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November 02, 2009





I just checked into a hotel in Ocala... (for the State Golf Tourney), get some free WIFI... check out Canespace and WHAT? First?

This is a good omen for my Girls Golf team tomorrow and Wednesday...

Let's Go Canes!


I nominate Esteban!


OMG the green dress!!!and that's my old friend
Ted. The first time Ted has had second billing.


The disgusting reign of Urban Meyer continues.

He suspends Spikes for A HALF for purposely gouging another player's eyes.

How any anyone respect that man.

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | November 02, 2009 at 03:23 PM

and against Vanderbilt, give me a break!


Nice job Roach! Esteban is #1 on my list also. Others to consider: pb, UMike, Cat5, OrangeandGreenintheVein, DZ8, DATCane, JSQ?


Can some shed light on a few things??

Y is Benjamin not returning all punts? (I like Collier too tho but think Benjamin is better)


Y is Cooper not returning kickoffs???

Berry is now a proven back along with James 22 & James 5 so let Cooper get touches in the return game .. he tore it up at the beginning of the season


CGNC... Wow..



Dave...what else did U expect? Scum is what scum does.


Roach...LOVE the avatar!


Este has my vote as well.


Loco - If you seen this in the next two hours respond as I have some important qork related questions about US rugby

Posted by: shwarma | November 02, 2009 at 02:36 PM

Its about 2 hours but a little before, what's up?
email me at [email protected]


At one point, I was almost eligible to get nominated.. oh well


Este, definitely

DallasTX Cane

I re-nominate CGNC

DallasTX Cane

i guess Este should be also, but he wont look nearly as nice in a green dress


Este deserves it big time. Should have been in last year.


DTC - I don't think I can be re-nominated - hey that dress is how I won the Heisman - LOL remember that?

Matt Drudge

Posted by Johnyonko in the herald forums:

The 2009 Miami Football Hurricanes are half way back, 50% of the way to where Randy Shannon and the rest of us want them to be. The 2010 Canes will be better yet.

If you can't wait for the joy and glory of the next 50% with enthusiasm, then bask in some of the Canes great moments of the past for a while - why grouse, grumble and hate when you can love what the Canes have already accomplished.

Here's a link to a great Orange Bowl Cane victory over UCLA. They're still writing about the "sweet season that went sour" in Los Angeles 10 years after the fact. The game was played in 1998 - the story was written last year, 2008.

Be glad you're a Cane!


Here is some really special Cane love for the Gators:


Miami was riding a 33 game winning streak, but the Canes were down 33 - 10 in the third quarter in the Orange Bowl - to the Gators. The rest is sweet history - Canes win 38 - 33, with 28 unanswered points engineered by Brock Berlin, not so long ago - 2003.

Remember Brock? Hated by some Miami fans for a "mediocre" 19 - 5 record. All Brock did was throw 5,099 yards and 34 touchdowns during his Miami career and go a combined 5–0 against Miami's archrivals, Florida (2–0) and Florida State (3-0).

With the "unpopular and under-achieving" Brock at quarterback, Miami would win the Big East Conference, defeat Florida State (for the second time that 2003 season) in the FedEx Orange Bowl, and also defeat Florida again in the Peach Bowl, 27 - 10, to cap off the 2004 season.

Be glad you're a Cane !

The three greatest predictions of all time - and the Canes top the Gators in one of them !

1. Babe Ruth asks the ump to throw a new ball to the pitcher. Why?, asks the ump. I want the kid out there to have a new ball, says the Babe. Which kid, asks the ump. The Babe points him out - in the bleachers - and sends the next pitch to him !

2. Joe Namath guarantees the Jets will beat the Colts in Super Bowl lll - and they do !

3. Hurricane football Head Coach Fran Curci predicts that Miami will win the national championship before Florida wins the SEC - and they do !

Be glad you're a Miami Hurricane !

What team was the first ever from the state of Florida to be the honored guests of the President of the United States at the White House?

It happened on January 29, 1988. Remember?

The Miami Hurricane players and coaches were the honored guests of President Ronald Reagan at the White House, a first for any collegiate athletic team in the state of Florida.

Afterwards, the Hurricanes opened the 1988 season with a nationally televised, 31-0 win over preseason No. 1 Florida State.

Be glad you're a Miami Hurricane !





At one point, I was almost eligible to get nominated.. oh well

Posted by: Loco | November 02, 2009 at 04:34 PM

At one point U WERE eligible.

Loco = Sophmore slump

I'm trying to prevent that from happening to UMike, but I am afraid that...




Holy Moses CGNC!! What a hot picture and an absolutely standout dress, that only a Cane could wear. Oh, the good old days!!! Remember, that I'm 61 now!!!
Great article too. The game Saturday is not on ESPN gameplan or anything else. I'll just have to listen on the radio thru the computer.




