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November 05, 2009



86 can contest to this, we took a picture with Sean Spence in the hotel before the FSU game, my dad and I look about the same size as him, minus the dreadlocks.




Jameel Sewell (shoulder)

Is there QB even going to play??

Posted by: DATcane | November 06, 2009 at 11:47 AM

He's been plagued by injuries all year (see Mary Knows Football Week 7). He injured his ankle against Maryland and I think there is something else wrong with him too. He didn't play against us last year. Apparently he really wants to since he was part of the '07 raping of the Old Girl.

cough *scumbag* cough


Triple C...it's all good. MM01 and Randy are up in JAX this weekend playing it smart. We will miss them at the game.

Times are tough, let's hope the Canes are tougher!

Posted by: SOUP | November 06, 2009 at 11:43 AM

Amen to that


Este - good job on the video

I like the "Virginia Dump Attack" title .. it's like a night after inhaling some Mickey's Big Mouths and 25 Krystal Burgers with chili fries

Cat 5 Cane

Look guys... I'm all for hard hitting practices and show me stuff, per randy. but was complaining since the 1st couple of weeks, when we already had a few guys banged up on the injury list, then several more guys went down with season ending or really bad injuries (out 2/3/4 weeks) playing the games and also doing two-a-days... of hard core, all out hitting!... my point was to reduce the two-a-days and do walk thru's and more one on one stuff where needed... Like Brown and others.

I'm out



What six said.

I really enjoy these videos each week, very well done also.

Like the background, too (at the beginning)

Cat 5 Cane

Este... Good stuff Bro.

Hope the game is as easy as the prediction.


Cat5, was it you that was asking for women in bikinis a while back? I can't remember.


Go Canes beat Va.
is there anyone on this great blog tech savvy enough to be using SKYPE the free video call software Opra Winfrey uses on her show. I was intergued when she talked to a Navy Commander (from Fl) in his submarine below the surface of some body of water. I bought a web camera I downloaded the software and am ready to go but I need somebody on the other end. NOW the $64 question, is anyone here using SKYPE, I am 70 and not afraid to show my face as some of my cousins used as an excuse not to partisipate.Have a good day in any case. We are setting up a garage sale for friends and family


and thanks for the compliments all.

Six, i wasn't trying to be funny/amusing when i was thinking of a title to put up, but once that one popped in my head I couldn't help but use it.


Fran, that's the kicker with Skype. Finding people you know who also use it.


Esteban's B.I.Down = Priceless! Ogv=Cool!


Terribel news at Ft.Hood my thoughts are with those families. One was less then a week back from deployment and pregnant. It's horrible to lose any soldiers but this is worse.

5 UK soldiers were killed by Aghan police trainee yesterday, the very person they were training.

A bad few days all round.


Fran - I knew a couple of people that used to have Skype, they used it when they went traveling overseas to communicate with family back here ... I don't think they have it anymore

I know we use it up at work every so often, as a 2nd to last resort if a live shot can't get dialed in on a satellite feed



Skype worked awesome for me while down range, I could call home, click on the video and see my 6 yo sons smiling face. I told him a bedtime story once.


good morning, all. Am I the only one who honestly could care less about facing an overrated ND in the Gator Bowl? 10 or 20 years ago this would have been fun. Now? they've ducked us for so long, and sucked for so long that any hate I had for them has been replaced with complete indifference.


Este - ya, but it was funny even though unintentional

The multiple shots on the screen are cool and also hammer your point across about how many times certain types of plays are used

I heard Keyra Agustina is a huge Canes fan and wants to be in your next video




BREAKING NEWS:Multiple injuries reported in shooting at Orlando high-rise. Devel

Its a mad world...


not my bldg thank goodness


Keep your head down anyways...

Cat 5 Cane

Este... Oh yeah, that was me, wanting naked girls playing footaball...LOL

The thought of bouncing tata's, just seems to draw my attention...LOL!

Later, gotta go!




Sarasota 'cane


Weather report from the Weather Channel. The usual 30% chance of rain, but the wind is expected to be 22 mph! Should make it interesting.

Go 'canes!


USAFCane, Esteban and 6 thanks for responding so far only ladies of the night have contacted me I ignored them LOL





dude perfect two, ranch edition


think about this shid next time you make a half court shot and have the world by the azz for 15 seconds



Hello my friends it has been some time since I posted. Just wanted to say hello and hope everyone will be enjoying the game tomorrow afternoon. I have been analyzing this team since the first game and with all the injuries on defense I am beyond worried. But anyway what can U do? I am not a coach, trainer, Athletic director or a player so it is out of my hands. I leave U with one of the best quotes I have ever heard...
In regards to this seasons nagging/annoying injuries that is keeping this team from looking like it did against GT:
"It is bigger than both of us"


This was from Manny's blog, I thought the comment was interesting so I posted it..

