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November 26, 2009


Charlie Brown

Zilla...we are meeting at Leroy Selmon's Sports Bar 5 minutes from the stadium at noon. We will leave for the stadium at 1 PM. I'll post the link for the addy and directions.

Charlie Brown

I don't think they have the jawbone of a donkey in order to destroy UiF

Posted by: Six | November 27, 2009 at 11:47 AM

How can U be sure? LMAO


But the other side has Tebow of Nazareth... FSwho def. needs a Psalmist... But i hope Delilah hasnt already struck... hehe


86 - I'm going to be up at Ray Jay early before the game, will probably have an intern with me so I don't think I can meet at Selmon's

Too bad b/c not only will I not be able to hang out, I won't be able to down a huge plate of Selmon's mac-n-cheese - and that stuff is GOOD

You'll see me on the Canes sideline though with a camera on my shoulder


Charlie Brown,

For what it's worth, I don't see getting so up in arms about the way RS does the injury reports. I guess if you want to be really pissed at Randy for any reason, that's as good as any other...but I just don't see where your anger is coming from.

I'm a "paying customer" a lifetime cane, and I think he's handling it just right. It makes no difference to me for several reasons:

*The player either plays or he doesn't.
*I'm not a doctor.
*If I were a player I wouldn't want a lot of specific information out there about my injury - especially if I was going to play
*Randy is reporting whatever is required by the NCAA - no more, no less; so he's following the rules
*I think if you were to poll most canes fans (not those that have an axe to grind against RS) you would find a significant majority are totally ok with this - the only ones it seems to upset are a minority of the fans, most of the press, and the chronic Randy haters.

Just my humble opinion.

Go Canes!


What the hell, you on the whiskey early this morning man, i'm a little surprised you that pissed off about an injury report. shannon has palyed football and knows their are alot of dirty players out their. So if shannon say the guy has a lower extremity injury, that puts it from the knee down, instead of being able to target a certain spot. The main thing though is, who cares, they put that nfl injury report out and fro most teams anyway for the people who bet, shannon is not into that shat, so he could care less, in his mind he's about protecting his players nothing else, gotta respect that, has nothing to do with the i got a secret type mentality.

Also, all it takes is for 1 player to complain to shannon about what happened nd he's going to make a move!

Charlie Brown

But i hope Delilah hasnt already struck... hehe

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 27, 2009 at 11:51 AM

No, but the JSQ is ALWAYS lurking in the shadows...BEWARE!


Gooo JSQ a true cane warrior...

I am just waiting to see a repeat like of the very strange game that happened under Coker when we went to Blacksburg and did everything rite and they did everything wrong... that was fun to watch.

Charlie Brown

Here we go again with the whole persecution complex. This isn't about Randy Shannon or any hatred or anger towards him. I LOVE the guy. He's gonna win the last National Championship EVER played in January 2012 before the world ends in Decemeber 21, 2012.

It's about the process of injury notification in college football. Randy is doing what is required by the NCAA, U can't fault him for that. But why can the NFL release that info and NCAA not?

It IS stupid, childish and insulting to their customers (fans).

We know who was waterboarded, how many times, where it ocurred and what info was gained by that process that possibly saved thousadns of lives.

But yet we can't know if some college player has a sprained ankle? U gotta be kidding me!

U can't possibly argue that that make sense? The NFL can do it but NCAA can't. Really are U gonna argue that?

This is the information age. People want to know! Let it go, let it flow...

Charlie Brown

Calvin...no whiskey this AM but I did tip a few back last night! LOL

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Upset Alert: Illinois 7 Cincy 0

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

well, nevermind that upset alert


7-7 now



Yes I CAN "possibly argue that that make sense" and I will. It makes perfect sense to me from a player's perspective.

It is NOT stupid, childish and insulting to me - and I'm a lifetime cane. You're entitled to your opinion, but you do not speak for the fans. I don't think most of them care about the specificity of the injury reports.

But hey, if you want to be pissed about it then fine - that's your deal. Personally I'm more worried about how the players that are going to play on Saturday are going to do. Period.

