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November 03, 2009





go canes


Looks like we are locked and loaded at RB, that's what I would call a STABLE!


One thing most of us MAY be overlooking:

The staff is anticipating an early departure by Coop to the NFL.

He doesn't have the touches or eye popping stats, but he has developed into a nice player.

3rd or 4th round draft pick.

Also, carries are going to be hard to come by next season, with MJ, DB, and LM in the backfield.

There is a little #2 to think about, as well.

He also won't feel like he's leaving the backfield in bad shape. There's plenty of talent back there.

Something to think about


MM01...#2 is left with VERY few options.

He isn't going to be the man next year at UM and he isn't a top 4 round draft pick.

Tough luck there. Where is that guy who Coop played with and then went to Pitt with The Mustach right now?


- Miami leads the all-time series with Virginia, 4-2 - The Hurricanes won last year's meeting in Charlottesville, coming away with a 24-17 overtime victory.
- Saturday's game will be the first meeting between the `Canes and Cavaliers at Land Shark Stadium.

- Improve Miami's ACC record to 4-2 this season.
- Improve Miami's home record to 4-1.
- Give the Hurricanes their second straight win over the Cavaliers.

Randy Shannon is in his third season as Miami's head coach and owns an overall record of 18-15. Al Groh is in his ninth season at Virginia and has a overall record of 59-49.

The Hurricanes have been a dominant team this month the last quarter of a century. Since Jimmy Johnson's tenure began at Miami in 1984, UM is 74-21 all-time in the month of November. In fact, from 1984 to 2002, the Hurricanes were an impressive 63-8 in the year's second-to-last month. The Hurricanes closed out the month of October with a 4-1 record this season, with wins over Oklahoma (Oct. 3), Florida A&M (Oct. 10), UCF (Oct. 17) and Wake Forest (Oct. 31). Last year, Miami went 2-2 in November with wins over Virginia and Virginia Tech and losses to Georgia Tech and NC State.

This year's University of Miami team might be one of the deepest team's in the country at the running back and wide receiver positions. Miami is the only team from a BCS conference and one of just three teams at the FBS level that have three 300-yard rushers (Javarris James, Graig Cooper, Damien Berry) and four 200-yard receivers (Leonard Hankerson, Travis Benjamin, LaRon Byrd, Thearon Collier). TCU and Idaho are the only two other teams nationally that can match the `Canes depth statistically at the offensive skill positions.


i think cooop will be back next year.with j.j gone he should be the number 1 back.plus he sees whats going on with the program and next year looks promising



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Have to disagree, 86.

Coop won't wow with the 40 time, but the 20 yd Shuttle, 20 Yd Dash, Cone Drill, etc, he will.

Excellent receiving skills and pass blocking has improved. Valuable as a kick and punt returner, 3rd down back. Good enough to be drafted in the 4th round.

If his 40 is in the 4.5's, good enough for 3rd.


Not sure if this was ever posted. Interesting read

Former Florida State player speaks out on Bowden
2009-10-13 07:03:00 By Patrick Green
Recently, Florida State University’s Board of Trustees chairman Jim Smith told reporters that head football coach Bobby Bowden should retire at the end of this season, turning the head coaching duties over to long-time offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher.

Many have weighed in on the discussion, as was visible during the Seminoles’ Saturday night contest against ACC foe Georgia Tech. FSU entered the stadium locked in arms with their head coach, fans held adoring signs for their general, and even the governor lent his support prior to the game.

Despite the cry of solidarity, FSU fell 49-44 to the Yellow Jackets, leaving Bowden’s club with a lowly 2-4 record, including a winless mark in ACC play in three tries. With such an uphill climb for the 79-year-old who has coached in Tallahassee since 1976, this discussion will likely persist through the season.

DraftNasty.com staff writer Patrick Green had a chance to speak with Roland Seymour, a former Seminole who played under Bowden from 1997-2000. The Louisiana native starred for FSU at defensive end on the 1999 national championship team that went 12-0. Injuries, however, saddled Seymour’s collegiate career. After being named a Freshman All-American, he missed several games with shoulder and knee related injuries. In fact, he played just one game his senior year. Since leaving Florida State, Seymour has worked in real estate and youth mentoring.

