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October 31, 2009



Early Bird Gets the Worm!


good morning


woohoo good job CGNC, was spending a quiet evening with the hubby last night, I will give you a call on Sunday. It has been a crazy week and have barely seen Angry.


Why do it?

Every walk-on playing college football has to ask himself that question at some point. He is not on scholarship. He is actually paying the school to be cannon fodder for the guys who are getting their tuition paid. He is a practice dummy with a jersey.


There can only be one answer.

"You have to have love for the football game," said Miami head coach Randy Shannon. "The life of a walk-on is very brutal."

[+] EnlargeChris Hayes
University of MiamiAfter Miami's win over Wake Forest last season, Chris Hayes' Hurricanes teammates gave him a
tremendous boost, literally and figuratively.

It's so tough that Miami only brings in about six walk-ons per season.

Four years ago, Chris Hayes wanted to be one of the six. At 5-foot-9 and 160 pounds, he seemingly didn't have the size.

But he had the love.

"I've always been joking about it since like my freshman year of high school that I would try out for the Miami Hurricanes," Hayes said. "All my friends thought I was crazy."

So did his parents. "We just went, 'Sure,'" his mother, Kathie Hayes, said sarcastically.

They all had a point. Hayes' high school, Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, Fla., didn't even have a football team when he attended.

He not only tried out for the Hurricanes, but he made the team as a wide receiver. It's unlikely more than a few of his new teammates noticed. Just another walk-on. What kind of impact could he make, anyway?

Hayes didn't care. He was living the dream. He called his father, Mike, to share the news.

"He's a man that rarely swears at all," Hayes said. "He goes, 'Pardon my French,' and then just goes on this tirade about just how amazing this is."

Hayes' mom was just as shocked. "This can't happen. He's going to get killed."


Check out ESPN's video feature about Miami walk-on Chris Hayes on "College GameDay," Saturday at 10 a.m. ET.

If Hayes was ever going to get hurt, it would have to happen in practice. Despite never missing a workout, meeting or practice throughout his first two years on the team, he never played in a game.

He never even suited up for a game.

"Chris is a try-hard guy. He goes out there and he gives you all the effort he can," said Joe Pannunzio, Miami's special teams coordinator and tight ends coach. "Not everybody is good enough to play at this level."

Hayes kept working. He returned for his third season with the Canes in 2008. Coaches and teammates knew who he was by now. They liked him. Shannon said they nicknamed him "Make-A-Wish" because, "when you look at him, you say, ah, he can't really do anything."

He inspired teammates by bringing energy, enthusiasm and toughness to practice. Despite playing only on the scout team in practice and not in games, he was a Hurricane. He had become part of the Miami family.

Last October, as Miami prepared to play Wake Forest, Hayes got a call from his mom.

"She just said, 'Your father is gone,'" Hayes said.


"I told him that this was a suicide," Kathie Hayes said. "I mean, I did not keep that from him. I couldn't, really."


"What do you mean?" Chris Hayes said. "What do you mean? He did this?"

Hayes had lost his biggest fan and had no idea why. He turned to his team, which he needed more now than ever. Pannunzio said exactly what Hayes needed to hear, "Chris, you got me -- whatever you need, I've always been here for you."

Hayes said Pannunzio provided a "safe place" for him. The Miami family was looking out for him. Teammates volunteered to drive Hayes home.

"We were putting it all down for him," Pannunzio said. "This kid had never suited out. He had never played in a game, but he was that important because this is a football family here … and that's what he is to us."

Pannunzio helped make sure Hayes made it home safely to Sarasota.

Four days later, his father was buried.

[+] EnlargeChris Hayes
University of Miami For Miami's Chris Hayes and his mother, Kathie,
the worst week of their lives ended in optimism.

During that week, Hayes made a decision about Saturday's game against Wake Forest. He was going. He had to. "It's just how I start the next chapter in my life," he said.

Kathie agreed. "The team had given him strength to get through the week," she said. "And the team was going to give him strength to keep going after he was back."

Miami's coaches wanted Hayes there, too. He arrived at Dolphin Stadium just an hour before kickoff, but something was different. This time, he would suit up. He would run out of the tunnel with his teammates through the pregame smoke.

While the Canes gave Hayes a lift, he returned the favor. "Our kids put their arms around him and were hugging him. We had starters that were crying. I was crying. Chris was crying, and you know it was a magical moment," Pannunzio said.

Once the game started, Hayes took his place on the sideline and watched as the game played out. The Hurricanes led Wake 16-10 in the fourth quarter. Miami was running out the clock and needed to run one last play.

