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November 28, 2009



yeah gotta give him credit for the way the te's have performed this year...expecially Johnson and Graham...a bball player and a db

Posted by: Nashvillecane | November 29, 2009 at 07:54 PM

"Whipple Effect"

Nix had ZERO plays for the TE.

Next question?

Mrs. 86

We're definitely planning on going to the bowl game!

Posted by: KLCaneFan | November 29, 2009 at 12:09 PM

Hope to see you and your girl then.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

And Beason too? I'm pretty sure it helps that they were away from Coker, but I would think the NFL coaching helps

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Yeah, Beason's an interesting one, esp. since he balled from Day One. I don't know who to praise with that one.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

My son in law had tears in his eyes when NC State beat the Heels, it was like Christmas to me!LOL!


Posted by: solarcane | November 29, 2009 at 08:22 PM


ROTFLMAO! That is too classic.

CaniaK aka True Canes



champs sports bowl here we come!

Nothing official yet of course but I just don't see another likely destination.

I'm down w/ a trip to Orlando for sure.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Hey Cavaleer,

Have you read Manny's Blog lately? He's still apologizing for picking the Bulls.

Gotta give him a break man... he just spoke his opinion based on our O-Line problems. Yeah, he was WAY WRONG, but he's still our best Hurricane source outside of THIS blog.

Well #17 is our number... all across the board... rats... was hoping to get to at least top 15. Maybe after next week?

Posted by: roachcane77 | November 29, 2009 at 06:41 PM


Roach, I've held my fingers on Manny. haha

The bigger point, though, is that he's been doing a ton of borderline tabloid talk for the last five months or more. All this giving grades after games, to players and coaches, is just ridiculous giving how little he seems to know about football and how little legitimate analysis he does of the Canes and their opponents.

Seriously, his blogs read like an arm-chair QB just talking shyt to stir the pot. It's vulgar.

He does his best work when he sticks to interviews and giving us player or coach info in a one-on-one situation.

When he starts making predictions and grading players after the fact, with only superficial information before and after, it just looks ridiculous and tabloid.

How about some analysis of previous opponents?? If he had done that with USF he might have noticed those games against Rutgers and Pitt. But no, he didn't look at anything, just the absence of Fox and USF beating up on friggin Louisville. COME ON MAN!!


I'm not shytin you! when I saw those glassy eyes tearing up in anger and the bitter expression in anticipation of what I was about to unleash it was a euphoric moment in my life.





Other than as set forth above, to be eligible for at-large selection by a bowl, a team must have nine regular-season victories and must be ranked in the top 14 of the final BCS standings, which will be compiled on December 6. The BCS bowl pairings will be announced at 8 p.m. Eastern time that day, on Fox television.

The champions from the five other conferences which receive automatic spots in the BCS games have not been determined. The following is a list of teams still contending for their conferences' championships:

ACC: Clemson, Georgia Tech
Big East: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh
Big 12: Nebraska, Texas
Pac-10: Oregon, Oregon State
SEC: Alabama, Florida

In addition to those 10 teams and Ohio State, the pool of teams remaining under consideration also includes (in alphabetical order):

Boise State, Brigham Young, Iowa, LSU, Miami (Fla.), Oklahoma State, Penn State, Southern California, Texas Christian, Virginia Tech.

Following is the schedule of the BCS games (television network in parenthesis):

January 1 — Rose Bowl Presented by Citi (ABC )
January 1 — All State Sugar Bowl (Fox)
January 4 — Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Fox)
January 5 — FedEx Orange Bowl (Fox)
January 7 — Citi BCS National Championship Game (ABC)

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Gerhart is a friggin badazz!!


Posted by: Canez1 | November 28, 2009 at 11:05 PM


He reminds me of Lendale White. That's probably what USC would've looked like without Bush. Not too shabby.


Thanks Mrs. 86! Can't wait for us all to get together for the bowl game...final time for this season :(


Solar too funny!


Bowls with dates and payouts:


Chik-fil-A $3.25M
Gator $2.5M
Champs $2.25M

Show me the $$$!


We should invite Tiger Woods to our next tailgate, don't U think?

He and Cat5 would probably hit it off!


Gerhart just flat out runs people over

He has to be in the top 3 for the Heisman

Im leaning toward:

Tech over Clemson Big
Cincy over Pitt Close
Texas over Nebraska Big
Ducks over Beavers Close
Bama over Gators by 10


Jus checkin in with canespace from tampa b4 i hit the bed, I love how we dominated from start to finish.Great prepared game! The stadium was pack and im glad it was a great showing of canes fans....man i've been to all the home games n in-state away games so far this year. I have to say that miami may want to look to play in state teams more because their alot fans in tampa and jville and orl areas. Im impressed!!!! Sad we can't fill up in our own backyard? but hey gr8 win!!! Lets make it 10 baby!

Its all peaches and berries when Damien Berry gets carries!!!!! ha ha thats oUr bamas Mark Ingram style of runner!!!

