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October 18, 2009




Those three teams already have played their series among each other, each winning once and losing once. Should each get through the rest of ACC play unscathed, the three-way tiebreaker would present a moving target.

Since all three teams would finish 7-1 in ACC play under that scenario, they would stay tied through the first three tiebreakers. The fourth measures the combined overall record of each team's three Atlantic Division foes.

UM and Georgia Tech have the same cross-division trio this year -- FSU, Clemson and Wake Forest. No matter what happens, they will stay tied. The question is how those stack up against Virginia Tech's threesome of Boston College, Maryland and North Carolina State.

If the Hokies' trio combines for a better record, they will return to the ACC title game. A lower finish would eliminate Virginia Tech, creating a two-team tie that would give UM the advantage based on head-to-head results.


Tiebreakers make me dizzy.

Clemson will require the A game. If we can come out and win by 17-21 (I believe it will be a 8-10 pt. line) that is exactly the type of win we need to show pollsters.


All three teams have another loss in the chamber guaranteed.

These injuries WILL catch up with us sooner or later.



go canes


Is the Clemson game in Miami or Clemson?


Go Fins !


any updates on recruiting ?

macjones de Albuquerque

Clemson will require the A game. If we can come out and win by 17-21 (I believe it will be a 8-10 pt. line) that is exactly the type of win we need to show pollsters.

Posted by: shwarma | October 19, 2009 at 02:22 PM

Wrong! ( Just messin'. )

I touted your Miami,F-L-A Hurricanes as a - 7 point home chalk. The Sin City wise guys opened Team Shannon as a - 7 1/2 favorite. The line is now - 6 1/2 points, Canes.

Clemson is the type of A.C.C. squad which should scare Miami fandom. At least I'm somewhat concerned because of the injury bug.

IF Team Shannon doesn't come out from the get go, and put Clemson away, then this could be a relatively tight game. Think the Tiger's athleticism, strength, and speed at key positions.

Nonetheless, I still see Miami winning by double-digits, and covering the spread. U's dig! For there's a reason why Clemson is playing .500 ball- albeit they WITCH SLAPPED Wake Forest this past Sabado.


Is the Clemson game in Miami or Clemson?

Posted by: USAFCane | October 19, 2009 at 02:35 PM


macjones de Albuquerque

Is the Clemson game in Miami or Clemson?

Posted by: USAFCane | October 19, 2009 at 02:35 PM

Game is in the Shark Tank, USAFCane. Also, U can watch Miami on ABC at 3:30 EST. Because channelsurfingnet, as well as a local sportsbar will carry the game. Bon Chance.


Mac - Hovering around 7 I suppose is right. I was taking into account the Tigers overall record vs. their b*tch smacking of Wake but nonetheless I think a touchdown is the right line (I thought it could be higher just becasue we were at home)

Canez -SHHHHHH nobody wants to hear the truth (I couldn't agree more as the rest of the season is where I think the coaches truly earn their $$$)

macjones de Albuquerque

These injuries WILL catch up with us sooner or later.


Posted by: Canez1 | October 19, 2009 at 02:30 PM

Possibly. The Clemson game won't be a pushover for Team Shannon. Especially with the Cane ballers on Injured Reserve.

The Tigers are coming off an impressive victory over the Demon Deacons, and their setback against Maryland was an absolute ANAMOLY. Think Miami's loss in the rain against the Hokies.

Also, they played No. 8 B.C.S. ranked T.C.U. tough at home in a four point loss.

All in all, Clemson is NINE POINTS away from being undefeated. Especially with a young QB under center.

As a Cane fandom mentioned above, the O-line has to be ready to play. That means no line adjustment busts. Simply because the Tigers defense is nasty, and they will come with their particular blitz packages. Especially after watching the film of the Hokie, OU and Central Florida games.

Nevertheless, I stand by my forecast of Team Shannon covering, and winning by two touchdowns. U'all read it here first.


Stewart Mandel SI.com:

Current BCS forecast
Each week, I'll update my projected BCS lineup (as necessary) based on the latest week's games.

Title game: Alabama vs. USC

Rose: Iowa vs. Boise State

Fiesta: Texas vs. Georgia Tech

Sugar: Florida vs. Cincinnati

Orange: Miami vs. Penn State

If Texas makes it through the next two weeks unscathed, I'll rethink my title-game projection. And of course if USC loses to Oregon, I'll have no choice. Meanwhile, should the ACC Coastal wind up a three-way tie (Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Miami are all 1-1 against each other), the 'Canes now stand to win the tiebreaker due to their higher spot in the BCS standings -- and you know Miami-Penn State would be a dream matchup for the Orange Bowl.


