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October 25, 2009



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My bad. Post wasn't deleted, I messed up on my end. Apologies for the censorship comment.


Dang...I say one thing someone doesn't agree with and my post gets deleted. Some serious censorship going on here...


Dont know who has commented on this but winning the ACC has not motivated us since we joined. Being "disrespected" or low in the polls motivates but not this ACC shi! We got more "up" for big east opponents. Its the darndest thing... I dont get it.

We had hardly any one there sat and the U still made more $ than if we had 70 at the old OB. I was with a Clemson fan and he said b4 we moved fields that many teams, players and esp fans, had this view that the old OB was literally a scary place. They werent sure if they would get robbed or make it out of little havana etc...b (Love it!)
We know the truth but we borderline have no home field advantage anymore... Hate Landshark... hate it... always have...

orange 'n green in the vein


Your QB thinks the world is 8,000 years old, that was before his concusion BTW. Go back to paying attention to your 2nd place program in it's finest season in history, allow the Hurricanes to finish keeping you where you belong, behind them, on their own schedule and pray that CUM doesn't take the money when the NFL comes calling to Gaineshell this year. You really should be spending your time more productively you little troll.


Dang...what we did have, 350 people at that game? That was pathetic even for us. Sad....just sad. Please take down that picture of our players about to take the field. It's embarassing.

Cat 5 Cane



No worries 86, it's impossible for me to be offended by someone typing on the internet.

Posted by: THE MAN | October 26, 2009 at 12:57 PM

I am offended that I can't offend you. : )


The U


The U


No worries 86, it's impossible for me to be offended by someone typing on the internet.


Calvin - I like Shields, love his heart & what he did to try and help the team by moving to DB in his final year

Ya, Birdsong is an OLineman. Shields is going to have to completely hulk up on Birdsong to blast him, it's about a 110 lb difference between the two. Maybe just keep running in and chipping him as much as possible during each play until the whistle blows



Do me a favor & post that ^^^ on the new blog at 1pm? I don't know how to do it.

I would appreciate it...



After starting the season 3-1 I was feelin' the way the season was going. Even after Saturday's loss, I'm still feelin' the way the season is going because I see a team that will probably win their last 5, finish 10-2 & play in a pretty good bowl game.

What I'm not feelin' is the approach the coaches are taking into games. The coaches should just follow their own blueprint they used to avenge last years loss to GaTech. TAKE AWAY WHAT THE OTHER TEAM DOES BEST!

Everybody in the nation knows if you load up on VaTech's run game & force Tyrod Taylor into 3rd & longs against the blitz he nuts up. The coaches let the Hokies play in their comfort zone. Saturday was know different. Everyone knows Clemsons only threats are Spiller & Ford. Scheme to take them away or at least make it hard to use their strengths(speed). "Thats ok" the coaches said with a "kool aid" smile. We'll be good sports & see if Spiller can beat our LB's in a race to the end zone. Since the d-line was shutting down the run with a 4 man front, blitz to get pressure on the pass. Anytime their QB got pressured, he nutted up. The biggest reason the defense doesn't create a lot of turnovers is because the opposing QB can sit in the pocket comfy & cozy without consequence. If the coaches scheme is to just do what they do & dare you to beat their athletes, when they play a team with athletes close to theirs, the team can get beat simply by being outschemed.

If the coaches don't tighten up on this, we'll be waiting until 2011 to see a championship. When the team has more talent, depth & experience than everybody...

Sarasota 'cane

Sorry Swamp Donkey!

Go 'canes!


That was the first game where I wondered where our crowd was. It was like a Marlins game

Posted by: aqua | October 26, 2009 at 10:58 AM

It was sad, friggin SAD!


My blood pressure is now under control again. I am as normal as I will ever be, just saying.
Go canes.

Posted by: fran | October 26, 2009 at 10:43 AM




Sota...The Man didn't say anything out of line, chill out bro! Disagreement is OK, just not personal attacks, name calling, trolling and picking fights.

Sarasota 'cane

Does that make you feel better?

Posted by: THE MAN | October 26, 2009 at 11:39 AM

Say whatever you want "The Man", I'll do the same!

Hey Swamp Donkey!

Go 'canes!

Go 'canes!


six, i got good news for you, this year sam shields is on defense............................................wasn't birdsong an offensive lineman, HERE'S HOPING SHIELDS GET A PERSONAL FOUL PENALTY, for blasting his azz. shields might just dominate this game this weekend though, i know if i was him, i'd definitely be on the edge of fighting if a guy like birdsong was out their. eammates would have to tell me to stay focus the whole game, on running plays i'm going straight at birdsong to take him out from blocking anybody else.


IMO we are having an incredibly exciting, productive, hope building season.

I kind of wish we could all see it that way.

We are winning with kids who are turning into men right before our eyes. We still have 2 1/2 more seasons of watching greatness unfold.

