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November 04, 2009



1:28 mark the O-line was terrible on selling the screen.

They gave it up way too early.. some didn't even try to blotjat person..


yep DZ...Savage fooled the shat out of me...I thought he was cane material, but in the end, he saw an opportunity where he could play from the jump, and has shown some skills at Rutgers, so who can blame the kid...He ran around with number 3 son (they went to same HS), and was over at my house every weekend....I am the official "recruit killer" for PA (I also talked to Pat Devlin some, and went to some of his games)...so this year, I am staying away from this big DT in Philly who goes to Washington HS, and really wants to be a Cane....kid is supposed to be one bad dude...where he lives in the city, he better be


guys no need in continuing to complain about the defense. at this point, it is what it is.

the offense is going to have to carry this team for the rest of the season. all those great WRs are gonna have to show how great they are now.

Posted by: Daytoncane | November 04, 2009 at 11:59 PM

I agree totally. If UM wins more games, its on Harris and his WR corp.


Posted by: phillyscott | November 05, 2009 at 12:07 AM

stay away, do whatever, to help The U!


I'm just reviewing the film... I think there are some correctable errors, ,I do want Shannoon to be allowed to be questioned specifically about the play of some players i.e. Sharpton.

Cause I see no reaon this could should be on the field.

I miss Futch and the LB's should have been Mcarthy Middle, Futch strong, Spence Weak.

Even now I think Brown should get some burn. He noestly couldn't be doing any worse that Sharpton, whom I appreciate. Just don't see there. Sharpton is a practice guy, not a gamer!!!!

orange 'n green in the vein

Savage is going to be good philly, you tried your best to sell the guy, no shame in him going to Rutgers to try to make them mean something more than a flash in the pan. Devlin wasn't your fault either, he really liked Werner, which shows you why it's better he ended up at Delaware instead. The fact that he ever committed to UM in the first place was a near miracle, his mom was a freaking PSU cheerleader after all in college.


Really philly I dont blame any kid even little Brown. Do what U think is best for you. I watch Savage and I remember being new on this board and amazed at the knowledge here. U know what I mean.

A top-flight QB recruit up in PA and we got a DIE HARD CANES FAN saying this kids hanging out with his son. If U ever run into 86 tell him to buy you a beer on DZ8. I'll pay him back:)


The O should win us games like it did, but the D shouldn't put us in the position it did..

They made some boneheaded mistakes and we paid dearly.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Canesaw, great story but you have to think if Lovett COULD do something more he would. I'm honestly not so sure he can with the personnel we have.

It's a debatable point but at least no one can say the man doesn't take risks. Cover 0 blitz??? Yeah.

But people, this definitely isn't Shannon's D because Shannon would mask his D so well that it would look like man but actually be a zone...ask FSU 2006 about that one.

But we had something of a veteran team that year so it's not really applicable. That DL was stout. Even Cook managaed to look average behind them.

orange 'n green in the vein

Sharpton is a classic one good play/two poor-to-mind-boggling-bad-plays type of ratio player. But man, when he hits you head on, it's lights out time, see you on the training table for at least another week type of collision.


welcome. I disagree about Shannon disguising his D though.

My players will beat your players...starting with the four up front. IMO


Sharpton might be a late round Adkins type.

orange 'n green in the vein

Spencer could run a lot faster than Sharpton, he also could TACKLE once he got to the football. Unless Sharpton lines up the kill shot, he's not making the play.


it's not between the ears for #50, DZ8. Maybe ST's demon for someone, as a backup LB.

Can't see anything more for him


i think many canes fans should appreciate how good of a defensive coach Shannon is. when he was running the defense we almost always in the top 10.

and a lot of those guys he was playing aren't superstars in the league right now, so that gives you an idea of what he was working with.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Shayon is an unknown.

When we know about Shayon, It'll be Kevin's turn. RS is giving KN #52 FOR A REASON.

Just like Coop, Ray Ray, and LaRon. There's a purpose.

Posted by: miamimike01 | November 04, 2009 at 10:56 PM


MM01, Nelson has that look in his eyes that let's you know he's serious business, a champion's look. I almost wish he'd come early so he could just take over but I also want to see AB get some time to show and prove something.

Interesting that they didn't give #52 to Shayon. To me, he's an OLB, if that. He's so lanky, once he fills out his frame he could be a DE.

If anyone should wear it, it's Nelson.


I agree. I think thats what I said.


Let us see what hes got (listening to Jimmys Little Wing right now)


Sharpton is only good in obvious run situations.. All other scenarios he is a liability, but i guess the Shannon thinks that A.Brown will have 10 people out of place, instead of Sharpton having everybody in place but himself????? Am I thinking wrong here??