Hey Canespace, I need a little help! Two things:

1. The Canes have sent out a code that gives you $10 off tickets to the Miami/Clemson game. I don't have this code. Anybody know what it is?

2. Now that we're at the Shark I haven't seen any scalpers in the area. Where are the scalpers at?

If anybody with answers doesn't feel comfortable posting them on a public board like this then go ahead and email me:



What a tailgate on Sat. Ran into 86 at steak and shake with his game face on at 1pm. Those kids at UCF didnt know what a tailgate was until we were done.

Posted by: Lou of M | October 19, 2009 at 01:35 PM

That's what I'm talking about!


Roger and Frontline...welcome to The Space. Post here, post often!


Canez - I forgot to ask, did everything go ok at The Atlantic when you were down for Oklahoma?

Old Skool

Six How are your extremities a day or two after the hit?






Go Canes crush the Tigers.


I think too many of you have been abused in the past too much by the 'Canes.

Every time our offense walks out on the field I believe we are going to score.

I remember posting on here before Whipple was hired about "being tired of sitting around and worrying before the Duke game whether we would win or not".

I have not had that feeling since the first game against FSU. Neither should any of you.

The team acts like they are the #10 team in the nation...so should their fans.

Stop with the "better be ready" and "we will lose one more". You should be planning January bowl trips and the only worry you should have is whether or not Texas wins out and keeps us from Pasadena.


team acts like they are the #10 team in the nation...so should their fans.

Stop with the "better be ready" and "we will lose one more". You should be planning January bowl trips and the only worry you should have is whether or not Texas wins out and keeps us from Pasadena.

Posted by: Texascane | October 19, 2009 at 04:43 PM

I disagree with every word of that.

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: Texascane | October 19, 2009 at 04:43 PM

Nicely said.

I'd like to add that all the excuses about the weather this and injuries that is buggin the crap outta me. Every team deals with injuries. Press on. The weather can affect any game and force teams to play differently. Press on. What was the temp that New Years Day 1991 in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas??...it was about 0. Not freezing - 0. We all know how the CANES played that day. No excuses.


They better fix college football before the Government gets their hands on it.

Playoff boosters form PAC

WASHINGTON -- Advocates of a playoff system to replace college football's Bowl Championship Series have formed a political action committee.

The Playoff PAC, launched Monday, aims to help elect lawmakers who support changing the system for selecting a national football champion. The complex system of computer rankings and polls often draws criticism.

The hope is that if there's enough pressure from Congress, the BCS will voluntarily change to a playoff system.

One of Playoff PAC's founders, Washington lawyer Matthew Sanderson, is a graduate of the University of Utah. Its football team was passed over for last year's national championship even though it was undefeated in the regular season.

orange 'n green in the vein

86, sent you an email for this week.

I'll say this about Clemson and this will be about the sum of it for the week, they are the best team in the Atlantic Division.

I still think the rain is going to decide who plays in the ACC title game.

If we don't win the ACC's automatic berth, UM will not be in a BCS bowl game.

I expect the offense to score every time they have the ball. When they don't I'm kind of suprised, almost as surprised to see the reverse used against UCF. I mean, just line it up and let Berry take another run at them instead, they're UCF, save that for Clemson or USF at least, not the Knights.

orange 'n green in the vein

pb, college football isn't broke. The government has more important things to do and if they don't, it's time for a new government. I hope everybody on the steroid commision in MLB has been voted out by their respective voting publics by now.


Yes ... this injury thing brings me to make a point here. Clemson has had some tougher games than we have in the last couple of weeks. So they are probably going to be banged up. Its like a fighter who is trying to hide his stamina making the other fighter think he can go on for another two or three rounds but then the other fighter jumps on him and he backs down cause he is exhausted and then he gets knocked out... that is why we need to jump on them out of the gate...


pb, college football isn't broke.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | October 19, 2009 at 04:58 PM

OGV in my opinion it's very broken. The games themselves are better than ever, but computers, polls and writers like SMD from the Herald deciding champions?

It's a joke.

Cat 5 Cane



We finish 11-1, we go BCS, even as an at-large. The highest rated ESPN/ABC games this year have featured Miami. Plus we will be rated in the top 5 or 6.

These bowls and TV would love to have Miami vs anyone.


On Jacory taking sacks or throwing the ball away.

Mark Whipple is his QB coach.
I'd do what Whipple tells me to do, Whipple might not know as much as we do on Canespace but I got a feeling he and Jacory know what they are doing.



Whipple coached McNabb and Big Ben... he needs to put some weight on Jacory before he gets those tapes out.

DallasTX Cane

If we take that approach Solar, it'll take all the fun out of being a fan spending copious amounts of time sitting bug eyed in front of canespace waiting to jump on those less-than-mentally gifted retArds who dare disagree with our superior intellect and football knowledge and experience.