Win or lose Saturday, it was an amazing game and light years away from getting smashed by a combined 100 points our last three games three seasons ago.

We will continue to build depth as our core of amazing young talent matures, and be playing for a National Championship next season or the one after that.

Let's enjoy.


Thanks Sarasota for that enlightenment. Why in the world would you talk about positives during a loss? If you were smart, you would talk about the negatives and what to do to correct them. If it makes you feel better here are a couple positives...

1. Damien Berry is the best back on this team. PERIOD!

2. Miami's WR's are the best all around in the country.

Does that make you feel better?


I just want someone to level that dirty ass walking pile of monkey crap Joe Birdsong, for Wake Forest

He's the one that threw his elbow out at Sam Shields last year on the sidelines, tagged Shields right in the upper chest when Shields was trying to slow down off of running a long reverse kickoff return .. and Shields went flying, horizontally and landed on his back

I'd love to see a Riley Skinner INT and Birdsong jogging down the field, not paying attention, while one of the Miami DLineman come up and smash him in the earhole to the ground



sarasota Cane, like in transformers 2 where iron hide said, "he's here, i can smell em"!


I try to avoid swamp azz at all costs.


That was the first game where I wondered where our crowd was. It was like a Marlins game

Sarasota 'cane

Posted by: THE MAN | October 26, 2009 at 10:44 AM

You see legion, they come in al shapes and sizes! Accentuate the negative, never a word about the positive. It's a hidden agenda being conducted by a schizophrenic Gator troll!

The smell of Gator dung is unique, as well as repulsive!

Hey Swamp Donkey!

Go 'canes!


Few points about the game:

1. Fan support is awful! 40k (I'd say more like 30-35k). That is a joke pure and simple!

2. I love JH's attitude of wanting to score on every possession, but his decision making costs UM possibly games, field position, points, etc.

3. I see this on all levels both in college and NFL, but why can't anyone cover a TE STANDING STILL in between 3-4 defenders? I don't care if they are in zone or not, if there is only one receiver near you COVER THEM!

4. Special teams is awful, period.

5. Can the defense blitz maybe once a series just to keep the offense guessing? You need creativity on defense as well as offense.

6. Penalties, penalties, penalties. When are they going to stop? Practically double digits every game!


My blood pressure is now under control again. I am as normal as I will ever be, just saying.
Go canes.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Are the Canes waiting to win an NC every 10 years???? look at it this way, 1991 nat champs, 2001 nat champs, i'm afraid that we might be undefeated or become a one loss team in 2010 and still get snubbed in the NC just like in 2000, and then win it the following year which is 2011, that is 10 years after the last one we had, history repeating itself???? i think so!


Bill King let me yap a bit this morning on Rivals radio. HAHA!


Sarasota, right on! I am dissappointed but there is no way in hell I thought we would be 5-2 at this point of the season. I think for us to really get back to dominance we need 1-2 dominant DL who are relentless and demand double teams. At this time we do not have that! RS, get the boys refocused we still have a long season ahead of us! GO CANES



Gin & Tonic

Now, when we fought, you had that eye of the tiger, man; the edge! And now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. You know what I mean?

See that look in their eyes, Rock? You gotta get that look back, Rock. Eye of the tiger, man.


sarasota Cane, keep sniffing em out dawg, you see cav keeps staying on their azz when he finds em as well. These fake dudes showing up all of a sudden after a loss, if they were smart, they'd come in and post after we won to with some of the same crticism.

here's the real deal, in the last so called head coaches 3rd year,(hell even in the 1st year i saw it)you could see the program was in decline, but more importantly, their were only 2 games durign that time where i can remember we actually dominated and opponent old school Canes style, and it still was really all on defense, but that was the north carolina game and the virginia tech game, i'm not going to add the SEAN TAYLOR Fsu game in their.

Now we take a look at shannon's tenure, the g-tech game was the 1st real domination game for him in the sense that the team we played were supposed to be better this year, had no major injuries and they got shut down and full strength, so much so, their headcoach took out his star runningback seeing that the long haul was worth more than the punishment that night.

In shannon's 3rd year, at least when we're winning by 1point it's against oklahoma(although banged up)and not houston. Nobody dreaded going thru this schedule on the team, and they all realized the opportunity they had in front of them and tried to seize it as well, they're all doign a great job at working hard.

By the way, i knew right when they play happened that spence was about to get hurt, you could se the o-lineman going straight for spences legs, than the camera shot somewhere else, when they said we had a player down i already knew it was spence.

That's not football right their that's bullshat ball, you rarely see if at all other teams we play have players laying on the ground because of cheap shots from us, when they lay on the ground from us, it's because they got blasted from a real football hit, not that cheap dirty crap.

Had to swich gears on that, but i did want to say this, when you bring in a young linebacker, me personally, i think the best way to get him involved is to just let him go blitz the qb, and with buchanon and his speed, i wouldn't hesistate to see if he can go get the qb 1st and than work em from their.


Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 26, 2009 at 09:51 AM

Great post!


Thank you Randy & Co. for all the good times, present AND future!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 26, 2009 at 09:51 AM

Now THAT my friends is a HURRICANE fan!

Sarasota 'cane


Swamp Donkey and his Minion's are Gator Fan's in drag! I think these fool's think they actually affect recruting with their nonsense! I mean why else would a rival fan come into a "managed" blog and try to stay under the radar while espousing the same ridiculous message that they spew on the public blogs?

Here is Swamp Donkey's (Gibby's) post on The Sentinel AFTER he was kicked off of Canespace:

1. How many more games do we have to watch with missed tackle after missed tackle after missed tackle. Wow nice hit on the TE, Sharpton (ala fat slow Glen Cook) too bad you dont wrap up EVER

2. Why why why were our DB's consistenty playing soft on the line of scrimmage? No safety help EVER. Telemaque?

3. Why is there absolutely NO player development whatsoever by this coaching staff?

4. Randy really wasnt a great DC IMO. Assistant of the year but with Schiano's guys. If you look, when those guys left and he had to develop his own defensive unit, the defense regressed every year.

5. BRING BACK TUBERVILLE!!! before it is too late

Posted by: Gibby | October 25, 2009 at 09:18 PM

If you didn't see the game, would you think UM put up 37 points on Saturday? Would you think UM lost in OT? This guy is a nut! Here is his response this AM after I responded to that garbage post, notice that he is back in full flame mode:

At least you can look forward to a pre Christmas bowl and a blowout loss. Your defense is in SHAMBLES.

The first four games made you forget the ENORMOUS red flags. They never went away



Posted by: We's building depths | October 26, 2009 at 07:36 AM

Let's stop pretending that these fool's are coming in here for rational debate. They have an agenda when they come on the UM blogs. They want to incite discontent among the fans AND UM's recruit's! "We's building depths" is a schizophrenic "D" Bag with over 100 aliases.

The thing to watch for is they never get off of the "fire Randy", "Is Randy the right guy?", "Randy can recruit, but..." garbage! It's easy to sit back and pick apart team mistakes with 20/20 hindsight, but fire Randy? After all he's done? After all the great moves he's made? With all of our injured guy's AND new recruit's coming back/in?

It's absurd! Randy is Randy! And I agree that the heat of battle is the cause of their reactions at the end of the half! Look at the way UM played in the second half. If there was any hard feelings do U think we would have been there at the end? That game was a classic, we're just not used to being on the receiving end of a classic! We know how Clemson feels right now more than THEY know how they feel! That's why we're here! We feed on that feeling like it's a drug!

This team IS young, this team IS injured, and this team IS going to overcome the adversity that it is currently faced with. These are not EXCUSES, these are facts! If Spence is out for the rest of the year.... Whooooa Nelly, we could be looking at some REAL adversity for the remainder of the year! So let's fire Randy?

I know I'm long winded this morning but I want to remind the legion of an incredible oportunity that sits before us for NEXT year. With the NFL's collective bargaining agreement set to expire in 2011, there are predictions that a "flood" of juniors (and even some redshirt sophmores) are going to hit the draft with the seniors this year. UM will most likely lose a couple themselves, but with 53 freshman and sophmores on our team, many of which who play, UM should be at a GREAT advantage once the dust clears. Couple this with a projected top 10 recruiting class this year and next, and I'd be really afraid to have to un into this train in the years to come! These kid's are growing up like a bunch of rabid pitbull's backed into a corner, and their bite is going to hurt bad when they retaliate! And I'll be right there for every wonderful minute of it!

Thank you Randy & Co. for all the good times, present AND future!

Go 'canes!

Da U N Houston

Good morning Canespace, was too upset to even look on the internet yesterday, after the lost, every TV sport station was announcing the lost, like they were too happy! (Or maybe I was being sensitive)....Either way, phcuk it, lets regroup and focus on Wake Forest. This has turned out to be a huge game b/c this is our make or break game. This game will tell if us we have matured to being a true top 25 team. if we bounce back and handle business we are ok, but if this is even close, or (can't even come to say it), then our season is lost. (Just being honest)........

Defense, phcuk it, we NEED to blitz, just bring one extra!!! We have been having this issue for a couple of weeks, bring pressure, if we feel our DB's can't cover, find someone who can and bring the heat!!!!!

Face it, we just can't cover on kickoff, find ways of making our weakness a strength, squib, or something...can we recruit a kicker who can kick it out of the endzone ot to the 5?, all the other programs in the nation can, but we can't?????

Ok, let me quit b!tching, and get ready for Wake!!!!!!!


As I'm sure most of you already knew, Keion Payne has us as his leader. OSU, Tenn, and WVU are his other leaders. He also said we're in the lead for Linder as well

Asked why Miami is the leader, he responded..

"Because it's the U"

I like him already!

