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December 27, 2009





go canes






how the hell do you make 15 of 22 attempts and still have a job kicking field goals????




Sixth. Not banned. Yet.


Interesting, I was thinking a closer game. Spoke with a fmr Gator last night who thought Miami should win this one by 14 as well.

Go Canes!


how the hell do you make 15 of 22 attempts and still have a job kicking field goals????

Posted by: solarcane | December 27, 2009 at 09:20 PM

Your name is: SOLARCANE!


LMAO!! now that was pretty funny!!


UMIKE it was a great article by Manny..

It had me thinking that would be a great gift for say 5-10 fans..

There should be a raffle and the winners get to hang out with the players for their activities and stuff during the bowl season...

Who wouldn't want to see the indestructible Sean Spence frightened by the Incredible Hulk.. Priceless!!!!

86 use your connections and pitch this to mr. kirby wirby...

Previous blogggggg


Good analysis.

If the Canes bring their "A" game, we win by at least 14...and I think they will. My gut tells me most of the players want to use this as a "statement" game to go into 2010.


86 - you could even auction of these - hang with the player bowl passes - for lots of money... (though that would eliminate me from contention.)

I just think it is a superb idea to allow the common fan to interact more with the actual players they admire, and not just use the fans for their ticket prices (if it was in fact a giveaway)

Imagine a group of us riding the increidble hulk and eating hamburgers while joking around with the players.. Or having a basketball shootout.


If Jacory has to throw 40 times, and Berry doesn't run until the 3rd qtr, well I won't say it before a game............but yall know where I'm going.

If Whip keeps it simple with Jacory only going deep to the endzone, and Berry running early on..........

34-24 UM


Dave...do U have Canespace gear yet?


I have a sean taylor shirt that you were go enough to send me thanks


Imagine a group of us riding the increidble hulk and eating hamburgers while joking around with the players.. Or having a basketball shootout.

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 27, 2009 at 09:28 PM


Except for the fact that I have already tried these ideas and the UM AD is like:


They are clueless.


Hurri I disagree with what you are saying. I think Jacory throws it close to 40 but not because of what you are insinuating...

Berry will run the ball but probably won't touch it until the 2nd..

I think we run a lot early with some play action mixed in.

Maybe a series we spreading them out wide..

Then the 2nd half, after we ran and they expected pass, we pass when they are expecting run.

Stays close in the first half closing 17-10 with us ahead.

2nd half we blow it away.

38 -21 with the badgers scoring a pity score late that counts for nothing but the scoreboard..

Either way I'll be there in force.


Yo, Dave, cool deal. Blog on...


The Badgers pass defense is HIGHLY SUSPECT!

I say that JH#12 has a BIG night against the land dwelling, burrowing, nasty azz, skunk family defense.


Just spoke to JSQ on the phone.

All lot S folks, we're meeting @ the Crowne Plaza, 5 minutes from the stadium. If you aren't going to be at the tailgate early, bring your own food. raize, myself, or RandyCane will grill it for you.

This is also BYOB. So bring the your coolers and ice. If you can't bring your own food, a small donation will be accepted to offset the cost of the tailgate.

Hope this clears some things up, if not, contact me through 86 or here on the blog.

11:55 AM @ Crowne Plaza. Tailgate should be up and running by 1:00 PM.

Posted by: miamimike01 | December 27, 2009 at 07:11 PM


I wonder what grilled badger would taste like?


Now that we've officially labeled Wisc. as a plodding team, with a plain-Jane QB...................I fully expect Tolzien to play like a surefire 1st rnd pick, like so many ordinary qb's have done to us in the past.

Seriously, although I am certain that we are a couple leagues above UW, anyone else getting a Fiesta Bowl (87' and 03') feel?




anyone else getting a Fiesta Bowl (87' and 03') feel?

Posted by: Hurri' | December 27, 2009 at 09:41 PM

Not me.


Anything new on the recruiting front?




86 have you discussed with them specifically the bowl game?

I think it would make more sense since the players are scheduled for so many public things at once and it during the holiday season.

Maybe we could get together and I could present something to you, and if you like it. We could present something to the university. I know if we did that it would eliminate us from contention but it would be worth it to think that we contributed to soembody living out their dream..

Please just let me put together some power point slides and some info..

And let me pitch it.

Maybe it will be a trial run for your possible marketing situation.


Canespace tailgate: LOT S from 1 PM-7 PM.


I wonder what grilled badger would taste like?

Posted by: Hurricanedave | December 27, 2009 at 09:39 PM

The word on the street is that it tastes like chicken.



I like the approach we took against USF. Not over-working his arm, and limiting Cory's obvious urges to throw deep EVERY time it's man coverage. However, I do recognize that it would be disadvantageous to get into a low scoring slugfest with a Big10 team, and not throw against a team who's biggest liability is their secondary.


Depending on NCAA regulations you could even use it as a donation pitching device..

Anybody who wants to be entered into the drawing must donate $100 dollars to the UM athletic department.

Your $100 drawing gets you entered once. You can give as much money as you want but your name only goes into the drawing 10-15 times or something like that (for people who love to donate large amounts for tax write offs but would like something small in return)

and for the common man who would love this opportunity but couldn't stand a fighting chance in a bidding war.

