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November 26, 2009


Charlie Brown

That was a good ol soup nazi flashback!!

Posted by: Canez1 | November 27, 2009 at 05:35 PM

Those were the days! U gotta put the fear of Canespace in them once in a while to keep things in order around here.

I haven't banned anybody on the blog in good long time. Somebody is going down, and soon! LOL


Hurriphin great post and calling out 321's point. I do expect the D to play better than you said, but that is spy dependent.

Why couldn't have Pipho that went down, as we all know that wouldn't have been in a loss (thouguh with that said, has anyone seen that Fox is out, or just doubtful, because I think if there is any way he can play he will)


I hope I'm wrong about the D, Shwarma.

I just see that kid beating our backers' to the edges, left & right, all in my head.


I figured if Fox COULD go, he would, as well. Good Grief. I hope so.


I hope usf plays like this saturday, they were punishing the Fsu wide receivers, but the difference is, when Fsu was getting smacked around, nobody from Fsu smacked back, if they start playing us like this early, we'll respond, and it'll wake guys up early as well.


ALso, let's give pipho credit, the man was apparently our best option and he held his own against alot of great talent out their, the guys who actually were beating him are goign to be high draft picks, their were some guys who didn't beat him that are going to be high draft picks, with that being said, pipho played his heart out this year an maxmize his talents, he shut down morgan(g-tech) and bowers(clemson) got roasted real bad by worilds(v-tech) was getting his hat handed to him all game by beal(oklahoma), held up well against virginia's d-lne, ucf had a field day, he did well against unc, over-all, pipho held up about as strong as u can expect of him.

Now that being said, if franklin is able to move out wide tomorrow and brandon washington gets in their, we're going to have one hell of a left side running the ball, believe that. Hell, fox is going to be out all next year anyway, might as well let ben jones get baptize this game as well, and i guess they don't want to mess up jermaine jones red-shirt. o-line wise, we'll be alright and if we can't pass protect, we'll definitely see berry a whole lot earlier.


Phin' thats why on yesterday's blog I suggested a 4-2-5- with Ray Ray as the spy. I know Sharpton has played well, but if Spence is healthy, Sharpton would be the guy I would sit since containment and pursuit is not his strong suit.

Cane Since 1982

what time and where are people tailgating for tomorrows game?

Cane Since 1982

86 U around?

Cane Since 1982

how do I change that little picture thing next to my post

Cane Since 1982

never mind my last just figured it out but will have to wait to do it from my computer.


I wouldn't call OU beating Okie State an "upset".

The Sooners are a 9 1/2 point favorite in the game.



Cane Since 1982


where is everyone?

will you be at the game tomorrow?

Cane Since 1982

86 you got mail


No Cane 1982 I am not going to make it....:( but 86 will be there, I think they are meeting at a bar right outside of Raymond James Stadium.

Cane Since 1982

whats your excuse?


Well I do not have tickets and they were ridiculously overpriced on ebay....so I thought I would save for the bowl game. I am really upset that I can't go :(

Cat 5 Cane

Canez1... That's fantastic! A 46 Samsung LCD, 1080P should go for at least 900, where did you get the TV's...?


Looking forward to the game tomorrow! I think it's going to be a close one. Jacory has to protect the ball. No more bad turnovers! Go Canes!


Ya Cat I got them both at Sears.

Doorbuster prices until noon today.

I couldn't pass it up.

There are some places online that sell the same tv for the same price.

I hooked it up earlier and it looks amazing.

For $799 you really can't beat it.


Cane Since 1982

check out this hit.


Yea thats my high school Boca High Bobcats.


I am a big Samsung fan.

I have a 67 inch DLP which I love.

I bought a new house so I have to fill it with some TV's LOL.

It is being built now and wont be ready til April so I have time to pay off all this stuff!

My next purchase is a 65 inch Panasonic Plasma TCP65v10 which is going above the fireplace.

That ones a rough one though. Can't find it under 4k. All awesome reviews tho.

Check Sears out tho. Great prices!


Cat 5 Cane

I feel a Hurricane brewing... lower tha sails, mates... It's coming!


Leroy Selmons on Boy Scout Blvd... Meet at 12p leave to park to tailgate at 1pm... Let's Go Canes! And let's go offense tonite at 10p!


Personally I go for the tailgate and the cheerleaders. Or to hang out with this guy:



Posted by: Charlie Brown | November 27, 2009 at 04:37 PM

I kinda like hanging out with that guy too. Does anyone know who he is or his info, cause I think he's kinda sexy. :)

Cat 5 Cane

Wow... good buy!!... was in BJ's looking at the Samsung 42, plazma with 720p, 1,000,000 /1 contrast,... for $649... The picture was blowing away most all other brands, except a few upper end Samsung, 1080p, LCDs, ranging around $900 and up, up and up. Visio and Sony were also nice but Samsung... Kicks azz.


Anyone else watching WV and Pitt?


Im trying to CG.

The only guy that makes this game watcahble is Devine.

Little guy is exciting!!



Not really watching, more like scouting. We play @Pitt next year

orange 'n green in the vein

Turnovers on the road in a rivalry game, the kiss of death.


Now go enjoy your bloggin over at the SS, U are now banned.

