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November 28, 2009



Really liked the uni's sometimes less is more.

CaniaK aka True Canes

I want to see where we're ranked on the Human polls (coaches and Harris). if we can move up to 14 or so we will be fine


just went to the miami herald and saw this......Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. ?wheels falling off?


I agree Solar about GT and Clemson not reppng the ACC but that will be OUR job come next year. Was a good win yesterday even though in the 4th they switched our coverage to Mizzou - still mad about that!

Off to skate


I am very happy for Randy.. Ive watched him turn this program around... these guys are growing up before our eyes... and i smell a dynasty coming. They know when they need to step it up.. they know there is only one team that can beat them .. thats themselves. Yesterday we had that first kickoff that was going to be 6 taken away from us by that terrible call.. but it was telling of what was to come... it would have been 49 or 55 .



USF is going to get its butt kicked,35-14.

Posted by: Hurricanedave | November 25, 2009 at 09:27 PM

the O-line did a great job on their DE's, I don't recall either of their names being mentioned


anybody is welcome to roll with me.just come to have fun and defend your team

Posted by: canezilla | November 29, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Zilla + The Shoes = Winning Combination


Dave...good call there!

wheels falling off?

Posted by: canezilla | November 29, 2009 at 11:30 AM

Manny just maning up and taking control of his blog. The final straw was when someone impersonated Manny on his own blog and was posting FALSE rumors about Jacory being OUT for the Duke game.

I emailed him to let him know about it before it got out of hand and he replied: "Thanks for the heads up."

After that he started moderating comments. Smart move on his part. I have posted there a few times since and the comments get published within 2-6 hours.



We roll big time Saturday.

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | November 25, 2009 at 12:01 PM

I like the way you think my friend!
I am rolling with you!

Posted by: Canez1 | November 25, 2009 at 12:30 PM

Delusional isn't even the word to try and describe a person that thinks FSU has a chance. Even with the whole "that's why they play the game" - no. No. And, NO.

I beg every single religious deity to help out FSU and prove me wrong, I will gladly admit to being wrong for the rest of my life about it ... but it's not going to happen.

Posted by: Six | November 27, 2009 at 12:05 AM


That was music to my ears

Posted by: moneycane | November 29, 2009 at 11:15 AM

Me too. It was a sweet, sweet win. The tailgate and the stadium was 40% UM fans. We OWNED that place, just like at UCF!

Money...email me your mailing addy so I can send U the XXL ST#26 t-shirt I owe U.


86, Sounds like you guys had a blast... wish we could have gone. There's nothing better than going to an away game & coming home with a win. We're definitely planning on going to the bowl game!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Calvin, that's some funny shyt about Pierre. lol

Fluzzi must go. We almost had ANOTHER PUNT BLOCK that would've changed the entire momentum of the game. WTF? And all he does is make excuses. All year long. This shyt must end, one way or another. Send him to a STs coaching camp or something. This is disgusting.



Miami earned its first nine-win regular seasons since 2005.

Head coach Randy Shannon has guided Miami to a two-win improvement in each of the last two seasons (5-7 in 2007, 7-6 in 2008, 9-3 in 2009).

Miami closes out the 2009 regular season with a perfect 4-0 record. The last time the 'Canes went undefeated in regular season non-conference play was 2005.

Miami finished the regular season 4-2 on the road and 3-0 on the road in the state of Florida with wins at Florida State, at UCF and at USF.

The win moves the 'Canes within one victory of their first 10-win season since 2003.
The Hurricanes improve to 2-0 all-time versus USF.

Miami closes out the month of November with a 3-1 mark - the best under head coach Randy Shannon.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Someone please give me a link to a popular USF blob or site. haha


Sarasota, I was in Row R Seats 1 & 2 on the aisle. By the way, I leave in Rotonda West, just SW of Englewood... so we're practically from the same neck of the woods.

Had on a Green UMiami retro ball cap, an Orange Jersey with the number 07 on it and green camo pants.

