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October 25, 2009



Did I mention that JSQ has dull colored eyes?

See below:

Va Cane just made a great post. Thank you.

Look guys, we just lost to a good team that played great.

We can certainly blame all the things that went wrong and be accurate doing so. Coaching, players, injuries and everything in between.

We're still a lot better than last year. These young players are the real deal. While there aren't yet enough of them on this team we all need to just grab hold of a rail.


Because we all knew that this would be a wild ride back to the top. Yesterday was a bump in the road and we all knew bumps would be on the way. Our best players are Soph's and you can't be world beaters at 19.

We need improvement and we ARE improving.

Go Canes


86 is that dude.

Posted by: Hurriphin | October 25, 2009 at 09:52 PM

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...not so LOUD!


actually this is a cool place .. calvin... 86.. mmike... solar... i like to read the long post ... especially calvin..puts a human face on the canes. But everyone has something worth reading... especially when they bring back memories of the times and places of miami . I get a weird connection.


Hey canespacers! I really enjoyed meeting everyone this weekend. We had a great time. Hope you see everyone at a later game! NIKKI


Money...U and your lovely wife are ALWAYS a bonus to me. U are good peeps and FUN to hang with.

BTW...U got any left over ribs??? LOL


I'm with dlu here about RS D.

It has been the same thing for many years now.


Especially when you have such a beat up DL. You have to get pressure on the Qb in other ways anyway you can.

There was absolutely no deep threat outside of Spiller.

I believe when Spence was out injured that F'd things up a bit but you have to adjust.

It is what it is I guess but still bothers me to see absolutely no passrush at times and see our DB's out on an island for way too long trying to cover guys.

Make no doubt about it. This D is RS's. Lovett is a technique teacher and that is it.



After every loss its always off with shannon's head wtf is this?

We have made progress in every year under shannon correct?

Anyone who thinks depth is not a problem - it is

We didnt deserve to win that game with all those penalties, turnovers, missed tackles/ blown coverages

Whipple should get ZERO blame.. we put up what 36 points?

Now if you can't see progress or still hate Shannon read this: In year one with those types of players, after Jacory's pick 6 we def would have packed our bags and said game over we give.. but no these kids fought and brought the game to overtime - so the kids he has brought in all have "THE ATTITUDE" - now depth is killing us at LB and DL so notice all the recruits at those positions that Randy is bringing in- - give the man 6 years and we will be right back in the glory days where we can RELOAD year in and year out

Hey year 3 and Randy already had us flirting with a possible NC and 2 years in a row hunting for the ACCCG so how hungry do u think that makes these kids?



I think it's a wonderful thing that 86 is doing with the space and bringing people from different walks together.

Posted by: moneycane | October 25, 2009 at 09:38 PM

That part was DUMB true money.

Before Canespace, I seriously thought that internet chatting was for weirdos, rapists, and pedophiles. I've now learned to trust technology, as well as the words of complete strangers. 86 is that dude.



we just had a miscommunication. No hard feelings, brother.

I think the world of U, too. I appreciate the compliment.

Glass is half full or half empty?

I can see both perspectives, but if you know the game, U have to see it as half full at UM. (considering the circumstances)

WAY too many positives. They far outweigh the negatives, at this point.

Hey money, glad to see U made it back to Trailerhassee ok. LOL!


Money...First U were BONUS $$$, then U were SPENT $$$.

But U are still big MONEY, and SPOILED!

Posted by: 86Cane | October 25, 2009 at 09:43 PM

86 I'll work my way back into the bonus


404 make sure you include the Meth face potmarks and missing tefes. U can also throw in the BA barb wire arm tat for good measure

Posted by: moneycane | October 25, 2009 at 09:41 PM

thanks $, needed that laugh!


404 you need to knock most of your toofs out and you should be all set.



Lets plug Canespace for their choice of women as well... great pictures...


nothing sets off the Gator theme better than an I love Tebow tat on the bicep



Did I mention JSQ has gorgeous blue eyes?

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | October 25, 2009 at 09:38 PM

Only SEVEN times so far...


Outside of the result of the game, the overall experience of the weekend was great. I think it's a wonderful thing that 86 is doing with the space and bringing people from different walks together.

Posted by: moneycane | October 25, 2009 at 09:38 PM

Money...First U were BONUS $$$, then U were SPENT $$$.