To win you need talent and RS is stocking the shelves. So what if he is not firely on the sideline...Bowden proved for years that recruiting talent translates to wins. RS can hire to his weaknesses and do what Schnellenberger did...the State of S. Fl. Or have we forgetten how we became the U in the first place...peace out!

I'm saying......

DallasTX Cane

insanity reigns at Ft Hood and in Orlando.

all Orlando Canespacers - BE SAFE

heartfelt condolences to those affected at Ft Hood.

there's more to life than football...

Matt Drudge

Are we now scared of UVA too? Heck, these guys lost to William and Mary. I understand UNC lost to UVA, but we better man up and destroy these guys.

Time to stop giving too much respect these bottom feeders.

I do have a problem with what one of the players said a couple of days ago about every other team coming out with something what they haven't seen on film. How about us? Are we doing the same thing week in and week out? Isn't this on the coaches? How are we not able to stop the screen plays repeatedly?

No time for excuses. Show up and execute. Hey, Hankerson, if the offense scores points on every possession, you guys can take plays off in the second half. But don't take plays off int he first half.


One thing to point out, I know Wake and Virginia are consider crap schools and bottom feeders, but the ACC bottom feeders far exceed the crap at the bottom of the big east barrel while we were there (cough cough Temple and Rutgers).

So while we should win, realize this is a tougher conference and parity has hit college football


I am out, will be at the Shark tomorrow for the Canes 34-13 win!!!


BREAKING NEWS:Multiple injuries reported in shooting at Orlando high-rise. Devel

Its a mad world...

Posted by: DZ8 | November 06, 2009 at 12:45 PM

All of Downtown Orlando has been shut down. I thank my lucky stars I took the day off. I don't work in the area but drive by it everyday on my way home.


Six, i had to google that chick. I hit the images search and all i saw was two cheeks over and over.


looks like they caught the suspect in the area of curry ford rd and 436.

Mrs. 86

Cool TV Esteban, as always. Go Canes!


Esteban is going to have his own show one day. half of it will be about the canes and the other half will be about naked women.

or you could just make the entire thing about naked women.


Alright, this might be too soon, and I will take a lot of crap for being insensitive or whatever but being a scientist you are basically a pattern recognizer so here it goes...

What do the largest school shooting and military base shooting in US history have in common?

Here it goes.... VIRGINIA TECH

don't hate on me, but it's true.


Beer, I won't jump on you because I am not the sensative type AT ALL, but I really would chalk it up to coincidence. Now if today's guy went to VA Tech, then I change my opinion.


i gotta ask...was the giggling noticed?

and Dayton, that would be fine by me. Have them throw up the U.

Mrs. 86

Posted by: raizecane | November 06, 2009 at 02:16 PM
Hooh, Texas yesterday & this today... too much of a mad world.

Mrs. 86

Posted by: Daytoncane | November 06, 2009 at 02:40 PM

Este's best is UM Canespace football. Common, Mrs. Este would not to see him do any naked women tv-show.

conch salad

hey check this version of boom boom, i put it up here for pb the other night..killer

Solar, that was pretty sick... thanks for posting


Swarma that was a good observation.
The Big East was joke.

When you take the 27 wins over Temple, Rutgers, VT (garbage back then,) Pitt( more garbage) out of that 58 game streak it isn't as impressive.
We beat a lot of real great out of conference teams during that stretch, but when you study the wins the average opposing team record is 7-5.

The ACC has a way of cannibalizing it's own teams



welcome conch, yea I dug it a lot.

out for while



Exactly Solar.

I am not making excuses and settling for mediocrity, but given the whole country now recruits Florida, kids are more anxious for playing time, and we play in a tougher conference with elite talent (the ACC produces elite NFL talent just does not feature elite NCAA teams) we need to realize that runs of 10-2 to 12-0 seasons with consistent appearance in BCS games is the new gold standard. (and spare the homer talk that we're Miami we going to set the new standard. Miami places a special type of football when we're good and we made history, but the game has changed and so must our understanding and expectations)


meant Miami plays a special type of football when we're good


LOL I was watching a legends DVD with highlights from some UM greats and Ray Lewis was on there. With his Jersey like tucked under is shoulder pads, with his six pack just blasting out all over the place.

You could see the man was an animal.

I wonder if our LB's would even have the SWAG to attempt that, might be a different picture with Sharpton, McCarthy, and Spence.

Not saying all physical specimens make greath football players, i.e. Spencer Adkins. The key is finding a great physical specimen who is also a football player.

We are getting back to that.


CSM - Shame Jeff Luc isn't coming aboard, because that kid is a MAN and could pull off that look

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