Your entitled to your opinion, no matter how misguided, and I'm done with this topic.

Go Canes!


Look at it this way, if the united states government announced to the united states public where the so called teroist are in this country, you'd see a whole lot of them getting phucked up before the government got to them!

SO the government doesn't release that info, neither will shannon. I like the move, doesn't make a bit of difference to me if doesn't, just makes more sense on the side of protecting your team. Also, in the nfl anybody caught on tape doing cheap shat, they get fined, in college, half of game unless of course the players has more integrity than the headcoach!


Any Canes score a TD yesterday in the NFL "U" games? None come to my mind.

I've never even really thought about that streak until the last couple of weeks. Is it the longest ever or just the longest current streak?


Nice article. That Nevada-Miami bowl game was a nice reference. I googled the ESPN recap of that game and reading it really took me back.

Here's the recap for those that are interested: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=263652440


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Charlie Brown, why should Shannon care if we the fans know exactly what's wrong with Pat Hill?? Who really gives a fuk? If they play they play if they can't it's someone else's time to shine. Worrying about players injuries is childish to me.


All the recent articles about Dent that I have read were almost ALL about him wanting to play WR...I knew this was coming. I THINK he tried to use the media to get the coaches to make the switch and use him at wr..so when the Miami coaches didnt cave he left.

No big loss, I dont belive..hopefully it keeps a ship open for someone else we need.


One thing is for sure though, it ain't Shannon who lacks intensity.

Ask yourself how many times you saw Tom Landry, Bill Walsh or Bear Bryant jump up and down and shout and scream on the sidelines?

That's Spurrier's, Vermeil's and John Madden's style, not Shannon's.

JJ was somewhere in between.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 27, 2009 at 10:48 AM

my thots exactlly on Shannon and showing emotion....how many times do you see Tony dungy or belchek jumping up and down on the side line...on thing about it tho if he feels his team is gettin jibed by the officials like in thr unc game he's madder than a kicked wasp nest...or like meyer kickin that fg at the end of the game last yr...if the lights went out in the swamp I bet Shannon wud have beat him down...lol

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Six, to me FSU's major shortcoming is QB. With Ponder back there they'd be dam close to handing FU a L. Without him, they're crippled at the most pivotal position on the field.

Ark and Miss St. had them beat but for the refs. So I'm not sure where all this FU-inflation comes from. They routed UK and FIU. Big shyt.

As far as Daniels is concerned, what exactly did Rutgers figure out to blank them and all his scrambling and dropping back??

And if Rutgers can do it, we can't?
And that game was supposedly a grudge match for USF as well.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Cincy is not that good y'all. Like I said, they execute and play well as a team but they are very beatable. Just ask UConn. ILL is more than capable of beating them.

Nash, yeah, lol, he's hella intense on the sidelines. He just doesn't express it with his arms and mouth much.

People nitpicking Shannon is just ridiculous.


Grant will be an all-American next year.......that didn't work out





Cav not so sure about that, I think they have a great offense but as the annoucer keeps saying DB's cannot play after a by-week...what???


No surprise about Dent. I was surprised he chose UM to begin with, other than as a tool given that he clearly hadn't gotten the offer he originally wanted to begin with. How often is his hs school coach, J. Hester, not going to push for FSU, and obviously Dent really wants some WR time. Not a major issue imo, although he's a good player, but there's enough similar type of talent to go around and other players the Canes can now get. Let's look at who we can get and who wants to be a Cane vs. the folks who aren't all that interested....

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the U hopefully coming out ready to play tomorrow!

Posted by: JCane | November 27, 2009 at 09:47 AM

^^^Spot On!^^^


For those who live in so fla and watched the Booker T 3 play in highschool... Didnt Davon Johnson play some db...as mentioned earlier switch him now and he might be the next Sam sheilds


To hell if shannon shows no emotion, are we forgetting what he did to eppds against texas a&m in his 1st year, than what he did after that call by the refs against unc(the fumbled forward lateral) or how hype he was after the oklahoma game, right now, shannon is trying to control his emotions for the betterment of the team, at the same time, he'll continue to grow into that headcoaching roll and become more and more relxed and in control of his emotions and thinking process.