But U are still big MONEY, and SPOILED!


yes but we should have blitzed more last nite and we should have kept a better eye on Spiller. And we cant kick off with any hang time or distance so its foolish to kick the ball directly to Spiller. If we would have done simple things we would have won by a couple of touches. All around it was obvious that we had more talent.


Uribe kicked deep after being instructed to squib it...

... hmmm. Explains the kick return. Coverage team ran Squib coverage, expecting the returner to be in the middle of the field. That's why Spiller was able to break it out to the outside. Also explains why Bosher kicked-off in the seconf half.


Why the HELL were the Dolphins not in the gun, and running PLAY-ACTION, quick outs, and running plays, down 2 scores, with less than a min. to go?



404 make sure you include the Meth face potmarks and missing tefes. U can also throw in the BA barb wire arm tat for good measure


I just said we are gettng better,
I'm on the 4 year plan with Randy remember?

Because I can see it's gonna take a realistic four years to become what a lot of folks think is happening now*
that doesn't make me any less excited than the people that think we are going to go 12-0 the last three years.

The one fact that is lost on sooo many Canes fans is other teams are getting better right along with us.

*plugging in any guy off the bench and not losing a step at any position.



Did I mention JSQ has gorgeous blue eyes?


Man that loss yesterday HURT bigtime. I hope the team can move forward and come out againt Wake and play hard. And once again I gotta call out the "passionate" Miami fans. What I saw from them yesterday hurt my heart. It was the fourth quarter with the game still in question and the people in my section were acting like they were watching an opera. No emotion or cheering at all. Outside of the result of the game, the overall experience of the weekend was great. I think it's a wonderful thing that 86 is doing with the space and bringing people from different walks together.


I'm goIng to Halloween party at work Tuesday... Planning to dress as a Gator Fan (should make myself and Bulldog coworkers feel better)... I'll wear Jorts, Gator tshirt with arms ripped off, a mullet wig, and I'll be drinking a Natural Light 16oz can.... Anyone else have any suggestions, I'm sure I'm missing something?


Yes but most all of his interceptions have been like punts. Look JH is making it look so easy.. i mean ... he has really smooth mechanics...that it may be that some people dont appreciate just how accurate this guy is. He takes chances. But i do not believe that there is another guy in college football who could perform with the kind of o line we have and get the ball off with that kind of accuracy. Some of his throws look NFLish.



the point is...

... GOOD THINGS are happening. Last year, UM drops this game, gets blown out. This year, UM plays a mistake filled game, in ALL three facets of the game, and still should have won.

It took Parker's career game, Spiller's career game, a below average effort by UM as a whole, to get us to OVERTIME.

THAT'S PROGRESS. Anyway U shake it. And only two true classes put together by RS.

Silver lining.


Jacory is still #10 in the nation in passing efficiency which is pretty remarkable for a sophomore with a new OC.

If Jacory can squeeze out one more int he will be tied for most interceptions in the nation too.



I kind of agree with Jimmy Js philosophy... what do you do when the situation is really harry and you need some yards... you think of the guy who is the most talented to get the job done... not how you have practiced run blocking for three weeks and you are confident that it will work. In my opinion that is JH. who throws the pick 6 then comes rite back and tosses a 60 yrd perfect pass to our receiver who had the 6 yrd separation. Its the best player..just like Emmit or like they went to Spiller in that long run on the last drive.

VA Cane

Having played and coached this great game for a long time, i find rarely, if ever 1 play or aspect of a game dooms a team. However, when you get a toxic mixture of negative occurences, look out. Foolish penalties, kicking to Spiller, poor clock management, bad qb decisions, some questionable conservative play calling, pick six, thin OL and DL, not making adjustments and on and on...all these things added up to a razor thin loss. I hate losing, so do you guys.I think to try and decide ownership of blame is futile. Things go bad on a given day, and OUR TEAM loses. Heck, we love these boys when we win; I find it appalling to abandon them when we lose. When we celebrated the vaunted 5 NCs...er 6!!...we loved them, so when they lose, we beat them down, critique them into oblivion, and take to personal rancor and insults? It is not right. Some people who posted here about this game have a right to their opinion, but to insult and bring race into a game played by some pretty good kids we call OUR TEAM is wrong. I invite anybody who is not happy with the boys to pull for UF, Bama, TX, USC...they have good teams...or stay close to home and pull for the other FL teams...they are there and need fans. This game I played, coach and love is simple in one aspect...block and tackle...but hard in many other ways. It takes all the coaches, players, trainers, students and fans to win...and if we lose, do we abandon each other? The TRUE CANES in here will not...we can point out mistakes, and be bummed out...but we do not give up, or quit, or abandon our boys...win or lose...right 86? Time to get ready for WF!!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

bad weekend for both our miami football teams! hopefully they pick up their game next week! beat Wake! beat the Jets!


