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November 21, 2009



yea Nebraska is a good Defensive team. They shoulda beat VT. Id love to go there and hang with the Canespace fam, already requested the 29th of Dec off (Champs Sports Bowl) and New Years Day. (Gator Bowl)


Dayton I'd like to see more variety when it comes to coverages, too. With Ojomo and Fortson back that should give a boost to the pass rush. Need that pass rush on point or don't make too much of a difference what type of coverages we run next year.


Kinda sad that all those upper deck seats were $19 and the best the Canes could pull in is 38,000. I know if I didnt have to work I woulda been down there.


Shields ain't gettin drafted on the first day, if at all. fast corners who get picked higher than they should were either/usually:

a. an already good cover corner who ran a very fast time at the combine, or

b. added value as a punt or kick returner


Hey I've never posted here but I agree today was a really nice game to be at. The first half was frustrating but lots of fun in the 2nd. I feel like there has been so much negativity surrounding the teamm, but being at the game with real fans enjoying a nice win and surprising season felt good. If we finish with 10 wins not only would it be a remarkable achievement for this season but sets us up very nicely as a favorite going into 2010.

Sarasota 'cane

Kinda sad that all those upper deck seats were $19 and the best the Canes could pull in is 38,000. I know if I didnt have to work I woulda been down there.

Posted by: Rashad | November 22, 2009 at 01:56 AM

Why is it sad if it's always been like that? If the game had been played at the OB there might have been less people there. When the game started I bet there were only 20k there, the other "half" rolled in around the end of the 1st from their tailgate parties!

Who cares? A South Florida football game ticket is one of the easiest in the country to get, and that includes the Dolphin's.

The Gator's pack "The Dump" with 90k every week and how does the school show there appreciation? By charging them $30.00 to sit at home and watch the FIU game on ppv.

It's just the way that it has always been.

Go 'canes!

orange 'n green in the vein

No need to ban the legend's of the blog world out there 86, being impatient shouldn't get you shut out IMO. I'd love for all those so called "Hurricane fans," who claim they don't support The Randy 100% to realize that they aren't "fans," then, they don't support the team if they don't support the coaching staff that recruits and develops that team. Go find a coach and by extension a football program you can support 100% and STFU about Miami so I can enjoy the development of the next great UM championship winning team in peace again. If you're upset that we didn't blow out Duke in any quarter except the 4th, YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT. Ask solar when was the last time we held four fingers up and it meant anything. Plus to get scored on first, be down entering the 4th and to win by that margin means that . . . the light bulb might have finally clicked over about finishing games properly which is one of the whole points of this season for this program at this point in the rebuilding job. Now, time to go win the State Championship for 2009 in Tampa next week.


Canes won today but the first half was NOT impressive. I personally wasn't surprised--Duke's D is underrated: they have a good D-coordinator and they've shown they can hang with good teams for the first half. But I knew the Canes would come through.

That being said, at halftime, on Manny's blog at least, Canes fans and even Manny himself were quick to jump on the "this-program-is-going-down-the-toilet" bandwagon. I can't say that I was shocked but I was disappointed to say the least since 1) THE GAME WAS NOT OVER; 2) WE WERE ONLY DOWN BY 3, AND 3) WE'VE CLEARLY IMPROVED THIS YEAR WHEN COMPARED TO LAST, WHICH IS ALL WE CAN ASK FOR.

I understand the program is not where it was in 2000-2002, but we're getting there ONE GAME AT A TIME AND ONE RECRUIT AT A TIME. AN NC is NOT going to happen overnight--it never does and never has, at least not in Miami's storied history.

I can't wait until the Canes win an NC under Randy. IT WILL HAPPEN. That will be a joyous day for Canes fans all over but especially for the die-hard Randy supporters and for Randy himself. I'm NOT saying we shouldn't criticize him or the team, but we should at least be more reasonable with our expectations.

Look around and you'll see that things could be much worse. We could be a Michigan, a Notre Dame or Florida State. NO ONE is saying those programs are "on the rise" (maybe FSU to some extent) but ours clearly is. That is something to be thankful for.

Like I've said before, 2009 = 1999, which means we're only 1-2 seasons away from winning an NC and once againg parading in Downtown Miami! I predict Miami vs. LSU in the BCS NC game in 2011.


(end rant).


