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November 28, 2009


conch salad



Hurri LMAO!!! U know how I roll.

Looks like everyone had a great time!


conch salad

good, solid game by our boys today. That one felt really good, and it was really nice to close out the season on a strong note. O-line played well today, surprisingly well. Next year is looking to be a monster. If we can run the table while playing Pitt, vt, osu and gt we will be playing for a NC.


Gerhart is a friggin badazz!!



Good stuff! And a great win, where has this D line been? We dominated USF in pretty much every facet of the game (kick coverage was good for us, but still plenty of room for improvement and we had a few too many dumb penalties). Very cool, and with two conference rivals losing, maybe we get to one of the better bowls.



Posted by: Drtycane | November 28, 2009 at 10:25 PM

SHhhhhhhhhhhh...not so LOUD!

Seoul Cane

GT tried to turn into a passing team and lost. Their best WR just dropped an easy 4th and 10. SEC had our arse today.

Seoul Cane

Great game by the Canes today!

- AB played a few downs and it looked like he made every tackle for the U while he was in
- BH rocked again...should have had 2 pics
- Running backs and O line were balling...BWashington is going to rock next year with Gunn, Figs, and Franklin (hopefully Jones, too)
- Where did Graham go? Already trying out for the scouts?
- Shields played solid again
- STs were good...still don't know why we can't cover a kick off, but nevertheless looked good
- Proliferous use of timeouts, but they all seemed to work, so no complaints there
- JH played a quiet, but smart game
- Great schemes and playcalling by both coordinators
- Would have liked to see Highsmith throw on that 4th down, but glad he was able to see a few ticks


Great write up. In my opinion best of the year. Who did you think we were, FSU? Classic! Vault that, lol. Well played on both sides of the ball. Although we gave up some yards to their runner, who I thought was really, really good, we contained the elusive quarterback for most of the game. This was a complete domination. Nice win.

Seoul Cane

Six, good call on the FSU game...I personally thought the Noles had a little more in them, but they didn't. Boy they suck.

Anyone that was at the game...how were the USF fans? Throwing around excuses or as humbled as they oughta be?


Great overall performation by the Canes

It was a pure joy witnessing the beatdown at RayJay

Bull fans were loud twice

At kickoff and the drive to start the 2nd half and thats it

Bye Bye Leavitt

Win #10 coming to a bowl near you!!!!


Posted by: Seoul Cane | November 28, 2009 at 11:36 PM

The ones my wife and I sat by werent all that bad and by the end of the 1st quarter were already saying they didnt have the studs to be on the same field with us

I live in this area and the get rid of Leavitt talk will heat up the airwaves this week


UM-USF highlights in tha hizzy!



Canes played quite well today... Glad to see them put it together on both sides of the ball again.

On another note... If Gerhart doesn't win the heisman, it will be one of the biggest travesties in all of college sports (at least since Danny Wuerffless won the thing over Troy Davis -- don't act like the guy didn't deserve it -- he is from Miami)


GT tried to turn into a passing team and lost. Their best WR just dropped an easy 4th and 10. SEC had our arse today.

Posted by: Seoul Cane | November 28, 2009 at 11:24 PM

I agree 100%. What the hell got into them? DUMB coaching decision. Oh well. GO CANES!


Don't know if it's been reported but ESPN reports that Brian Billick's name is in the mix for the Notre Dame job.


I hope nd gets sum one that doesn't kno anything about defence...that way they keep losing...lol


GA Tech defense looks like it didn't show up.

I hate this conference.


Posted by: CanesFanStuckInCali

I didn't know GT had a defense.........


Billick is in and so are the Coors Light commercials.


BTW there seemed to be alot of empty seats for a "sell out." I hope that is a trend that continues for at least two more road games there. It was an exciting game for a blow out. They breathe a little bit of life and the defense sucks it out of them. We have the chance to absolutely blow them out with the half back option pass and Cooper misses. They have some good play makers. Can see why they won 7 games. But they were totally outclassed today.

I think we actually could have run for 400 yards today. They were that vulnerable and our O line was that good. I was screaming for it anyway, lol. Jacory was hurt coming into the game, kind of risky to take a chance when it wasn't needed. JJ is a good runner, and wish him the best in the future. And Coop played really well. Still Berry ends up with the best numbers. That bodes well for the future.

Glad to see GT lose. Kind of surprised by the end of that game. Four passes in a row with plenty of time left to run the option? If GT loses the championship game or Clemson, does the ranked five spaces higher kick in for the ACC selections?