Dude we were just a few seats apart!

(I "might" have been wearing a Canespace t-shirt, but it was never delivered... Hmmm.)


Who predicted 9-3 before the season started?

I'm jus' sayin'...


Oh yeah, I had a Spirograph too. I can remember being "just about" to complete a complex design, and then the dang gear would jump out of the track and the pen would skip across the page... drats!


Who predicted 9-3 before the season started?

I'm jus' sayin'...
Posted by: 86Cane | November 29, 2009 at 12:13 PM

I was waiting on this one, lol!


Who predicted 9-3 before the season started?

I'm jus' sayin'...
Posted by: 86Cane | November 29, 2009 at 12:13 PM

I was waiting on this one, lol!


(I "might" have been wearing a Canespace t-shirt, but it was never delivered... Hmmm.)

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 29, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Roach...My bad! I left my seating chart at home so I had no idea where everybody was sitting. I had two shirts with me at the game but no luck finding and Spacers inside the stadium.

We walked around the two open areas in the end zones before the game and then again in the fourth quarter looking for people but we didn't find anybody there. I had a ST#26 shirt on and Mrs. 86 had a Canespace shirt on.

We did find the following people at Leroy Selmon's: Canesince1982 and his dad, 404Cane and his three friends, and Six who chatted it up with Mrs. 86.

Then we met SlingBlade and mini-Sling (his son) at the tailgate and sold him two tickets.

Then we met LessisMore on the way into the stadium. Nice kid from Miami, huge Canes fan who called out to us "Hey is that 86? LOL

Then we met Ron Nolan UM Class of 1964 in the stands. We know Ron from other events and the UCF game. He asked where I got the ST#26 shirt. LOL so we gave him one.

Funny thing is he tells me every time he sees me that he reads the blog every day but can't figure how to post? Old guy, nice guy, HUGE Canes fan. Tailgates at East 15 at The Shark. He told us that next year when Miami plays USF at The Shark he's gonna fry a turkey at the tailgate!


Who predicted 9-3 before the season started?

uh huh



Calvin: U know I just had to do that, right?

The LEGEND grows...



My spiro would make incredible designs then either the pen would ooze on it or the gears would jamb and slice the paper.
POS lol

It laid dormant for years in the Solar Useless Toys Museum right next to the paralyzed slot cars display.



Who predicted 9-3 before the season started?

uh huh

Posted by: solarcane | November 29, 2009 at 12:31 PM

Solar...even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!


Miami closes out this decade 21-2 against teams from Florida.

CaniaK aka True Canes

when do the coaches polls come out?


I hear ya soup

I was a 9-3 guy before the season started so was pb.

That was a real nice season, It proved anyone in the ACC can beat anyone else in the ACC. It also proved pre season rankings are a crock.



JACORY JOINS ELITE GROUP: With 162 yards passing today, sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris moved into sole possession of fifth place on the school's all-time single-season passing yards with 3,165.

1. Bernie Kosar (1984) 3,642
2. Ken Dorsey (2002) 3,369
3. Craig Erickson (1990) 3,363
4. Vinny Testaverde (1985) 3,238
5. Jacory Harris (2009) 3,165

MORE HARRIS: Jacory Harris also moved up the single-season charts in several other passing categories today.

With two touchdown passes, he moved into a tie for sixth place for most TD passes in a single season (23).

With 11 completions, he moved into fourth place for most completions in a single season (226).

With 21 passing attempts, he moved into sixth place for most passing attempts in a single season (377).

CaniaK aka True Canes

we moved up from 21 to 17 on the coaches polls


9 and 3 but who did you predict we lose too? OOOOOOOOOOOOOO KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK... I think i remember. In this way its been a crazy season... more proof that we were banged up and growing than that we had the potential to do something special even this yr.


