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November 05, 2009


Cat 5 Cane

Just lost a post...

anyway... Boise just scored again...
Boise 45/Tech 28


Thanks PB, I'm ready to see every inch.. Even explore on my own at night, when the new wifey is sleeping.

I am catholic and would love to take the train to Rome if I can afford it.

The budget is tight and the train is pretty expensive to Rome from Venice, just to be there for a day. Plus we would have to leave at 6apm to get there around 12pm and leave at 6pm and be back in Venice at midnight.

Long expensive day.. Maybe they will have some deals.

Or would it be cheaper to rent a car for the day?


Got it thanks Miamimike01. (I won't forget again)

Cat 5 Cane

Tech comes back and scores... Boise 45/ Tech 35, with 3 min's to go!


no really, is that a hint?


Posted by: Cat5Cane | November 06, 2009 at 11:14 PM

Thanks for d update cat. Oh; well.
Canes beat Va. Do what U got to do to win.

Cat 5 Cane

On side kick failed .. Boise has control and the clock is clicking... game over!


Or would it be cheaper to rent a car for the day?

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | November 06, 2009 at 11:15 PM

There are no cars in Venice so I doubt there is even an agency to rent from!

If youre only in Venice, its way too long a trian ride.

Just enjoy Venice and take the boat trip over to to Murano.

Cat 5 Cane

Night all... Beat Virginia, Beat Virginia, Beat vir.....


Interesting update on Nick O'Leary, TE prospect for 2011 from Dwyer High in Palm Beach county. He just told ESPN that his top 5 is UM, FU, FSU, S. Carolina and U Tenn. I call this interesting, as this is the grandson who recent took a visit to OSU (Buckeyes) with some buddies on his dime, given that he is Jack Nicklaus' grandson and grandpa is an OSU alum. It is interesting because after all of this, assuming we can trust any kid this early in the process, OSU isn't even mentioned on his list. Given UM's TE issues upcoming over the next 1-2 years I'd say anyone wanting playing time early could be more easily recruited. This likely is the same issue that will work in reverse for many top flight receivers though, like possibly McCartney of Miramar for 2010. Guys who want earlier PT know they'll likely be buried in the depth chart for at least 1-2 years with all of the wideouts on this team.


BTW, the Heat wins again, tagging Denver with their first loss of the season. Wade and company are doing exactly what they need to do with all of the home games early in the season.

For anyone who think's GT's OL plays dirty, check out this lady from U. New Mexico:



Loganville ( Storm Johnson UM) beat Winder Barrow 57- 18 I'll get Johnson's boxscore when ever it comes up, sounds like he had a pretty good game.



“Big game for both teams,” Miami coach Randy Shannon said.

Subplots abound, for certain.

For starters, there’s this little matter of 48-0. To Miami, it still matters.

“Still lingers,” Shannon acknowledged.

Of the 22 starters the Hurricanes had on the field that November night in 2007, when they played on the Orange Bowl turf for the final time, only five remain on Miami roster. The stadium itself is now gone—by 2012, the Florida Marlins expect to open a ballpark on that site—but the memories of that loss certainly linger around the Hurricanes, even for those who weren’t playing back then.

“It’s kind of a revenge thing,” Miami quarterback Jacory Harris said.



you mean to tell me that injuries do play a part in your team's struggles? say it ain't so.


Este - when you google Keyra Agustina, that's all you're supposed to see ... cheeks

Orange on one side, Green on the other side







Good, to know nobody up here.


The U is to championship football what Keyra's a%% is to perfection.

Joseph Gatz

My advice to U is to start drinking...heavily. The d#$n game starts in 6 hours....were is everyone????


Manny is great but Shandel needs to go, I could write what he finds and copy and paste the rest from other sites like "he does" and get info..

He does NOOOOOOOOOOOOO inisde reporting, because
1. He isn't a good writer/reporter
2. He isn't a fan of UM
3. He just is not good.

but with the papers being broke I can see why they can't go out and hire a legitimate Hurricane beat writer, since they have Susan covering the main stories (OMG barff)

I'm just glad they made it into a movie (Marley and Me) before the branch dies.

Then Shandel can go back north and cheer for the Saluki's or some other midwest team.

At least he isn't a pure hater like Omar...


Already in .. Still not sleeping yet..

Which is not good, prob. wake up for by the time the game starts.

Cat 5 Cane

The Herald...Today

Miami Hurricanes face Virginia, hope to avoid another late-season collapse
After losing its last three games in 2008 and its last four games in 2007, UM is determined to finish the 2009 season the right way.


University of Miami coach Randy Shannon remarked how proud he was of his Hurricanes beating Wake Forest on their final drive last Saturday -- despite his defense giving up 555 yards.

``Look at how we came back late against Wake,'' said Shannon, noting that his team held the Demon Deacons to seven points in the second half. ``Yeah, we're getting better. I never cared about statistics. Even when I was a coordinator, I never cared. The only thing that matters is wins and losses.''

Here is a statistical trend about which Shannon doesn't need to be reminded: UM lost its last three games in 2008 and its last four games in 2007.