The U


What's up space? I haven't been on in a while. This place is too addicting and it was affecting my grades! lol. Saturday's loss was definitely one of the toughest reg season losses I have in recent memory. I think the only other that's up there was our trip to VTech when DeAngelo Williams and crew just raped us. But even still, I think this one takes the cake. What a roller coaster of a game.

I'm not really understanding the criticism placed on either coordinator. Lovett has a defense that has been absolutely decimated by injuries. Why on earth would we blitz more after SS got hurt?? That would just leave us even more vulnerable in coverage.

Whipple was screwed no matter what. If he threw the ball more and Jacory threw his 4th, yes 4th int of the game people would be on here saying "what the hell was whipple thinking??? Damien Berry and Coop were running well all game. All we needed was 3 yards" blah blah blah. Fact is we moved the ball for a good portion of the game. We scored 30 pts with a lot of penalties and 3 turnovers, and people are hatin'. Makes no sense to me

I was really down Sat, but there's no point in staying down on this team because there are SO MANY more positives than negatives for our football program right now. If someone would've told me we'd be 5-2 with 3/4 starting DL out for the year, both safeties injured, and AJ missing games I would say you're crazy. Yet here we are!



It can't be disputed, if shannon was to stay or leave today, he has left this program in better shape than when he took over it
Posted by: Calvin | October 26, 2009 at 09:02 AM

Nuff said


I'll say this much about shannon, is he above criticism, HELLS NO, as long as it's justified criticism i have no poblem with that. One of the biggest things about shannon that alot of people have always known is, he can be real stubborn about things and once he sets his mind on doing somethign a certain way, he rarely chanes it. Like anything else, to much of one thing is mot good for you. WIth that being said, people who are saying shannon is not the man for the job, what is that being based off of?

It can't be disputed, if shannon was to stay or leave today, he has left this program in better shape than when he took over it, and who the phuck is dan sileo, who gives a rats nickel about what he thinks, it's amazing how all of a sudden i'm hearing about this dan sileo guy now, but when "thee incompetent one" was the headcoach, i can't recall ever hearingthis guys name, as well as alot of other people.

Alot of people got it twisted, irregardless that the coaches F 'ed up saturday, here we are sitting at 5 and 2, and shannon knows and is saying we have to get better, while he feels good about winning he doesn't feel good about how we're winning and that's real important.

It wasn't long ago we had somebody in charge, that after we beat a houston team by 1 damyum point, we had a press conference where the person in charge at the time was saying a win like this helps to build confidence, now if you asked me what i'd rather hear shannon talking to the media after a loss or that " it builds confidence" bullshat after escaping with a win over texas, you already know.

So now, we're sittign here at 5 & 2, i'm pissed like alot of people because we lost, but the great news is why we lost can be fixed real easy, and when you're not losing games anymore because of a talent issue, than you'll always be able to fix things, and right now, we got a lot of fixable things than will be fixed moreso with experience from the coaching staff onto the players.

solar, as far as people comign on here like swamp donkey, F' em, if he's not going to be rational, we're going to meet force with retarded force. When i use certain words it's more so a figure of speech than a direct name call, certain things are expressed different, like somebody cracking a good joke, than right after that somebody might say, "boy you stupid" now if i say that on the net, somebody gone get offended, if i said it in person, you'd understand it more.

In this case be it on the net or in person swamp donkey made some retarded statement.

Back to the game, i'm not mad at none of the players, they played well enough to win, and their will be games where we will be in shoot outs from time to time, a game like saturday was one of those games where we needed an ed reed type moment where somebody would have just ripped the ball from randy phillips and housed it to put the game away, that's why you hearing a guy like randy phillips saying he should have took things into his own hands.

I'm sure it's a coach out their, but i'm going to go out on a limb and say 99% of coaches in amercia would not have ever wanted a player to what ed reed did to matt walters, but i'd say almost every coach would have loved the outcome.

So just like alot of times the offense has to bail the defense out, and the defense often times have to bail the offense out, so it is with the coaching staff, often times they are going to have to bail the players out.

That's the main thing though, why didn't we take away spiller and ford and make somebody else beat us, we'll let the coaches answer that 1.

manny had a good breakdown over their about spiller, while he had over 300 all purpose yards, it wasn't like he was killing us all game.

The main thing though you gotta give the coaches credit for clemson for, they ran everything off of the threat spiller and ford. The problem more so with our defense had more to do with we never put doubt in kyle parkers mind and force him to have to adjust mentally, by that i mean, bring everybody up to the line of scrimmage and force him to think we're blitzing, etc. etc, and than dropping people back into coverage and bring heat from different directions.

A game like saturday was one of those games where a bill young defense would have worked real well. He would have forced havoc. Anyway, i'm over that loss, i'm surprised myself, these guys on the team do not have a loser's mentality, they don't want to lose games, don't wory about if we can go 10 & 2 or not, just know that we got a team that's going to fight every game to try and win it, we got alot of players on this team with alot of pride.

