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November 18, 2009



Let's go 'Canes!!!




First...I guess not...Anyway go canes

Old Skool

I hadn't seen the movie poster before. Pretty funny.

As always an interesting article, you defend yourself well and aren't afraid to go out on a limb.

I'm curious. Are you signing your letters
Mary xxx JD JSQ yet?


Go Mary!!!!!


That Weekend at Bobby's Poster is amazing!!


I'm curious. Are you signing your letters
Mary xxx JD JSQ yet?

Posted by: Old Skool | November 18, 2009 at 08:23 PM

Thanks, Old Skool!

. . . and not so much on the signature, although I do have most of my firm reading the article. It is especially popular amongst the Crocs. Go figure! haha


Go Mary!!!!!

Posted by: canechic | November 18, 2009 at 08:30 PM

Thanks, Canechic!!!


That Weekend at Bobby's Poster is amazing!!

Posted by: twitter.com/palmbeachcanes | November 18, 2009 at 08:31 PM

Thanks, Ben!!!

Old  Skool

In other news...

Gaither High grad and college football poster girl Jenn Sterger reveals in the new issue of Cosmopolitan that had her breast implants removed.

"My implants got my foot in the door (Now there's an interesting phrase), but I truly don't believe that they are the reason I am still around."

I simply got tired of being typecast in life and my work. They started costing me more work than they were actually getting me, so I knew that they had kind of run their course."


Guys, I have to head out early. I am STARVING after my spin class and about to eat my hand. Off to make dinner and then go to bed! Have a great night, Canespacers!



Checking in from the 305!

What's up Canespacers?

Old Skool

FU has a law school????

Oh yeah, It's an adjunct to the athletic department. The football team must keep it very busy.


odd group of games to choose to pick. no good match ups this week?


Good job Mary! GO CANES!


okay, just looked up this week's schedule...yeah no good games.


Este..YOU'RE BACK! Where U been? We sent bg1906 out to look for U.


The Florida State Nike Combat Uniform is sic!




86, been headache after headache. all good at 9:20 something. hopefully last through the night.


"They started costing me more work than they were actually getting me, so I knew that they had kind of run their course."

How sad a commentary on the times when even tiddies are getting laid off.... sigh



Sorry about the formatting issueS with the blog and photos. I spent hours trying to fix them. Best I could do!



Solar...ain't that the truth! What's this world coming to anyway?


Sorry about the formatting issueS with the blog and photos. I spent hours trying to fix them. Best I could do!


Posted by: 86Cane | November 18, 2009 at 09:31 PM

No worries mate......u always see it through.


back in an hour....NIP / TUCK is about to start. :-P


este, great analysis on the playaction and the OL. I have been saying this for weeks Both the Wake and UNC game it seemed like we ran playaction 90%of the time. Heck it was 3rd and 18 and we run PA. makes no sense. Add to the fact that jacory really tries to sell it, its a disaster waiting to happen.

Also, cant wait for berry to get the bulk of the carries. Coop doesnt do it for me. Good player who can help us win games but shouldnt be the feature guy. I think it was u that pointed out that berry was the best back in the spring game. I have been trying to see who berry reminds me of. I can see your AD(thats All Day, AP's nickname) but its hard for me to compare him to a once in a lifetime RB. I still havent figured it out yet


Berry reminds me of Alonzo Highsmith.


Old Skool - I saw that up at work about Skank Sterger

The only reason anyone even knew anything about her were b/c of those two bowling balls she had on her chest. Do you think that cameraman for ABC would've stopped his panning for chicks in the crowd if those things weren't gasping for air out of her push up bra?

All she needs to do is remember her short lived career at SI.Com when she actually had to rely on her writing skills and "analysis", instead of standing in front of a camera in a tiny top and pushing those warlocks out to show them as much as possible

She just ruined whatever career she thinks she could have had in her little dream world, by deflating her chest. She went from possibly doing USA Network B Rated Movies, where she might actually have 1 speaking line, to just being an extra in the background of Larry's Pawn Shop and Gun Emporium commercial

She's not even one of those dime a dozen chicks anymore ... now she's just a nothing that had her one Maxim issue hey-day


My favorite pic of Sterger of all time


Just awesome


Jimmy I can't take credit for pointing out berry in the spring game. If anything I was still skeptical cause Joe Wylie was the guy wiffing on the big runs. But I'm a believer now. Dude has earned carries. Now still waiting to see how he does in blitz pick up but as a runner/receiver I'm a fan.