I see a lot of posters saying that Lovett should do this and do that and thats the easy thing. If you've coached anything at any level you know how difficult it is to get exactly what you want out of your team, especially if its your first year. Its a process and with this being his first year at UM, of course theirs going to be some growing pains. I think they've got some kinks to work on and one of them is getting the Dline to convert from their reads and disengaging to a pass rush. They do a decent job on maintaining gaps and offensive lineman, but its the disengagement part that the Dline is struggling with to create a pressure. But all this is assumption b/c I dont know what their philosophy is on defense, just taking a guess. They'll get it figured out and if not its on to the next man. Big game again next week esp. with it being and ACC game as well as an away game. Those Decons may not be as talented as Clemson, but best believe we're going to get their best shot. Canes better come out pissed out and ready to make someone pay for the BS that happened on Sat. Like Irvin said, "FOCUS AND YOU GET DONE!!!!" Give 'em hell next week Canes.


Posted by: 86Cane | October 25, 2009 at 09:06 PM

I don't doubt it for a minute!




I'm not in love with the defensive playcalling last night, either.

But, we have as fans, have to keep in mind, that this is still a young team. 53 of 85 players are FR. and SO's. Depth is still an issue, and RS said as much leading into this season.

He also stated, that the numbers won't be right until the beginning of next season, RS's THIRD full recruiting class.

I think the media did an excellent job of raising the expectations after going 3-1, and we ALL drank that Kool-Aid.

The U is back.

No, not all the way, b/c the quality depth STILL isn't there at key positions. But the U is definitely on the right track under RS.


One thing everyone should realize on Canespace is when someone makes a critical remark about Randy Shannon or the Miami Hurricanes,
it isn't a personal attack on The Randy or you. It is merely someone's opinion on something they observed.

I think the world of mm01 and Randycane on here, good guys and true cane fans, we just see things different sometimes


RAYCOM.Sports Blogger of The Month For September...which you have reminded me about daily 25 days into October.

Posted by: solarcane | October 25, 2009 at 09:04 PM

Listen Pancho...Until they name a new one at the END of October I'm riding this thing until it dies.


"I had writers block at first but then the article kinda wrote itself."

I find that hard to believe, you being the

RAYCOM.Sports Blogger of The Month For September...
which you have reminded me about daily 25 days into October.



Every Canes fan wants Shannon or whoever is coach to be the greatest coach ever to get it done.

Just like every sane person wants every president to be great. Just makes sense.

But again if you have any common sense , you look at the games and decisions and see what is happening and right now there is a big question as to whether Shannon is head coaching material. Shannon is a Cane always will be so he is good there. But all Cane bias aside has Shannon shown that he can be the guy to coach the U to greatness yr. in yr. out, I do not think so. Hope he does but I have lost faith in Shannon as a head coach, just me. Really hope that I am wrong. that is true not just words, hope that I am wrong.


randy we are getting better

we played great aginst GT they are 11th in the nation, thats outside the top 10.

OU was over rated when we played them.
We became over rated when we beat them.

where was your comment on how good enough we handled VT and unranked Clemson at home?

I'm satisfied with how we are doing I said 9-3 before any game was played and we could go 10-2 which would be one game better than I thought we should be.



I promised 86cane I would post for the first time instead of just reading!!! Enjoyed meeting everybody at the Hampton. It was great going to a game just wished for a better outcome. GO CANES!!

Posted by: SWAGGIRL | October 25, 2009 at 08:19 PM

LISA! What's up SwagGirl!!!

Post here, post often...


oh geez where to start,

i think we just start banning people that come on here after every loss and talk trash. that's all they do and it's really not worth it to let them post here. go somewhere else with that.

Jacory has started to look more average lately, but that kid is still going to be special. you can tell that by him throwing a touchdown right after a pick six.

and im starting to wonder why Whipple couldn't get that HC or OC job in the NFL. it could actually be because he wanted to come back to college. or it could be because he is a hothead that head coaches don't want to deal with. if he were to mouth off to Andy Reid or Bill Cowher like that, i wonder what would happen to him?