They will finish the season as strong as they can, let's go coach hurtt.

Sarasota 'cane


Sarasota 'cane



Geez Tom! I know I'm your new fave canespacer but there's no need to shun the oldies okay?

Posted by: moneysgirl | October 25, 2009 at 10:49 PM

Tru dat! My bad.

Canespacers...I have been out recruiting and we now have two new ladies on the blog: MoneyGirl (Nikki) and SwagGirl (Lisa). They are both great people, huge Canes fans and fun to hang around.

If U are a woman out there reading this blog get OFF the bench and INTO the game. Post a comment and get the party started!

List of female Spacers:

Jello Shot Queen

Who got next?


Posted by: solarcane | October 26, 2009 at 08:22 AM

Still think despite the injuries we were good enough to finish third.

But I also thought it would take Randy a full recruiting cycle to turn this around.


four days ago we were good enough to finish 3ed in the nation with the exact same young banged up guys according to a lot of people on here.

Now we are too young and too thin and too new a coaching staff by the same exact people on here.

It's always been Randy's 4th year team from the beginning a few of us said.
86,dtx,roach, truth, skool, me funny how old farts see stuff.

off to work have a great day



This was written by Manny: Not only did the Canes have to burn timeouts again because they didn't have the right personnel on the field, this team was never in the right mind set. Both Lovett and Whipple needed to be more aggressive in this game. Lovett with the blitz and Whipple with his best weapon -- his receivers. Neither called for their best weapons enough. Grade: D.

Question: Is't that Shannon's call, to be more aggressive?


404, get your sister or a facsimile (bodacious female co-worker) to accompany you on your jorts wearing mullet sporting halloween romp.
Go Canes!!!

Old Skool

Hey 404
How about adding foreskin earrings to your outfit.


Q- Has the post Canes loss bloodletting subsided?
A- After a victory over WF all will be forgiven and the prognosticators will be figuring our chances to get to Tampa Dec. 5th.

Cat 5 Cane

... it's been a long weekend.


Move on, watch film, make corrections, focus on Wake Forest ... you can't get in that silver DeLorean with Doc Brown and Marty McFly to go back and change anything

Just hope that Spence's knee recovers and everyone else that is hurt as well

You wonder why Spence couldn't cover CJ Spiller on that TD pass? Not even anyone healthy on the team with 2 good knees could cover Spiller, but Spence is supposed to with one real bad knee? I don't think the coaching staff would just let Spence be one-on-one with Spiller when they knew he was working with a bum tire - pretty sure someone in the secondary didn't help like they should've


There's a lot of stuff that goes on the sidelines that you DON'T see

You only see what the cameraman, technical director and director choose for you to see

I made a post about this earlier, look at this message board during a game. If someone was to come onto this board, not even have the game on, they could tell exactly what was happening by the Grand Canyon sized emotional roller coaster that happens ... it's like a bunch of women that are cycling the crimson time of the month together b/c they're stuck in a house with each other. This guy sucks, that guy sucks, this guy should get fired .. 2 possessions later .. this guy is great, that guy is great, this guy made a great call .. rinse and repeat

Look how bad it gets on here, now imagine how bad it is on the field - esp. in that moment - when you're trying to move the ball down the field to score before half with frustration still running high b/c of the kickoff run back for a TD and your kids had the wrong play they executed. You then have 46 seconds to try and get the ball into scoring position, you get to their 32 yard line with 20 seconds left

Would the situation make you a little heated? Esp. if you're a Coordinator and obviously an uber-anal-perfectionist like Whip? Uh, yeah, I'd say it would

Then what happens after the timeout? You get a substitution infraction for 5 yards and that's inexcusable, considering you had the timeout to get sh*t straight. Then you have a TE that can't find the ball in the air ... then you have Jacory throwing the ball up for his life b/c he's getting unloaded on by Clemson - INT

If the director in the booth didn't tell the camera to focus on Whipple and Randy on the sidelines during that called timeout, this wouldn't even be an issue on here, or in the electronic/print media

If the director in the booth didn't tell the cameraman to follow Whipple as soon as the clock wound down at halftime, then this wouldn't even be an issue on here

Just like if that one bored ass cameraman at the FSU game hadn't have been scanning the crowd and focusing in on that attention skank Jen Sterger during the game, and the technical director didn't put her on the screen - then all the enormous amounts of publicity she garnered from it for some reason, wouldn't have happened - would it.

Who cares if Randy and Whip got heated at each other for what, 2 minutes maybe? Heat of the moment, heat of battle, frustration of things not happening how they want them to came out and a camera just happen to be there for everyone to see

Think that a lot of people are blowing it too far out of proportion

It's not like it was the Tom Cable incident, or the Buddy Ryan/Jeff Fisher incident




Wuzz good Darksidehz,...My thoughts as a coach, Players WIN the game,...Coaches LOSE the game,...Period

Talofahz from deh Islandz


another feature coming, Canespacers...

