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November 05, 2009


Sean Spence is a Beast!!!


These following players are supposedly considering the U at one point or currently from medium to high, tell me which guys are the longshots and which ones we got a good shot from and the ones we have no shot at all!

Latwan Anderson
Josh Shirley
Josh Shirley
Brandon Linder
Keion Payne
Cody Riggs
Alex Smith (Cincy)
Aramide Olaniyan
Christian Jones
Michael Thornton
Tony Jefferson (UCLA)
Ivan McCartney
Chris Dunkley
Corey Lemonier
Shariff Floyd
Dior Mathis
Jakhari Gore
Jeff Luc
Willis Wright
Arie Kouandjio
Calvin Smith
Michaelee Harris
Torrian Wilson (Stanford)
Lorenzo Waters
Brian Robinson
Kenny Shaw
Jermaine Barton
Allen Hurns
Javon Bell
Chase Harper
Timothy Graham
J'Courtney Williams
Kyle Prater (USC)
Lache Seastrunk
Lamarcus joyner
JR Ferguson
Darius White
Alec Ogletree (Georgia)
Gerald Christian (Florida)
William Gholston (Michigan State)
Christian Thomas
Terrence Mitchell
Corey Brown (Ohio State)
Jordon James
Demar Dorsey (Florida)

Some of these payers i have no knowledge of, I did some research and just know all of these guys are considering us from medium to high, but feel free to give me some insights or to give me your take on each.


Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

BTW, if LSU loses today, i'm smelling a chick-fil-a rematch! that 40-3 manhandling is still very vivid in my mind!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Wait my bad, i meant tomorrow, if LSU loses tomorrow! haha i'm already ahead of myself, saturday can't get here any sooner!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Wait my bad, i meant tomorrow, if LSU loses tomorrow! haha i'm already ahead of myself, saturday can't get here any sooner!

conch salad

anyone see a potential rematch between Miami and LSU if we win out in the Peach?

Also, anyone WORRIED about that?


321 - To respond to your comments:

1) I think that the comments about Swasey are unfair for two reasons: 1) we are looking at freshman and sophmores and there size versus juniors and seniors for some team 2) $$$ is now important in conditioning for supplements and nutrition and we don't have it, so Swasey is working at a disadvantage

2) I would like to see some new things in the offense but this is a pro-style offense so if we go to 4 WR and the gun we stray from that

3) Very fair point and I agree

4) Clements I think you might be off since it was the kid who said it (who other than sticking it to GA really has nothing to gain by saying it despite that) and with Ego that is distrubing if true as I think that is a kid we want. We have to trust the coaches because at the end of the day, they are the only ones who know the real truth and situation with every kid


SSIB - The only ones you need to be concerned about right now are


And add to the list
Joshua Shaw
Jermaine Barton


We may end up in the Minolta Gator Bowl against Notre Dame.


conch salad

"We may end up in the Minolta Gator Bowl against Notre Dame"

That would be so awesome. I'd love a shot at notre dame and charlie the weiss...

A few weeks back on gameday some kid had a sign that said "Charlie Weiss ate my other sign" and I thought that was hilarious


Just received this e-mail from Hurricane Athletics:


The Miami Hurricanes need your support this Saturday at our Homecoming football game versus the University of Virginia (kickoff is at noon). As we have seen at our victories over Georgia Tech and Oklahoma, a large, loud, and proud crowd helps make a big difference for our team. On behalf of Hurricane Athletics, we look forward to seeing you this Saturday at Land Shark Stadium as we compete for our seventh victory of the season.

If you cannot attend this Saturday's game, through our new relationship with Ticketmaster we have a new feature that allows you to forward your tickets via e-mail. Should you wish to forward your tickets please follow the steps below.

Thank you for your support of the Miami Hurricanes and all our Student-Athletes.

Go Canes!!!

How do I forward a ticket?
Your University of Miami Account allows you to transfer tickets to virtually anyone with an e-mail account! Using ticketFast technology and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (free), the recipient can print a forwarded ticket to any standard printer.

