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November 03, 2009



Yes, Randy only plays Seniors.

Just look at this list!!!

B Harris
J Harris
Ray Ray



there is so much field to cover and if one guy doesn't do his job then someone's going to be wide open.

Posted by: Daytoncane | November 04, 2009 at 05:17 PM

Uh, there are guys wide open on every bplay right now. NEXT?


Sorry also forgot


Go Seniors!


pb...I agree with you that freshman will play when they can play, or if there is no other options. The AB#11 situation just SEEMS unusual and confuses a lot of people.

I am confident that if Randy felt that AB#11 could help Miami win games he would be on the field. I am also confident that Randy knows more about football than the people on this blog!

Except for me of course...LOL


I guess I'm in the minority on Sharpton. He's not the greatest LB but I see a guy giving it his all and when it's all said and done he made some big plays/hits. I like the guy. Right now he's the best option, he's the one playing.


Posted by: USAFCane | November 04, 2009 at 05:49 PM

I agree. He's not the greatest, but he has made some good plays. I'm not giving up on him. Just look what Sam Shields did last week - Sharpton could have a game saving play in him!

In Randy We Trust.


The only seniors left at Miami are either offensive linemen; were hurt last year or they suck (or maybe you played basketball).

Good players at Miami are in the League for their senior year.

Do you ever wonder why this argument isn't taking place on the offense?


Do you ever wonder why this argument isn't taking place on the offense?

Posted by: Texascane | November 04, 2009 at 05:57 PM

Cause every single player we had on offense, except for JJ and Epps, sucked.

Defense, aside from QB on offense, is much more difficult to learn and excel at. Transitioning at WR, RB and TE is alot easier than LB, S and DB.

86, it's time for the "Who knows more about Canes football" quote to be pulled from the archives.


In Randy We Trust.

Posted by: JSQ | November 04, 2009 at 05:53 PM

What the gorgeous and intelligent JSQ said...


That must be why the defenses are so far ahead of the offenses early in the year...


U mean this one?

Whenever you're inclined to doubt, just ask yourself: "Who knows more about what makes 'Canes football tick -- me, or Randy Shannon?" That should make you feel better.

Posted by: dj moonbat | June 14, 2007 at 15:44

Sure do miss the "moonbat" around here.

dj...I know U are out there, c'mon back?



Read the comments. Hilarious.


"Do you ever wonder why this argument isn't taking place on the offense?"

The answer to the above rhetorical question is:
"Becase RS is involved with the defense."

Whipple would play a ninth grader if he was the best player...

Cat 5 Cane

One,... I wasn't talking about all seniors... but maybe a few, where Randy has shown favoritism, including last year's bunch... but you're right about the many who are sophomores who have taken over the program.

Cat 5 Cane

Jeeze... Talk about... extending a thought into a full blown ALL SENIORS ARE GETTING FAVORABLE TREATMENT... Which I didn't say.

Damn, give me a break too.


Hopefully we can honor the seniors of 09 with a great ending season and a nice Bowl win!!!

Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 04, 2009 at 05:25 PM

Preach on brother, preach on!


Get off TexasCane lol sorry but Shapton is bad at the run and pass I rather have someone who good at something AB "the run" like I posted earlier If AB is so bad WHAT DID THE COACHING SEE IN HIM DURING THE RECRUITING PROCESS a walkin talkin death sentence , find the ball make a play but O wait 2008 spring game Mr RETARD AUTHOR BROWN produce 13 tackles that game where was cook and shapton, don't worry I'll wait


Which is worse, finding the ball and getting there (Brown) or knowing what to do and still not getting there (Sharpton)?

Haven't noticed #50 tearing it up on pass coverage...

Posted by: Texascane | November 04, 2009 at 11:02 AM


Well, if option A can't even set up the defense to begin with you're forced to go with option B.

