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October 18, 2009



dtx, i said the combination(rain plus cold), is what made the real difference. If it was just cold, 40 degree's, weather would not be the issue, because in 40 degree weather, after you're running around enough, you'll get warmer, but when it's cold and raining, when are ou going to be able to get warm, after the game.

If the weather was a factor, explain the excuse, it's along the lines of teams coming to Miami and the heat is cramping them up, that use to be a big advantage for us as well. But oh yeah, everybody practices in Miami weather with your logic.


umike, i'll say it again, it's not about playing in the same weather conditions, it's about who practices in it. You can't name 1 optimist team in Miami that has practiced in 40 degre weather with rain, hese guys have played in that type weather all their lives, that's how v-tech put up 31 points, our players started geting adjusted to it some what, but in the end, just didn't.

Like i just told dtx, it was the combination of rain + cold that did the young guys in. You might find about 5 to 10 players on the team who've ever played/practiced in those conditions, anybody else from Miami, ask them have they ever did it, you'll get a hell no from all of them.


.... Good Afternoon.


The number 9 ranking was deserved, if we're playing them in better weather conditions, we're undefeated and in the top 5 right now. Although i like the mentality of the players saying they're not going to blame the weather or can't blame(or feel the wrath of randy) the weather, ok, fine, because they feel like they still should have won that game, i like that mentality, but since i'm not on the team, i'll say it for them.


Since I am unaware of any Cane Spacers who will be playing the rest of the year...

It really doesn't matter what attitude the fans have. If they lose, they lose. If they win...we get cockier.

As far as attendance at BCS Bowls, they are not worried about selling out...see VT vs Cincinnati last year in the OB. Besides, you are pulling from a national audience in BCS bowls...how many Miami fans (Drawn from all over the country) would go to see USC vs Miami in Pasadena? or Miami vs Texas, or Miami vs anyone...you misunderstand how many Miami fans there are outside of south Florida.


Calvin..i THINK if this team came out in the first half like they did the second, it would of been a different story. I mean..the weather didnt change, it was the same, but the team came out with more hunger than it did to start the game

I agree with what you sau about practiing in it..but still..you got to play like you want to win, no matter the conditions. Look at the ST game in trailerhassy.

All im saying is we could of played better..we did to open the second half, but it was to late. We knew all week what was coming. Teams come to Miami who have never practiced in the heat and humitity we do and win.

OK..im done..I love my boy Calvin so I wont go back and forth lol..we just need to handle our from here on out..week to week


Calvin no disrespect.

So if its rainy or snowing the Tar Heels wil beat us by 14 points becaue they practice when it is 40 degrees outside.

it won't matter if they are better or worse, it wil be because they have the advantage of growing up in cold weather.

The Canes are doomed before they step on the field if there is a heavy dew in the air?

I don't buy one second of the rain beat us.
VT beat us because they were much better than us that particular day.

We play them again in the same rain and Lovett has guys tackling, and Berry runs till he drops we beat trhem, it's that simple to me.



Gotta' keep that Gator #1...



Be sure and look at the video if you are not aware of the play...


solar.. I agree. The rain didnt make us miss tackles, it didnt make us play with no hunger at all (until the start of the 3rd)..i still think and will think..that #9 went straight to their heads..I said it before the game..not sure if you guys remember..i asked.."is this to much to soon"..not that they didnt deserve it..but it was to fast..they got humbled real quick lol


361 and still having fun.

New blog at 7 PM...see U then!


I gotta go out for awhile.
Cal you know you and me are tight, this is just one of those times we see the same picture two different ways

thanks umike

back in a few

DallasTX Cane

You're not reading my posts fully. Also, I recall a discussion about the Miami heat and humidity in the past. Back then you said that everyone knows its easier to adapt to the heat than the cold - actually it was the high-altitude BYU game back from 1990 we were talking about (many blog moons ago). You basically said that we lost that game to BYU because of the thin air and denied that we had advantage in the thick air of Miami. Now, you're singing a different tune. No matter.

What I said is that, yes the weather was a factor and favored VT. And, yes I AGREE with your statement that the heat and humidity in Miami favors Miami when playing teams from the north.

We see this every year. BTW, its the same even as the players age. In the NFL the question is always can a warm weather or dome team win in Chicago or NY or NE, etc in January?

My point is that the best teams, championship teams, win despite the weather. The weather was a factor, but not the reason why we got our butts kicked. We might have lost due to the weather, but we got our azzes handed to us because we never tackled, or blew their DL off the ball when trying to run it, or pass protected JH good enough, or caught the ball etc.

lets stop using the weather as an excuse. we sound like a bunch of whiners. If we played our A game, we beat VT 8 out of 10. If we play our A game in the weather we played in this year, we beat VT 6 out of 10. If we play the way we played in that game, we beat VT 0 out of 10, no matter where and in what weather. We didn't play well enough that Sat to beat a top 20 team. Even though we've got talent, they still have to bring it on game day.


Does weather affect blogging ability?

I sure hope NOT! We can't afford to have an "off day". LOL

Leave the weather to the Weather Channel, football is on ESPN. NEXT?


Some teams are more suited for cold weather than others. Some teams are more suited for rain/snow than others. Some teams are more suited for heat than others.