I agree to miamimike01

Not sure about Shannon being a good coach, or defensive coach. He has plenty of players in The League.

JMO. Hope I'm wrong.


You mold the scheme around the talent. Unless, I guess, your Miami under Shannon. Then it means you must fit your round peg into a square hole.

We are a 4 - 3 defense. Tell the middle linebacker to flow to the ball and kill the guy with the ball. Adjust your scheme to your personell, isn't that coaching?


Superstars in the league vs. people in the league.

Most coaches will take people in the league.

Great, now I got the Dead on the radio.


Nothing wrong with the dead but jimmys little wing is one of my favorites.


MM01, Nelson has that look in his eyes that let's you know he's serious business, a champion's look. I almost wish he'd come early so he could just take over, but I also want to see AB get some time to show and prove something.

Interesting that they didn't give #52 to Shayon. To me, he's an OLB, if that. He's so lanky, once he fills out his frame he could be a DE.

If anyone should wear it, it's Nelson.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 05, 2009 at 12:29 AM


Green could make the move to DE, but numbers and Nelson's talent will dictate where Shayon ends up. If Kevin comes in ready (he will, he promised me), if he can hang on RB's and be average in pass coverage, he'll play.

Coaches also have the luxury now with numbers (after this next class) to experiment.

Several players listed on the commit list will change positions. I see a few candidates. Let's discuss.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

DZ8, that's not an opinion, it was a fact about his D against FSU that year. And against VT 2005 he did some similar things.

Guys to Shannon, it's all about whether players can do their jobs and everyone handle their responsibilities as a unit. When Shannon's confident players can do that, he gets as creative as the situation calls for or is possible.

I personally think it's because of Shannon's teaching style that so many of our LBs are INSTANT sensations in the NFL. They're already used to playing assignments and technique, so they hit the ground running. Vilma said he still calls Shannon for football advice.

Why would he go visit Dirk Koetter in the off-season and play war-games if he was only concerned about my jimmy's being better than your joe's?

Come on guys. That shyt is cute in HS but as Grant said, "it's all between the ears at this level." How much more so for the coaches.

Plus, Shannon HAD to use his brain power in college because he wasn't the naturally gifted athlete. That's why Wannstadt had him breaking down opponents for the defense when he was a junior. BRAINZ. Shannon didn't have the brawn.

And when you have LBs who can't cover the pass, you only have half the equation, and if your DL is young and banged up and giving no pass rush, you're even further behind the 8 ball. And I'm not even mentioning DBs.

So right now we're not going to see much sophistication with the personnel we have because they can't handle it. Period.

Lord knows if AB can't handle Sharpton's load right now, he must seriously be struggling.

Now next year, with C-Mac in the middle, Nelson and AB behind him, Spence, Futch, Buchanon and maybe another freshmen behind them, we'll have a much more solid D.

CB will still be a question but with VT and RR back there, they'll have plenty of help.

And if we finally get this DL on track, it'll be like D-Day at Normandy.

orange 'n green in the vein

"i guess the Shannon thinks that A.Brown will have 10 people out of place, instead of Sharpton having everybody in place but himself????? Am I thinking wrong here??

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | November 05, 2009 at 12:31 AM "

THAT'S A BINGO! Is that how you say it?

A. Brown will get his time to shine, he needs to master all the nuances and he's one of those guys for whom the transition from Kansas HS Ball to Miami, (FL) college ball is going to take a little while. He really should have used last year to RS but no dice considering the depth chart problem that was inherited.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

OGV, Oscar isn't going anywhere near the NFL, if he's smart. And I don't think his record's as good as TX over the same years.
I wouldn't want him anywhere near the U either, with that corn-ball offense. No way. He can do his song and dance elsewhere.

We can trash Sharpton all we want but his hit on Skinner that KO'd him was arguably the most important hit of the year, late and wrong though he was, he laid the boom.
If he doesn't KO Skinner that game is in serious doubt. Jacory and AJ may never have had the chance to perform their heroics.



Love your Captain America thing.

We have always played conservative defense. Blitzing one or two players doesn't make you a mastermind. It gets back to the players vs. the coach (chicken vs. the egg) debate. Its just my opinion.

The great thing is in college football. Being a TRUE leader of young men like The Randy is, might be enough.


Now Stevie Ray Vaughan...little wing


Later guys. Good night.



Nelson basically beat Buchholz, singlehandedly.

Scoop and score, INT, BOTH in the 4th Q.

14-9. Nelson and Davis, TOOK OVER THE GAME.