Calvin, There is nothing wrong with being Haitian Bro. I do not see what his comment has to do with him being Haitian. The guy is just stupid, but not because he is haitian
Posted by: CaniaK aka True Canes | November 29, 2009 at 08:36 AM

I agree CaniaK. Calvin, I love your insightful comments in the past, but you stepped across the line on that one


A 10 win season, a top 15 finish and maybe a Gator Bowl appearance. Really cant be to upset bout that. But I must say I still hate CJ Spiller..haha


The best part about the offense was no doubt the running game...it will make Jacory a better QB in the future and let him relax and go through his progressions.

He also just threw only ONE interception.

Go Canes!


Generous to GT to only drop to 12 after being beaten by a bad Georgia team.



Calvin, there was no need for that ill advised Haitian comment. What do you mean by, "I gotta' take it back ya'll", you said that as if making fun of Haitians (or any other ethnicity for that matter) was in style or something, you just exposed your self for the DUMA$$ that you really are.
Do you cheer less for Miami when Olivier Vernon makes a play...
Do you cheer less for Miami when Joe Joseph makes a play...
Did you cheer less for Miami when William Joseph made a play...
Do you cheer less for Miami when Micanor Regis makes a play...


So as the reality of the hardest schedule in college football unravels,

we end up losing to the number 11 team in the country and beat the number 12 team in the country and nobody else we beat or lost to is in the top 25 by seasons end.
So much for pre season bs.

out to see Old Dogs enjoy the day



Canes should be ranked a lot higher than #17. I think the computers have them around #12.

In a bowl game, the Canes would beat a lot of teams ranked ahead of them.

Still, this was a good season, and with a solid bowl win they still have a shot at the top 10 by season's end.


86 no sweat on the shirt dude... I'm just kidding with you, really. I've probably got 80 t-shirts... (including my sweet ST#26 which I wear to the gym.)

Thanks for all you do man... glad to hear you got to spread the "love" to some other Cane Alums. Sorry I missed the face-to-face with you though.

Maybe at the Gator Bowl?


Are those NEW rankings? We're STILL at 17?


lol, cause i was just thinking who in the hell was it that predicted 9 & 3.

Another season coming to a quick close, but the beauty of watching this team grow,
has us hype feeling good about next season,
j12, spence, ray ray, c-mac other reasons.
Not mentioned,last sentence can't name em all,
Last line like this, couldn't make it small
This steam being guided by a steady hand,
barrow, robinson, stout & randy shannon.
Just like da players will name some later,
Give it up 2 hurtt recruit coordinator
Bringing in True UM players watch em now
come next season people lQQking, WOW
Where did this come from, answer DA 3-0-5
tewbow's gone gators,luck watch urban cry
He saw it coming up close 3 1/2 quaters 08
tried dirty recuit tactics, way 2 late
like Da song "can't stop now traveled to far
randy changed DA broken record, reset da bar
Not sure when it'll happen, it'll be quick
randy's words, lQQking good, watch da fix.


Maybe at the Gator Bowl?

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 29, 2009 at 01:15 PM

I'll be there! Or Orlando??? Not sure where the Canes will end up until 12/6.

CaniaK aka True Canes

Roachcane77 we moved up from 21 to 17 in the coaches polls and we should be up in the top 10 in the computers. I think we will be ranked around 14 in the bcs when it comes out later today


86 did you see the deal I posted from the gator bowl site yesterday?

This looks like the way to go:



Tickets for the Champs Sports Bowl:

Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Time: 8:00 p.m.

Seating Chart
You can view Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium Seating Charts here. For the 2009 Champs Sports Bowl, the Big Ten is the home team and sits on the WEST side of the stadium. The ACC is the away team and sits on the EAST side.

Priority Seating
Priority sideline seating for the game is available through Florida Citrus Sports membership packages.

Tickets to the 2009 Champs Sports Bowl are $25, $40 and $60.

Available online at Ticketmaster.com.
Available by phone through Ticketmaster at 800.745.3000
Available at the Amway Arena box office (600 W Amelia St, Orlando, FL 32801). Box office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Thanks Caniak.