Lovett has to do something with this defense. i understand that injuries are piling up, but we have to find a pass rush. that Clemson QB had all day to throw and he picked us apart in the second half. and the coverage teams are not helping us out either. Pannunzio's unit better finish out the year on a good note or he might be gone.

honestly im not too mad at the loss considering this one of the teams i thought we would lose to when i saw the schedule. i had us losing 3 games - Va Tech, Clemson, and USF. i still think we'll drop another one though.

we are ok. with or without Shannon this core group is going to be scary good very soon.


JSQ...I had writers block at first but then the article kinda wrote itself. Of course I had to do a few edits and corrections but it all worked out in the end.



RandyCane here, (solar),

I guess the positives of beating Georgia Tech the way we did and the way we stopped their offense isn't good enough for the here and now? Beating OU, even without Bradford not good enough?



National Ranking through the Clemson game
120 teams

rushing offense 74
passing offense 29
total offense 50
scoring offense 33 ( 30.14 per game )

total defense 35
rush defense 48
pass defense 32
score defense 59 ( yield 23.57 per game )



My opinion maybe nonsense, could be, it was not an opinion that I can to easily or quickly took a few years and a lot of frustration. I would love for the U to change defensive approach and quite making bad qtbacks look like heisman cand.'s


What's up with Davon Johnson and Kendall Thompkins, especially Thompkins, I heard nothing but positive things about Him during the Spring. And I thought that Johnson did some good things when the ball came His way.



I REALLY enjoyed the tailgate and everyone I met. Angry, canechic, JSQ, 86, moneycane (and wife), are ALL VERY COOL FOLKS. Can't wait to hang again. I really enjoyed it.

I think Angry, money, canechic, and JSQ made most of my points for me. I was going to post the same thoughts, but I'll spare The Legion of repeating them.

Most of the posts I read, I agreed with. I really like the fact that most of U guys and gals see the silver lining here. I'll explain in a few minutes...


Miamim.Well if you have over whelming players , d line and guys headed to stardom in the nfl , a coach can go the van. route and look good. If not a teams needs to get creative and use their players to best efffect.


Shannon seems to really believe that he is giving the players opportunities to make plays and in a way he is: rush 4 see if someone makes a play. And see if other players linebackers, and dbacks, safeties make a play. But Shannon does not seem to see that the straight van. defense is killing his players not helping them only helping the other team's offense.

Like a guy with a cheating wife, last one to know, Shannon seems to be the last one to know the present D phil.it is not working. About everyone else sees it, fans, announcers, he is the last one to know.

Where am I wrong here?



2001 was a long time ago.
I am ready for some postive Cane football that has nothing to do with what we did a decade ago.


mr troutman



Love everything else Shannon does with direction but the U needs a D and maybe will not get one under Shannon.

Posted by: dlu | October 25, 2009 at 08:19 PM

REALLY? 2001 Broyles Award Winner for Best Assistant in CF? I know you're disappointed about the outcome, but this is nonsense.


"... Didn't I see this movie yesterday?"

Posted by: Mephistopheles | October 25, 2009 at 08:18 PM



One example noone has mentioned is end of time just befor overtime, Clemson kicks off. M.James back there at 5 yrd like finally gets a handle on ball takes 2 huge hits goes down, comes to the sideline and Whipple explains to him, let it go into end zone, if James fumbles there with one second left the Canes lose in regulation on a Clemson kick. NOONE explained to James how to handle the situation, him a freshman, come on ST coach where are you?? Coaching.

I am on the A list for having about lost faith in Shannon, Only one reason, I cannot take his defensive approach any longer it is driving me nuts. Has for yrs. and is just the fsu game all over again. With the present defensive phil. Wake, S. fla about any decent team will look great on offense. Even NC and their qtback sucks watch him light the U up, he is a double stinker but they all look good if the defense is totally predictable, NOt just blitzes, stunts, a whole bunch of nothing on D. UCF is the only game the U showed a little more on D and it worked, it always works but Shannon seems to keep shaking his head no do not do anything creative on D. Cannot take much more of it. Love everything else Shannon does with direction but the U needs a D and maybe will not get one under Shannon.