You can access your account by clicking this link or by clicking 'My Account' located at the top of hurricanesports.com. Once you have accessed the login screen please follow these directions to access your account:

Step 1 - Log into your University of Miami My Account
Step 2 - From your account home page, click into the Manage Tickets area
Step 3 - Select the event and seats you would like to transfer and click "Forward."
Step 4 - Enter the transfer options, including the recipients' information. Click "Continue."
Step 5 - Verify the recipient information and, if a payment is due, enter your billing information. Click "Submit."

What are the fees for forwarding tickets?
When you forward tickets, there may be per ticket charges for authentication and reissue delivery. Any such fees will be displayed during the forwarding process.


"Charlie Weiss ate my other sign" and I thought that was hilarious

conch that IS hilarious LMAO

Remember the "College Football Lives Here" signs?

When Game Day was at Kansas and Mark Mangino was coaching, some kid was holding up a sign that said
"Obesity Lives Here"

my kinda fans


conch salad

hahaha but not as awesome as your picture...

"homey dont play that!"

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Notre Dame will lose to Navy and will keep falling off! vault it!

So therefore, the Gator bowl between the U and ND will never happen, what might happen is the rematch in the peach bowl, 40-3 in the heads of the young Canes! LSU lose today to bama!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

USC, LSU, Luckeyes! we're coming to get one of you!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

damn it, i keep saying today! saturday really can't get here any sooner!


Manny's blog is one of the best, he always have great reads and his info is redunkulously accurate and far more up to date than most pay sites!

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | November 06, 2009 at 08:39 AM

I agree 100%. Plus Manny wears Canespace!


86, you're my hero!

btw, I finalized the menu last night:

apple cream cheese stuffed french toast casserole


tator tot egg sausage and cheese casserole

They will be kept warm - the only question is if any will be left by the time you guys get there at 10! Maybe Two Jays IS a good idea . . . hmmm.


thanks conch

hey check this version of boom boom, i put it up here for pb the other night..killer
You guys probably play a version of it


some more Dude Perfect, summer camp edition

these guys kill too

These are the guys that made the longest Basketball shot in histoy
(that was the 70th try btw)





If we don't get in the ACC title game, which we won't.
we will finish the season 3ed in the ACC which will get us to the Gator Bowl

the loser of the Acc champ game will play
the sec number 3 or 4



Solar...check email.






I've wondered about that...is the number 2 ACC team always the runner up in the title game or do they go by BCS ranks, or do the bowls get to pick?


Wasn't it GT and LSU last year?

VT won the ACC but GT went to the Chick Fil A ahead of Boston College...the runner up.


Good job, Esteban!


Texas, bowls get to pick.


and thanks JSQ.


JSQ...no problem, glad I was around the blog to help out. I doubt anybody here would use the info but U should call the UM ticket office and change your account info just to be safe.

I'm definitely getting some breakfast food from Too Jays for tailgating: Bagels/cream cheese, muffin tops, danish, etc.

See U at 10 AM...


So when Bobby announces his retirement before the Florida game and FSU wins...

Then LSU beats Alabama tomorrow...

Then LSU beats Florida in the title game...

Miami versus Florida in Chik Fil A Bowl?


Este...where did U get that picture of my wife for your video? LOL

Love the latest feature and the humor! Good job as always.


JSQ...no problem, glad I was around the blog to help out. I doubt anybody here would use the info but U should call the UM ticket office and change your account info just to be safe.

I'm definitely getting some breakfast food from Too Jays for tailgating: Bagels/cream cheese, muffin tops, danish, etc.

See U at 10 AM...

Posted by: 86Cane | November 06, 2009 at 10:26 AM

Yep, that's the first thing I did - although I trust all you Canespacers, you never know who might be looking at the blog . . . like Criminoles or Crocs who want to throw off my game day plans! ;-)

Very much a blonde moment.

See you tomorrow! Thanks for contributing something!

Oh, and, if anyone wants to challenge me to a jello shot contest, they need to arrive at 6am to the RV lot. I don't compete with amateurs.


Este great job as always.