They BOTH rose up to the challenge when the game was on the line.


orange 'n green in the vein

Cav, Texas has more wins than Urban at Bowling Green and Utah and even UF, but he's got more rings in that time frame and on a "wins per donor dollar" comparison I'd say he's better.

Plus I said he's a good football coach, not smart! And while using your QB as a Wing-T back on 3rd and 4th and short doesn't work in the NFL over time, in college, when the QB is bigger and stronger than your average LB trying to tackle him, it's UNSTOPPABLE!



you and me are on the same page. if the guy doesn't get it, he can't be on the field.

you want to know what a MLB is? here you go



Official Canespace business, tomorrow.

I gotta check out. Been fun, guys. (and gal)

Vault it. Nelson wears #52 and wins an award (or two).


we're always calling for the next guy...but over the past few years when has that next guy who we all thought should be playing actually come in and played better than the person who was in front of him? All were calling for Cookie, but he's playing and no one wants to see him out there no more. Damien Berry was fumbling in practice according to the coaches. Gonna put him in the game if he's fumbling in practice? For each guy its been a good reason they are sitting. I trust the coaches call.


Good news for you (and me and all other out of state Canes), MaryLou- Game
http://espn.go.com/college-football/scheduleplan is carrying the game:


I'm a Dolphins and Canes fan, maybe not in that order anymore. Point being, until you get a dominant safety, you do not have a dominate defense. Name a dominate defense and I'll name a dominate safety.

Posted by: DZ8 | November 04, 2009 at 10:39 PM

You sir are a a genius!

Canesaw that story made my morning got to love us crazy cane fans!


86 do you have a preview set up(solar). Can I do a mid season report?

Posted by: DZ8 | November 04, 2009 at 11:58 PM

Solar was doing the UNC defense. Can U do the offense and I'll merge them?

If you want to do a mid-season review that's fin also. I need something for Monday and Tuesday next week.


Official Canespace business, tomorrow.

I gotta check out. Been fun, guys. (and gal)

Vault it. Nelson wears #52 and wins an award (or two).

Posted by: miamimike01 | November 05, 2009 at 01:04 AM

Go get 'em MM01!


Nice article Mary (jsq)
My next door neighbors are Gators, for 2 years no evidence of their loyalty but as soon as I put cat5cane's decal and my orange and green ribbon streamers on my truck and car out came the flags and auto decals.


Received this in todays E Mail.


This ship notification is being sent to you by the U.S. Postal Service® at the request of STEPHANIE GIRARD. If the "Shipped To" address information is not correct, please contact the Shipper.
A package with a Click-N-Ship® label created on usps.com containing the following information is scheduled to be shipped on 11/04/2009.

ATLANTA GA 30328-3831
Debary FL




Cat 5 Cane

Then after we score I refused to let anybody in until the defense finally held them to the missed field goal.


Posted by: CaneSawMassacre

Funniest blog of the day!!!








Defensive holding means Darryl Sharpton was holding a WR or RB from their route right? Shouldn't the ref have had to have Wake choose between a 1st and 5 or the gain they recieved. The yardage was tacked on after the QB scrambled for 20 yards. I must be wrong on the rule here right?

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | November 04, 2009 at 11:55 PM

Its the all-but-one principle in officiating...

Its confusing, but basically any defensive penalty that is a live-ball foul besides offsides gets tacked onto the end of the run, unless the end of the run is behind the LOS, in which case it goes from the LOS

Cat 5 Cane

Sharpton verses my man Brown... Don't pretend to know it all but maybe Virginia is the game where we see Brown's azz on the field, getting some PT in.


Weather... low 80's
Forecast is calling for partly cloudy day with spotty (fast moving) showers and 20 to 30 MPH gusts... for the next 4 days

Expect choppy seas at the Shark, as high winds and damp ball might cause concerns for Harris and Bosher, but the same holds true for Virginia...

Slight Advantage Miami... we're practicing in it daily.



Thanks for the clarification Loco.. That is stupid.


Entertaining and informative as always, Mary. GO 'CANES!!!


Teriana - you new? Welcome if so.. Per 86 post here and post often!


7. Virginia’s pass defense vs. Jacory Harris. The Cavaliers’ defense hasn’t been their problem this year. They’ve allowed just four passing touchdowns all season, including one to Duke last week, and the Blue Devils entered the game with 18. Only Air Force, Penn State and Nebraska have allowed fewer (three). Miami is averaging two touchdown passes per game and offensive coordinator Mark Whipple has kept things entertaining with throwing downfield whenever the mood strikes him.


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