I promised 86cane I would post for the first time instead of just reading!!! Enjoyed meeting everybody at the Hampton. It was great going to a game just wished for a better outcome. GO CANES!!


A mistake leads to a TD late in the first half that changes the game and leads to a tough home loss. Didn't I see this movie yesterday?



Posted by: AngryCane | October 25, 2009 at 08:01 PM

SERENITY does not exist!


Hurriphin Dolphins sold their soul for the undefeated season, lol!


Homework done finally!


Anyone know the severity of Andre Johnson's injury


Hey guys, guess how I feel?

24-3 huh?

Yeah, Culpepper was a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better pickup than Brees. We sure did get over on the Saints. And boy did our secondary shut sh!t down when they needed to.
I know this is gonna sound petty, but I knew without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT that the Phins' would lose this game. EVEN WHEN IT WAS 24-3, I was just shaking my head saying, "Does it really matter?" MY generation's Phins are the Wile E Coyote of the NFL.
I could blame the ref's for those two botched fumble calls and no-calls, but why bother?

SOMEONE with some serious pull in this universe, hates the Miami Dolphins.


Canes lose...

Raiders lose...

Dolphins lose...

Isn't football a great sport?




I love it!!



"Is that a flesh colored chef hat?????"

thats what she said last night


k, time for the simpsons.


its a pic from an adult costume catalog it was lsted as dkhed. lol!
I couldn't resist, i'm changing it out in a sec just so canechic and cg don't get embarressed


Posted by: solarcane | October 25, 2009 at 07:46 PM

thats what i call a baller with man boobs..


two close losses at the shark back to back...sucks.


dg, is a 3rd down back who is a great returner a top 10 pick?

and forget the color of that hat...whats up with that face?


its a pic from an adult costume catalog it was lsted as dkhed. lol!
I couldn't resist, i'm changing it out in a sec just so canechic and cg don't get embarressed



I mentioned it before, Shannon and Whip need to get in Jacory's a$$ about the turnovers. I knew they would cost us eventually. Spiller is a top 10 pick and whomever decided to kick to him should be smacked. He's like Hester was--lightning in a bottle.


called out? when did that become the cool thing to do? people always are putting that up these days. i'm calling out "fill in the blank". and in this case calling out an excuse put up there to be an excuse. just dumb. that's why i generally skip her post.


Solar LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was up with that dude?

Seemed intelligent but.....

Is that a flesh colored chef hat????? LOL



While the future is so bright, 10-2 is still likely and I love this team, our lack of depth is what separates us from true contenders this season.

5)Dont understand the surprise. Canes teams have ALWAYS been sloppy. They just overcame it with superior talent.

6)JSQ has absolutely gorgeous blue eyes.

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | October 25, 2009 at 10:41 AM

pb I agree with your #4 statement. I told my mom last night that is one thing that is killing us this year. If we had all the guys injured or the ones out for the season it would of made a great difference. Imagine having Ojomo, Forston, futch and even Dye out there last night. I bet Ojomo and Forston would of got some past rush WE NEEDED. Next year though we are going to be STOUT. the depth is going to look ridicoulous crazy. We should have at least 8 Dts and 8 ends that is damn near double the amount we have now. Shannon knows he has to get the horses as well as the BULLS to get us to the elite level of playing.

One thing i like about our team is that we don't need the same players to win games we have enough talent to spread the field. My point is if you took out SPILLER AND FORD Clemson would of got blown out by us. Well with us byrd or cooper can miss a game and we'll still win. Another team for instance is that if you take number 81 and rilley cooper from Florida they will loose. They can't loose out on two of their most productive guys but we can and win. So in Essense i like the way our team is forming.. " the key word is TEAM NOT A COUPLE OF INDIVIDUALS. NEXT year they will have us starting pre season in the top 5 because they know we will have at least 85 percent of our team coming back. Most important our QB and skilled postion players return.

i just want us to finish off the season blowing teams away. I think Whipple and Lovette will call more aggressive plays now. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to say We don't have enough pass rush. The announcer was saying that the whole game. That is why most teams play shot gun because they can't play under center against us.

ANYWAYS....yesterday was a tough loss , i felt just as bad as the team. SINCE COKER DAYS WITH THIS TEAM, LOOSING GAMES BECAME NORMAL. I was immune to it for awhile but under SHANNON it makes U PUKE. The mentality is there for this team ...add depth to that and we are going to destroy teams.. This year is the ONLY YEAR I MEAN THE ONLY YEAR TEAMS WILL BE ABLE TO HANG WITH US. Next year the D in the 4th will look fresh as hell..... depth will be our biggest asset we will have.