And on the OL. After finished rewatching the UNC game gotta say they were damn solid. Not damn good but damn solid. You are going to get beat once n a while playing a DL as talented as UNCs but it really wasn't much. That's a game where pat hill would have helped. Needed someone to clean up the LB who filled the hole.

And Canez1, gunn was solid. Gotta figure Franklin slides to one of the tackle spots next year so gunn n figs can man the guard spots. Thing I noticed when Gunn was in there is Fox lined up on the right side outside Pipho a lot. Left Franklin having to block Robert Quinn one on one in pass pro. Had me thinking 'okay maybe Franklin can actually slide out to LT'. Did good. But still at this point I'd prefer RT. More cause I feel real good about Ben jones than down on Franklin tho.


Can U really be afraid of a guy named Thaddeus? Really?


Posted by: 86Cane | November 18, 2009 at 10:19 PM

Stephen McGuire too.


Canes basketball update from the UM website:


Thursday's game between the Hurricanes and Green Wave marks the ninth meeting between the programs, with the all-time series knotted at 4-all. Miami has won two straight over Tulane, including a 93-60 win in the teams' last meeting on March 3, 1990. Three of Miami's five freshmen hitting the hardwood on Thursday were not born yet.

Tulane brings a 0-1 record into Charleston after dropping its home opener to Georgetown, 74-58. Kris Richards led the Green Wave's effort with 15 points.


After knocking down a career-high five three-pointers versus Nova Southeastern -- on 5-of-7 shooting from beyond the arc, senior James Dews needs just one three-pointer to enter UM's top 10 in career treys... Sixth-year head coach Frank Haith earned career win number 90 in Miam's 108-58 rout of Nova Southeastern... Senior big man Dwayne Collins needs just 81 points to become the 30th Hurricane to score 1,000 career points... The Hurricanes are playing in five games over the first nine days of their season. Thursday's game versus Tulane is UM's third in six days.


Seniors Dwayne Collins and James Dews are making their 100th appearance as Hurricanes in Thursday's game vs. Tulane, and will be the 32nd and 33rd players to appear in 100-or-more games in Miami basketball history. Brian Asbury set the school record last season with 130 appearances over his collegiate career.


True freshman Durand Scott dished out a game-high and ACC freshman-record tying 10 assists with zero turnovers in Saturday's season-opening victory over North Carolina Central en route to ACC Rookie of the Week honors. It was the most assists by a Hurricane in exactly three years, since Anthony Harris finished with 10 assists versus Alcorn State on Nov. 14, 2006. In addition, Scott is just the second Hurricane in program history -- and the first since Thomas Hocker accomplished in 1990 -- to record double-digit assists without any turnovers.

Scott followed that strong debut with 14 points (4-5 FGs, 2-3 3FGs, 4-5 FTs), eight assists, five rebounds and one steal in 22 minutes versus Nova Southeastern. He dished out 16 consecutive assists to start the season before committing his first turnover on an offensive foul with 8:44 remaining in the first half on Monday evening.

Miami, who registered 26 assists versus Nova -- the most since a school-record 29 versus Florida Southern on Nov. 9, 2007 - has also gotten strong play at the point from redshirt sophomore Malcolm Grant and freshman Antoine Allen. Allen finished with eight points and seven assists (one turnover) on Monday, while Grant added 17 points and four assists.


James Dews led four Hurricanes in double figures as Miami cruised to the 108-58 win over Nova Southeastern on Monday. Dews converted a career-high 5-of-7 three-pointers en route to a game-high 19 points as UM hit 14 shots from long range at a 51.9 percent clip. It is the most three-point baskets since Miami hit a school-record 15 treys versus Georgetown on March 3, 1993. Six Hurricanes connected from beyond the arc, as Antoine Allen, Durand Scott, Malcolm Grant, Garrius Adams and Adrian Thomas added to the three-point barrage.


pb...yes, him too. I think it was Rohan Marely that said he and McGuire had one of the hardest hits on each other ever at practice.