BCS =bullcrapsh!t




Hey Mrs. 86, it was really nice meeting you at the Duke game. My hubby will be joining me at the bowl game, much to Kljr's displeasure! Hopefully we'll all get to meet up then!




Sorry we couldn't get into Tampa early enough to drop by Selmon's. The good news was there were so many Cane cans there that there was no way to simply spot a few other UMers. Unfortunately it looks like I'm going to be away when the bowl game comes and won't be able to hit it.

I'll have to manage to entertain myself in the meanwhile with some Cane hoops and recruiting. Next up is a bit better opponent than SC Upstate in Minnesota (one of the other UMs) on 12/2.


Capt O - I said it last night, but I think you are way off base on Manny.

The man is a realist with this team, and as a reporter, its his job to report and make judgments based on facts, and not be too high or too low. He is always fare with this team and compared to any other reporter, I think he has the respect of the coaches and staff. (I don't recall if he made an official prediction, but I think he said 8-4 or 9-3, so his judgment was pretty spot on.)

To be honest, you're an all or nothing type of guy, so I understand what your saying, but I really think you need to keep holding those fingers since I think your a little off base.

If someone else on the space feels differently and I am reading/interpreting Manny wrong let me know.

JMO. I am out for the night.











Sarasota 'cane


Sarasota 'cane

Hey Grams, did the guy in the picture get that tat in jail with Sharpie ink? The dude looks like a coloring book. He should also talk to Shula, Marino, and Berman about getting into the Nutrisystem program.

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Cav I'm with you on Manny. He and Shandel were all over Randy and this team ALL SEASON, and now all of a sudden it's time to praise UM and Shannon after the last game of the year? After predicting a loss to USF based on nothing USF did on the field??? I'm at a loss!

On top of that, Manny is censoring his blog now. I criticized him today and he did not publish my post. I'm all for keeping the Troll's off the blog, but now the guy is trying to save face when the real UM bloggers start to question his analysis. Of course The Sentinel blog is still a cesspool controlled by Gator fans posing as "disgruntled cane fans".

Manny, Shandel, and Jorge can't stand the fact that Shannon could care less about them, or the press in general. You can bet all three would like to see a new HC at UM, but after yesterday I think they are starting to realize that Randy & Co. are going to be here a while! It's kind of sad to watch the end of the newspaper as we know it, but with the decisions that they are making, it's certainly no surprise.

I may just have to stay exclusively on Canespace going forward!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

Jacory's Facebook profile pic is a picture of he and Ken Dorsey walking out of the locker room I believe after halftime during the Wake game. Dorsey has his arm on Jacory's shoulder, and it looks like he is giving Jacory some advice.

It says a lot about Dorsey that Jacory decided to use that picture for his home page. I hope Dorsey comes to UM next year as a QB coach. The NFL door seems to have closed for Dorsey, but the coaching door seems to be opening wide! I know the AD likes Dorsey. The QB coaching job must be his if he wants it!

Go 'canes!




Sarasota 'cane --Hey Grams, did the guy in the picture get that tat in jail with Sharpie ink? The dude looks like a coloring book. He should also talk to Shula, Marino, and Berman about getting into the Nutrisystem program.

LooL.. naw saw him after the OU game walking around shirtless.. he also had a huge ibis on his arm... Gotta say that the fans that do show up to the games tend to be really diehard,, well crazy might be a better adjective.


I like Manny. not the recent changes to his blog but he is the best Cane cane football insider IMO... the SS is a joke, this site is by far the best blog/message board that i've been on... my only complaint is the multiple pages for each blog.. I guess there is nothing that can be done bout that but it is what it is...

Sarasota 'cane

I guess there is nothing that can be done bout that but it is what it is...

Posted by: Grams | November 30, 2009 at 02:30 AM

After you post a message, click on the date and time next to your name BEFORE you refresh and it will take you to the end of the blog automatically.

Go 'canes!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer


Maybe those upperclassmen heard me?? haha

Seriously though, the SHANNON EFFECT is for real. All you Negative Nancies and Debbi Downers who were dissin' him and the staff and calling for his head when the chips were down but never praising him when we were ballin' NEED TO RECOGNIZE.

Shannon IS Miami, as the Don said when she announced him as HC. He's taken the best of the 305 and overcome the challenges and transformed all of it into gold. And now he's teaching these young lions how to do the same on the field and off.

BOSSES on the field, achievers and gentlemen off the field.

Now if you can't see the truth of this after this entire season you either don't want to see it or are blind.

And if you need proof, just go to the Herald and listen to Shannon's recent interview and podcast.

All his passion and intensity, all the Orange and Green flowing through his veins are equalled by the tactical and strategic brilliance that are the hallmarks of every great football mind.

Y'all think his defenses were just my Jimmy's are better than your Joe's...yeah, keep dreamin'. You sound like those USF fools. But once we're blowing through the ACC and dropping 35 on legit teams at the half, guess what everyone's going to say, "Well, Miami's always just so talented."