THe longer he's on that side line, the more and more his personality will come out. It's only a matter of time before he unleashes the dogs, he can't hold them back forever. Gys like damien berry and ray ray armstrong, vaugh telemaque the hype crew, even spence, he doesn't get that hype alot because he's use to making alot of big plays, at the same time though, he gets hype out their, forston, olivier vernon, once these guys get healthy, they'll be able to play hype and strong from here on out.

dent would have brought more ocmpetition to camp and possibly started getting reps, but ok, he went where his heart was, i'm happy about that, now a guy like lamarcus joyner, although Fsu was his favorite school growing, whether he plays for us or them, he's going to represent on that field irregardless.


People nitpicking Shannon is just ridiculous.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 27, 2009 at 01:09 PM

yeah and why wear your emotions on ya sleeve all the time and end up on you tube like mike gundy...IMO the head coach doesn't owe it to fans to reveal a PLAYER'S injury...It's his personal business...on my job if I'm out sick and my co workers ask my supervisor wats wrong with me they can't tell the info if the do I can file a lawsuit.


It is nothing more than silly reindeer games. Oooh I've got a secret and I'm not gonna tell U. What is this third grade?

Childish, stupid and insulting...that's what it is.

Posted by: Charlie Brown | November 27, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Soup how is it childish and insulting. What do we gain from knowing a college players injury. I think it's a far stretch to compare that to matters of national security. I think it is more important for the NCAA to protect its employee's than it's to protect its consumers. Ask yourself this question why do we watch the games. It ain't because of the band


Yes I agree who gives what is the real injury? I think that is being a little nit picky.



If it were up to me the injury would report would look like this..

UMike - Playing
UMike - Not Playing

Thats it lol


northward bound...cya at the game tomorrow


Auburn came to play today!


The coachs responsibility is to make sure that things are corrected.
That the team improves as the season progresses.
That even tho there are mistakes made in individual parts of the game.. that the mistakes are not made over and over again. Or that one of the opponents play is run and is successful all game long.
That we key on the players that will hurt us most... we got to shut that down...
We are prepared in the fourth q to put the game away ... never being run on in crunch time.
Illuminate all of the cardinal sins that follow losers.
That he stay on top of the officials. He is the defense lawyer on the side line.
To preach that a banged up 8 AND 4 is the same thing as healthy 8 and 4 ... got to control the injuries. Shannon is improving on all of these fronts.
And of course recruiting... Shannon will win a championship with this success.


Tiger Woods in serious condition after a car accident in his driveway....crazy!


Grant will be an all-American next year.......that didn't work out

Posted by: DATcane | November 27, 2009 at 01:16 PM

Also they said Shannon will be coaching some serious returning talent next year... uh, not so much.

We had the #5 Defense that year, and still finished 7-6. How horribly bad was our offense.


That official in the bama game must be wearing a cup hehe



Charlie Brown

Ask yourself this question why do we watch the games. It ain't because of the band

Posted by: moneycane | November 27, 2009 at 01:43 PM

Personally I go for the tailgate and the cheerleaders. Or to hang out with this guy:



Charlie Brown

You're entitled to your opinion, but you do not speak for the fans.

Your entitled to your opinion, no matter how misguided, and I'm done with this topic.

Go Canes!

Posted by: CanesCanesCanes | November 27, 2009 at 12:24 PM

Triple C...Really? So U have decided all by your big boy self that I don't speak for the fans because we happen to disagree but at the same time U clearly have determined that U now possess both the ability and the right to declare that my opinion is "misguided."

Very interesting. Thanks for the news flash. Glad we clarified that.

Now go enjoy your bloggin over at the SS, U are now banned.

Charlie Brown


I was just trying to kick the proverbial "ant pile" to get things stirred up around here. The blog is slow, sometimes you gotta kick it up a notch.


