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December 05, 2009



Bama is going to kick the snot out of UT!

Posted by: canesteeler

Right now, I would have to agree. Bama's D is better than Nebraska and you saw what they did to Texas yesterday. In watching ESPN, some aren't too sure Texas will go but TCU will. Would love to see the face of Mack B if that were to happen.


The officials made the correct call in the Texas game last night. If Nebraska had any type of offense they could have won the game.


I wouldn't write Texas off just yet. They said the same thing in 2005 about USC.

Mack has 8 consecutive 10 or more win seasons with the Longhorns...might be a great game.


I'm hyped about this documentary coming out. I see it's been debated on if the documentary will help/hurt us in recruiting, in my mind, i can't see it hurting us, than again, only scaring some parents out their if they happen to watch it, other than that, their are going to be alot more positives than negatives from that film.

More importantly to me though is, the question is not will this documentary help us with recruiting, this documentary will actually help ignite that fire in this current team that's been missing. Regardless of whether they've never seen alot of those guys play from back than, this is basically what we've been waiting for. Alot of us along time ago use to say, the new players coming in should get Baptized in everything Cane related.

cav suggested that a book called "CANE MUTINY" should be mandatory reading for a new recruits, i've never seen the book myself, i'm sureit's authentic. So if the football program hasn't done it, thank goodness for the 2 UM alums for making this video, now guys will really see for themselves, why people always want to beat us, the way we played against usf though was CANE football.

sixxxxxxxxxxxx, see their, i told you them gators were going to lose, harvin was their big play guy, you go back and look at both of their national championships, and harvin and their defense was the team, not that tebow didn't do his part, but the not having harvin hurt em, but not having andre debose, really hurt them, because that guy is the real deal, and he plays with supreme confidence.

With that being said, alabama went out and man-handled the gators the way we did them last year for 3.5 quaters, had nix had any balls, we would have beat them last year as well. couldn't have been whipple callign plays last year, he would kept testing the gators secondary last year all game. Man, coverage, and we kept running the ball, come on.

randy shannon, that's our guy right their, but just watching bo pelini on the sidelines, especially when he starts walking back and forth, gets me hype. He's my favorite coach to watch during games, even when he was with lsu, i would always watch him. Actually it started at the beginning of the game in the 1st quarter when joseph addai was running up the sidelines and kp(kenny phillips) came over to make the tackle(true freshman) went over their kind of bradon merriweathering(west virginia/quincy wilson play), only kp made the tackle but addai finished the run off strong and drove kp backwards, bo pelini started getting hyped talking shat towards kp, and that point on, i would pay attention to him on the sidelines.

With that being said, goes to show you how important the mentality of your offensive and defensive coordinators are. saban knows what coaches to hire, i don't like em, but having jimbo fisher's mentality as your oc and bo pelini's mentality as your dc, you not going to lose to many games. In fact, our coaching staff is going to have to bring it against Fsu from here on out besides just the players playing hard.

For the 3 years that jimbo fishers been at Fsu, we haven't stopped that offense but we are 2 & 1 against them since jimbo has been their and he tasted the harsh reality of defeats that a UM-Fsu game brings. My point to all of this though his, these games are going to be played at a high level again, with that true UM talent coming back, and with that true Fsu talent coming in. can't see to many wide right/wide left games coming in the near future.

I feel good about a plyer like jeff luc going to Fsu, whoever their new defensive coordinator is going to be, i'm sure if jimbo got trickets to be his o-line coach, he's going to go out and get a real solid defensive coordinator, and whoever comes in, will have some talent to work with for sure.

All that talk about how tuff the acc is, it's true, it's a tough conference, but the conference being tough had nothing to do with why Miami and Fsu have not dominated it, it had more to do with the internal issues that were going on at both programs.

While bobby was forced out and mickey too, Fsu is actually not in that bad of shape for real, like us, they are close to where they need to be, defensively is where the problem was, they haven't really shut to many teams down consistently for years. They are getting those type players back their now, ole jimbo will have a tough tem as well.