This was only the beginning.

I already have a plan to meet up w/Kevin during the UVA game...


Oh, TLuv, that's Kevin Nelson and Devont'a Davis, for my avatar. I interviewed them twice! Hit up the Canespace archives...

Going Deep, Going Deeper...


Hey, TLuv, what do U think of my pic with the lovely JSQ?




And canelegend we still got a chance of winning double digits this year. And the team is young. It is what it is. But still it's a game we should have won. Hopefully the guys show their pride and right what they did wrong - coaches n players.


Pb, I remember jahvid best making the secondary look slow.

But then again those two are probably the fastest RBs in the nation along with Jeff demps. And some of the fastest players period.



Sarasota 'cane

Hey caneslegend, for over 12 hours now you and your boy Donkey have been on here trying to get everyone to agree with your ridiculous premis that Randy is not a head coach.

Take that garbage somewhere else. No one is listening, not the true fans, nor the recruit's!

Are you suggesting that injuries have not played a part in what happened yesterday? Are you suggesting that the games outcome would have been the same if Forston, Spence, Ojomo, Philips, Fig, Jo Jo, etc., etc. were in there?

Are you suggesting that UM won't be better when 53 freshman and sophmores become 53 sophmores and juniors?

Your agenda is absurd! Randy has corrected EVERY single shortcoming he and his assistant's have encountered at The U. Why is it Clemson isn't being burned at the stake for using their timeouts before the end of the game? How do you know what Randy, Whipple, Lovett, Jacory saw when they called the timeouts? You don't know!

When is it ok to call for Randy's head as a fan??????? NEVER!!! That's not your job. Your job is to support the team, thats it! Is it ok to show a little frustration? Sure it is, but at some point you have to realize that the coaches want to win more than we do. They are spending 70-80 hours a week to put up points and stop the other team. I didn't like the play calling at the end of regulation. What the hell do I know? Randy didn't kick the ball to Spiller. The kid that did lost his job.

You and pimple, donkey, kehoe, etc. can stick it! For you to spend over 12 hours on here today trying to convince US fan's that Randy is not the right guy for The U is a joke! Your "disgruntled canes fan" schtick has worn out it's welcome here. We'll worry about OUR team, U worry about yours!

Go 'canes!


This team is on the right track. Reminds me of 1981, when the Canes were probably the best team but lost two close games, including one against Texas that was decided on a disputed PI call. This team is very very good. Are they national champs? No. Are they national chumps? No. I would caution everyone that every coach needs 4 years. Randy is no different.

Whipple is a great coach. Did he make a few bad calls? Absolutely. Did he make a lot of great calls? Absolutely. But when you have first and goal at the five in OT, and you run the ball three times, and you don't fumble, that is on the players when you do not score. That means your guys didn't do EVERYTHING it takes to win.

I love this team, when or lose, they fight hard and play to the whistle blows. Yesterday, the wrong team won. But those guys players very very well, and rather than bad mouth players or coaches, we should acknowledge the effort. Some times, the good guys don't win. At least this week. Next week will be different.



RS is in Yr. 3 of rebuilding. 5-2, I'll take it. Could we be 6-1? Yeah, but I like the direction.

It takes time to build depth. Several recruiting classes. RS JUST has two. Give him and staff time.

We are gettin there....

Posted by: Canez1 | October 25, 2009 at 11:59 PM

STILL NOT where we need to be... but RS WILL lead us to the promised land...


Caddyshack on CMT right now.

Posted by: Canez1 | October 25, 2009 at 11:59 PM

Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, and I never slice.


Posted by: miamimike01 | October 25, 2009 at 11:45 PM

That right there says it all.

If this team needs help from two kids still in HS we are definitely not where we need to be as a program.

We are gettin there....

Caddyshack on CMT right now.

Insomnia strikes again!



Its sad that he was a product of the coaching in south florida...hes gone next yr... we still have those Coker yrs hitting us. Just think what it would have been for us to face Jh and the boys on other teams..


Willie: "Present".

Joe: "I'm on my way".

Posted by: miamimike01 | October 25, 2009 at 11:32 PM

Just look at my avatar. KEVIN and DEVONT'A:

On the way. Just wait. U haven't seen what I've seen, in this case.

Help IS on the way. Canespacers, TRUST ME on this.



I am also from the generation where the U i saw was light yrs faster than most of the teams they played... its a different game now.

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | October 25, 2009 at 11:30 PM

Saturday was the first time I EVER remember a running back smoking our dbs speed wise.

Sarasota 'cane


Sarasota 'cane



It's ALL about the Willie's and the Joe's;

Not necessarily the X's and O's.

Willie: "Present".

Joe: "I'm on my way".


They have already won a lot of big games... especially the GT game... that was in my opinion a putting it together game.. possibly because we had all the horses. We have a very good coaching staff IMHO.