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Grams, or HM, bangin' track and tight flows. Where can I buy that 1st cut?

Good analysis of the game as well, better than anything the so-called official media have offered.


thx sarasota... also how do i add a pic, if you don't mind?

Captain Optimist, I couldn't say it any better..

btw this is HM, previously known as 'forever the optimist'

Debbi Downers.. never heard that one before, got a decent laugh outta that one..


funny you should ask.. i'm outta town right now closing the deal for international distribution. which song do u want and I'll email it to you..

0h.. thanks for the feed back on the blog...

16 grams



JCane...we rolled into the parking lot at Selmon's and saw nothing but orange and green. Swear to God, it was awesome! Six, 404Cane and Canesince1982 were all there.

I am writing up a separate piece on Selmon's for Tuesday night. Great place, great food, great people.

orange 'n green in the vein

I wasn't completely sold on the all white uni's for what it's worth. The lighter the better.


Manny's alright but you gotta take whatever game analysis he gives you with a grain of salt since he's a journalist and not anyone who's ever played football (or coached for that matter), at least I don't think so.

He's been getting better but he'll never be an expert or anything close unless he starts playing or reading a bunch of books on football technique, strategy, etc. (for that kind of analysis, for football in general not just for Canes, go to http://smartfootball.com/ ). This will never happen since 1) the guy has a life, 2) he covers what the herald tells him to cover, which includes other sports, and 3) he has a HUGE fan base.

Manny's good at getting you the latest news, especially when it comes to recruiting. He also gets you the inside scoop on who's injured and he's really good during the off-season, when everything is pretty much dead, at reporting on practices, spring games, recruiting, basically interesting stuff to get you by until the season starts.

Although Manny works for the Herald, I consider his point of view to equal the point of view of a fan with an inside scoop on recruiting, not an expert. So when he gives us "analysis" by grading the players, coaches, etc, you gotta remember that this is just another fan talking--not a former coach or an expert.



One more thing - he censored his blog at the request of his fans/readers of his blog.

For whatever reason, hella Gators fans incessantly post hateful comments on Manny's blog and pretty much don't allow any meaningful discussion between Canes fans. Since Manny censored his blog, the discussion is now slower since he has to approve comments before they show up, but at least those terds aren't controlling the blog like before.

I don't see why this is a problem. The guy from AllCanes censors his blog and no one complains about it.


16 grams

MigH new Hurricane home.. 86 i was sleeping on your site all year.. i really missed out. you actually have educated posters. i wish i woulda known about clicking the time stamp instead of the next button..

anyways good to read educated fans..

if anyone is interested i will provide a link for official play books of most college teams and nfl teams.

hit me up at legoh52@gmail.com


Sarasota 'cane

Canefan, he is suppose to be moderating his blog, not censoring legitimate posts from cane fans. I got on Manny and Shandel for jumping on the bandwagon with their recent posts.

This UM team didn't cure all their ill's against USF, and they were never as bad as Manny and Shandel have written they were. This team is exactly where they are supose to be given their youth and their injuries.

My problem with Manny, Shandel, and Jorge was that they always went for the coaching angle first, and the inexperience and injury angle second. They have been downright unfair to Shannon at times this year.

I know Shannon can seem a little strange with the way he handles the press, but that has nothing to do with the way he is building this team. He has improved the team every year since he has been here.

I'll bet you all of the reporters previously mentioned already had the outline for their stories had UM lost to USF. We don't need beat reporters like that covering our team. I'm not asking for a homer to cover the canes, but something inbetween would be nice!

Shandel told me on his blog directly that UM was not his passion! Huh? What is? Mabe that's what he should be writing about. You can bleed orange and green and still be a journalist. Look at Kirk Herbstreit. That guy is a diehard fan, and an excellent broadcaster.

Oh well, another stab at sleep!

86, the wings at Selmon's are my favorite. Slow cooked and then lightly grilled! I love the BBQ too, but the wings.... Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Go 'canes!




You make a lot of sense Sota, especially regarding your views on Shandel. I NEVER take that guy seriously as he never has anything valuable to say. Manny at least will be THE MAN to go to during recruiting season (aside from the pay sites, which I can't afford). But Shandel is rehashing Manny's posts half the time and the other half he's being unreasonably critical on the Canes, especially the coaching staff.

I still say Manny isn't that bad. He's not perfect, but from the news guys, he's the lesser of the evils available.





Canechic admit it you loved seeing my Steelers lose last night! Legion, Ray Lewis is my alltime favorite football player! What a freakin Beast!


Just reading again, soup i'mma let those sissy azz comments by some of these sensitive azz people go, in the mean time though, yall can go kiss a cat.

As long as UM whens i can give a ratz azz wht the dolphins do. We only need the dolphins to win if UM loses. Otherwise, they have been under achievers since 72.

Who's the other school that has now offered that juco tightend, must be the gators!

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