Victory formation.

Pannunzio grabbed Hayes. "Go. You are a tight end."

Hayes sprinted onto the field and took his place next to left tackle Jason Fox. Hayes' heart was pounding. He was really on the field.

He looked up and saw Wake Forest's All-American linebacker, Aaron Curry, lined up across from him. Pannunzio said he thought, "Oh God, I'm gonna make the news. I'm gonna get this kid killed."

Fox saw Curry, too, and whispered to Hayes, "Hey man, just stay with me, stay with me."

Hayes said to himself, "Oh boy, I will try to block him as best I can, but if he comes in hard, this might be an issue."

The ball was snapped. Miami quarterback Robert Marve kneeled down. Hayes stayed with Fox. The game was over. But the most memorable moment was just beginning.

"I just hear guys screaming, 'Get him up! Get him up!'" Hayes said. Teammates lifted him on their shoulders. Hayes couldn't control himself. He lost it, and so did his teammates. "It was just tears of joy," Hayes said.

He couldn't help but see the metaphor playing out all around him.

"I know I have the people under me to help me and support me and that what is going to happen," Hayes said. "I will always have people that are going to look out for me."

After his teammates put him down, Hayes climbed into the stands and found his mother. They hugged. And cried.

"This was a fabulously positive end to the worst week in our lives," Kathie Hayes said. "It was enough for both of us to move forward."

Chris Hayes couldn't help but think about his father watching this scene unfold.

"If he was there, I know -- tears. He was crying," Hayes said. "And the same thing -- it was joy. It wasn't sadness. I know that for a fact."

Hayes has learned why he walked on at Miami. He knows why he became a Hurricane.

"I'm not here for my athletic ability. I'm not here for that," Hayes said. "But I realize that I'm here to help this team any way I can. They are here for me when times are tough. If things are going wrong, they are the ones that are with me and getting me through a hard part in my life right now."






Check out the photos of CGNC and her daughter just added to the article above!

DAT...U breakin' rules with that LONG post buddy?



we gotta get this kid!!


Hey I actually learned a Miami fact on ESPN, The canes Tennis team owns the longest win streak in all of college, pretty cool, GO TENNIS!


86 jus wanted people to read it! last time lol


WOW! CGNC and CGNC's girl. Great Pics & Article.

Go Canes-Beat Wake!


Posted by: DATcane | October 31, 2009 at 08:36 AM

I was reading the article U posted...lots of words there! :)


Is there ANY doubt that Canespace has the best WOMEN Hurricane fans in the whole blgoshpere!


CanesGirlNC (CGNC)
Jello Shot Queen (JSQ)

Speaking of MoneyGirl...where U at and what did U do with my Money? LOL

MimiCane...I know U are out there. U gotta post a comment. Do it now!

Raize...U gotta get CathyCane to post a commment on the blog.

Mrs. 86

Cool article CGNC & very nice photos.
DAT: very long article, good stuff.

Mrs. 86

Posted by: 86Cane | October 31, 2009 at 08:47 AM ---Agreed, it would be nice to read more from Canes gals on d' Space.

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: canechic | October 31, 2009 at 08:36 AM

U didnt see me post that late last night??

Crazy stat...something like 137 straight matches b/w 1957-64. I flipped to espn at the right time.

DallasTX Cane

nice article and photos CGNC! correct me if I'm wrong, but Ur "little" girl didnt use to be taller than U, back when U first posted photos...


that cg is as cute as she is nice,
have a great game cg!



dat u i dont care how long the article was.it was a good read having lost my father i know how he feels....life....


Zilla...U should get Mrs. Zilla (aka "The Shoes" to post on The Space?


No did not read last nights posts sorry DTX, an amazing stat.

Corso picks Wake over Miami.....I sure hope not! Come on Canes let's play some ball! I am soooo tired of being nervous to play Wake.....I know I know serenity now, serenity now!


glad U enjoyed it canezilla!


Halloween started with the Celts...Who knew?



We spent the first four weeks of the season patting ourselves on the back, bragging about how we were back and a national championship contender and all that.I was right in there thinking it to after GT.

Now deep inside every one of us fears we could lose another game, some admit it some don't.

Attrition, nix, youth, and rotating qbs killed us last year.

Attrition is back but the other three are gone, we don't wear out we could be 10-2, I'm feeling my prediction of 9-3 though



From the last blog:

Up until now, coaches were given verbal reprimands the first time they were publicly critical of an SEC official or a particular call. In the last two weeks, Tennessee's Lane Kiffin, Mississippi State's Dan Mullen and Arkansas' Bobby Petrino have all been on the receiving end of a public slap on the wrist.