Shwarma and BG:

I had remembered some past discussion with Smith, but I didn't remember what had become of them. I know he isn't listing UM at all, and I assume your response (BG) clarifies why. Nevertheless, his timing with UCinci is interesting. Nothing like the meaning of verbals for how they can be used to gain position.

FWIW, I saw(ESPN) that Sean Tapley, the WR who continues to be a verbal to S. Carolina, hopes to have visits still at UNC and UM. Also, per ITU, M. Harris says that UM is recruiting him the hardest. It will be interesting to see exactly how the WR spots play out for this recruiting class, between the above options (more likely Harris), the current verbals, possibly Dunkley and possibly McCartney.


still got Dent wanting to be included with the WRs coming in.


Go to WQAM website to the archived interviews, and listen to the Kirk Herbstreit one

Someone else mentioned it in the last blog ... the guy just makes sense (common sense) and thinks along the same lines as I do, maybe that's why I like him


When JSQ wrote about Jahvid Best and his amazing/scary leap that he made in the air, came down hard and got a concussion ... funny how no one heard about how Best already had a concussion from the week before and he was basically playing with one during that game, before that leap

A certain QB gets a concussion against Kentucky, has 2 weeks until he has to play the next game (which is LSU), and that got more coverage every day up until that game than if someone found a cure for cancer

I hope Best does well on Sundays, I like that kid


i didn't think Figs did that good of a job when he was matched up one on one against anyone. like i said earlier, i think that missed time in the summer and spring kinda halted his development. Trump has been solid almost all year.

and im also wondering how our RT is so slender. no wonder he can't block anybody; he looks like a DE.

the right side of the o-line is typically supposed to be your "road graders". our RT looks like he's been on the Subway diet for weeks.


Dayton, go back and watch it. First run on the goal line he moves Austin two yards off the line of scrimmage. Next play he just moves him out the hole and essentially seals the lane for Berry. One on one in pass blocking against Austin the only time he got beat is when Pipho got beat by the DE to the inside and Figs got caught up in that and Austin who was initially stuffed looped around it. Also had a play in the 2nd half where he threw the DT (wasn't Austin) to the ground on a run play and then went and picked up a block on a LB - Cooper picked up like 10 running right behind him on that play. I didn't notice that one first time around but glad I did this time - was impressive.

On Pipho...yea I really never thought I'd see the day he started for us. We use unbalanced lines in pass protection more than any team I've ever seen. All to try to help Pipho.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Mary knows best! i love her selections, but don't she usually does Mary Knows Football on the fridays???? it kinda came out early this week.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

People, answer me this, now that Shaw committed to Floriduh! will he still visit Coral Gables like he said he would on the proposed date december 12th????

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Shaw is a friggin' beast at CB! wow, i like how he plays, he plays to shut people off, not just to defend them.

Old Skool

Great line about Larry Pawn Shop and Gun Emporium.

Regarding Dent, let him try to make it as a wide receiver. If he can great, if not, hello DB. He'll just be Sam Shields with a two year head start.

Old Skool

Expectations for the Nole's season have shrunk right along with Jenn's cup size.

They should probably take up a collection to have her put them back in.


Don't know if Dent will stick with the U without getting clearcut WR option though...espec. if someone high on his list offers a WR slot.




Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I cannot say 4 of 5 are not struggling, they are decent at best, average. Nobody on the line is really 1st team All ACC, not even Fox. They are a weak unit, the D line is also weak. We have no depth, aggression, mobility, or athleticism in either line. Fottball starts up front, and we are weak, porous and lack any depth at all on either line. This is just fact; we got to stop recruiting 100 WR and RBs; they cannot succeed without the big guys. notice how rare we pull, or trap? Good teams do.

Posted by: VA Cane | November 18, 2009 at 05:13 PM


Very good point.

Este, good points also about Figs. Maybe Figs is a Boss in the making.

Overall though, they're solid at best but Whip's playcalling has been rather Mike Martz like, in his determination to pass, esp. the weird play-action calls after not running.

DLU, if anyone is stubborn it's Whipple, not Shannon. It's funny how you always say it's Shannon who's stubborn when Whipple's calling the play-action sets after running the ball once our of every seven plays. And this isn't the first game he's done this. He did it at VT.




Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I'd like to see Whipple use a real West Coast offense approach to move the chains, bring the defense up, let Jacory get in a groove and then gradually set up the longer ball.

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