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November 04, 2009




LMAO! Nailed it.


Gotcha. Thought you were ripping on him - I apparently missed the Iowa talk too! haha

I'm just starting to get my friends on the blog. It's taking some time . . .




Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

How do you guys like Brandon Harris now???? semi-finalist for the thorpe award, i don't recall seeing TJ Bryant's and Patrick Johnson/Peterson's name on the list!!!!


HAHA, yeah you don't find too many Iowa fans on Canes sites do ya?! Beericane, did you say you're from Iowa too? where?

Yeah Mary, poker is at my house tonight so we'll discuss it when the guys get over. We'll update you with all the details tomorrow.

BTW, making the patented jello version of Hollywoods tonight!! Haven't decided if I'm make any H1N2 or not yet..


ALSO, I love ya stickin up for a brother!! :)


ALSO, I love ya stickin up for a brother!! :)

Posted by: Adam | November 05, 2009 at 02:13 PM

I got your back.

I'm excited for the Hollywoods!

I want to do H1N1 again! I was a little scared of it the first time around (you running around looking like Tony Montana didn't help), but now I know what it is, I'm down!


My opinion, and it's worth exactly what you paid for it, is that no way is RS going to put Sharpton on the sideline in his senior year unless the backup is better than him in every way. While this is admirable on Randy's part with regard to #50's future with an NFL career, it also might hurt the "U" in some situations.

The last thing Randy wants to explain to NFL scouts is why DS was pulled in obvious passing downs or blitz packages for a younger player.

The "Randy Requirements" to play ahead of a senior like Phillips or Sharpton is that you must be better than him in every way...mentally, physically and leadership qualities...all of the time.

I agree with everything about that except..."all of the time."

Posted by: Texascane | November 05, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Very well said Texas and I agree with your point about "all of the time". While Randy would not hurt the team, but not taking the chance he also might not be helping the team.

Cat 5 Cane

Thanks for the link

Taken from the SS... written today.

coach Randy Shannon slowly went down the list of the players.

Ryan Hill. Marcus Forston. Sean Spence. Pat HIll, JoJo Nicolas. Eric Moncur. Ray Ray Armstrong.

Those are some of the players who have missed games with injuries. Most have been out multiple weeks or will miss the remainder of the season.

"What you don't look at is that we're a different team than we were in the first four games," Shannon said earlier this week. "That's the thing people don't realize."

UM has been hit hard by the injury bug, and at key positions. With Jordan Futch gone for the year and Spence set to miss his second straight game, the Hurricanes are so thin at linebacker. Shannon expects to only play three LBs _ Colin McCarthy, Darryl Sharpton, Ramon Buchanan _ this week against Virginia.

Hill could help a struggling secondary, and let's not even talk about the injuries at defensive line. It's been a constant problem all year.

"Those guys would help us," Shannon said. "We're not the same team, but I'm proud of this football team. They're not quitting."

Do Ya Still think this is going to be a cake walk?

From here on out it's going to be a battle every game just ttrying to win and stay healthy.


HAHA, yeah you don't find too many Iowa fans on Canes sites do ya?! Beericane, did you say you're from Iowa too? where?

Posted by: Adam | November 05, 2009 at 02:12 PM

Nope! not many of us around down here. I am always amazed at how many Indiana people are down here in Miami... It is pretty rare to see people from Iowa, though. However, strange thing happened... The last building I lived in a guy stopped me and saw my iowa plate and he was from Waterloo (where I was born). It was pretty crazy.

I am from Newton. What about you?


I'm happy for B.Harris, he has come along way this season and expect great things from him over his career.

I not trying to get into A.Brown debate but the boss is looking at playing only 3 LB next game, is he that clueless? I mean if Sharpton goes down, who plays?


Very cool, I grew up in Cedar Rapids. Then lived in Iowa City for about 10 years. Moved down here in 06 and figured I'd stay for a while..

It's funny I actually keep the old Iowa plate too. I guess I gotta keep the connection somehow.. (and I enjoy alot lower insurance rates!)


I not trying to get into A.Brown debate but the boss is looking at playing only 3 LB next game, is he that clueless? I mean if Sharpton goes down, who plays?

Posted by: USAFCane | November 05, 2009 at 02:32 PM

This is supposed to be a secret . . . but it looks like I'll be rotating snaps with Cookie this week. Randy said I might need to curb my jello shot intake pre-game though.