It would be the ultimate "prize of a lifetime" for any true cane fan.


Hurri - I think the goal with these badgers is the set-up..

As much as everybody saying this is slow vs speed..

I hear UW fans talking run vs pass..

And that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Whipple will use whatever he thinks will work (though in a few games, that hasn't been the best thining)

but his main objective is the set-up and I see UW buying right into the opinion that miami can't run... Which we can do.

People look at our running back stats and assume without watching us that we have a terrible running game. That is farther from the truth.

I'm telling you. Ground and Pound in the first half and Air Score for Much More in the 2nd half.


CSM...I like the way U think. We will talk.


UM 34, UW 20


You know what, I over-worried about the USF game, and we drug them. So if you guys say UM in a romp, then I'll call it 38-17 Canes.


It would be the ultimate "prize of a lifetime" for any true cane fan.

solarcane: "Soup, what's that green Shyt all over your shirt?"

Soup:"Forston just blew lunch down my back, It's like a dream come true!!!"

CSM: My work is done here.


hey guys, my $.02...

Canespace is a GREAT meeting place for Canes fans. Canespace has grown VERY POPULAR over the last three years. Many people frequent this site and don't even post. But the traffic numbers are undeniable.

The Urban Meyer story is HUGE. It DIRECTLY affects UM in recruiting wars, which makes it an important topic of discussion, and probably increased traffic last night and all of today. It rocked ALL of college football and most everyone had an opinion about it. That's OK, too.

I know this is a UM blog, but occasionally, other things come up, too. That's OK. It's part of being a popular blog; we get off topic sometimes. Most of us are friends, and friends like to talk. That's OK, too.

That's what makes the Space special.


I agree there.

It wasn't talking about Meyer effecting Hurricane recruiting.
It was about Meyer being a liar and there is much more to all this.

There weren't any facts pro or con just 24 hours of bytching about Meyer.
Which when all is said and done has nothing to do with his health or his lying, but everything to do with Florida being the big dog while we were down.


Posted by: miamimike01 | December 27, 2009 at 09:56 PM

MM1 put a bullet in my head if we only talked about recruiting and scheme all day.

Give me half an hour of Chuck E Cheeese banter over 2 days of what happened with Todd Chandler any day.


That's what makes the Space special.

Posted by: miamimike01 | December 27, 2009 at 09:56 PM

100% agree. As long as it's not politics or religion, I'm ok with other topics from time to time, like the Gator banter. I've gotten good advice here on other things, like single-malts, etc.

Yes we all love the Canes, but it's good to mix it up every once in a while.


What does he gain by staying?

Posted by: pb(CSROH10)

sorry PB, was from a couple of blogs back, just catching up!

What does Coop gain from coming back next year?
Possibly, an NC which would vault his draft status higher....He has improved every year, and I wouldnt expect anything less
I am not discounting what Berry did this year, it was phenominal, but, most of his carries came mid to late game, when D has been beat on a good deal already....why I like the multi backs better than one....D starts getting tired, put a new guy in who is fresh

The Truth

You people coming to Disney...

Get ready. This place is PACKED. The monorails are PACKED. Had I not slipped a $20 to the young lady at the desk i'd have never been seated tonight for dinner cuz that place was PACKED.

Why am I here??? LOL

By the way, am I still banned?


wad hap peeb?

The early morning shift with DATcane bringing it is awesome

The 8 to 5 fk work I'm blogging crowd covers the days breaking news.

The evening gang recaps the days events
and expands on it

The late night crew is hilarious

It takes everybody to make this thing fly.


Solar is just OLD and GROUCHY. Try not to pay any atention to him, and whatever U do, please do NOT read his comments.



I'll try harder to get into the spirit of hating everything I don't understand soup, It's just gonna take time, prejudice doesn't blossom overnight.


I'll try harder to get into the spirit of hating everything I don't understand

Posted by: solarcane | December 27, 2009 at 10:20 PM

86 is a good place to start...


LOL! you know it peebster


Good article.

If Jacory/Whipple throws the ball about 25 times and avoids the interceptions, the Canes will win by at least 2-3 touchdowns. When the Canes follow that formula, it usually produced blowouts. That is the formula they used in their blowout wins against GT, FAMU, UCF, Virg. and USF. Duke was the only 40+ attempt game that the Canes won, while the three losses VT (one INT, fumble), Clemson (3 INTs) and UNC (4 INTs) included too many turnovers for the Canes to overcome.

That will mean that the Canes will line up their money linemen Franklin ($100) and Washington ($1) and pound it at Wisc. for large chunks of yds. (hopefully giving Berry more carries than usual), then once the Wisc. safeties creep up in the box the Canes will go play action deep down the field for big plays and scores.

Still, this will not be an easy game, and the Canes must not take this win for granted. They need to play like they are playing for a BCS title.


How many people on here shave with an electric razor?

How long does it take to get adjusted to using it?
I got one for Christmas.
It came with a contraption that charges , washes, dries and holds it.

It looks a lot like the Space Shuttle with the gantry still hooked to it





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