Can we play USC in the Gator Bowl???


hola everybody from Italia.. Saw a rugby match. Italy vs. South Africa in Udine, Italy. Pretty cool, it was only a test match and the stadium was packed,

But that is a big difference, since America has watered down the sports for all of us by having so many and so many teams.......

I know this isn't relevant to UM but just saying.


South Africa are world champions. Italy are not very good at rugby. Once you understand the science of the sport you appeciate it. I like rugby union alot. It a brutal sport. I just got through watching England v New Zealand. New Zealand won.


Daytona, I agree with you about Shields being a project at CB on the next level, but I think His gung-ho mentality on STs, coupled with his great speed and willingness to lay somebody out will translate to the next level. Hell, I can see SS probably making the Pro Bowl His rookie season just based on STs...


86 for the record I dont think you should ban Caneslegend. The kid is a total douche, but he isn't offensive to anyone.

Don't think being clueless should get you kicked off.

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | November 21, 2009 at 11:51 PM

I never said I was gona ban him. I just said his negativity was getting "old". I have even met Caneslegend before at the OU game.

He hangs with Rashad another Canespace blogger. Rashad has a Canespace shirt he got from me at the Under Armour All-Star game in Orlando. They are both cool with me.


i think we had more fans at the famu game.i want berry 1st string cooper 2nd and jj 3rd.berry hits the holes with out dancing for three yards


Coaches this and Duke that.... It's great to wake up on Sunday with a "W"!!!!

Go Canes!

See U in Tampa! Hope my seat is in the pirate ship!


Kinda sad that all those upper deck seats were $19 and the best the Canes could pull in is 38,000. I know if I didnt have to work I woulda been down there.

Posted by: Rashad | November 22, 2009 at 01:56 AM

If U believe there was 38,000 people there then U believe in Santa Clause.

More like 25,000. Maybe.


soup can you talk to your people about the 25$ parking.seems like thats why alot of people dont want to go to the games...im thinking the parking prices have nothing to do with the school.maybe its a private company..15$ would be nice


Zilla...I'll talk to them but like U said I don't think UM has ANY control over the parking prices at The Shark.

I agree, when U pay more to park ($25) than for a game ticket ($19) something is VERY wrong.

U may want to re-read the blog; new details and info added.



Manny Navarro: Miami's bowl hopes probably hinge more on what Notre Dame does. If ND wins out, UM could see them in the Gator Bowl. Otherwise, the Champs Sports Bowl would love to take the Canes. They'd face a Big Ten team. Likely Northwestern or Michigan State.




Notre Dame is not going to go the gator bowl, I believe that canes are going to end up playing in the gator bowl and will face Nebraska


Who said anything about negativity??

If someone wants to be negative good for them.

There is plenty of room for negativity.

It's your right to do what you want and think the way you want.

That has nothing to do with anything. Not sure why that was brought up.

It is about how you conduct yourself on here.

Speak your mind but don't be a total douche everytime you post.

GATORBOWL!!!!!! Macjones will flip the F out if he heres you talk about UM in the Gatorbowl. LMAO!!

Heads up!



One more thing.

Cane we PLEASE stop with the crowd nonsense.

How many times do we have to hear about lack of crowds at home games.

Did you just crawl out from under a rock??

It is the way and always has been.

Please write that down somewhere and keep it in a special place so you can review it everytime the urge creeps up to complain about it.




86 I think I had your prediction beat LOL

anyway I am looking for a big day from the boyz.

Canez 34
Dookies 13


Posted by: Canez1 | November 21, 2009 at 09:50 AM



Sarasota 'cane

When you say there was not 38k at the game, are you suggesting that someone walked up with a ticket, had it scanned, and then left? I'm pretty sure the "announced" figures are pulled from the scanned ticket data.

The crowd almost doubled in size from the beginning of the 1st quarter to the start of the 2nd quarter. The same thing happened at the VA game.

I'm not sure what the big deal is relative to UM's history. Can anyone say Temple? Rutgers? I was at a WV game at the OB around 12 years ago and there were MAYBE 45-50k, and it was at night!

UM will rise again, and our crowds (or lack thereof) will not be a factor, posiive or negative.

Go 'canes!