Love the wallpaper!!!!


JSQ makin me hungry!!


DallasTX Cane

$25 to park is robbery!

Posted by: canechic | November 06, 2009 at 06:58 AM

LOL! Jerry Jones is getting $75 at the Death Star.


Hi all! I've been lurking around ever since day 1 (came over from the Omar days). I faithfully read almost every post. Just wanted to let you know how great I think you all are, especially Mr. Soup. BTW this is the first time I've posted anywhere, ever. I'll be there tomorrow rooting for our 'Canes.


Mimi makes an appearance!

Post here and post often.


Mimi...Soooooooo glad U posted!!!

As DZ8 said: Welcome to the Space. Post here, post often.

Thank U for the generous donation to support Canespace. Let's meet at the game and we can tailgate together?

Email me at tompopadak@aol.com or host@canespace.com so we can connect.


mimi glad you decided to post, welcome here

I got knocked off the net for a few minutes i'll put the bowl invitation chart up in a sec if I don't get knocked off

Sarasota 'cane

LOL! Jerry Jones is getting $75 at the Death Star.

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | November 06, 2009 at 10:49 AM

The Death Star? I almost spit my coffee on my screen! I have never heard a more perfect nickname for a stadium!

86, I may get two tickets, row 14, 15 yard line with a blue and an orange parking pass for $50.00! I'll let you know in about an hour.

Go 'canes!



I'll send you something on the TarHeel offense and special teams on Sunday.

Cat 5 Cane

Bowl Games...
What pisses me off, is that even if we run the the table playing low to mediocre teams... Who ever we play in a bowl game is going to be a huge challenge, given the injured list.

Playing a top 20 team with half a team in a bowl game is like giving 10 points... before kick off and then expecting the number two's to fill the gap with no let off... Not happening!

Do I blame Randy?... yes. He should have seen it 6 weeks ago. You know damn well that half these guys got hurt during practice, doing two-a-days... trying to prove to the coaches they were worthy of starting and once choosen, there was no way in hell they would tell someone they were hurt before a game.

Hopefully Randy learns from this year and Coaches smarter to win next year.

And before all you Jocks go crazy... I'm not saying to powder their azz and tuck them in... Just saying, too much of anything isn't always best in the long run.

Finding the right balance is the key!


Cat5, at least we get a month to heal up leading up to the bowl game.


I played at every level of football except the NFL (still holding out hope... J/K!)

We always tackled in practice, except on days you had shells (Helmets and shoulder pads only)...

So I dunno.. I am curious about us always being so beat up. Just not sure it is tackling.



sweet brudda,

I look for one of our linebackers to get a pick this week, maybe Cmac. Simpson Burd and Hall all average about 30 yds receiving a game. I think Sewell will stay short all game and get picked off.




It seems like a combo of stamina and testicles, we seem to run out of both right around half way through the season.

im out for awhile



Good job as usual Este



Just got off a conference call. Glad you picked up on it.

The weird thing is I was getting ready to do the exact same thing myself, I had it ready to paste. Then I looked at Mary's message and said "oh sh*t", so if you hadn't done it for her you would have had to do it for me.

86 - thanks for being on top of things and also say hello to MiamiMike & RandyCane - remember I came up & said hello to you in line at the Clemson game (I was with my daughter)


I'll send you something on the TarHeel offense and special teams on Sunday.

Posted by: DZ8 | November 06, 2009 at 11:11 AM

Perfect, Solar's got the UNC defense.

Out for a while....later!


Triple C...it's all good. MM01 and Randy are up in JAX this weekend playing it smart. We will miss them at the game.

Times are tough, let's hope the Canes are tougher!


how many of the guys who are on the injured list were healthy at the beginning of the year? just curious as to how many guys got hurt in the spring or summer and just ended up aggravating things once the season started. guys like fortson/moncur.




Jameel Sewell (shoulder)

Is there QB even going to play??


Esteban - great question.

But in all seriousness ( I know some teams are giving their players some extra vitamins in their gatorade)

And UM just isn't... Imagine Sean Spence on the JUICE!

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