WHIPPLE KNOWS HE CAN CALL BETTER PLAYS AND WILL. When we had the ball with 5:00 left IN THE GAME why didn't he call a play action pass just like he did against OU. That would of gotten us a first down and ran a lot time out.

i'm out for now....PEACE!!!!!

Posted by: mr troutman | October 25, 2009 at 02:48 PM

I agree Mr troutman... this is why i cant understand how a recruit thinks if he goes to a crummy team ... or a team that will never reach our level of play ... cause we can see we are really close to being THE TEAM ... that these young ballers would be able to crack the rotation at some point in their first yr... cause we know how to develop talent. When you come to Miami... you are going to play if we want you here...cause we do want you if you do not want to be here, but if you want to be here then you are almost guaranteed to be with the best ballers in college football. I was really impressed with our toughness even tho we got a little tired at the end cause we did not have enough young talent in the rotation.


wad up soup,
i'll switch this one out in a sec lol


Great Post JSQ, I am right there with you!

I have some questions for Canespacers.

If you were told before the year started we would be 5-2 with wins over FSWho, OU, Ga. Tech, what would you have said?

If you were told that this young team would be in the top ten in the first few weeks of the season, what would you have said?

Can we say with accuracy that RS has really only had two recruiting classes?

Can we agree that RS is learning as well as his team?

Can you see the future with this team or are you stuck in the present with an ugly loss as your only point of reference?

Why, oh Why, wasn't Damien Berry on the field in the second half? What does this young man have to do to prove he is our best running back?

Why does a senior running back run out of bounds in OVERTIME!?

Why do the Gayturds seem to be the beneficiary of ref calls game after game?

Where was Damien Berry in the second half?
mm01 and I talked with him after the game and he was very dejected. He wasn't hurt.

This young man screams DESIRE, the way he plays and runs. He needs to be on the field!!!!


just got my swamp donkey Halloween costume back from the cleaners

Posted by: solarcane | October 25, 2009 at 07:28 PM

Me too!


just got my swamp donkey Halloween costume back from the cleaners

trick or treat



Depth Depth Depth

I know we have injuries across the board

We were just dead tired toward the end of the game

Unlike teams of the past and a few unnamed QBs we bounced back from mistakes

I expect us to do the same with the rest of our season

IMHO we are ahead of schedule....we are #18 right now from starting unranked with 10-2/9-3 looking us in the eye

macjones de Albuquerque

Mac no offense to you.

The Miss Jones thing just made me laugh.


Posted by: Canez1 | October 25, 2009 at 06:36 PM

I'm not sweating it baby. Stevie just don't LIKE BEING CALLED OUT, regarding one of his opinions. That's all.

Speaking of the Cane VOICES OF AUTHORITY. What happened to the "truth almighty."

Nah, that's unsportsmenlike conduct, or something like that. Because the "untouchable truth" could be in deep doo-doo. LMAO


I am out Canespace. Good night... Go Canes


Mac no offense to you.

The Miss Jones thing just made me laugh.



Miss Jones LMFAO!!!!!!

This blog is gettin testy. I like it!!!

Reminds me of three a days in the middle of August.

Helmets gettin ripped off n shyte!!


BTW that kid Sharpton hit is still spinning!!!

Nothing feels better on the field than simply destroying some dude and knockin his dyk in the dirt. Feel no pain!!! Just feels right!


macjones de Albuquerque

This has to be the quote of the Miami locker room chatter. Jason Fox said Clemson was in a goal line D on Miami's last series in regulation.

So, it begs the question. Does Harris have the authority to checkoff from a Whipple running play. Because, I believe JaCory audibled against Florida last season. That checkoff of his was from a running play into a slant pass for a much needed first down.

Here's Fox's quote courtesy of Shandel.

"Now, Mark Whipple has shown his creativity on offense all season, but the Hurricanes went conservative. Three straight running plays? What happened to the team that gambled against Oklahoma on the final drive?

The worst part is Clemson left it open for passing game. Jason Fox told me the Tigers were basically playing a goaline defense, playing for the run. A simple pass play could've been the difference.