With all that being said, with this film coming out, it's going to make our team that much tougher mentally and make guys go and work that much harder out their knowing for sure now, the standard of greatness that was set.

esteban, a Miami vs nebraska bowl game would be a great match-up, sign us up. aj trump, meet suh, that guy tosses o-lineman around like they are 12 year olds. If nebraska ever gets an offense, look out, i luv how nebraska ran an option play and the qb didn't get the 1 yard they needed for the 1st down adn as soon as he came to the sidelines bo pelini went off on em and basically told em you can't get 1 yard, the next few series you saw their other qb in their, lol.

The gators lost, so it's all good, the reality of us almost having to watch a fraud gator team almost win 3 championships in 4 years would of almost had to be respected by us, emphasis on "ALMOST" cause we're CANES fan thrU and trUe, we could never let the gators think they're the better program and we won't. College football is about to witness the return of real football real soon.

As long as we keep the real talent between Us and Fsu, i'm happy with that.


CC - I think it is on FSN which means I won't get to see it unless I watch online.


Also, the heisman trophy has to go that defensive tackle from nebraska, people keep trying to debate on whether these over hyped offensive guys like tebow or mccoy or the rigthly hyped runningback from stanford should get it, but for my money right now, that defensive tackle for nebraska has to win it, hands down.


I agree with you Texas - Bama barely beat Tennessee - they did it last second with a blocked field goal or they would have been a 1 loss team. Certain teams give other teams fits. Auburn had them on the ropes as well


Suh is a beast! Did you see him with McCoy in one arm and pushing the other guy out of the way with the other?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer



Also, the heisman trophy has to go that defensive tackle from nebraska, people keep trying to debate on whether these over hyped offensive guys like tebow or mccoy or the rigthly hyped runningback from stanford should get it, but for my money right now, that defensive tackle for nebraska has to win it, hands down.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Calvin, yeah, he's been the most consistently dominant player in the country, although Spiller could make just as strong a case with those criteria and he plays for a corny offense.


cav, the best thing about our team is, they get to pave their own way as leaders now, the young guns are ready to the leaders of this team without holding back for respect of seniors like randy phillips and sharpton, now we'll have guys with the talent to match their leadership abilities and set the tone from start to finish.

The only thing that'll stop this team next year is health. It's our time guys, stay tuned.


Cgnc, he's the 1st d-lineman i've seen since warren sapp that can't be blocked, i'm always surprised they even attempt to single block him on any play, he discards o-lineman like he's chopping wood.


yeah cav, the invitee's to the heisman trophy thing should be suh, spiller, the runningback from stanford, the qb maybe the qb from washington, something along those lines, but colt mccoy should not be their, tebow is a questin mark in my mind cause somebody else out their deserves the invite, i just haven't thought about it right now, but if tebow is their ok whatever.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

I wouldn't write Texas off just yet. They said the same thing in 2005 about USC.

Mack has 8 consecutive 10 or more win seasons with the Longhorns...might be a great game.

Posted by: Texascane | December 06, 2009 at 11:08 AM


Texas, I think it's going to be a great game but the straight spread has some severe weaknesses against teams with solid DLs and DBs.

That being said, Bama's LBs are kind of slow cause they're so big and TX has much better WRs than UF.

But the question will come back to how well can they run. Because I'm sure Bama will try to do exactly what Neb. did, take away the pass and blitz, not believing TX can run the ball with no FB.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Cal, we have three or four guys who should be looking at Suh like "Yeah, I can do that."

Bailey, who's almost doing it and next year should be doing it full time.

Forston, who needs to get stronger, physically and mentally.

Regis, who just needs to mature in technique and mind.

Portis, who needs strength and experience.

Now I don't know about cats like Campbell and Lewis. They might need another 2 years.

But regardless, next year we should have the nastiest DL in the country, almost on par with '86 and 2001.

The only weak link on the D will be CB, and then only the side opposite BH. MCgee you listening? It's time to shine.

As for the film, you hit the nail on the head: the people it's going to influence the most will be the players on this team right now. Because I'm sure a lot of them don't really understand what Hurricane Football really looks like. Hell how many of them were even alive in 1986?


cav, colt mccoy is just a weaker version of tim tee-heein-bow, he's a little threat to run without trying to bowl over people, and makes some key passes every now and than,but as far as him shredding a secondary(sabans specialty), that's not going to happen, add to the fact that texas can't really run the ball.