Talk about your experience at Florida State under Bobby Bowden.

My experiences with Bobby Bowden at Florida State – some were good , some weren’t. Honestly, I had more bad experiences with him toward the end of my career. Do I think he is a good coach? Yeah. Do I think he is more of a politician than a coach? Yes. Bobby Bowden is not hands on with his players and some of his players he does not even know by name. During my experience, he had a set of good coaches in terms of a John Lilly (Recruiting Coordinator) and Jim Gladden (Defensive Line Ends coach.) who actually handpicked a lot of the defensive ends who were very meaningful to the program. He retired in 2001, and since he retired we may have had one defensive end drafted in the first round.

What were your immediate thoughts when you heard Jim Smith’s comments about Coach Bowden retiring?

He should have retired a long time ago. The only reason he is still coaching is because Joe Paterno is still coaching. It is his ego. That’s more of what is keeping him going than the love of the game. The game has passed him by. He should have retired around 2004-2005. Since I left, we have only had one 10 win season. In all fairness, he has an outstanding record in terms of wins and losses. Obviously, from 1993-2000, he had a stretch. But sometimes, in the big games, his conservatism was what got us beat. I think where we are as a program now, he definitely needs to retire.

You don’t think he should retire when he’s ready?

He’s living on his laurels. He’s not basing anything on recent success. If I am a player and I don’t get the job done, it’s time to make a change. When you are an employee, you can’t say when it’s your time to leave. He’s not his own employee. He works for the school. In the last 10 years, he hasn’t lived up to the standard that he’s built. He tried to replace me with a player who was hurt and I didn’t have a say in it. He bad mouthed me to the NFL, saying things that weren’t called for. He’s turned his back on several players. I feel like, ok, it’s happening to you now and you can’t deal with it.

How do you feel about Jimbo Fisher being tagged as a coach-in waiting?

The whole coach-in-waiting deal lets them (FSU) off the hook. With that, they don’t have to go through the process of trying to hire a minority head coach. They don’t have to actually interview a black coach because the coach-in-waiting system is in place. Bottom line, it lets them off the hook. I really feel that is the motivation. Jimbo Fisher is a great offensive coordinator. We haven’t seen him as a head coach and don’t know what type of skills he has. I am not going to say that he wouldn’t be a good head coach. I don’t know that.

Did you experience or sense any form of racial tension while there?

It wasn’t as much about race as it was about place. If you were an African American guy who carried himself in a way that the coaching staff didn’t deem to be marketable, they would treat you differently. If you weren’t a part of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes,) they didn’t treat you the same way. Case in point, I was an outspoken guy, but because Jamal Reynolds was more of a ‘yes sir,’ and ‘no sir’ type of guy, he embodied the image they wanted to market. I was deemed as a guy who wasn’t actually marketable. He wasn’t a better football player than me. But Florida State is not going for football players; they’re going for image. Guys want to play football. They don’t want to feel like they have to be a politician in order to play. Why does what I wear or how I look have anything to do with me playing? Really, if you weren’t in FCA, you were looked at as a thug or a trouble maker, and they treated you as such.

Do you think much has changed since your own experience?

Right now, they don’t even look like the same type of athletes as before. It’s sad. The tradition that was built is dying. They don’t even look like the same type of football players. Nobody I played with has really made an impact in the NFL. You’ve got Peter Boulware, Anquan Boldin, Darnell Dockett, and maybe a few others. That’s not substantial. We’ve got athletes but something is not translating to the NFL. The LSU’s, Miami’s, Georgia’s, USC’s, Ohio State’s - they have impact players in the draft and in the league consistently. Something about what Florida State is doing is just not translating to the next level.

What do you think has been the biggest reason for this? Is it recruiting?