UM tried to play it safe, but it came back to bite them. "


missjones, stop being yourself and be cool for a change. i was gonna list all the injured dudes and just stopped at pat hill. excuses were being listed so i added some.



I just want to say thanks to 86 for the great article and all of you for helping me get through today. I haven't been right in the head enough to post until now, so I've just been reading comments. I am still crying now and then and feel like I have been punched in the stomach, but I'm getting my hope back and it is because of you fine people. It really helps to hear everyone's opinions and know I'm not alone. We are lucky we have such a great community to turn to after this kind of loss.

My take on things:

This game was lost because of the inexperience (and lack of depth) with both the players and the coaches. Although they have shown us glimpses of what is to come, both are not there yet. The result is inconsistency. Inconsistency from such a talented crew is heartbreaking.

I am not giving up. I don't think this year is headed the direction we have gone in Randy's first two years. We will be back next week. When interviewed on Palm Beach county's local ABC affiliate in the pre-season about the Palm Beach 'Canes Club football kickoff event (the one 86 attended with Lamar, DBJ, and Steve), I was asked my predictions for the '09 season. I said we would lose to one of the Techs, beat Oklahoma, and then have a heartbreaking loss to a team we should have beat. The anchorman (a UM alum), thought I was out of my mind and that there was no way we were only a 1-3 loss team.

That was two months ago. Look how much our fan base's expectations have grown since then. This is a reality check. As much as we love the 'Canes, they just aren't where they need to be yet. We can't call for people's heads or turn on each other because a young team and inexperienced coaching staff showing their age. It is not about us, IT IS ALL ABOUT THIS U. And it will be back. It's just not going to happen overnight, no matter how much we love them, and how hungry we are for another NC.

It will just make it that much more sweet when we get there. Together.



Canez1 correct as always!

Go Canes!


If you don't see that this team is MUUUUCH better then last years team you have some serious head trauma issues to deal with.

It's not even close.

Is this team "ready" or "back", not sure what that means. We really need to stop comparing any team to the greatest football team ever to take the field. It is not going to happen.

This team is what we thought they would be. They are a good, young team on the rise. Youth brings inconsistency. One play a pick 6, the next a 60 yard bomb.

Lumps will be taken and lessons learned but there is no doubt that this team is progressing.

Don't forget your helmet son.



I agree CaneRock. I just think Randy is our Ron Zook and we need somebody like Urban to take our talent and do something with it.

macjones de Albuquerque

Randy has just not bought into the fact that this offense is going to score points...he still thinks that if we play aggressive defense and the other guys score 21- we lose.

RS has to understand that if you hire good people, you have to let them do their job. Whipple was right to be ticked off...it was his call, not Randy's. It turned out that Whip was right, that TO taken probably cost us points.

Posted by: Texascane | October 25, 2009 at 12:13 PM

The only thing, is the Miami D-unit ain't played aggressive defense on a overall consistent basis.

The last time Lovett's unit played all-major college football was against Georgia Tech, and the Yellow Jackets are one-dimensional, albeit a damn good one-dimensional rushing squad.

By the ways, wasn't in Randy Phillips who said Miami wouldn't play a terrible defensive game like they's did against an average F.S.U. squad.

Bottom line, no if's, and's or may be's, what's HURTING Lovett's D-unit is all the injuries. Simply a lack of depth, and no relatively quality reserves, because some are still green, and some are Coker recruits.


CL,I'm with you as far as the game managment goes, but Butch didn't have the personnel issues that Randy walked into. Butch had all His scholarships in the tail-end of His Miami tenure, so shouldn't He have had a better record in 99'? Just think about who was on that 99' team: Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Bubba Franks, Ken Dorsey, Ed Reed, Dan Morgan, Clinton Portis. Hell, if anything, that 99' team should've went 11-1 if anything. But the way I look at things, good things happen when they're supposed to happen.

macjones de Albuquerque

As for the D, i dont know where to begin. I dont know that blitzing would have worked any better. While we say that Parker had all day he rarely threw the ball deep. Out of of 30+ attempts only probably 6-7 were more than 10 yards down field. Blitzing would have just opened more opportunities for spiller. They ran nothing but tosses,wr screens and playaction to the TE. You blitz a screen and its a TD. YOu have to respect Spiller so on the play fake it opened up the TE. This was no more evident than when Mccarthy blitzed the edge and Parker hit the TE for like 30 yards. how about someone actually cover the guy? There are holes in every Defense. Its up to the offense to find it. Their Oc called the right plays. Also, outside of Bailey and Mccarthy, who really made plays. Vernon might get up field but nothing ever happens. he got pancaked numerous times in the run game. we stopped the run up the middle well. Mrob and wesley were no factors aside being offsides. The secondary didnt realy get tested but blew coverages the few times they were. You can blame Lovett but Clemson ran some good plays that isolated Spiller.