Posted by: shwarma | October 19, 2009 at 05:37 PM

I'm well suited for tailgating. Come to the Clemson game and I'll prove it rain OR shine!


Calvin - I hear you and I maybe should have not commented on Brandon to begin with, as I was certainly not calling him out for a bad game, rather just not having a spectacular game.

That being said, while I can't say that I have done this, if either of us to review the tape, I think the WRs had a little more separation in general on Brandon when the ball was thrown his way. Now my comment about this shouldnt have been in a game recap rather a discussion separetely as I think we are the same page in our appreciation of his play this year.

One thing though, where was he laying the wood, because that I did miss?


86 now that is an attitude I like to hear.


If we can bring in a damyum basketball player to play te... cant we bring in a cane soccer player to do the kickoffs?... just sayin


Let's do this new blog...

Ready to go!


we will be fine..we just need to take care of OUR business.

Posted by: UMike | October 19, 2009 at 08:25 AM

Well said UMike. If UM takes care of business, there is no way at an 11-1 or 12-1 ACC team won't make a BCS bowl and finish in the top 5. After 6 games, ESPN and other prognosticators are finally giving the Canes their due. I would love for the Canes to play a bowl game in their home stadium, the Orange Bowl. A record of 11-1 or 12-1 is very difficult in the ACC (I don't think its been done since FSU did it back when it was winning championships).

ABC and ESPN love the Canes. Both of the Canes next two games are set for ABC at 3:30pm, while the other ACC games are not.

Also, love that post from bg:

Quote from Cory Lemonier's teammate Calvin Smith...

He's visited Ill. and FSU so far and will also visit Tenn. and likely USC.

"I don’t think I’ll take five visits; I might just take four," he said.
Smith said of UM that "Miami’s kind of low. I don’t feel it’s the place for me. They have too much depth over there, too much competition."

Posted by: bg1906 | October 19, 2009 at 11:27 AM

Its obviously a huge compliment for the Canes, but what does Smith's comment say about the (lack of) talent, depth and competition at Illinois, FSU, Tennessee and USC?





The Atlantic was awesome top to bottom.

The service was great, The room was big and beautiful and the view..... Take a look at the avatar.

It was a short walk away to a ton of restaurants and bars.

I would recommend it no doubt.
Thanks for the heads up.

I just booked all of my UNC trip and was looking for a comparable hotel down there. Not gonna happen.

Hilton here I come LOL. My girl got spoiled at the Atlantic!

Thx again bro!

And I forgot who said it but the reason we don't have old sxhool Canez swagger anymore is because we have sucked balls for the past 5 years just in case you missed it.

Plus we are no where near where we need to be so pull your thumb out of ur azz and calm ur ballz with that ol school yappin.

When we aren't relying on freshmeat to save the day or preventing kids from redshirting when they really need to then come talk.

Until then all of us who actually live here down on earth in the real world will see things for what they are

We ain't there YET.... It's comin though





dtx, i'm not sure where you got i'm singing a different tune from, but it's a known fact and on some bokes that it takes about 30 days to acclimatize to anything 5000feet above sea level, so when we talking about thin air, if you can't breathe, you can't breathe. You'll see guys not getting to where they are suppose to get to, or guys barely missing plays, etc. etc.

And when you asking a team to blow people off the ball when they don't even their footing under them, lol, go back to what i said about do yo ureally think the patriots are that much better than tenessee. Or i'll use this example, you ever race anybody on the beach, you know who normally ends up being faster on beach sand, fatter guys, because they sink down and can get push in the sand, meanwhile you take a fast light guy out on the beach, and watch how slow he becomes, because he's running on top of the sand as opposse to being able to dig in it.

solar, i said the combination of cold and rain, now if it's snowing a certain way in north carolina, i don't got to much faith in us winning that game, if it's that sloppy type snow, if it's that snow thats just coming down and not sticking that's different, but if it's that slush type snow, i'd be surprised if we won, just keep in mind, heaters on the side lines in 65 degree weather.

umike and solar, it's all good men, we're just dropping the statitcs and kickin da ballistics. In the meantime, while dtx is saying championship teams win in any type weather, that's real subjective, weather often times helps give 1 team an advantage over another one. If you're a speed team, most of the time, whether is going to affect you.

Here's a question, when playing in slushy snow, what kind of spikes work best, shorter spikes or longer ones or flat shoes!


windy, smith is also right about what he's saying, their is a lot of competition here, with that being said, alot of eams would take him just because he's from Miami irregardless of what he says about competition. Even when he goes to another school, alot of schools don't recruit like we do, remember, we use to have someone here that no competition rule at the qb position come one come none(1 quarterback recruit a year philosophy).

smith basically knows, he comes here he'll have to beat out, vernon, robinson, ojomo, dyron dye, hardin, etc. etc. If he can't see himself doing it, as long as he doesn't committ, we can't help him. One thing, the more depth we have the less injuries we'll probably have as well too. Back to the weather thing, i know the next time, if this team plays in bad weather, they'll have a real good idea of what to expect.

It not only was the players, seemed like whipple wasn't calling plays for the weather as well. I guarantee the coaching staff feels like that game was more on them than the players, maybe except shannon.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer


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