Recruits notice things. They (FSU) don’t treat their former players with respect once they leave. I live in Texas and I have gotten to see how the University of Texas operates regarding former players. I see how Mac Brown, who is a class guy, handles his players when they leave. They’re always welcomed back. It’s a family atmosphere. At Florida State, after you give your four years to the program and once you leave, you’re kicked to the curb. With FSU, it’s always about the program and never about the player. I feel like if you don’t treat your players right, how can you expect a player who went through your program to say something good about you when they haven’t been treated right. I have seen guys who probably should have been first-rounders not go in the first round based upon what the coaching staff and medical staff say about them because of a personal vendetta. Players don’t feel welcome and they feel used once they leave. Kids want their coach to be about them and not about the program and that’s why you see those players that might have been at Florida State ending up at Miami or South Florida. They don’t take care of their former players.

Take care of in what way?

I’m still walking around with a knee injury from Florida State that hasn’t been fixed yet and they refused to do it. I lost my championship ring and jerseys in Hurricane Katrina and they didn’t even want to replace the stuff. I got a letter saying it was nothing they could do about it, saying I would have to contact the company that made it and pay for it. It wasn’t like, ‘how’s your family?’ I’m watching them on television while watching the Florida Sate-Miami game and hear them asking for donations to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and here it is I went through your program and you won’t even replace the items I earned. Everybody fall upon hard times. FSU made more than 70 million dollars during my time there. I’m not saying they need to pay me. But only about 2 percent of the guys that play make it to the NFL. What are the other guys supposed to do? If I can’t come to you and you can’t put me in touch with a guy to get me a job, what does that say? If you are not in the NFL, you can’t even stand on the sideline. They won’t even acknowledge the fact that I benefited the program. It’s an unspoken culture. I love Florida State but hate the administration. Bobby Bowden has got to go.

What path would you encourage the school to take at this point?

Florida State has a bad culture. If I had to get one guy to right the ship, it would be Derrick Brooks – as athletic director or director of football, something. To me, he is the one person that exemplifies what Florida State football is – toughness, smarts, hard work, credibility, integrity, getting it done. He’s going to give 110 percent to get it done and is going to require 110 percent from the people he works with. He’s a bottom line kind of guy. As far as coaches, they have the resources to get anyone they want.


Wasnt MCcoy a Miami committ as well until he backed up Coop at prep school?


If Ginn can be drafted #9 overall, Coop can go 3rd-5th.

He'll be a good mid-round value next season, plus the NFL won't be capped next season. It may be his best option to leave, b/c of the uncapped year. He could garner a more lucrative contract if he tests well.

This will probably also be one of the last few years before a Rookie Salary Cap is instituted, and while he has his football health (RB's average 4-5 in the NFL), I would advise him to leave. He can always come back and finish his education, but he has a family to think about.

What a great head start for a young family.


McCoy was his back-up. McCoy had one good season and left.

He's doing fine in Philly. They are very similiar backs.


I don't know Jimmy it sounds like this guy has a bone to pick with Bobby Bowden.

His tone sounds like someone who is glad this is happening to the coach. While some of his points about Bowden's recent lack of success are valid; I have trouble taking his words seriously when he's obviously so bitter about what happened to him when he was at FSU

As far as the Cooper/McCoy comparison. I think it's pretty obvious that McCoy was always better and continues to be a better RB.

The coach who started Coop ahead of McCoy in prep school was either on crack or felt Coop was a better fit for his offense.


Posted by: jimmy | November 03, 2009 at 08:38 PM

sounds like sour grapes. he is wondering what he gets cuz he played ball at FSU, what about that education? Or was that not a part of his experience?


"But only about 2 percent of the guys that play make it to the NFL. What are the other guys supposed to do? If I can’t come to you and you can’t put me in touch with a guy to get me a job, what does that say? "

It means you got a free college eduation, and should be competent enough to go out and find a job,
just like the millions of kids that are flipping burgers going to shool at night paying their own way to move up to something better without a school or mommy and daddy paying their way.

geezus Soft America is sad.



I got the same vibe from that story."Everybody owes me, I'm too fuggin lazy to go out on my own."



I'm out around 200 tee shirts by my math,

i'm jus sayin



Think Dave Meggett, Mewelde Moore.

Coop will play in the NFL


pb, soup, gang,
check his version of Boom Boom
it kills!