Alot of people are frustrated because we are not dominating the teams we think should be dominating. It's also a little frustrating when it's trying to be decided if it's the players or the coaches. Now, their is no doubt that fluzzi panuzzi is not a special teams coach, that title needs to be stripped from him as soon as possible. If nothing else, having a strong special teams will win you close games and definitely not help you lose them. It'll force the other team to drive the football, our special teams has been an adventure since fluzzi has gotten the job.

Now on to coach stoutland, he's another guy that from a mental standpoint, he came out with excuses in my mind when he made the statemnt "If you look at the last 5 national champions, their o-lines had over 100 starts", that was before the gators won it last year and blew that theory out the window. Or if he goes back and look at our championship teams. Since he hasn't won a national chamionship, he has no idea what can actually happen if you coach players all the time like they are national champions. We got more players on this team who've won a championship at some level than the majority of the coaches on the staff. Now we can say that the coaches have not been rotating o-linemen because of not having qb depth, and the fact that it's safe to safe we have played the most toughest d-lines(oklahoma, v-tech, g-tech, clemson, ucf, unc, incoming/outcoming...usf) in the nation all year long, and the fact that alot of games we hanging in the balance, seems like the coaches either were not going to risk puttign a player in or just didn't do a good job of rotating them in.

I tell you what though, i got complete faith in a healthy ben jones, i saw him do something i never saw fox do, in that Famu game where damien berry broke and almost took it the distance, berry was in a foot race not with Famu, but with ben jones. At the same time, not playing the young guys this year on the o-line will allow for more redshirts, which will allow more physical advancement and long term depth. Either way, come next year, we'll have a more athletic o-line, will we be better, at times more often than now, at least running the ball we will, stamina wise is where we'll have to becareful. From here on out, the stoutland report will be in full afect.

On to fred, yeah, fred mcgriff, is it the talent or the coaching, when you got 1 player in brandon harris up for an award after 1 year, that bodes well for mcgriff, now since he's been here, he's only had dvd, brandon harris, bruce(doing things in the nfl)johnson. Than we got jared campbell and jojo nicolas his 1st year in. He had ryan hill to work with 1 year, damien berry is now at runningback, out of all the db's recruited last year, only brandon harris and vaughn telemaque are playing in the secondary.

He got a converted wr at db in sam shields and now he's hurt. than we got ray ray armstrong and brandon mcgee along with jamal reid last recruiting class, right now ray ray is standing out, brandon mcgee has work to do but he has all the physical tools and mental tools to turn the corner just like brandon harris did. So after analyzing all that just now, coach mcgriff gets a break, come next year though, we should definitely see stronger secondary play.

Also, stoutlnad will get a break as well, because we only recruited about 5 o-linman sicne he's been here before this year, he got franklin, gunn and tyler horn in 2007, ben jones, jermaine johnson and washington last year, bunche will make it in come janusray, so this is the 1st year where he'll get an influx of o-lineman and have something were waiting in the wings.

So the real stoutland report begans on him this year as well. I'm not going to judge them from an experience standpoint, but from a technique and productivity standpoint, we'll be able to see that.

On to coach hurt, i've seen our d-lines enough to know that coach hurtt does a decent job with the d-line, but we're not going to be over the top type defensive line unit unless coach hurtt continues to get better as a coach. Alot of that has to do with his in game coaching as well, our d-linemen all do the same thing at the same time, nobody is mixing it up, coCane pointed it out how our guys on the d-line get locked up to much and that's a big NO NO in defensive line play, when we had greg mark, our d-lineswere solid and borderline dominant sometimes, when we had palmero, you couldn't run on us, but our pass rush was weak, at the same time, a qb would get pressure from the d-line eventually.

Under hurtt alone, this next year will if he's the sole d-line coach, will be either his time to shine or his time to get exposed as a d-line coach, to much talent to coach on the d-line now these days. forston, regis, lewis, luther robinson, porter, allen bailey, ends, vernon, ojomo marcus robinson, dyron dye, andrew smith.

In fact every coach will have talent upgrades come next year, the linebacker talent will be upgraded, as well, so the real coaching or non-coaching will be seen.

The reason i bring all of this up is because, jacory said after the players heard the duke guys basically singing and felign good like they had this game won, that ignited a fire in them. So basically what, if and when the fire is lit damyum near every game, and cav has been re-iterating this point, than we'll see a whole different level of play from the whole team.