Either way, if texas wins it'll only be their 2nd national title, if alabama wins, saban will have that "take that" look on his face afterwards. For me personally, i never cared or blamed saban for taking the bama job, i was mad when they hired him, people were complaining about saban leaving as if he was winning here, what pissed me off about saban being here was, he dismanteld our defense particularly madison and surtain and brock marion. you let madison go to the giants and bring in will allen, come on.

Our secondary has been garbage ever since, rigth now we at least drafted high at the db position with vontae "burnt by t.o." davis. He seems to have a lot of upside to him though, just got caught slipping thinking he had all world speed out their or something and got smoked by t.o., don't feel bad vd, alot of db's have been burnt by t.o.

saban made the correct move in going to bama, they actually should have been in the championship game last year had their oc not gotten conservative last year.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Cal, FSU will be interesting to see. I'm not convinced Jimbo can recruit like Bobby and I have no idea how he'll run a team BUT if he can find the right DC, which he should be able to do, they should be fine.

But right now, I see our maturation and depth being several steps ahead of theirs. Next year I don't see a shootout. I see it being more lopsided, even though Ponder will be back. I don't see their defense improving too much even with a new DC because they're so small. Our OL next year could be downright dominant, minus Pipho.

If we can shore up the CBs, everything else will almost be in place, esp. if Futch comes back 100% which he hopefully will give how early in the season he got hurt.

Of course the icing on the cake will be Christian Jones, Lemonier and Ego, esp. if Glenn has to go Prep.

If we stay healthy, like you said, it's really over.


Cause from the way it sounds, alot of these guys have been shielded away from the true reality of Hurricanes football by these people in the current administration, while shalal does alot of things well, she's not a Miami minded lady like alot of us want, at the same time though, she's coming around, like after the brawl with f.i.u., the rules that came out afterwards though was garbage.

A guy like damien berry knows the real history and he's been playing like it, aj highsmith has a real good grasp of it for sure. This film will definitely make guys work a whole lot harder though.


I think it was glenn though they were saying will go to the o-line, the new defensive coordinator will do alot for the cause of helping Fsu and their defensive recruits, i'm looking for ben jones to be moved over to the right tackle spot come next year, cause i'm sure he coaches are going to go ahead and leave franklin out wide on the left side after that usf game, but we'll see, ben jones might just take that spot, but for franklins sake/nfl draft wise, that left tackle spot is where he would want to be, it's his spot to lose now that's for sure. He has the right mentality though for the job as well.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Jimmy good point about Mack but this game will depend on his assistants more than him.

The question is will TX be able to handle a power running team after playing so many, as you correctly called them, finesse spread teams. It's a very different type of football.

They're going to have to blitz on 1st down, almost the way Neb blitzed them. If that doesn't work and they can't figure out what to do on offense, it's going to get ugly.

Then again, two average but physically strong team, TN and AUB had Bama on the ropes, so we'll see. Neither team is as talented offensively as TX.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Vince, Saban very experienced and good because of that but he's never had a start as good as these last two years at Bama.

At LSU he was 7-5 his first year then 9-3 or something. Basically the same as Shannon, and this is Shannon 1st HC gig, with a total rebuild.

Y'all will recognize Shannon for what he is sooner than you think.



Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

"Speed midgets" = GREAT PHUCKING TERM!

I literally chuckled out loud when I read this!


Posted by: CanesFanStuckInCali | December 06, 2009 at 01:48 AM


Haha, I can't take credit for that. Someone else said it here and I thought it was a perfect description.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

The real icing will be if Cincy beats UF and judging from the Gators reactions, they're in deep, deep denial, just like the USF players. Which means they won't take Cincy seriously. Perfect set-up.


canechic, the clock never stops immediately in games. Always is a second before it's stopped. It's pretty much the sign that a human has to stop the clock and thus takes a second to react to the playbeing over. It's like that in every game. Against FSU in our game there was a second left when it went incomplete. That last second ticked off though and it's game over. FSU wanted a second put back on but wasn't allowed since would have to be reviewed. Texas got special treatment since the rules were broken so Nebraska got hosed.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

saban made the correct move in going to bama, they actually should have been in the championship game last year had their oc not gotten conservative last year.