Big Head Todd ( any relation?) and The monsters


how.. how.. how.. how


Cat 5 Cane

Eduardo Clements... Welcome to the UUUUU.

Damn, That's sweet music to my ears... remember watching this kid 2 years ago, when he was a sophomore and scored 3 TD's in a play off game with Brandon Harris, Collier, and Devon Johnson... From that day on, I was sold on the kid...

Man this is great news for the team. If he was smart, he should red shirt in 10 and learn in 11 and dominate in 12 and 13.

Good Stuff!


mccoy backed up Coop because he got hurt his senior year in HS and I dont think he was fully healthy. Its not like Cooper is a scrub so there wasnt anything wrong with being a backup. coop is lorenzo booker. I doubt he leaves early unless he gets the feeling he is being passed by Berry,miller, james.

Cat 5 Cane

Betus has it at Miami giving 13.5...

If taking my advise... I think we score first but stay away from the bet... Too many people hurt.

What-cha think?

Cat 5 Cane

If wanting to get a closer look, try tapping the the bloggers name to get to profiles.


Posted by: solarcane | November 03, 2009 at 09:15 PM

Man I havent heard that song in 20 years.

Their take on it is great!

Just bought U2 tickets today btw. What a difference two decades makes...$200 a ticket!

Cat 5 Cane

I'm out!


Wasnt MCcoy a Miami committ as well until he backed up Coop at prep school?

Posted by: Rashad | November 03, 2009 at 08:42 PM



Cat5...change your avatar or else...


"Case in point, I was an outspoken guy, but because Jamal Reynolds was more of a ‘yes sir,’ and ‘no sir’ type of guy, he embodied the image they wanted to market. I was deemed as a guy who wasn’t actually marketable. He wasn’t a better football player than me. But Florida State is not going for football players; they’re going for image."

i stopped reading when I read that. Roland Seymour? Once I saw his name I thought the description of him 'starring' was exaggarating big time. then i saw the above quote and couldn't keep going. its sour grapes mixed with him being delusional. jamal reynolds was a 1st rounder and while he turned into a bust (shouldn't have been a 4-3 DE in the pros) he was a beast at FSU. FAR better than roland seymour. seymour was a guy who never got better in college. he started out good, but never built on that. that's not to say his points are false, just his credibility is shot. he classified himself as being "outspoken", well bowden might have seen him as a big mouth who thinks he's better than what he is. cause the 2nd part is obvious.


Jimmy, i'd say Coop is a lot more physical than Booker. Can't catch as good as Booker though.


Este...when is the "BREAK IT DOWN" hitting town?


86, i'm behind this week. been a rough start of the week. and the time change didn't help. it'll get done, just probably no sooner than thursday.


My take on the spikes thing...

Yes, dirty things happen all the time in football piles. But there are somethings that are ok, and some that arent. Its the same in all sports.

In rugby, if somebody does something to you, you get them back.. Legally. You get them back during a play.

Yes, dirty things do happen elsewhere as well, but there are lines. For instance, if somebody puts their hands on the ground while rucking (a practice which is illegal and gives them an advantage), I (and any rugger who knows what they're doing) will step on their hands. The intent is not to injure, it is to hurt, and for that person to learn from their mistakes (and to no longer gain an advantage).

At the same time, I would not hit a player in the air, tackle somebody around the neck (things that DO happen, either on purpose or accident), or attempt to gouge somebody's eyes (something which NEVER happens, a punch would be thrown before that)

Cat 5 Cane

Bitchhh, bitchhh, bitchhh... yes dear!

Cat 5 Cane



McCoy was originally a UM commit, but going to prep school gives guys the chance to change their minds. McCoy obviously didn't want to compete with Coop, even though he's managed to do quite well himself. Could Coop do well in the NFL? Well, let's see now. Does it seem like even Bruce Johnson has managed to find himself a career there? Okay, he's not a RB, but did anyone think Archie Griffin would turn out to be avg. at best after double Heismans?