I am also from the generation where the U i saw was light yrs faster than most of the teams they played... its a different game now. I think Randy is going to take us there.


right, pb. Just ain't YHO. It's fact.

The CORE of this team is 19-20 years old. They can't even buy winecoolers for their girlfriends. Legally. LOL!

Not passing judgement on this staff until this time next year, IF they remain intact. I hope they do. (BTW) RS is on solid ground, so are Lovett and Whipple. McGriff has coached his behind off, as well as Hill.



Expected starters and/or key players on offense:

Jacory-True Soph
Byrd-True Soph
AJ-True Soph
Benjamin-True Soph
Collier-True Soph
Gunn-Redshirt Soph

And on Defense:

Spence-True Soph
Harris-True Soph
Ray Ray-True Fresh
Vaugh-Redshirt Fresh
A.Smith-True Soph
Vernon-True Fresh
Ojomo-True Soph
Fortson-True Soph

That's a lot of young players.

And that aint JMO.



So if we have injuries next year we can blame that for losing to? Ok they are better than last year we were 7-6...I hope we would be better than that. We really weren't that good last year. If Randy doesn't have double digit wins next year we should think about replacing him. Somebody said the adjustments during the game weren't that good. Who is in charge of that? Who is holding the assitants accountable? Its Randy? When did you ever see a Assistant yell at a head coach like that at a top notch program. Never seen happen to Carrol, Urban, Saban...Please tell me where that happens?


Just now getting to read the blog. Was depressed from the game last night and did way to many yeager bombs and paid the price today.

But just like my hangover, this loss has passed and we move forward.



As I said yesterday, and it looked pure and simple to me, on 3rd down nearing the end of regulation and needing 3ish yards to go, and you see every single dadgum (uh-oh, I'm sending like my last name starts with B) defensive player in the box, it's not hard to figure what to do given this type of team and its strengths. If the qb is given permission to exercise judgment in this type of scenario and check off, then this needs to happen. 90+% someone will open up quickly and only a bad pass screws it up. Also, I felt Berry likely would have been the better back given the sets run in OT when goal to go if feeling it necessary to run every play. Also, as I'd said yesterday, I just don't see how you call TO and then have 12 men on the field right after....

I am fine with the current record and see it as about right for where the team is. However, there is a difference between losing vs. losing for the types of reasons UM went down yesterday.

Attendance at home will be an ongoing issue unfortunately. Our fans are largely fickle to begin with, and the U isn't so great at creating reasonable pricing for tickets. Unless you get the cheap tix in the end zone, everything else runs upper 80s or above. Many aren't going to be able to afford this on a routine basis. This means many real fans will have to pick 1-2 games to hit and watch others on the tube, sad to say.

This isn't the type of thing that worries me regarding recruiting except if becomes clear there is some type of coaching civil war going on. The question raises questions. Otherwise, how this team finishes means everything. They can't fall apart like they did last year without starting to get a label. They are playing games that all look to be easier matchups than Clemson did. WFU hasn't looked good in recent weeks, so this is a statement (or needs to be) game coming up.

We may have to deal with a bowl game option with stupid cows that can't spell unfortunately....


Yes we're young, no our coaching isn't top notch.

Nobody is perfect, even Bill Belichik's video taping cheating azz isn't perfect.

Even Tom Brady lost a Super Bowl.

Relax guys, this team is learning lessons and growing before our eyes. They're already a lot better than last year.


I do not think there is anyone here that will accept losing even if Randy holds on for an extra yr. At some point its going to be the time just like Coker. Granted we should not have lost this game... period. Its adjustments at the rite time.. but we do have a lot of d line that is not playing that would have had the sacks we needed especially at the end when we needed them the most cause we would have had better rotation.

But we have a good chemistry with the coaches. I think just like Windy said that we gave up a lot of cushion because of all the gimme touches and some of the end of the game decisions. But if we can adjust better then it will be more than say a touchdown victory. I still argue that we were 2 touches better than Clemson as that cushion. We see if Randy can improve. Its a bunch of first yr stuff even in our coaching together.


Or if they lose lets say it now. Were young.

Posted by: Caneslegend | October 25, 2009 at 10:50 PM

So if we win with a team dominated by freshmen and sophomores we were supposed to, but if we don't we arent allowed to mention it?


Let me ask everyone. Shannon is the best and he is doing a great job. When do we have the right to say his coaching sucks? What year 4 or 5? Miami is a great program there is no such thing as rebuilding? Its called reloading? I know I already hear it well he inherited Coker's team. Right? And he wasn't apart of that unit? Right?lol...I love coach Shannon. If you guys ever talk to Dan Selio former Hurricane who should have the respect to say anything? He says Randy is not the man for the job. Flat outa and he loves the guy and his friend. So when I say Randy is not the guy to take us to NC. Thats ok. We need somebody to take us there. Great cordinator i don't think he is a good coach. Recruiting is half the battle but he struggles coaching the game. It's obvious. Miami is not a program of on the field training it is about winning now. I hate when people say if we had Fortson we would have won? lol...what a joke. I don't think that kid even has a tackle this year. Child Please...lol...Just let me know when we can talk bad about Randy...If he loses 2 more games this year. With that schedule we should win the rest of our games. No excuses. Right? Or if they lose lets say it now. Were young.