Like Grant said, #11 has gone from the kiddie pool to the deep end and didn't even realize he was taking the plunge. So he's struggling just to tread water right now.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 04, 2009 at 01:34 PM

Cav, that is true. But I'm still hoping that the light goes on for AB before the start of next season. He has been nothing but a good kid since being here and has never complained about only playing ST. Hell, has he even done an interview in the two years since being here?

I'll always root for a guy like that.


Free Author Browm

Gooden and Brown where Randy kids didn't pay a lot but are collecting NFL checks. Where is Cook now of days anyway??

Making room for Shapton


edit last post

Gooden and Brown were not Randy's kids




both but more coaching then hungry 60/40
Posted by: dawgmeatcane | November 04, 2009 at 05:05 PM
No, No, NO! Coaching doesn't matter.
Posted by: 86Cane | November 04, 2009 at 05:39 PM

uh oh, this might give "the excuse" enough power to break those chains he's in. He might've gotten hemmed up when he was trying to make moves on the jsq, lol, that mofo couldn't help himself. He started making moves without permission from the other side.




authur needs to free himself, don't give a damyum, after giving up 555 yards, injuries or not somebody new needs to be out their in the line-up!


I was reading Mannys new article and Jacory is saying his arm is still sore from the F$U game and bothers him whenever someone touches it but is ok when he throws it

His value to this football team goes way beyond what happens on the field

Follow #12 and he will lead U to #6


The best defense is a dominating o line. Hey they did not play enough last game to get banged up.Its time to step it up for the d line.


did ya'll see this in usa today? the U is a touchdown factory in the nfl.


article below:

Miami Hurricanes alum Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers rushed for a touchdown in the first quarter of San Francisco's 18-14 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

No big deal? Typically no, except it was the 113th consecutive week in the NFL that a former Hurricane scored a touchdown. That is more than 6½ seasons without missing a weekend.

Pro-football-reference.com lists every touchdown scored since 1940, so unless a team such as Army or Notre Dame can claim a longer streak before World War II, 113 games is the longest such streak. Here are the top streaks of 40 games or more:

School Start year, week to end year, week Streak
Miami (Fla.) 2002, Week 15 to present 113 games
Ohio State 1996, Week 10 to 2001, Week 6 82 games
Michigan 1996, Week 14 to 2001, Week 1 73 games
Southern California 1978, Week 2 to 1982, Week 3 66 games
LSU 1986, Week 14 to 1989, Week 16 50 games
Notre Dame 1994, Week 14 to 1997, Week 2 40 games


This week on sat at twelve i want to order some pancakes on Virgina baked ham. hehe


jsq did u order the lap top steering wheel?wtf is that lol


It's just ridiculous some of the streaks UM has, 113 straight weeks a player from UM has scored a touchdown, lol, keep searching their has to be more streaks. I luv seeing new stuff like that!


Beam me up......


I just got in, you and me are tight brudda I never take offence.

On your comment about Mike Irvin.

If you had used any other player except Mike Irvin, or maybe Rohan Marley and KWII about not getting up for easy opponents it would have sounded more correct to me.
I am with you that some current players seem convinced some games are going to be easy.

MI was the hardest working Cane at practice ever according to his coaches and teammates, wasn't that what a couple articles said?

That makes me feel at least he took every game as being a personal challenge.

Rohan and KII wouldn't over look the lightweights only because they were actually assassins wearing football uniforms.



I'm out early tonight,

I'm gonna regret not hitting the first post just to show off.
I'm gonna miss Mary explaining how bad the Gators are gonna play this weekend.

You guys did some great blogging today I read everything and really enjoyed the vibe.

Read JSQ's article, she puts a lot of hard work in for us all.



He started making moves without permission from the other side.

Posted by: Calvin | November 04, 2009 at 06:46 PM

Just what I suspected.


This week on sat at twelve i want to order some pancakes on Virgina baked ham. hehe

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 04, 2009 at 06:58 PM

Mimi...is it U! Has that been U all along??? Sneaky, very sneaky.





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