From here on out, though, the punishment for a first-time offender in a calendar year will be much stiffer.

"It became clear to me after last week that I was no longer interested in reprimands and the conference athletic directors and university presidents unanimously agreed," Slive said according to the Associated Press.

According to the AP, the conference sent a memorandum was sent to every school Friday making them aware of the change, which is effective immediately.


Ya gotta love it!

In an unrelated story, a semi loaded with duct tape was seen backing up to the loading dock at the Vols' football facility late this morning.

Posted by: Cat5Cane | October 31, 2009 at 08:03 AM

DallasTX Cane

no worries Canechic, just messing w/U.

agree...cannot believe there's any question about a team that lost to Navy.


soup ill make it happen.belive that!!once we beat wake she will post


Wakey Wakey.....

It's Gameday Bytchez!

I have a good feeling about this game.

Not diggin the 3:30 start. I have to be at my bro's hous at 6pm for trick or treating with the fam. It's an hour away!! I might have to DVR the 2nd half and watch it later tonight.

I need some help with updates from you guys.

I think we match up well and should blast them in the mouf.

Weird to see college gameday in the dark in Oregon. Like a different world!




whats with the Retro Brand logo 86? is that a site with retro for sale?

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | October 30, 2009 at 11:39 PM

They are the main sponsor over at Raycom. They gave away T-shirts and are now giving away $250 and $100 gift cards to buy sports gear at their site. U have to post a valid comment on the Raycom blog to be entered to win.


BTW the key to trick or treating with the fam is bringing the stroller full of beer for the long walk.

Makes the time melt on by.



I need some help with updates from you guys.

I think we match up well and should blast them in the mouf.

Posted by: Canez1 | October 31, 2009 at 10:18 AM

We gotchU covered!

DallasTX Cane

thanks 86...i'll check it out


Here is the link to my latest blog article over at Raycom, it a breakdown of Wake:



U da man 86.

Thx as always!



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Cat 5 my favorite quote from the SEC ref's is how dare those coaches "impune their intergrity"....are they kidding. The SEC is NOT, I repeat NOT going to do anything to mess up having the #1 and #2 team in the polls. You know how much revenue is generated with that stat? Sorry guys but money drives this sport.....not integrity. Oh and being the southern conference that is part of the crooked "GOOD OLE BOY's Club" does not help your cause ref's.


What would happen if the only unbeaten teams in the country are Boise ST and TCU? And take that one step further....all the other teams have 2 losses? Wow wouldn't that be a humdinger!


Wow what a story! Go Canes!


Check out the photos of CGNC and her daughter just added to the article above!

86! - U got mail. And better pics for some reason you lose all the good ones. Like the green dress which I just resent - LOL what up wid dat????


Sick of Tebow! Here in the Jacksonville paper a guy writes in and says he wants to work for the paper. He then gives them an example of his writing including content and style, the sample goes this way. TEbow, Tebow, Tebow, Tebow Tebow, Tebow, Tebow stc...

Then says when does he start!!!!


Go DAWGS!!!!


mm01-I am with you, just a second ago I was walking into the laundry room, saw timmy at the mic and said "Oh just shut up".


Hes sexually FRUSTRATED.



Taylor Mays - Captain of the All-Looks Team


orange on one side, green on the other side

orange on one side, green on the other side

orange on one side, green on the other side

orange on one side, green on the other side

Charlie Brown

UMike...what's up? I was about to send out a mountain rescue team to pull U down of the peak. Don't jump young man, redemption comes TODAY!

Charlie Brown

86! - U got mail. And better pics for some reason you lose all the good ones. Like the green dress which I just resent - LOL what up wid dat????

Posted by: CGNC | October 31, 2009 at 10:49 AM

And U think my life is easy? I can't do ANYTHING right around here! Why is everybody always picking on me? LOL


The eastern span of the Venetian Causeway is stuck in the up position between Rivo Alto and Belle Isle, traffic coming from Miami Beach is blocked.

From the Herald. Thought it might be usefull to some of U lucky south floridians.


Why is everybody always picking on me? LOL

Posted by: Charlie Brown | October 31, 2009 at 11:24 AM

Stay in character; "Good grief"


Police raid Boynton strip club, charge dozens with drug sales, prostitution

from the Sentinel. Also might be usefull;)


Drug sales and prostitution at Strip Club....who would have thought it?

Thanks DZ8 pretty dead today!

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