Defensively, john lovett is who he is, nothing exotic, a base defensive vanilla type defensive coach from the shannon tree(if he actually had a tree lovett would have come off of it) That's a good and bad thing, to run that defense, the talent level must be good and have very aware and instinctive defenders on the field, other wise, it gets exposed.

Make no mistake about it, this team is on the rise, how high will they rise, is the only question. People think shannon is stubborn, butch davis is worse, the difference i see between butch and shannon, butch will take a year or 2 to just work on certain aspects of a team under him, he may just run the ball all year long to just work on his o-line, and than he's going to get a good defensive line to stop the run.

He's going to have real good linebacker player and his secondary will play ball hawking defense. So he's going to make sue he consistently gets those things along with a real solid special teams.

Under shannon right now, feeling his way, him being a young coach, seems he tends to key in on certain aspects of a team game by game, and feels that working on it in practice will fix it where as butch will work on it in practice and than work on it during the whole year, shannon wants to win right now, so he's taking more of the high risk high reward approach, we'll see who does better come next year.

I think defenisvely, unc is alot further ahead of us. Offensively we're alot better than them. We get better defensive play, unc will be toast come next year, unc got 4 interceptions yesterday against bc, and the main thing is, butch davis said alot of these guys on defense were offensive players in highschool so as soon as they get the ball they turn to offensive players quickly. Hmmm, sounds familiar i.e. SEAN TAYLOR/ ed reed, might be a good time to switch davon johnson.

At the sound of the beep, turn the page!


Looking over the acc though, right now, us, v-tech, unc and clemson all have 3 losses, with g-tech only getting beat by us. congratulations to clemson, for making it to the acc title game, should be a good game between clemson and g-tech a rematch i'm sure clemson really wanted, i don't see g-tech beating clemson, their d-line shut down that option offense. Nobody ahs done it better than us though.

It's clear though, we come out and play with intensity all game long, nobody is going to beat us, it took basically 2 close games/losses to beat us, and we were on our way back to making v-tech earn it. We eliminate the offense and special teams giving oppossing teams points, AND you're not going to beat us next year, period.


Better second half against Duke. Go Canes -Beat USF! BTW: Nice pics 86.


All I know is that I was there. It was fun. The Canes won. That's what I know.

I'm not good at counting crowds, I was just sayin'...


'Sota...did U park in E22? I looked for U but couldn't find U?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Este, good point about the ten win figure. Butch did it how man times?? One I believe.

Solar, that's great company you're keeping. haha Marciano and Brown are probably the only two, along with Barry Sanders (who should've stayed in), modern American athletes who've had enough sense to move on while they're at the peak.

So blind squirrels are smart too, huh?

Sarasota 'cane

'Sota...did U park in E22? I looked for U but couldn't find U?

Posted by: 86Cane | November 22, 2009 at 10:08 AM

I didn't make the trip this week. My Dad wasn't feeling good so I stayed home and watched the game with him. My family has 29 tickets for the USF game though so I might see you guys in Tampa next week.

We are all arriving from the North, South, and East after Thanksgiving, so we will be meeting at the Westshore Mall I think around 1pm. We're gonna have lunch and then drive over to the game.

Did you see Ben & Co.? Talk to you later!

Go 'canes!


I'll say it before, and I'll say it again, Whipple's playing calling has to change. You have a hurt QB, and what do you do? Throw the ball 28 times in the first half. The other team can't stop the run and you go away from it. Your best RB, which clearly is Berry, only gets one touch in the first half.

And what do you know, when we got away from the jump ball offense, and pounded it down their throats, our offense did a lot better. Jacory started to get in a ryhtem when we actually made an effort to run the ball with Berry.

Whipple should be held accountable just like any other coach. Just because he is better then Nix it doesn't mean he is above criticism.

There is absolutely no reason for Berry not to be the first string RB. There is no reason why Cooper, who dances around back there like he is on Dancing with the stars, should be getting more touches in the first half then him. There is no reason why JJ should be ahead of him. The crowd was chanting it. We all see it. Berry is our best RB. It is Whipple's responsibility to use him more then he has.

Saying that, a win is a win. 8-3, I'll take it.


