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November 21, 2009



I miss The Tuth


Posted by: solarcane | November 22, 2009 at 06:11 PM

Meee tooo, solar!


My wife and I had a great time at the Duke game, and no matter if you try and heckle them, some just to get a friendly trash talk going they wont do it

At least their football have some class

I was put a little off by the booing of JH when he was coming off the field in the first half

He takes hits other QBs wouldnt get up from and not only gets up from them but also has the team believing we are going to win this game today

My loudest stomp and yell went to Sharpton, It was nice to see him return that int for a TD in the 4th Quarter of his last game at home...no matter what he goes on to do in life he will never forget that moment

Props to all the Seniors on this years squad-good luck in whatever path of life you choose

`86 Pics will be sent soon...My wife is very camera shy so its just going to be my mug that will be e-mailed to you and any others that turn out ok from the digital camera

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

MM01, I think Richt is damn near average as a HC. He's a good OC but to me, any HC in a state with as much homegrown talent as GA should be contending for conference and NCs every year. Just think if Miami, FSU or UF had the entire state of FL to themselves every year.

Paul Johnson to me is clearly better than Richt, albeit with an offense that relies on illegal blocks of course, but still. GT is generally ready to roll week in and week out. The same cannot be said of UGA. Richt had a nice little run two years ago then showed how much of a non-Boss he was when they were pre-season No.1 He completely punked out before the season even started, and guess what, his players played just that way.

If they really get thumped by GT, it's going to be funny. Solar will give us all the blows. lol



hey Canespace fans... check out this extensive break down of the Hurricane O


OK, here's my report...I just went to the Raycom site and checked all 12 blogs (with four bloggers each site) from all of the ACC teams. Here is what I found:

There are NO comments (well to be honest there are a total of three comments total in three months on all the blogs written by 48 bloggers) on ANY blog at that site.

Except of course for the blogs posted by, well U know who.

Here at Canespace we have 252 comments in 24 hours. What is it about this place?


`86 Pics will be sent soon...My wife is very camera shy so its just going to be my mug that will be e-mailed to you and any others that turn out ok from the digital camera

Posted by: Sebastian | November 22, 2009 at 09:07 PM

My wife is the same way. No problem!


Sling Blade: saw you mention this, classic Luke!



Truth is busy. A little birdie told me so last Monday night.

Take it for what its worth.


Here at Canespace we have 252 comments in 24 hours. What is it about this place?

Posted by: 86Cane | November 22, 2009 at 09:33 PM



canezilla - think you read it wrong brah, it is now Week 10 in the NFL"U" and a Cane has scored in every single week so far

per proCanes:

"proCanes Extend TD Streak to 115 Regular Season Weeks"

This is now Week 11 and Frank Gore scored today ... Devin Hester might score tonight ... Andre Johnson might score tomorrow


What I liked about the Canes on the hardwood was seeing them break the press halfway decently, something they couldn't do at any point last season. They paid dearly game after game last year, and this weakness cost them (remember the Duke game, where a huge lead evaporated in minutes for just this reason?). The turnovers should be the kind of thing they improve upon as the season moves forward, but the F/Ts never seem to quite work this way, regardless of whay my h.s. coach said and made us do. This team has some promise, although nothing means much until you do it in your conference. However, if they can make it through the opening run of games pre-ACC with a good performance it makes the rest easier.

Go figure the Syracuse hoopsters would be doing this well after taking it on the chin a few w/a from LeMoyne. They took UNC apart.

Gotta really wonder if Cook regrets taking off yet? I can't imagine he wouldn't have gotten some decent PT the last few games with Jacory's injuries. How severe the injuries we may never know, or at least not until after the season. Now if the injuries are the main issue, who knows what a month pre-bowl could do for recuperation.... Hopefully a lot for a defenseless D.

Up to #17, while Clemson is right behind at #18. Don't count on them staying behind UM if they both keep winning, although they'd have to deal with playing GT in the ACC championship game.





RandyCane here, 253






any place on the web with a replay of the duke miami game?

Cat 5 Cane


Cat 5 Cane




macjones de Albuquerque

during halftime jacory got all the players together and gave a speach...he said
"I'm hurt dawg. Don't ask me if i'm alright. He11 nah. Joaquin said dominate, and we not doin it. I'm puttin my heart into this sh1t dawg. Let's go man."

Posted by: SlingBlade | November 22, 2009 at 06:53 PM

Simply awesome, baby U! But U's forgot "puttin' soul" into this freaker'.

Remember, remember this Cane fandom. Harris said it "burned down to his inner, inner, inner soul," when he heard the Dukies celebrating and what not prior to the second half kickoff.

Then JaCory says, fella's, I got this one! Hurricane old school style! LOL


Another good win, although losing at halftime to Duke is never, ever a good thing. Those pics of the stadium our embarassing! They should just close off the upper bowl until the lower bowl is full.

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