No shocker about Clements. Great to have it out there though. More importantly, I love the fact that the whole team style is coming out in the recruiting style now. Most of these guys are verbally committing now, as part of a team, rather than just waiting for the big day in the sun as a hot dog in Feb, a style the Canes showed they weren't going to get stuck with by way of AB's little bro. last year. For a few players they'll tolerate this, such as if Dunkley decided he wanted to come on board, but it's now the exception more than the rule. It's looking more like the key likely players coming our way will be among Linder, Payne, ?Barton, M. Harris from MNW (I'd be surprised to see McCartney come our way at this point), ?Hurns (haven't heard much from him in a while...any WR surprises out there..), LeMonier and even a solid shot at Christian Jones (with some of the FSU issues ongoing, although he has a Tenn. visit coming up, and they've had a way of luring recruits pretty well under Kiffin). It's all fun but meaningless until Feb. though, although I think most who say they really mean it are going to stick in the new UM recruiting (ie Post Coker) era.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Lee Chambers is in very bad situation here! 4 rb commitments, one is really a fullback, but still.

Now you add those 4 with Coop, smiley, Lamar, and of course Berry.

Lee is probably thinking of Memphis right now, either that or he's thinking a position switcheroo a-la Shields!


i know you like the same stuff i do, I thought that was a great version.
if he had a glass slide on his finger it would have been off the chain.



Anyone think the close game with Wake was bad, how'd you like to be a Syracuse hoopster at the moment?


BTW, wonderful second half collapse for the Heat tonight. I guess 4-0 would have been too much to ask for with this team, but they'd better win a lot during the first month when they're loaded with home games if they want to have any type of season.


if somebody puts their hands on the ground while rucking..

I used to do that in jr high before I had a car.



I'm thinking Shawnbrey is happy he transferred, he was buried here and he's going to get over 1,000 at SMU.



aight im out


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar and Addiction, he doesn't sound like he has sour grapes. He sounds like he's pizzed and apparently has a good deal of reason to be pizzed.

Think about his account then think about how completely different the U is. Are you all serious? Sour grapes?? How many FSU guys have actually made an impact in the NFL?? Imagine someone being unwelcome on the U's sideline because they're not a "star" in the NFL?

And clearly he's not hurting for education but maybe he didn't talk enough about how pizz poor his education there was.

It's not like he was a waterboy. He was one of those 5-Star athletes we read about in Rivals and never hear from again.

His accounts of the culture sound totally true. There's too much detail especially when he talks about the former coaches, Bowden's rols, and the type of athletes who are there now. They are a totally different type of athlete from the late 90s.

I don't know what you guys are reading. His account sounds true on all points to me. It's just his personal experience and because he's not "grateful" you think he has sour grapes.

Y'all are more mature than that.


Posted by: solarcane | November 03, 2009 at 10:42 PM

Seemed like a good kid, I'm happy for him. It's amazing to see those stats and realize Lee Chambers was higher up the ladder than he was.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Plus, he's not the first former FSU player to say that about how they treat former players. He's just the first I know of to give details.

Of course someone else, like Derrick Brooks or Warrick Dunn might have had a totally different experience.

But that doesn't mean one is less real and true than the other.

Just look at how Cahrlie Jones talked about the U.


JCane, great recruiting stuff though I would love to see a CB in that group as a replacement for a second WR.

Also, Spence, I have said the same thing about both Chambers and McCoy as discussed tonight (put it on the blog after Johnson committed).

For Chambers I thnk he has been in a bit of the doghouse and has not perfected blocking. That's been his main thing.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Jimmy, that piece also explains a lot about how FSU has fallen, and the overall culture has been for a while, the cheating etc. It's definitely a mixed bag but it makes sense, it all adds up, the good, bad and ugly. Thanks

PB, Chambers might be the next to roll out. Great to hear about Shawnbrey. He must be the feature back which can make all the difference.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Cooper definitely needs to roll out. Not only might he be passed by underclassmen, he'll probably lose a lot of money after 2010.


Capt O - I said before Hank is also in that boat (2 babies) and Bailey maybe (though of these three would hate to see him leave most. Our only other junior who is crucial is C-Mac and Bosher, but I think there both safe.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

JCane, has Christian been to CG?? Kiffin's another Oscar-- slick salesman with a more expensive staff.

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