Posted by: Calvin | December 06, 2009 at 11:39 AM


Saban definitely made the right move. He was strategically outclassed in the NFL. At college he can lean on better talent.

All in all, though, there hasn't been ANYTHING close to Hurricane Football since 2001.

Our WRs need to turn it up several notches and hopefully after seeing this documentary they'll seriously listen to and learn from those WRs, from 1986-1992.

The same with our DL. Watch and learn young lions, watch and learn.

Hell, EVERY position, and even some of the assistants like Stoutland and Fluzzi. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. haha

Old Skool

I'm reading Jeff Luc committed to FSU


you know its kinda funny that all my friends who told me i was wrong when i said the spread was a joke, tebow was retarded and zone defense mystifies him, and the speed midgets are useless against real teams are all in hiding now. funny how that works. Just for the record how many teams that UF played ended up ranked? Just alabama and lsu not so? and they are 1/2 in those? oh, okay.

so... when do they annouce that we should (hopefully) be headed to the champs sports bowl?


Esteban if Nebraska got hosed and Texas shouldn't have been able to replay the clock, how come their hasn't been some accouncement by Nebraska or the NCAA for clarification on the rule or that the refs made a mistake.


Bowl show is at 8. Probably info will get out earlier but that's when it's official.


Hell, EVERY position, and even some of the assistants like Stoutland and Fluzzi. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. haha
Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | December 06, 2009 at 12:06 PM

That's why i'm liking how shannon choses when to let them speak. Like kehoe said in that documentary, "even the marvelous bobby bowden couldn't beat us on a regular basis, he knows that".

I'll say this though, you can call bowden alot of things, but he earned my respect when he told the truth about us when they were askign him about UM, bowden said something along the lines of: "They play defense over their like they invented it" than he tried to retract his thoughts and give mickey his credit as well, lol.


Calvin the Cincy coach is a wild man on the sidelines during games! I finally found out why Tebow was crying last night! He has spent four years in Felonsville with all of those fine azz coeds and not once get he get any kitty cat. Then again Tiger probally beat him to it!


Canesteeler that is good stuff!


Nebraska did not get hosed with the clock thing. Yes, clock slows because of human error, but the clock SHOULD have stopped when the ball crossed the line out of bounds, not when it hit. And that's why the second got put back on, because the ball went out of bounds with TWO seconds left.




Calvin - I don't think anyone outside of wearing Crimson & Elephant gear yesterday thought that Bama would handle the Crocs the way they did ... esp. after their performance against Rocky Top and Auburn

McElroy handled the game like another Bama QB from the past, Joe Willie Namath

NOBODY would've known that the Crocs have some 1st & 2nd Rounders on that D by they way they were getting straight up punished. Anyone even notice if Spikes was playing yesterday? I think I saw some guy wearing #51 out there, with one sock pulled up and his other sock pulled down ... I just saw him getting shoved around all day long

Why didn't the Crocs use Rainey or Demps more? Why? In the 1st Quarter, when I believe it was James who went out on a swing pattern to the top, he dropped the ball - that was a huge let down right there, b/c if he had caught it, he had 75 yards of open pasture in front of him.

#13 for Alabama has to be the slowest player I've ever seen. You can't miss him, he's pale white and SLOW. When he was trying to chase Riley Cooper on a long pass, he was about 15 feet behind him the entire way. Saban, get that kid off the damn field, geeze. I would put money on Orlando Franklin out running that kid in a 100 yard dash

For the close games that Alabama played against Rocky Top and Auburn .... Texas had Oklahoma and Nebraska

Texas out of conference schedule: Louisiana-Monroe, Wyoming, UTEP, UCF

Alabama out of conference schedule: Virginia Tech, FIU, North Texas, Chattanooga

Toughest game out of both schedules was the opener against VTech, other than that, both were a push

I'd put my money on a SEC Champ team against a Big 12 Champ team, any day.