My brother now lives in CR. He works for Rockwell-Collins (like 1/2 the people there, right?). I've been down in the MIA since '05 and will be here at least another 5 years. The only times i miss the motherland is when a hurricane decides to pass on through and when i am stuck in traffic, because there is no traffic in IA : )


This is supposed to be a secret . . . but it looks like I'll be rotating snaps with Cookie this week. Randy said I might need to curb my jello shot intake pre-game though.

Posted by: JSQ | November 05, 2009 at 02:35 PM

WOAH! clearly RS has no real experience drinking. You need to drink MORE jello shots so you turn into a mean drunk. the only difference between ray lewis and the rest of us is he feels sober the rage we feel when we are bowling alley drunk.


JSQ if Randy is asking you to curb the shots before the game, I don't think he is best utilizing your skills


No game remaining in my opinion is a cake walk, all the teams we're playing have good talent across the board. While virignia has lost games, they are still a god fundamentally sound team, they haven't produced these 1st round offensive and defensive lineman by fluke. We will have to bring it to beat them and not let up off the gas. Same thing with unc, duke and a real hyped up and real confident usf squad. duke will feel like they let us off the hook last year and have an offense now that can put us away this year.

This second half of the year is actually going ot be harder than the 1st half because of injuries and teams have more game film on whipples offense and our defense, like shannon said, execution is going to be key and that execution is going to have to come from the coaching staff more so.

If the 1st 4 games told shannon what kind of team we had these last 4 games will tell us what kind of coaching staff we have. If we go undefeated these last 4 games, that will show me something moreso than the 1st 4 games. The 1st 4 games didn't impress me, and they weren't as hard as alot of people were makng them out to be.

This last haf of the schedule is going ot be about this coaching staff being able to keep the guys motivated and focused as well as calling aggressive schemes for this team to get thru, if shannon has recognized this is not the same team, than we can't have the same type play calls on defense and offense as well.


I am much more mean sober, fellas.

Drunk Mary is like "we can all get along." Sober Mary (or deprived from alcohol Mary) is militant. Just ask the kids sitting next to Adam and me in Choke Campbell stadium for the FSWho game. Or the inbred Chokelahoma fans nearby when my mom told me to "take the first quarter off."

Randy knows me well. He'll be like, "Mary, you see that dude Sewell? Well he told me that (1) the 'Canes suck, (2) the Orange Bowl sucks, (3) your dog isn't handsome, (4) and your jello shots are sub-par. Get a big hit and I'll have a silo cup full of Erika's rum punch over here for you when you get back."

Randy is all about knowing what makes the individual player tick. ;-)

. . . and lol on the bowling alley drunk comment!


Beericane, yeah in the CR/Iowa City area there is 2 rather larger Rockwell complexes.. I go back quite a bit, this time of the year especially.. I did 2 games this year, and 3 last.

I miss it, but it's mainly because family and friends, BUT generally the people in the midwest are awesome. I'll be glad I'm not there in like a week or two when the temps start to drop lower than 40!


You all should have seen Mary at the FSU game. Her tears of joy were sandwiched in between her taunting Seminole fans and screaming "go back to your trailers!"


Tailgate details?






Haven't seen the injury list, though I'm sure it's been posted.

If anyone has it, could you please re-post?

Work has been insane and frustating this week and haven't been on much.

Thanks in advance


I respect everyone's opinion on here....My main confusion with the whole Arthur Brown issue boils down to this.....If the guy is so clueless, and can't grasp the system, why has he not been shut down, and redshirted either last year or this one? Am I not mistaken, that this is what the redshirt is for? RS talks about building depth at every position, having AB for another year would add depth, plus if he is worrying about nothing else but learning the system, maybe it would help....
Just doesnt add up to me, that you say the guy isnt getting it, but not using the main tool you have (redshirt)....
I give AB a lot of credit....he has kept his mouth shut, and been a team guy, at least on the outside looking in


Here's hoping that Sharpton has 11 tackles (three for loss), an interception and a sack on Saturday.

Nothing would please me more.

He has the pedigree and the experience.


New avatar, new outlook Texas?


he has the pedigree and experience?

When did Sharpton become the reincarnate of Dan Morgan.... He has had 1 maybe 2 games like that in his life.

