work with, or even score on their own with a pick 6 or blocked punt for TD.

Charlie Strong deserves a hell of a lot more credit than Urban Myth. Am I wrong? Who's unit has out shined the other during their NChampionship years together? Who's unit looks better than the other this year alone?

49-10 last year ... with Stafford and Moreno. They've only won 3 times in the past 18 years. UGA is going to have to sell their souls in order to win this game

Think about this as well

Tebow has a chance to not only break Herschel Walker's record, but add even more to it ... AGAINST WALKER'S ALMA MATER ... motivation? Uh, ya


After watching UF struggle (abiet win) against Miss.St., Ark., an offens(ive)less LSU, and the worst Tenn. team in a decade, I'm gonna set a scenario:

Big rivalry game; Tebow's last home game; Perfect reg. season record possibly on the line; slight chance that it's Bowden's last game vs. the Gates'; Uf's Off. floundering; FSU's Off. shining.

Don't say I didn't warn you........


Also good to see D-Jenks got a spot on the Browns (pfffft... I know) roster.

He was one of only about five guys on that 07' squad who actually wanted to win.


Let me add a little something about what I said earlier

"It's about their D, and always has been every year they've won a National Championship" .... under the current head coach

Under Spurrier, he had that timing offense down - just ask Florida State after they got 52 dropped on them in the Sugar Bowl for the Crocs 1st Title


six, so far so good on your gator predicition but they won't be undefeated this year, sooner or later the refs won't be able to bail them out. Now that defense they have is legit againdt teams with no offense, but if you got deep threats at both wide receiver spots, that secondary is suspect, we all know janoris jenkins plays strong defense with in 20 yards, after that, he doesn't have the top end speed to stay with the receivers, joe hayden does, but if you want to see a good match-up, let's put our receivers right now against their secondary and jacory with time, he torched that secondary.

tebow with time rarely finds people against solid defenses.

Anyway looking at the defense on that last play, a linebacker should have blitzed, that was one of the simplest plays ran, parker locked in on jacoby ford that whole play, that last play was not about not having depth on defense, or we don't have the players we need, it was just a bad defensive play call, just like the 3 running plays were conservative, so was that last defensive play call, all clemson did was spread us out, we were basically in zone defense, more like an umbrella type defense, instead of bring the safeties up a step or 2, that last play was just to easy, blitz parker like we did hodges or landry jones the game was either going to be tied again or they would have missed the fieldgoal.


UGA is going to have to sell their souls in order to win this game.

Posted by: Six | October 29, 2009 at 02:07 PM

I say DO IT!

The world is gonna end in 2012 anyway, it's worth beating ther Gators at least one more time before that happens. NBD.


Guess who read the UM Ring of Honor article I wrote and sent me an email saying how GREAT it was? Go ahead guess?

your mom



that was the point i was trying to make UF's defense isn't going to wait for Tebow to win the game.

The extraordinary loathing of Tebow blinds people to the fact The Gator defenders can play.

Georgia had great offensive players on the field last year against the over rated Gators, what happened?



your mom


Posted by: solarcane | October 29, 2009 at 02:50 PM

My mom died in 1995 so unless she gets the Internet in Heaven it wasn't her.

Ethel Marie Popadak is buried at the same cemetary in Miami (Kendall) as ST#26. I visit them BOTH all the time.

Sometimes I pour out some Irish whiskey at their grave sites to honor and celebrate their lives.

They both told me they like it when I visit. I'm just sayin'...


why wouldn't they get the internet in heaven? it's gotta be free



why wouldn't they get the internet in heaven? it's gotta be free


Posted by: solarcane | October 29, 2009 at 03:00 PM

Never thought of it that way? U think my Mom is a Canespacer? Nah, no way!


You can't blame that paltry crowd on fair weather fans. If anything, our fair weather fans would have been AT that game, not cheering for Bama or UF. That just doesn't make sense. Your picks are pretty good with the exception of the UF-UGA game. Just don't see it turning out that way.







Good point to make at this point in the season. It is very fitting that you compare Canes fans to characters from gangster movies! I can only say that because I am a Cane no matter what. As for guys, that's a whole 'nother story.




Heyy guys <<

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