And about that 2005 NChamp game that Texas won - USC's defense was bad that year. Vince Young was in the perfect situation, as well as Texas

Texas was 10th overall in Defense that year

USC was 48th overall in Defense
- 31st in rush defense (131 ypg)
- 73rd in pass defense (230 ypg)
- 83rd in tackles for loss
- 42nd in sacks

Bama doesn't have that type of defense and I'll also take Nick Saban over Mack Brown, in preparation and also game day coaching


Posted by: Calvin | December 06, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Epic post Calvin. Def the longest one I've seen you throw up here.

Also, the suggestion that anybody we have should be playing like Suh is ridiculous. I haven't seen a DLineman dominate a game like that since Sapp. Suh did that often this year too. That type of DLineman isn't on this squad right now or we would all know it.

However, I do think that our squad of WR's is going to be full of those type of game changers next year. The best 3 are prob Hank, AJ and Byrd but the others are very good as well and will toast single coverage. We should see some of what is to come from these WR's in the upcoming bowl game.


The Florida-Times Union has the headline on the sports page as "SEC SADNESS" and a big picture of Tiny Tim walking off the field with a teaqr in his eye. He was balling like a baby just a few minutes before that

"How Bout them Gators."

You have to admit Tebow didn't and couldn't deliver on his promises. It is so bad here in Jax that people believe the spire at the top of their church steeple is a t for tebow!

Depending on who they play in the SugarBowl they could end the year on a two game losing streak. I'd love for Boise to play them and beat them, or TCU or Cincy it doesn't matter who beats them.

Lou of M

Co Cane Cowboys


Champs Sports Bowl announces selection at 5P.M. today per their website. They are having a public announcement and making a big deal out of their selections for Champs and Outback Bowls, open to the public.


I'm reading Jeff Luc committed to FSU

Posted by: Old Skool | December 06, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Has Bryce Brown decided where he is going to sign yet?



I guess Cincinnati has a Right Tackle that is an exact twin of Tim Tebow ... but his name is Khalil El-Amin


Whoever was uploading the graphics for the Fox broadcast must either be a Croc fan, a Croc stalker or just a plain idiot


Randy good job getting the 411 on the bowl announcement. Champs is FINE with me.


2009 Tennessee Volunteers
Tennessee Overall Individual Statistics (as of Nov 28, 2009)
All games

RUSHING GP Att Gain Loss Net Avg TD Long Avg/G
M. Hardesty 12 264 1366 60 1306 4.9 12 43 108.8
Bryce Brown 12 101 476 16 460 4.6 3 37 38.3
David Oku 12 23 99 5 94 4.1 2 16 7.8


Posted by: CanesAddiction | December 06, 2009 at 01:02 PM

Yeah i got on a lil roll, also, i know you not suggesting i insinuated that we had a d-lineman on the team close to suh, you won't find me saying that. This year we had 1 guy that needed to be doubled team part time and that was abiley, come next year, we may have about 2 or 3 guys on that d-line that need to be doubled team. If vernon keeps progressing and forston improves, we know bailey already needs to be doubled up from time to time, and if marcus robinson becomes that sure fire 1st round pick alot of folks were predicting in the past, than our d-line collectively could be one of the toughest in the nation come next year, if not thee toughest.

I'm rooting for hurtt, we gotta start pressuring qb's better and with health,we all will get a real good idea of whether hurtt is getign better as the position coach or not.

Old Skool

I'm surprised by Tim's crying. If you wear your religion on your eye black, then apply it to the results of your game.

In that case, the Gator loss is simply God's will or perhaps divine judgment on the excesses of Gator football.



If I'm honest, of course Champs is good for me, too. Shorter drive. More convenient. Better to stay in ORL than JAX, easier on the family, etc. etc.

But it just chaps my ass that we have no shot at a New Years Day bowl so as to let a team play, that had they not barely beaten Marylnad, would be sub-.500. I'm not a Bobby hater and I wish him and his family the best of luck and health in his retirement, but hell he just didn't get it done...figurehead coach or not - it's not deserved. I understand the economics, and don't necessarily disagree with that aspect of it, but it just still doesn't sit right with me because the Noles did nothing to earn being in a New Year's day bowl.


Sagarin's computer poll has UM at #11.


I think that is about right, but when the BCS poll comes out, UM will probably be at 14-15, ranked ahead of Okla., USC, ND and several other teams picked ahead of them in the preseason.


Coaches poll is out and Miami is #15 there


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