That BCS ranking will be huge!


86 you've got mail.

If the bowl game is anywhere within a 10^5 kilometers of me I'll be there.

When we find out where the bowl game is I think some of the spacers should get together and purchase tickets together.


Unbelievable game yesterday

One of a few times I've ever been so jacked up & happy to be wrong

I thought the Canes would win by 4, but after watching them on the field during pre-game and hearing them talking to each other, pumping each other up - (also, doing their warm-ups right in front of the USF student section and hearing all the garbage they were saying to the Canes) - that 4 point win was automatically going to be a 13 point win ... and they even went beyond that

Beyond impressed with the OLine play, I think I only heard Pierre-Paul's name called once .. Selvie was M.I.A.

Canes just dominated both lines of scrimmage, they had the bigger hairier peaches in between their legs yesterday & showed it

BJ Daniels lived up to the Tecmo Bowl name again, that kid can scramble & take huge drops after the snap ... I think moneycane recognized that, ha, you see why I named him that. C-Mac had an interesting line after the game when I was interviewing him about BJ Daniels & the game plan - I'll try & upload my videos soon

86, always cool meeting up with you & great to meet Mrs.86 as well - she knows her stuff

Also good meeting everyone else at Selmon's, nice to put faces to names on here

I took some pics with my cell camera again, except I wanted to try something different on it b/c it has a multi-shot mode, so I can just hold down the button & it takes 9 pics .... only problem is, the size of the pics are smaller - so, sorry about the quality. I put them together so it looks like a timeline that you can follow from left to right

The other single shot pics I took were a lot bigger

I have some great post-game interviews that I shot with Boss Man Shannon, Jacory (still wearing his R.I.P. ST eyeblack), Javarris James, Damien Berry, Hankie, Jimmy Graham and C-Mac

In Manny's audio section, you'll probably hear me a couple of times asking questions ... you'll know it's me b/c of how I write on here, you should know my style

I'm going to try and upload the interviews & some highlights I shot on Youtube as soon as I can .... I'll let everyone know where they are & there is a great behind the scenes part where the Canes are coming off the field after the game, into the locker room and I'm filming them, a few of them say stuff to me as they're walking by

Orlando Franklin scares the sh*t out of me, thought I'd share that, that dude is beyond enormous

Randy Phillips says a nice tribute to MEAST Sean Taylor

Javarris gives a shout out to Immokalee

Aldarius yells out "305 'til I die"

Damien Berry gives me the most face time, talking about how the Canes are back & shouldn't be doubted

A lot of them show the new Nike gloves with the "U" on the bottom

You guys will see all this when I upload them all

Also, ran into (literally) Derek Jeter in the tunnel. He was with Tino Martinez. Gary Sheffield was there as well ... funny story about that, my boy from work in sports & I were shooting the game on either side of the field, I was on the Miami side ... some reporters on the USF side said to my boy "Hey, look, it's Ray Lewis". My boy says "Huh?" .. they tell him, ya it's Ray Lewis right there, a couple of feet away. My boy said to them, "Um, ok ... or, hey you know what? I think it's probably Gary Sheffield, seeing how Ray is getting ready to play the Steelers tomorrow night & Ray would be on the Miami sideline & Ray is about 8 years younger & 3 feet wider ... b/c they both look so much alike and all, right?" Idiots.

Also have a funny tidbit about what a couple of Miami coaches think about the head coach of USF - off the record type stuff.


What the hell is this a zoe pound meeting or something, where did i say something was wrong with being a haitian, yall mofo's need to relax, i know it might be a sore spot with a lot of yall, but i'm not explaining shat if you understand what i'm saying u understand if you don't, you over react like women!


moneycane you got it I started my bowl game research last night! I hope the gator bowl because it is a new year day bowl and not on a week night!


Don't worry Calvin understood what you meant...and you know what I am a woman (you know canesgirl and I barefoot pregnant and always washing dishes, lol)!

Go Canes!

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