I like the dude. He is definitely doing better this year then Cook but, he isn't a 13 tackle 1 Int FF type of game changer.


he had 11 tackles against UCF, 10 against Clemson, and 7 against Wake. With a couple of tackles for loss mixed in.

I'm thinking now...imagine how many tackles he'd have if he didn't miss so many. Dude would be breaking records.

Shows while he's a step behind a lot he's always around the ball at least.


he being Sharpton.


so I was right 1-2 games like that in his life.


CSW, those are the last 3 games.


Operative word was "hoping".

I always wish the 'Canes well...


I'm just saying maybe I'm going off of bad game film, I just went through play by play of the Wake game watching defense, specifically Sharpton and he was out of position every play.

Now I didn't do this for UCF, Clemson and other games to be fair, though I've seen my fair share of missed opportunities. Just saying..


Craziness going on at Fort Hood, Texas


Colin, has 11 each of the last two games.


Take a look at his R/S freshman year year...ALL ACC Freshman Team, Third Team Freshman All America, All ACC Academic Team...

Remember, he's a fifth year senior.


Playing three LBs the whole game is really, really dumb. Are they that scared of playing Brown that they would risk running the guys into the ground?




Super, you know you have to take what Randy says at face value.

He might play 3 LBs but play do like last week and play a majority of the game in nickel so that 3rd LB is providing the other two rest. But more likely JSQ will be proven right and Brown will be rotating with Buchanon (i hope so at least).


Damn Six sounds like someone majorly went off the reservation




07-Sep @Florida State 4 3 1 0
17-Sep Georgia Tech 8 6 2 0
26-Sep @Virginia Tech 5 1 4 0
03-Oct Oklahoma Did Not Play or did
10-Oct Florida A&M 2 1 1 0
17-Oct @UCF 11 5 6
24-Oct Clemson 10 8 2
31-Oct @Wake Forest 7 4 3


Again, those were his last 3 games, but probably statistically speaking they are the best 3 games of his life, in his best year (that is without question). Again, I'm not saying he isn't good.

I'm saying I was specifically watching the Wake film and he stood out, just about every play as being completely out of position with Wake's misdirection offense.

When we were in man against the pass, he was in zone. A complete liability, his guy was always open.

orange 'n green in the vein

Este, if Sharpton could just eliminate half of the plays he either whiffs on the ballcarier, looks completely lost in coverage, or gets swallowed alive upon hitting the opposing OL and negated, he'd be one heck of a LB. It's not like I think he sucks, he's competant and gets the D aligned pretty efficiently, it's just when he f's up, it's real bad and/or obvious and it happens at least once a quarter it seems. CMac misses less tackles and might actually be worse in pass coverage but he doesn't play better than good to ok in any given game and he doesn't have the knockout capability Sharpton brings to the field.

orange 'n green in the vein


Uh-oh, it's circle the wagons time in Charlotesville. Never good news for the Hurricanes as they already take a team's best shot week in and week out but saving a coaches job (read: Bowden, Tommy) always seems to bring out an extra gear in the opposition.


OGV right on, and playing on the road helps rally the troops already and eliminates the distractions this story would have at home.


Michael better have Phil Knight cough up some big Nike bucks in a hurry...

Associated Press

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A fight over the shoes Michael Jordan's son will wear at the University of Central Florida has cost the school any future sponsorship with adidas.

"The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to adidas," adidas spokeswoman Andrea Corso wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "As a result we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward."

Freshman guard Marcus Jordan wore a pair of white Air Jordans during UCF's 84-65 win in an exhibition game against Saint Leo on Wednesday night, the Orlando Sentinel reported on its Web site. Jordan has said he will only wear his father's Nike Air Jordan shoes because they hold special meaning to his family.

UCF is in the final year of a five-year contract with adidas that requires coaches and athletes to use the company's apparel and equipment.

"We are disappointed to learn that adidas has chosen to discontinue its relationship with UCF Athletics," the school said in a statement Wednesday night released by spokesman Joe Hornstein. "Once we receive official notice we will be able to further respond."

Cat 5 Cane



Philly I'm with you on 11 bro.

Something is not adding up.

He should've been redshirted his first year here, no questions about it.

You are going to burn his RS for our not so special teams???


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