Looks like Bobby B's future will be decided by Monday or Tuesday.....


I'm digging the pics of the Cane fans.....both are two fisting it......LOVE IT.


Thanks for posting the highlights. Was fun to watch again.


I think Bobby's out personally. I think that the FSU leadership has already made up their mind too.

Weis out too of course and I really love that fact. Screw ND.

My 8-4 prediction was off and I love it. Go Canes!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

We're Miami boyz, we don't back down on anything!

Way to humble those Bullshatz!

C-A-N-E-S, Canes!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Hold up, hold up! why is it that everytime i see Urban Cryer and Timmy Tebow get together, they always emotional and in tears, they always huggin' and kissin, am i missing something here???

I'm not suggesting anything here, but those two sure are very close!

I'm really starting to suspect something.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Was Kayvon burned at anytime during the game????


Does anyone know when bowl game assignments are decided? TIA! GO CANES!!!


CFSIC- December 6 is the offical date, but like everything else, news will leak out before then. The Chik-Fil-A/Peach is already publicly leaning towards Va Tech, the Emerald rep said they were down to BC and FSU, and the rest will start talking soon. If the Gator picks the Hillbillies, we have a decent shot to go there as WVA will sell a lot of tickets and the bowl won't need our fanbase as much as if Pitt were the opponent.


Thanks JW!

Mia Chi 'Cane '98

Great game against USF. And even a better season. Going 9-3 is a great acomplishment for this team and possibly being 10-3 after the bowl. Yes, they could be 11-1 but they are still learning on becoming an all around dominating team.

From 5-6, 7-6 to 9-3 is a step in the right direction for Randy and crew.

This team has momentum heading into next year. As someone eluded to before this team reminds me of the '99 team and we all know what happened after that...

The storm is brewing...

orange 'n green in the vein

I thought this was supposed to be a rivalry game, except for the fact that UM is a power program and USF is a start-up? The only team that played like they had a chip on their shoulder was UM though. Would Grothe had made much of difference? Probably not. I said at the start of the year this was the year we got back to double digit wins, so a bowl victory, The Randy's first as a head coach would make that true, very happy with that fact.


Rusty Canes highlights in tha hizzle!!



Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

State of florida lockdown!

We are no.2 team in the state of FLA, next yr we'll be no.1

Should recruits still need to think twice about coming here???

This is how we do in the 305!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

How about those unis huh??? personally, i liked it, they did look bigger, them USF d-line looked like midgets at some point in the game!!!!

The funniest thing i've heard about the new nike unis though came from Cav, gotta give it to him, he's damn right, the all white unis kinda looked like the Storm Troopers from starwars, haha

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Did Kayvon try to sneak into our sideline and quickly change his unis to our nike all whites???

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

The Gators and Mizzou's uniforms are absolutely horrendous though!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

From ESPN:

"They weren't that much better than us," USF defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul said. "It's just we didn't execute. And I'll give it to them, they beat us up front."



Sounds a lot like "They are who we thought they were... we let 'em off the hook!" LOL


BTW, there's some serious brainwashing/spiked kool-aid drinking going on at USF. "Big 4" billboard? "We just didn't execute?" I even know a USF alum who's been telling me all season that USF is the "second team in the state," that there was "no way" USF lost to Miami, and that Leavitt was "Miami's HC in waiting" once Shannon got booted at the end of this season (apparently because Hocutt and Leavitt are good friends). Are you kidding me? This coming from a school that made their FIRST bowl game in 2005 and who can't even win the Big lEast?

I'll say it once and I'll say it again: "Win some championships bi**hes!!! THEN we can talk about the "Big 4." Until then, you need to shut the f up! Shut. The. F. Up.



Lou Holtz will be the next coach at ND.

Old Skool

It's easy to see why Jason Pierre Paul had to go the JUCO route to get into a University.


Their were some funny things going on yesterday in that game. When sharpton stripped the ball out, watch behind and see what happened to spence, mofo's were taking their shots. Than, on the epps touchdown, jacory harris said that was for travis benjamin, rofl, (go look at it) had epps not been their, they must have a travis benjamin that plays for usf, and than after the touchdown pass, brandon washington(future road grader) points to the sky to jacory for the hip bump-jump celebration.

esteban, franklin didn't do to bad in his audition yesterday to be the starting left tackle come next year, your prediction has 1 more year before it reaches the expiration date. Also one of the things i luv about this team though, the guys respecting SEAN TAYLOR like that, that's real right their.