I replied to you about hooking up in North Ga. on the blob.
I got stuck "adjusting" some work for a contractor that was done by my former employee.
I'm really paddling against the current these last couple month at work.

We probably should try and plan a Saturday half way trip to catch a game at a sports bar.

I'll email you tonight or tomorrow


Texas, I understand your sentiment, but I am surprised to hear you say that as I have always viewed you as someone who is objective/a realist when discussing talent and scheme.

I would think debating potential flaws is a legitimate thing to do if you are discussing real problems/areas of concern. Not something like OMG what's the matter with Spence or where's Coop, where's Coop? But rather, what are we doing to protect Jacory, scheme wise how are we going to protect our thin DL, who is going to step up etc.

It has nothing to do with being broken/abused fans but rather I view as it a break from the kool-aid.

And Canez saying another loss is in the cards is just being realistic as no matter the team a regular season improvement of five games is quite remarkable and extra-ordinary. Nobody will complain if it happens, but rather some are saying "Not so fast my friend."


yea good point, that's the stuff that fuels the 'Spaceship lol


Cat 5 Cane



Funny how people say the weather wasn't a factor, it's just not logical to say it wasn't. For those who play football on video games why do they have the weather mode on their. Next up, yeah, while both teams had to play in the same weather conditions, we both damyum show didn't practice in it. Where and when are we going to be able to practice in 40 degree weather with rain, they do it in virginia all the time, even their pee wee(75 pounders on up) leagues practice in that type condition, again, where in Miami will we be able to practice in those conditions. If it was just rain, ok, but yall looking at a coaching staff that requested heaters for the ucf game at 60 something degrees and guys were using them, so in 40 degree weather with rain, oh, that should not have been a problem, lol, come on now. Do yall really think v-tech is better than us, lat year yall saw what happened, this year these guys came out to play, but wasn't ready/adjusted quick enough to those conditions. If you're from virginia you've played and practiced in that type weather your whole life more than likely.

When we went to texas stadium in 1990 it was just cold, it wasn't cold and raining. We have a speed team right now that's gaining physical strength by the year, in sloppy conditions, strength wins out over speed, travis benjamin couldn't run away from the v-tech db's on out routes, anyway, i see some are saying it's an excuse, it was reality, if it's your first time playing in that condition, it's your 1st time, again, 53 players on the roster are sophmores and freshman, a whole lot of guys who never been in that, and the ones who have, have been on a bunch of losing teams no matter what the weather was like.

It's hard for me to imagine yall thinking v-tech is actually 26 points better than us, last year, we won by 2, this year the score was 31-7, so they made up 26 points on us in less than a year, get real.

THan you see people say we came out playign stronger in the 2nd half, yeah, after they got a little more adjusted to it. Do you really think the new england patriots were that much better than the tennessee titans yesterday, kerry collins throws for minus 7 yards, come on now, yall know better than that.

1 game at a time is the focus, this clemson team has talent and they are strong up front on the defensive side, the fact of the matter though is, we got offense, and whipple just needs to make sure we're calling plays early that go against blitzes, we'll need hot reads in case their defense comes out and tries to blitz us early.

All we ned to do is score a touchdown 1st and than we'll more than likely roll from their, at the same time, we got a comeback offense as well. This should be a hard hitting game in the trenches, our o-line vs their d-line, fox vs sapp/bowers, franklin and figs vs those to big guys clemson has in the middle, and uh oh pipho out their on sapp/bowers.

Also, i think what'll be good for us, i'm thinking since clemson has a strong d-line, their defensive coordinator will probably want to see if his front four can get pressure by themselves that way he can keep 7 back their in pass coverage to keep the scoring barage down.


Remember how can't lose crazy it got here after a 5 game winning streak?
Then remember the denial that sat in?

We are doing fantastic, we aren't as good as we will be, don't set yourselves up for that
"we are better than anybody,we just can't play in wet uniforms" jive that somehow justifies everything when we fk up.


DallasTX Cane

I disagree that the bowls will want us.


Bowl? No

Reason - Miami doesn't travel well. We don't bring 50,000+ people into town for a weekend (or week) and stay in the hotels, eat, drink, etc. Bowls love it when all those RVs pull into town with azz clown OSU bumper stickers. Or PSU or UT or OU etc etc.

Now, TV loves us because everyone loves to tune in when the CANES are playing.


DTX - So true. That's why the BCS prays we win the ACC, so that way they can keep us at home.

Cat 5 Cane



We have all been going back and forth on the damn weather how bout we all agree on this:

Some teams are more suited for cold weather than others. Some teams are more suited for rain/snow than others. Some teams are more suited for heat than others.