Posted by: solarcane | November 02, 2009 at 04:59 PM

Where's the love solar?


It is an honor to be nominated or even possibly nominated. I like to think my articles contribute to the Space (especially as they come in the off-season) but not sure if I'm a frequent enough blogger. I do appreciate it and, once again... Thank U to all who make Canespace what it is.


I think I should be nominated for Ring of Honor...




Frequent Blogger....Semi Check...must be honest I have been slippn but always inform that I love the upgrades...

RayChanCaneFan for the Ring of Honor ... lol
but really it'd be cool...


Gang I want to give you my sincere thanks for how you came through during the Canespace donation-contribution-sponsorship drive.

I am proud to be associated with every one of you.
I'll let Tom express his gratitude himself.

I can tell you he was truly amazed and humbled that you were so generous during these tough times.

Please read though the list below and inform me if you aren't on the list.

I won't be asking for your support using a fund raiser again, instead we are working on a way to have a Pay Pal type account docked to Canespace that you can contribute too when you feel like it.

Please read though the list below and inform me if you aren't on the list

Contributor’s List

Nativecane ****
Seoul Cane****
Palm Beach Canes Club****
JSQ Mary****

thank you


I thought Este was already in????

Must be a glitch or something. I gotta support my boy!

Ray Chan comes creepin back.

Whats up bro!

CG dont play! Just take a look at the whippin device on the wall behind her!


May I have anotha maaam!!



no disrespect to you ever. you pull your weight, and i enjoy what you bring.

I only put a couple names up just to encourage others to suggest names

Heck I didn't mention skool, roach, kl,and a dozen more people I love to read on here.

nominating people will come later right now it's just suggestions, so you will see your nick in there I bet


DallasTX Cane

DTC - I don't think I can be re-nominated - hey that dress is how I won the Heisman - LOL remember that?

Posted by: CGNC | November 02, 2009 at 04:49 PM

oh yeah...I remember! U get my vote AGAIN also


I put the jk in there solar. (I think it means just kidding, but it might mean joke. Either one is appropriate.) It's all good, U are good in my book because U occasionally laugh at my jokes. Keep rocking in the free world!


and who was Canez1 referring to with that peckerheadz shyt anyway??


Miami quarterback Jacory Harris has been selected an Atlantic Coast Conference football player of the week the ACC announced Monday. It is Harris’ third of the season and sixth of his career.

Sebastian just announced this on facebook, Good job Jacory!


It would be pretty smooth to see Duke upset UNC then go beat GT, then have their azz handed to them by us.



I think DATcane for his consistent early morning links. He has increased my morning productivity immensely by only having to come here and click, to get a lot of Canes info.

JSQ. Although a newcomer (I think), she has made her presence felt. Good articles and frequent appearances/dialogue on the blog have made her a "franchise" contributor. Maybe not Norm on Cheers level yet but she is getting there. She also laughs at some of my jokes.

Esteban. Took the Space to the next level. When historians look back at the evolution of the 'Space his inovation will be likened to Louis Pasteurs' germ theory and will enrich just as many lives. Or close to it.


aight soup
homey always gettin hassled by da man



Oh Im not sayn Im a credible nominee like dat right now...I have never seen a live game sadly enuff....but I am glad that I now live in GA as opposed to OKC where my CaneSpacin began...so U vs. Bumblebee games its on...or the U in the GA Dome for anything its on...But love what you guys done with the site and glad to see your entrepenueral spirits pour...Good Deal


ray chan
you can get over to SC and see Miami at Clemson next season too, thats an easy drive,
i'll see you there



Thanks Solar, but I'm not eligible... some gameday pics, but no articles. (My bad.) Maybe one of these days...

LOVE the Space though... the GREATEST U Miami site ever created!

All of us "old schoolers" thought Omar's spot was the best back in the day... and we felt we were lost when he "defected." But 86 said, "Let's do this thing right." and the rest is history, as we all know!

NO COMPARISON my friends... no comparison!

For The Fans... By The Fans. Say no more my Cane brothers and sisters... say no more...

Let's Go Canes!


the player of the week article

Atlantic Coast Conference Announces ACC Football Players of the Week for Week 9

Three Blue Devils pace weekly honors.

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Thaddues Lewis was one of three Blue Devils honored this week.

Nov. 2, 2009

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Miami sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris and Duke senior quarterback Thaddeus Lewis share this week’s Atlantic Coast Conference Offensive Back of the Week honor to headline a list of ACC Players of the Week, announced today. Both Harris (three) and Lewis (two) have earned Offensive Back of the Week accolades on multiple occasions this season.

Lewis is joined on the list by teammates Will Snyderwine, a junior placekicker who earned Specialist of the Week honors and was tabbed as one of three Lou Groza Stars of the Week, and freshman Conner Vernon, who earned Rookie of the Week honors as he established two school single-season records against Virginia. Florida State junior guard Rodney Hudson is making his second showing as the Offensive Lineman of the Week.