Charlie Brown

Auburn 21, Alabama 14

Third quarter, 6 minutes left

orange 'n green in the vein

CGNC, the Southern Cal fans have been so freaking obnoxious ever since I've moved here in 2002 when they with all seriousness kept saying they deserved the Fiesta berth instead of OSU and then $neaky put together his joke of a "run" where he had to split titles with LSU and then got the god treatment when there were not only one but TWO undefeated teams left out in the cold that I thought not only would have given the pac-10 pansies a game, but kicked them right in the f'ing teeth to boot to pull the "upset." Then I called for Fresno to beat them in 2005 and they ended up putting more points than anybody else on the board during the 34 wins in a row and then I called for Texas to finally stick the dagger in and it worked but you got fat boy Leinart saying they felt like they were still the better team and so the arrogance never went away. Even the 41 point underdog loss and bi-annual pac-10 letdown games wouldn't get the message across that $neaky was just a crooked coach in a sub-par defensive league and this year, after they housed a midget team at San Jose State with a true freshman QB under center and I had to hear it all over again wile I kept thinking, they lost a bunch of guys off an overrated defense already and now kicking a program that wanted to drop football is supposed to say something? Uh, no. Now you just don't see as much Trojan gear on vatos who obviously never attended a single moment of class in South Central, but every once in a while you'll see a dipsh!t college aged dork with glasses on sporting the disgraced colors. Carroll is obviously WAY overpaid for the actual results he's gotten over his time there but nobody will say anything because the national media is desperate to have Southern Cal be back after their time in the wilderness so even with NCAA infractions trailing behind him like a piece of toilet paper on his shoe in an upscale restaurant the mood is very conciliatory and apologetic. He started 2-5 though and the countdown until he was gone had already begun at that time from what I understand given his less than inspiring NFL record so if he doesn't get the condoms back in the BCS mix next year, there's going to be some serious staff turnover and the rumblings will begin but I think he's back in the NFL before that happens. The paycheck will get bigger and he can lose almost half his games there and still be considered successful so it's a win/win all around for the franchise and the coach when he leaves.


Here I am.......

28-24; The U.

Charlie Brown

Auburn 21, Bama 20

Fourth quarter, Auburn ball...



If the U we know and love manages to slow the team bus down, and hop on......

34-17.....The U.


Now go enjoy your bloggin over at the SS, U are now banned.

Posted by: Charlie Brown | November 27, 2009 at 04:52 PM

That was a good ol soup nazi flashback!!




Been out shoppin all day. Nutty but fun.

Crazy deals out there people. Get out and spend some $$$$.

Bought a 46 inch 1080p Samsung lcd for my bedroom and a 37 inch Sony Bravia LCD for my office. $1200 for both!!!

Cmon you cant pass up deals like that!!

Hating the 3:30 start tomorrow.

Let's get it on already!



321Canes may drive everyone nuts with his capital letters, but without Fox, and facing a fast D-line, #12 would be served well to be in the gun, more often than not, tommorrow. Also wouldn't mind seeing some of the play-calling form FSU-GT-OU, as oppossed to some of the other games in 09'. Some passes to Coop. That nifty little run-fake; quick-pass to the TE.(Which has been an automatic 1st down this year, by the way)
If Cory' is gonna go deep, have the routes directed to the sidelines so if our guy doesn't get it, nobody does. And for the love of kids riding the short bus, starving third world children, and abused puppies, across the world, COACH.......please stop being so stubborn, and defer from a strategy for a change. Run Berry early, maybe rest him a little in the middle, and bang him late. USF's small defense should eventually cave, and it will probaly set up some big stuff downfield.

Notice I didn't include anything about the defense making a ton of impact?

I don't like this game for the D. That Daniels kid is gonna be hell tommorrow. I don't like it anymore than you guys. Expect him to rush for 100 yards, and make alot of things happen on broken plays. Something that QB's have tortured UM with the last few years Tell you what. If the fellas don't like it.....PROVE me wrong. I do expect him to be careless with the ball a few times, though.
You listenin' B-Harris?

Just kidding about the 3rd world kids, short bus, and puppies, LadySpacers.......

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