DallasTX Cane

No one has ever said the weather wasn't a factor. Of course it was. I said the opposite in fact - that is always a factor. Certain weather will favor a certain style of play. The rain favored VT on that day. Do I believe we're a better team than VT? Yes, I do. Do I believe VT kicked our collective azz that game? Yes, I do.

I'm saying enough excuse making. We didn't lose 37-34 or 37-31 or 37-27 or 37-24...we got spanked. I still believe we're the better team. But, thats why the games are played, right?

If the cold's no problem, why the talk about the heaters in the 60 deg "cold" Sat? I grew up in Lauderdale. I understand S.FL weather. I vividly recall the 1st time I ever saw a puddle frozen over. WTF said I.

Old School CANE attitude is we're going to beat you anytime anywhere.

I say, yeah the weather was a factor. Now, lets stop using it as an excuse and get on with winning out.


Here was the Sudent Newspaper aricle

( can you be more of a homer than that?)

after the Miami VT Game

Miami vs. Virginia Tech report card
Posted September 27, 2009 at 7:00 pm

By Justin Antweil // Sports Editor

"Quarterbacks: F

Don’t buy the pink suit quite yet. Despite the fact the Jacory Harris got no protection and was plagued by key drops from his receivers, Harris was off the mark the whole game. He tried to force the ball and had a hard time throwing on target in the rain. He finished 9-for-25 with 150 yards passing.

Running Backs: F

Miami ran the ball for 59 yards on 34 carries. With the poor weather, the run game was going to be the key and they simply didn’t execute. The inability to be in manageable third down situations hurt as the Canes were 1-for-11 on third downs.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: F

Despite the fact that Leonard Hankerson hauled in difficult catches and finished with a career-high 79 yards receiving, he will be overshadowed by Jimmy Graham’s two key drops. Graham, a fan favorite, dropped two key passes that would have resulted in first downs in the third quarter and possibly make the score 21-14. Instead his two missed drops led to a turnover on downs and Va Tech tacked on a field goal on the ensuing drive to make the score 24-7.

Offensive Line: F

The six man rotation of linemen looked like a giant turn style. The Virginia Tech defensive linemen plowed through the white and green as Harris was sacked three times. They were overwhelmed and overmatched.

Defensive Line: F

Sure they were without Andrew Smith, Marcus Forston and Adewale Ojomo, but the unit forgot how to tackle. Back to the basics for the Canes as Virginia Tech mustered 272 rushing yards. Miami had just two tackles for a loss compared to the Hokies nine.

Linebackers: C

Sean Spence continued to struggle but kudos to Colin McCarthy who showed heart and resiliency. He had a team-high and a career-high 13 tackles.

Secondary: F

Virginia Tech didn’t pass often, but when they did they made it count. Chavez Grant got burned on the 48 yard touchdown strike. Vaughn Telemaque committed another critical pass interference penalty which prolonged a drive. Sam Shields was unable to catch a ball that hit him in the finger tips. Bottom line, the defense has one interception in three games.

Special Teams: F

Nothing special Saturday. UM could not capitalize when the Hokies dropped two punts. There was a missed assignment on the blocked punt that resulted in a touchdown.

Coaching: F

The Canes didn’t come out ready to play. They lost in every phase of the game. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple let the weather affect his game plan. The Canes are a pass first offense but stuck to the running game in the soggy conditions. The blowout resembled the Georgia Tech game from last year and even flashed memories of the last game at the Orange Bowl."





shwarma, i couldn't remember who said it about brandon harris, and i wasn't coming at you like that, what i was saying is, for the overall game brandon laying wood as well, he was out their balling as usual, but when a qb puts a pass in a spot where only the receiver cna go get it, not much you can do about it.

For instance, ed reed wasn't a factor yesterday against minnesota, brett was throwing alot of balls where only the receiver could get to it yesterday. ALthough minnesota still should have lost, and atlanta, had i picked those to games the other way i would have won the football pool out right.

This clemson team is going to be a force, remember when they play g-tech, g-tech didn't do much offensively against them, they basically scored on special teams plays, tricky stuff.

I'm glad travis benjamin has not been out punt return guy these last few games, teams our kicking it high, so we need someone who's going to turn it up field and go right now, that's why we were averaging 2 yards a punt return. I like our schedule, tough games all year long, makes you want to watch the games even more.

Cat 5 Cane



Calvin...I normally ALWAYS agree with you..but I got to say,,,the weather isnt an excuse....for a few reasons...

1) VT played in the same weather and scored 31 points

2) we knew ahead of time it would be raining

3) that #9 ranking..although deserved came to soon for these kids

just my oninions..but if VT can playin that weather and dominate..why couldnt we

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