Posted by: Charlie Brown | November 27, 2009 at 04:52 PM

Haven't been on in a few hours, and I get b*** slapped...that's what happens when you don't check in periodically.

Hey, all in good fun.


...oh and SS bloggin'. No thanks, I'd rather get a root canal.

Sarasota 'cane



Tarpon Springs 35
Gainesville High 28

Our boys lost in the second round. Now they can focus on their collegiate careers at UM.

Kevin Nelson ILB:

ESPN Evaluation: Nelson may be a bit undersized as a middle linebacker prospect but it's hard to find a more productive and tougher inside run stoppers than this guy. He lacks ideal height and room for physical upside is a bit limited on his compact frame, but he is thickly-built with a strong lower base and appears very durable.

Makes quick downhill reads and fills hard with very good short-area power at the point of attack. Generates great initial momentum/burst allowing him to play much bigger and make very solid contact as a hitter. Runs through his tackles and shows good pop/explosiveness from his hips. Flashes good pursuit quickness between the tackles and swarms to the football on outside run support. Consistently beats blockers to the point of attack and is able to take inside-out angles to the ball.

A lot of production comes on or behind the line of scrimmage. Closes hard and fast off-tackle with direct pursuit angles. Makes plays sideline-to-sideline aided by his high motor and good backside chase speed. However, he is a bit straight-lined without great hip-flexibility and sharp change-of-direction skill. Struggles breaking down as a tackler at times and can overrun the play. Sifts through wash well and knifes through the small seams but may have difficulty mirroring the cutback of quicker zone backs at the next level. Lateral agility and ability to slip/sidestep the cutoff block is good not great; better filling downhill with square shoulder pads. We would like to see him use his hands more when scraping to keep bigger blockers off his body.

May need some time to physically develop in order to hold his base at the point of attack and disengage bigger blockers when reached at the second level.

That said, Nelson simply has a good nose for the football and explosiveness you just can't coach; the size should come. Plays the game fast and physical and should be a coveted linebacker on the recruiting trail.

Loco - looking for quality christmas gifts?  check out www.cutco.com and then email me at tjl516@aol.com

go nevada


Ok so WV knocks off Pitt - yawn. Have a nice night all!


Loco LOL at your new blog name;;; how the heck are you?


This should be an easy win for Miami tomorrow. The only thing USF really has going for it is BJ's legs, and a streaky passing game at best, nothing really to set you up and finish you off like Miami does.


DB Devont'a Davis:

ESPN Evaluation: Davis is a tall, talented defensive back prospect with good athleticism and scheme versatility. Rangy with a long, very lean body. Shows good skill-set and ability at corner and safety; his continued physical development may dictate his eventual college position. We like his height and length outside on the perimeter.

Can effectively play press, bump-and-run and eventually provide a favorable matchup with today's taller college receivers on the outside. For a taller corner he has good hip-fluidity and footwork. Shows the ability to mirror and redirect sharply in off-man coverages. Can turn and run vertically in man-to-man without losing a lot in transition. Recovers quickly with good acceleration, makeup speed and proper inside positioning to deflect the pass. May be better breaking and driving on the ball in front of him. Displays very good underneath range and closing speed.

Pursues with a motor and can cover the whole field. Needs to avoid tackling high but he is aggressive on run support and will occasionally flash some pop as a hitter. Has good speed and hips but they may be better suited at safety or as a nickel corner.

Our concern is that he lacks the bulk and strength right now to consistently retain his base down in the box on run support at the major college level as a safety. Would need a lot of work in the weight room for size and strength. A bit of a hybrid corner/safety but we look at Davis as being scheme versatile and his tweener status not necessarily as a negative.

His ability to cover kicks as well as return them on special teams adds to his upside. With some technique refinement and added size this athletic defensive back could develop into a good one.


Ya'll know I have Canetuition right...

Loco - looking for quality christmas gifts? check out www.cutco.com and then email me at tjl516@aol.com

Loco LOL at your new blog name;;; how the heck are you?

Posted by: CGNC | November 27, 2009 at 11:38 PM

Good, busy, lots of school work. I've spent most of the last few days doing work while fighting a head cold. Yay for projects all being due at the end of the semester

how are you?


The U will win Saturday against USF this Saturday!

Sarasota 'cane

Hey 86 my Dad and I are meeting the rest of my friends and family at the Hooter's at Channelside Plaza around noon, and then we are heading over as a group to Ray Jay around 2pm.

It was the best place to meet with everyone coming from North, South, East, and West!! We're going to park in one of the private lots or someones yard off of N. Himes when we get there. It's easier to get back to I-275 if you are on the East side of the stadium when you leave.

I hope to see everyone there! Talk to you later!

Go 'canes!


It's GameDay Batches!!!!

Go Canes!

Cane Since 1982

The Canes will be dressed for the part Saturday in Nike's all-white Pro Combat uniform, the lightest weight uniform the company has created.

According to Nike, the Canes are one of 11 elite programs to debut the uniform during November before it is officially introduced at the start of 2010.

``You don't want to lose with new jerseys,'' Jacory Harris said. ``That would be a reason for us not to wear [them] anymore.''

Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown

SOTA...enjoy yourself. That's the worst place to meet. Have fun!

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