Defensively, North Carolina sophomore defensive tackle Tydreke Powell helped North Carolina to a win over Virginia Tech in front of a nationally televised audience on ESPN’s Thursday Night Football to take Defensive Lineman of the Week, while Boston College true freshman Luke Kuechly earned Defensive Back of the Week honors in the Eagles non-conference victory over Central Michigan.

CO-OFFENSIVE BACK - Jacory Harris, Miami, QB, So., 6-4, 190, Miami, Fla. (Northwestern)
Miami sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris earned this third Offensive Back of the Week accolade this season after he picked up his second career 300-yard passing game in a 28-27 comeback win at Wake Forest. He completed 22-of-43 attempts for 330 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winner to Travis Benjamin with 1:08 left in the game that capped a nine-play and 82-yard drive. Harris surpassed the 2,000-yard passing mark to become the first Hurricane to throw for more than 2,000 yards in a season since Kyle Wright in 2005.

CO-OFFENSIVE BACK - Thaddeus Lewis, Duke, QB, Sr., 6-1, 215, Opa-Locka, Fla. (Hialeah Miami Lakes)
Duke senior quarterback Thaddeus Lewis completed 24-of-40 passes for 343 yards and one touchdown to help rally Duke past Virginia, 28-17. In the process, the Blue Devils became the only team this season to throw for more than 190 yards on the Cavalier defense, which entered the contest leading the ACC and ranking fifth nationally in passing defense (151.3 yards per game). As Duke trailed 17-12 with 5:36 to play in the fourth quarter, Lewis engineered a five-play, 67-yard drive, culminating in a 42-yard touchdown pass to Conner Vernon for the go-ahead touchdown, a score that proved to be the game-winner.



Holy Moses CGNC!! What a hot picture and an absolutely standout dress, that only a Cane could wear. Posted by: MaryLouAlumni | November 02, 2009 at 05:06 PM

Agree 100%! Wow, what a "Pretty Woman"!

Mrs. 86

Nice green dress pic CGNC. Este for sure! Go Canes!


Thad Lewis and Conner Vernon both South Florida boys too



Miami's home game against Virginia has been tabbed for a Noon kick-off on Sat. Nov. 7 as announced by the Atlantic Coast Conference Sunday. The game from Land Shark Stadium will be broadcast by Raycom.

The Hurricanes will celebrate Homecoming Saturday. Miami and Virginia met in a thrilling overtime game last season in Charlottesville, which resulted in a 24-17 Miami win. Head coach Randy Shannon is 1-1 against the Cavaliers and Miami leads the series, 4-2.

Cat 5 Cane


Oh this is Great... not only do I slip off 86 list... Solar completely ignores me... and posts 4, leaving one hanging chad.

But it's OK!... I'm alright! ... Now kindly go screw yourselves into the nearest light socket, while I jump off the nearest bridge...awe where has the love gone?...lol

Hate to say it, but Jello brings it with style and although she is a short timer... she deserves it!... so if that seals the moninations, so be it and lets end it and party on!


Yeah, JSQ has brought it strong here lately... hard to leave her off of any list.


I just put names up there, I knew there are going to be ten or more before long.

The only two guys that I have actually nominated were Truth and PB(third time), One is a no show, the other is about to become a three time loser, you don't want me to be your spokesman.lol


Cat 5 Cane

Solar... Just ragg'n and pulling the chains... to hear the clanging of steel rubbing against a hollow head...lol

It's all good because I'm here and having fun whether I win or not!


Congrats, inductees! A well deserved honor for all.


i just want the canes to win saturday.no ifs ands or butts


The Ring of Honor was established during the 1997 season as a way to recognize the outstanding players that have passed through the Hurricane Football Program.

“There have been so many great players that have played at the University of Miami,” commented Coach Butch Davis, “that if we retired all their jerseys, we would not have enough numbers left to outfit a team, and would have to issue players triple digit jerseys.”

Left: Sebastian the Ibis, George Mira,
Ted Hendricks, Jim Dooley and
Athletic Director Paul Dee.

Names will be added to the Ring of Honor on a regular basis by either decade or position played. Those names and their jersey numbers will be permanently affixed for display on the face of the Orange Bowl’s upper deck.

The first four inductees were the only Hurricane players to have their jersey’s retired. Their names were unveiled on November 1, 1997, during halftime of the Miami vs. Arkansas State game.

1997 inductees: Jim Dooley, Ted Hendricks, George Mira and Vinny Testaverde.

1999 inductees: Ottis Anderson, Don Bosseler, Bernie Kosar and Burgess Owens.

2008 inductees: Edgerrin James, Jim Kelly, Cortez Kennedy, Jim Otto and Gino Torretta.

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