No I mean, with the tickets being sliced in half, I was hoping that more people would show up on Senior Day. And yea 86, I knew it wasnt 38,000 out there, honestly there looked like more Canes fans at the UCF game then at the Duke game yesterday. Anyways Im happy with the win and hope that the Canes match the intensity that USF will bring from the start, because they've been waiting on this game all year. All the Canes gotta do is jump on them early, and watch USF quit like they did against Rutgers. Go Canes!!


I'll say it before, and I'll say it again, Whipple's playing calling has to change. You have a hurt QB, and what do you do? Throw the ball 28 times in the first half. The other team can't stop the run and you go away from it. Your best RB, which clearly is Berry, only gets one touch in the first half.
Posted by: SuperCooper

Good points, I still think there is some learning process with Whipple. Even though he came from the NFL he never called plays above the D2 level, where stuff like passing every down could work. Once we establish the run everything becomes easier.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Cal, good coaching summary, although I think Hurtt has had less to work with than those other guys and he's the only one who's had to try to turn true frosh into game-day ballers.

I always laugh when you mention that Stoutland quote b/c I thought the same thing when I read it.."Mofo, who gives a fuk about what other NC teams had or didn't have." haha

If, when Hank leaves that should open the door for Davon and Streeter and with all 20 CBs coming in next year we won't need another DB. haha Speaking of Streeter, hopefully he'll get a TD next week to complete the roster.

Bottom line though, is Hurtt's going to make everyone's job easier and make them all look better when these bosses he has coming in become sophomores and juniors.

McGriff will finally have some kids who can read and react, unlike DVD who's standing flat-footed on a island during a blitz and not reading the QB for that ball he could've pic-sixed but instead got beat for a TD (UNC). McGee will be able to do that once he's more confident, ditto BH and maybe even Jamal Reid if he has the speed to play CB.

Is that all the CBs we have?? Dam. Talk about the cupboards being bare.

Now LB should be interesting. #11's had a year, basically his RS year, to watch and learn, so we'll see how much he's learned. We've only had ONE cakewalk game all year long. So he's had little to NO time to experiment and make mistakes.

Wouldn't it be nice to have TN-CH and FIU this time of year, like Bama and UF?

Then you got Spence, Futch, C-Mac, who could make a move next year and become a Boss and not just a reliable tackler, Buchanon, who's had a lot of good experience, and maybe Green, who I think should be a DE but we don't need him there.

So we'll be thin again but if Brown turns the corner, we'll be solid at least and have a little depth if Green can contribute somewhere.

OL, OL, OL....Horn, B. Wash, B. Jones, Bunche and Johnson will officially be the keys to next season...and relieving Fluzzi of his ST title. All those CBs and LBs coming in should help STs too.

Overall, though, I want to see these sophomores, like Byrd and Regis, with tons of talent turn in to Bosses. I don't ever want to see them just going through the motions like Cokerites did, except on special occasions.

Every occasion is a special occasion. Every down is an opportunity to "impose my will on the man in front me," to quote the Playmaker.

I know this is what Team Shannon are teaching them but next year is the time to bring it every down


I want to tell you guys that last 12 hours have been some of the best blogging I've read on here in awhile.
Wonderful perspective about whats up, and down with these guys.

One of the things that I had been thinking about this season, was with all the shyt we toss on Randy, what is the ONE most positive thing we saw him fix this year.

Id say it's the no quit attitude.

That took changing 85 players, a coaching staff, and a student body's mind about this team's heart.

pb is right about the folks that became fans more during the winning years.
It gets you spoiled, you don't realize what it took to get an NC.

Now everyone here has seen Randy take the 88th best team in the country his first year all the way into the top 10 and finish in the top 15 by the end of his 3ed year.

Really what more could you expect? thats 73 places better in 36 games.


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Jersey, that's a good point about Whipple, and we all know Reid thinks pass-first then run, even though his teams played best when he ran more because McNabb was hurt.

However, I think we're all forgetting that Whipple called that drive where Berry basically drilled Duke into the ground on six or so consecutive runs.

Now, Shannon said it was because Duke's defense was worn down but I don't buy it. We didn't run enough to wear them down. I think Berry just knows how to find the hole better than JJ and Coop. I think RS was trying to cover for Whipple, JJ and Coop.


Jersey, that's a good point about Whipple, and we all know Reid thinks pass-first then run, even though his teams played best when he ran more because McNabb was hurt.

However, I think we're all forgetting that Whipple called that drive where Berry basically drilled Duke into the ground on six or so consecutive runs.