Look obviously plays that didnt worked should have been called differently after the fact. Sometimes u just need to tip your cap to the opposing team. The offense made plays, the D forced 4 TO's and they returned a kick. Sometimes Although difficult the other team plays a good game.

One last thing, I defended Fluzzy at times but ST's are horrible. How can Coop, TB and Collier, avg less than 1yd per return?

Posted by: jimmy | October 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Jimmy my man, U are right on about blitzing Clemson yesterday.

No way Joze, or is that Stevie do U leave single coverage on those two world class sprinters. Absolutely no way! Chit, Miami couldn't even stop the Tigers on a absolutely crucial, crucial 3rd and ten.

Because if Miami doesn't get to ALL A.C.C. Tiger QB, then it's turn out the lights, it's DOUBLE-DIGIT Clemson win. U's dig.

macjones de Albuquerque

and pat hill to open some holes in the run game.

but especially would have been nice if we didn't lose to a team that has 2 players on offense that they look for on every play.

Posted by: Esteban | October 25, 2009 at 10:45 AM

What the FREAK' are U talking about Stevie. The Canes had over 170 yards rushing, and the fullbacks, as well as the O-linemen were locking down their man.

I can recall three long gainers were T.J. took out the linebacker and or safety. Even the fourth team ABC commentators complimented him on those three particular blocks.

Dude, U needs to look at the FREAKIN' game films again!!


Woah, nice Bahama!


Dear John Lovette,

Please take some time to watch the Dolphins and take some notes. They are doing such a nice job on 3rd and long against an all-world QB. It would be great if you could steal some intelligent defensive strategy. If not, keep rushing 4 and hoping for the best. Thank you.

Cane Nation.


I hope Lovett is watching this dolphin game and noticing how the dolphins blitz is giving Drew Brees trouble.


Legend, the team that BD took over (lost scholarships and all) was probably more talented than the team that RS took over. And you're probably right, Coker would've took the blame for a game like that, but mostly because Coker was to scared to hold His own players accountable. Not to rehash old arguments about Coker, but at the end of the day, Coker got canned for making rash and desperate decisions about His coaching staff, player discipline (Ryan Moore), and very questionable recruiting (Willie Williams).


Well Legion we made it back up to O-Town without having to deal with Clemson Fan at any of the Turnpike rest stops... And after close to a 24 hour cool-down period, I believe that everything will be OK.

Getting me through the process is having kids that are basically the same age as our beloved Canes, and realizing just how young the team is. Coupled with the responsibilities they have off of the field; and how it can't be football 24/7 which may affect preparation.

Now granted some questionable coaching decisions (4+ minute clock eating drive against Sooners but not Clemson?) and several blown calls by the Refs (CLEARLY a backwards pass along with ANOTHER missed block-in-the-back) aided in the Tiger win, our youth zapped us during key plays.

But if the Devil asked ANY OF US before the season, "I'll guarantee your Canes will go 5-2 for the first seven games with WINS against FSU, GT, AND the Sooners", we'd ALL sign our souls away! Even if El Diablo brought this proposition to us at the end of last season--before know the ranking of those three teams prior to playing them--we would be onboard...

That said--I KNOW that the Team, The Legion, and all of Cane Nation will make it through the rest of the season while our solid core of youth obtains another important year of experience...

And look to win it all in 2010; getting that monkey off of our back--aka, the FIESTA BOWL!!! So no worries Legion.

Just "serenity now, serenity now..."



Posted by: Caneslegend | October 25, 2009 at 05:18 PM

C'mon 86, what's a brother got to do?

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 25, 2009 at 05:22 PM



AND LET ME TELL it is hotter than all get out in that stadium and the Saints wearing black...yikes!


24-3. Aquatic Mammals.


thanks tortuga but would help save anyone even when they do not make wise decision with their drink combonations but this was a very nice elderly man who just got overheated and not enough water!

Dolphins on fire!

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