With the way this defense is coming together though, i'm just mad tebow and friends are graduating this year, and six, so far so good on the gators going undefeated this year(albeit ref aided moe than once).

fox has been a real steady left tackle for us, and we appreciate it your service and time here, but in 1 game, we can already see if franklin and washington are our left side of the o-line, we're going to be real rugged on that side of the line, and ben jones needs to just take the right tackle spot, and inside between figs and "false startin/jumpin da" gunn, we'll be alright their as well. Our o-line will be a liitle bit meaner come next year and more physical come next year.

franklin we already know plays with that fire, the coaches should've moved fox to right tackle but they went with what was best for jacory though. You can see it all coming together now though, and come next year, who wants to be the starter. gotta give tommie robinson his just due as well, on the fact that are runningbacks protect that ball and have protected it pretty much all year.

Whatever drills he's been doing with the runningbacks on that, he's done a tremendous job in that area. allen bailey is coming back, he keeps forgetting teams are always going to bring another guy to chip him, like on that sack by spence, watch bailey on that play, he was humbled/mad that he let that other guy come in and bang him to the ground like that, lol.


From ESPN:

"They weren't that much better than us," USF defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul said. "It's just we didn't execute. And I'll give it to them, they beat us up front."

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | November 29, 2009 at 05:24 AM

It's easy to see why Jason Pierre Paul had to go the JUCO route to get into a University.
Posted by: Old Skool | November 29, 2009 at 07:34 AM

Although we have moved along way in Miami pass this, after reading these statements i gotta take it back yall, i got 1 thing to say to jason pierre paul:



On those new uniforms, here's what they remind me of. When you go to the grocery store or even 7-eleven and look at the tropicana products, you can tell we're in a recession, because of how much they've stripped away alot of the advertisments on the cartons/plastic bottles! These are recession proof uniforms, seriously, all white with just some faded/blended color numbers, ok. Nothing impressive to me, 1
thing is clear though, looks like alot of guys on the team were wearing their little brothers jersey to play in.

soup, that's how you write up and article, and if they(usf) got a blog site, this needs to be posted over their.

This game wasn't even close, i said earlier if we come out playing like we did against Fsu basically we'd be straight, and show nuff, for the 1st tiem since Fsu we went down the field on the opening drive like bosses.

Only a few spots up for grabs come next year, and congratulations to sharpton for man-nin up his senior year, staying healthy, and basically balling and learning the position a hole lot better. Good job by coach barrow and lovett for doing a good job in coaching, we got alot of production out of our linebackers this year. coach hurtt, i think he'll continue to elevate his coaching.

gotta give fluzzi pannuzzi props on the coaching the tight-end position but special teams just come clean and, go to shannon and say, "man, this not me dawg"!

orson charles, where you at, you F'ed up. That is the one guy that i would have luved to see on our team from last year.

CaniaK aka True Canes

Calvin, There is nothing wrong with being Haitian Bro. I do not see what his comment has to do with him being Haitian. The guy is just stupid, but not because he is haitian


Sharpton really raised his draft status the last two weeks... way to go brother. Randy P really didn't help his much. ANy word on Marcus Robs injury... "lower extremity" 86?

BTW Section 214 was pretty sweet... had a lot of action on our end of the field. (Although I gotta tell you, my wife and I were flat out amazed out how few of the Bull's Fans were actually paying attention to the game... they were more concerned about getting up and down to get beers, than route on their team.) I mean KEY TIMES in the game and they were just walking up & down the aisles like nothing was going on down on the field. Rude...

Yeah, other than us... the ACC didn't represent very well yesterday... depressing.

Still can't figure out why DBerry isn't the #1 guy from the first snap... HE IS A STUD!

Looked around for the Pumkinhead with my shirt, but never saw him... (must have been one of those two fisted brew boys with no room to hold a shirt, LOL.)

Hope Jacory's shoulder is OK... he looked like he was holding it pretty gingerly after a hard hit while he was throwing.


Yeah, I agree with Calvin... First drive for 7 points was SWEET!

Also, new Special Teams coach needed. FOR SURE! That part of our production is NOT where it should be compared to where our O and D are heading...

The new Unis just needed the Ray Lewis, & Playmaker stripes on the sleeves and I'd have been happy. Oh well, we won handily in them, so I guess they're ALL GOOD!


Wish we had those UNC & Clemson games back right now... D@MN!


Oh yeah, big #91 was ballin' yesterday... GO Joe Joseph!


usf fans started some shyt with us in the parking lot.this guy threw a bottle at 30 of us....30 OF US lets just say he didnt make it to the game.hope u had fun tampa hospital...

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