Now, Shannon said it was because Duke's defense was worn down but I don't buy it. We didn't run enough to wear them down. I think Berry just knows how to find the hole better than JJ and Coop. I think RS was trying to cover for Whipple, JJ and Coop.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 22, 2009 at 11:02 AM


Someone mentioned this on another site, his playcalling is basically Andy Reid part 2. Always looking for the big play with the passing game, even if you have a good RB. At some point, you have to tone it down.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Your right I will change my tune from now on...I am just hard on this team because i grew up during the glory days...and i see the team like this...my uncle played at the U....So it is just hard to watch...but everyone's point is true...i will show some optimisim

Posted by: Caneslegend | November 21, 2009 at 11:04 PM


Legend, yeah, and I'm not suggesting we don't criticize, like the way I haven't said much in the last two weeks without the word Boss in it and dissing the OL and upperclassmen in the same breath, lol, but we're looking forward and it's a very bright place.


And I really don't think you can judge how good Stoutland really is until next year, when HIS guys are in. Watching Washington and Gunn in there, you could tell a difference from a guy like Pipho (a Cokerite). We may lose three guys on the OL, but I have high hopes for Johnson/Gunn/Washington/Jones/Bunche. By midseason, I really think our OL will be excellent.


Getting off of the football game for a second, big test tonight for the basketball team against USCe. It's basically a home game for them. Hopefully we can pull it out.


We are all arriving from the North, South, and East after Thanksgiving, so we will be meeting at the Westshore Mall I think around 1pm. We're gonna have lunch and then drive over to the game.

Did you see Ben & Co.? Talk to you later!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | November 22, 2009 at 10:21 AM

Didn't find Ben, but we went for our usual stroll around the stadium after a quick tailgate with Canezilla.

We are meeting at Leroy Selmon's at noon before the USF game and then going to try to follow each other over to the stadium at 1 PM. Selmon's is only 5 minutes away from The Ship.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Super, yeah, I'll never understand why Westbrook isn't a 1,500 runner and 1,000 receiver, something like Faulk. And the funniest thing is that Reid has NEVER had serious WRs, except that one year with TO and whenever that Cal kid arrived, not even a TE. So what's with all the passing if you don't have the goods to really execute it? No Jerry Rice to make every QB look great.

On OL, I'm totally with you. We won't miss this year's version next year.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Super, is USC any good this year?


Cav, they're projected to finish third in the SEC, and have a guy who was first team ALL SEC last year.


Coop, I agree with you to a certain extent on Pipho, but not because He was a "Cokerite". A guy like Pipho was more a victim of genetics, moreso than being a "Cokerite". If you look at Pipho, the guy has a lousy base to be playing RT, much less any type of Tackle. It's like I alluded to in a post a while ago, I think Washington would've been a better RT than Pipho, because BW has a solid base, and IMO, and more importantly...better feet and hands.


For those of U thinking that Franklin can easily move to LT next year, think again.

His footwork and balance are NOT good, and that is being VERY kind.


So with the Champs Sports Bowl being a matchup against a Big 10 team, maybe a Wisconsin or a Northwestern. And the Gator Bowl being Big 12 now that the Irish have fallen off the map could either be Nebraska or Cincy if thye lose to Pitt. Not sure if they would get a At Large Bid. Please dont send the Canes to the Music City or Minekie Car Bowl!!!! haha


The Canes should win next week although it would be tough.

The Canes are more experienced than USF and they have more talent. The Canes need a win and go to 9-3 to create some momentum and buzz going into the bowl game, national signing day, spring football and a BCS run next season. A loss against USF will be a huge disappointment and set-back, there is no other way of looking at it.

The Canes are talented this year, but I would like to see more consistency with the players and coaching staff. To the coaches credit, they did make some adjustments at halftime, but the coaches and players must be more prepared for each play, each half and each game.

In order for the Canes to make a NC run next year, several underclassmen need to develop into studs at several positions going into the spring and next year. No more excuses next year for the kind of mistake-prone losses they had this year.

The Canes need a positive turnover ratio, and they need minimize mistakes and have everyone to carry out their assignments.

With another season under the same coordinators, these Canes should be able to take that next step, going from a 10-win season this year to a national championship run next year, and how they finish these last two games will be the compass that points us in the direction that the Canes are headed.

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