Atlantic Coast Conference foe Virginia (3-5, 2-2 ACC) comes to Land Shark Stadium on homecoming Saturday to begin UM's final four-game stretch of the regular season, and the No. 16 Hurricanes (6-2, 3-2) are intent on preventing another late-season collapse.

The way to do that? Play fast and hard from beginning to end, several Hurricanes said this week. They acknowledged that it was easier and more motivating to go through the first stretch of the season than this past stretch.

Miami started its season at Florida State and then played Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma -- losing only in Blacksburg, Va. The Canes continued with Florida A&M, UCF, Clemson and Wake Forest -- barely getting by at Wake Forest and losing at home to Clemson in overtime.

UM was favored in its past four games, and is again Saturday by 13 ½ points.

``The offense and defense feed off each other,'' UM receiver Leonard Hankerson said. ``So we both talked about how we have to come out and work harder. I guess when you're expected to win games and know you can beat a team, you start out flat because nobody is hyped up. We talked about that, how we have to come out and score on the first drive -- every drive.''

Canes quarterback Jacory Harris echoed Hankerson.

``We're not playing up to our standards,'' Harris said. ``It's like we're just doing enough to get by [in games], when in practice we're giving 110 percent. Game time we slow the pace down sometimes. . . . I don't know how the fans see our season going, and I don't know how they feel about it. We just wish that we were 8-0.''

Strong-side linebacker Colin McCarthy said he also wishes the Canes would go into every game with the same amount of enthusiasm.

``I mean, lately, first drives against teams, they've started out strong with field goals or touchdowns,'' said McCarthy, who leads UM with 60 tackles. ``We've got to be more excited, I guess, in the beginning of games to try to stop them. We've got to find ways to get up for games that may not seem as [high-profile].''

Be assured that the Cavaliers, coached by veteran Al Groh, will be motivated.

After the Cavs trounced the Canes 48-0 in the last game at the Orange Bowl two seasons ago, they lost to UM in overtime in their homecoming game last season.

Harris led the Canes on a 95-yard drive in regulation that tied the score at 17-17 when LaRon Byrd caught a 26-yard touchdown pass with 55 seconds left. In overtime, Harris lofted a 9-yard touchdown pass to former high school teammate Aldarius Johnson.

``When a team has been through it they understand how to focus from play to play rather than on the overall circumstances of the moment,'' said Groh, who graduated from Virginia and began coaching there in 2001.

Groh was an assistant coach in the NFL from 1987 to '99, and was the New York Jets' head coach in 2000.

``There were a lot of players who made good plays last year against us, but it was a Jacory drive that did it,'' Groh said. ``. . . They have a way of playing built to [use] the advantage of the vertical speed they have, which is very significant and perhaps the best in the conference. And they have a quarterback who has plenty of arm who can get the ball there.''

Groh is having his own challenges this season. The Associated Press reported this week that his ``future as the school's football coach,'' according to Virginia athletic director Craig Littlepage, will be decided at the end of the season.

The AP reported that Littlepage said in an e-mail that Groh will be evaluated on his ``full body of work'' and that the university's goal is to have fan support at games.

Virginia averaged 46,605 fans at its first five home games, down more than 7,000 from last season, when the Cavaliers finished 5-7.


Actually I think Shandel is a clever and witty writer with a nice style. He's just not that into football. Basketball is his thing.

Is there a Canespace tailgate for this game?




you mean to tell me that injuries do play a part in your team's struggles? say it ain't so.

Posted by: Daytoncane | November 07, 2009 at 01:15 AM

Let us hope not. Go Canes! Beat Va.


USC and the Luckeyes will both lose today

Of course they will find a way to stay in the top 25 but they will get beat today

Cat 5 Cane

Is there a Canespace tailgate for this game? Posted by: CanesAddiction

You mean there is not a tailgate everyday on Canespace???...

Oooops, I need to put down my beer,... I'm at the wrong place!!!

Cat 5 Cane

Forget the long passing and field goals going west to east today, boys... Winds are topping 30 MPH and will be swielling inside the stadium...

Could be a big day for Interceptions.

On the other hand we could see record breaking field goals going east to west (our end zone)... Man that wind is wicked


addiction you are already late it sstarted at 6AM
I'm stuck at home :-(

Sarasota 'cane

I'm on my way-ay-ay, home...sweet...home!

Go 'canes!





going to see this kid play tonight, Sharif Floyd....heard he is very interested in us (espn doesnt have us listed, go figure)...he is a flat out beast at DT....

truth, wherever you are hanging, get the guys on this guy....he is the DT we have been searching for...



Cat 5 Cane

What a day for football!!!
Skys are clearing out. Will be 80 degrees and windy... time to run it down their throats, mixed in with some short slants to benji, collier or D johnson.

Definitely would like to see double TE's used today to stop the rush.

They say JJ is playing today... But hope Berry gets the load.

Maybe we'll see Cooper catching out of the backfield or end arounds.

Who knows, something not seen...maybe Highsmith gets some PT and is used in some option plays.

Coach... Put me in!





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