Money...nothing personal, but no need to post anymore.

Where is MoneyGirl?

Posted by: 86Cane | October 25, 2009 at 10:14 PM

Geez Tom! I know I'm your new fave canespacer but there's no need to shun the oldies okay?


I was appalled at the number of Clemson players that played HS football in Fla. that were making plays for Clemson. And to think that the Coker did not recruit Ford in a year where the Canes had no WR talent at all.

The Canes have 5 games left, and if they can win out they will be in a very good bowl game, and may still make a BCS bowl. A 10 win season is a very, good season.

I guess at this point in the season, we can say who is producing and who is a disappointment.

Producting: Hankerson, T-Benj., Berry, Coop, McCarthy, Sharpton (last three games), Harris (both)

Not meeting expectations: AJ, Byrd, JJ, Spence, VT

Much has been said about who contributed to the loss, but I am going to add some controversial criticsm. I think Spence and AJ are very big disappointments. I hope they go out and prove me wrong in the remaining 5-6 games. Spence may be playing hurt, but if his pass coverage dossn't improve, he will never be a star at the next level.

I will focus a little on AJ. AJ has not run good routes this year and he does not get open. Jacory is not throwing him the ball because he does not get separation and I don't see the effort. I have a feeling AJ is partially responsible for one of McDaniel's interceptions by cutting off his route. It appeared to me that Jacory was throwing to a spot, and the McDaniel read it and AJ cut off his route and let it happen.

I was also disappointed in AJ when after that interception he did not even hustle or try to tackle McDaniel. I say its time to give Streeter a shot because we know what AJ can do (or can't do).

Both Coop and JJ are very good RBs, but Damien Berry is our best RB. At some point, Whipple and RS will have to acknowledge that and play him. Once they do, the running game can explode.

We have had way too many injuries on D. I don't recall any team with some many injuries for key personnel on D. I think injuries account for more of the Canes struggles on D than anything.

Like Miamimike01 said, there is a silver lining to this loss. The Canes turned the ball over 4 times, gave up a KO return for a TD and suffered bad play-calling at the end and still almost won.

The Canes are still on track for a double-digit-win season, they just need to get a lot better.



Gunn figures to be a RG or C, forgot him. He's interchangable, like BWash.


Next year, Canezitis,

UM will be inexperienced on the O-Line. Franklin needs to return, and UM will be replacing three starters. (Fox, Pipho, and Trump)

LT: B. Jones
LG: Franklin
C: BWash
RG: Figs
RT: Bunche, Johnson, Plein, Feliciano?

LB, CB depth? QB? OL? These questions are STILL NOT solved, even after the recruits are signed in February.

The starters can play with ANYONE in the country, but depth is where teams win NC's.


I usually say the better team won, but I cant say that after this game. Clemson had the best player but Miami had the better team. Tough loss to swallow, but oh well, time to see how the coaching staff gets the boys ready for Wake Forest


3:30 kickoff, BTW. Wake Forest game


funny how everybody jumps on here to bytch when we lose.i was pissed at the loss too,but we have the rest of the season.
hell we might lose one more game to who knows who and it will still be a big improvement from last yr.
i'm still hopin we win out and destroy whoever we play in a bowl game so we'll have momentum next yr when the real title hunt begins.
no excuses next year as most of the team will then be juniors and sophs w/ tons of experience.


Playing the DEMON DEACONS at WF, on Halloween.

If it's a night game as well, watch out. Things could get a little creepy.


Money...nothing personal, but no need to post anymore.

Where is MoneyGirl?


I agree pb. After every loss it's the same old song and dance. Fire everyone and the CANES won't win another game. It's a long season and there will be ebb and flow I just hope we end up on the winning end more often than not. A few years ago this team was in a black hole moving basckwards and we are just getting to where we can compete with any team in the country.


it is almost Halloween just sayin


Yeah 86 we hit up Smokey Bones again before we dipped out. Made for a nice snack for the long drive. mm01 I made it back safe and I hope I don't have to punch an FSU fan in the face at work tomorrow


Anyone who's bitching about this team should have their head examined.



86 is that dude.
Posted by: Hurriphin | October 25, 2009 at 09:52 PM

86 gots this


Hey canespacers! I really enjoyed meeting everyone this weekend. We had a great time. Hope you see everyone at a later game! NIKKI

Posted by: moneysgirl | October 25, 2009 at 09:55 PM


The women are taking over this place again.

This Nikki is dangerous, watch her. ;-)

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