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December 01, 2009


concha de tu madre



Thank you Shwarma!

Dallas its cool I appreciate you repsonding.. I thought the whole world had forgotten about my question there for a second.

TE is a desperate need for this team. I just don't know who we see step up, I think it is going to have to be some sort of position change. Billy Sanders doesn't do it for me. I would love Dye to switch to TE, I think he has more potential there orrrrrrr do we have another PF on the basketball team that can bang around like Jimmy??? We should make this a regular thing only...They have to start the football team their Junior year. So we at least get two with them.


By the way what the h8ll happened to Jimmy last game?

Did he play? Mind you I couldn't get a live feed so I was listening to 560 online. I didn't hear his name called once, aside from one of the announcers talking about his last game.

DallasTX Cane

There's been a lot of info in the media lately about concussions in football and how the development of the hard helmet (to improve safety) leads to players using the head and increasing the number and severity of hits to the head.

A study comparing football injuries to rugby injuries concluded that rugby players suffer more injuries overall. However, those injuries mostly affect the ankles, knees, and shoulders. Head injuries in Rugby were not very common. Football had a much higher % of head injuries.

The conclusion was that the presence of the hard helmet gives football players the illusion of greater safety and leads to more head injuries.


Nothin like the bread pudding at LeRoys!

DallasTX Cane

It took me a while CSM...work's been busy today. lol


I've been a typical American guy for most of my life...either paying no attention to soccer or "hating" it, mostly because the rest of the world loves it. So, it was karma that my daughter not only loves soccer, but has become a pretty decent player. Now, my life is dominated by youth soccer (and CANES football!).

I have to say...IMO, I think most Americans dont watch or appreciate soccer due to lack of exposure while young. We're all programmed to root for the teams we first loved as kids and we also tend to stay loyal to the things we know and understand and loved as kids. For most adults, that does not include soccer.

Loco is 100% on the mark when he talks about the influence of $$ - soccer does not lend itself to TV...there's no break for commercials. If soccer were more TV friendly, its fan base in the US would grow immeasurably.

Finally, Americans in general love offense. Football has evolved over the past 30 years. Think about the game last night (Pats vs Saints) and compare it to the 4 yds and cloud of dust philosophy that ruled football up until the 80s. Even in the 90s, the teams that won multiple Super Bowls had a dominant RB. Football has changed and become more popular.

Soccer would help itself if the offsides rule were liberalized to create more scoring and allow for more displays of athleticism. That would excite people and broaden the fan base.

If you haven't experienced soccer 1st hand and learned about the game, its difficult as an adult American to get into it. let me assure you though, the athletes are incredible and the skill level displayed (especially at the English Premier League level) is amazing.

DallasTX Cane

BTW 86, nice review. However, IMO the words BBQ and "upscale" should never be used in the same sentence. The best BBQ is served cafeteria style on wax paper and eaten on picnic benches while the smell of smoke permeates your clothing to the core.


Remember Richard Gordon most likely gets a medical RS. So will have him and Billy Sanders. Calhoun could get some reps as the 3rd TE if needed. Also Corey white or Stephen plein could spend a year as blocking TEs. Ideally though we can land at least one pass catching TE. Plenty of blockers available. Only Sanders looks like a potential pass catcher for next year unless Gordon really gets a light switched on somehow.


CGNC...you around..I need your help again!!



Bobby Bowden officially retires from FSU!

Sarasota 'cane

I'm sure everyone is sorry to see Bowden retire, but it should have no bearing on our bowl selection process.

UM should play in the Gator Bowl on New years day if GT beats Clemson. UM should play in the Champs if Clemson beats GT.

Bowdens retirement should have nothing to do with the selection process. I'm thinking FSU/ND on the "Blue Field" in Boise is about what those two schools deserve this season.

I know that the bowl committee's have some leeway in deciding who does or does not play in their bowl games, but it would not be fair to the players or the coaching staffs of any school that gets bumped to accomodate Bowden.

I don't hate FSU or there fans, but if UM gets bumped, I'll single one or two FSU fans out at Landshark next year and pretend that they just threw a beer bottle at me! I'm just sayin'!!

Go 'canes!


CaneSaw, I was thinking the same thing with Dye as far as making a move to TE, but if Bailey leaves, there's no way in hell I see that happening. But if Dye were to make that move, I can see it paying off immediate dividends, I remember watching Him in that State game last year, and He was just as dominating at TE as He was at DE...


86 I think everybody kind of smelled the writing on the wall there.

The only thing that intrigues me about this situation is how much time does Jimbo get? Cause FSU really stunk it up the 2nd half of the year. I think the loss we gave them crippled that team, b/c they played LIGHTS OUT against us and even GTech.

Yea I'm talking about a pass catching TE, I know it would be a shame for Mike James but anybody see him playing some H-Back and going around and catching passes? I know the kid wants to run the ball but he is already a solid 215-220, he could easily put on 20 pounds through a solid year of college eating and weighlifting?? Am I stretching?

B. Sanders, Gordon, Plein, White do not encourage me at all..

The TE will be a non factor in the passing game with them.




LMAO Sarasota... Dude Stop!

I spit coca cola on my work computer..This...

I don't hate FSU or there fans, but if UM gets bumped, I'll single one or two FSU fans out at Landshark next year and pretend that they just threw a beer bottle at me! I'm just sayin'!!

Go 'canes!



Bobby Bowden officially retires from FSU!

Posted by: 86Cane | December 01, 2009 at 04:03 PM

86 have you heard any of the nasty rumors that are flying around. That they are gonna give FSU the ACC slot in the Gator Bowl. This is pure bull shyte if this happens. My team fought hard, earned tough victories on the feild and gets screwed over my a decaying program that sucked all year becasue their old azz head coach in leaving.



I would like to see team shannon bring in at least two qb's next year. Right now it looks like the only committ is the kid from Pace.


UMike - shoot me an email mw32779@windsream.net


Not looking good for the bowl game. When FSU convinces the Champs bowl to take them, GA Tech will go to the BCS, VA Tech to the Peach, Clemson to the Gator, UNC to Charlotte (location sells tickets) we will end up in Nashville playing some 3rd rate SEC team like South Carolina or... (GASP) back to Cali for the good old Emerald Bowl.

True Cane aka Canian

So the Gator will take FSU which is a tragedy. I hope the champ takes Miami

Cat 5 Cane



Interesting comment from the Herald...Blog..
The bowl system is so corrupt it's not even funny. It's all about making dollars to the big wigs in charge of the process rather than rewarding the most deserving teams. From a business standpoint, it makes all the sense in the world for the Gator Bowl to match up FSU with West Virginia. Jacksonville is only a short drive away from Tallahassee, and you gotta believe the FSU faithful will show up in full force to be present at Bobby's last game. God I can't wait for there to be some sort of playoff tournament set up in major college football cause these bowl match ups being decided by who could potentially bring in the most money is absurd and disrespectful to the game.

Posted by: Jose | December 01, 2009 at 05:50 PM

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