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December 04, 2009





or dos?




2nd or 3rd


86 not sure I understand why this had to be a new blog.

I'm thinking you need me to write a new article. I'm not sure I can do that for you since the last two I wrote were flat out rejected.

I'm going to need some graveling before I give in...... or a CSHOF automatic induction. YOU CHOOSE!!!!!

...............................................................................................................................................Still Waiting...

J/K - I will/and would like to write another article if you have an idea and think I could do a decent job.. Let me know.


Canesaw I didnt say he would be a lawyer. I only said no kid will change his commitment because of academics from one school to another that has even tougher admission standards.

Cat 5 Cane

almost first


Sneak attack! Had to be done.

Old blog was dying. New stuff is up.

Need Raycom hits and comments...



The Tiger jokes that you forwarded from the GHS coach were funny. It's amazing how fast these things come. That being said, the clubbing Norwegian one for Elin doesn't apply. She's a Swede. Unfortunately that would kill that joke though. :)

Bummer about NDU declining bowl participation.....not. I see very little chance of UM giving L. Nix another shot. I think Shannon's style is more like that of a significant other that says if I catch you with someone else once, we're done. I think this attitude is a good one as for longer-term recruiting and the honest involved in relationship building. NDU has to take chances at the moment given the state of their program. They talk about their adm. requirements limiting them, but I don't remember these interfering when Lou Holtz was recruiting....


BTW, there is a great looking hs freshmen playing for small school power, Glades Day. I can't remember his name right now, but he has destroyed the competition in the state playoffs. It will be worth watching how his career goes the next few years, as he is a man among boys right now.

CaniaK aka True Canes

Let's go rockets, Let's go.


They talk about their adm. requirements limiting them, but I don't remember these interfering when Lou Holtz was recruiting....

Posted by: JCane | December 04, 2009 at 10:03 PM

At one point the school gave him 10 academic exemptions and the new administration took them away from him.


JCane that's Fred Taylor son Kelvin Taylor. Kid started at RB as an 8th grader on the varsity team. BTW Glades Central 33 Tampa-Robinson 0. See you in Orlando for the State Championship. Go MUCK CITY.


Local school Belen has won again. They have beaten Jackson, Booker T and now Ft. Pierce in the playoffs.



Posted by: Cat5Cane | December 04, 2009 at 09:57 PM

Nice bunny doc... or I should say cat5.

BTW: Good stuff on new Raycom blog 86.

Also, BTW:
Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | December 04, 2009 at 10:30 PM

Oh, yeah, unbelievable is right.



Belen's run has been nothing short of amazing. Given who they've knocked off along the way it could almost be a Hoosiers type of movie. I still remember back in my day down there when their basketball team couldn't win a game for losing.

That was my point with Holtz. He found a way to have the school make exceptions for him until the end. The problem for NDU right now is that they don't have the huge pipeline from the midwest that trumps what kind of talent everyone else can get, regardless of grades, and they have to know how to recruit. They signed an awful lot of "highly rated" recruits the last few years who turned out not to be great (although a few are)....did maybe a bit better than Coker.



Not much is going to stop Glades Central, except possibly themselves. As long as they can keep their offense consistently workking, there's nobody in their class that can beat them.

Bummer that it's F. Taylor's son. I guess that likely gets rid of the U's chances of signing him in a few years, assuming he keeps on developing the way he looks right now.


er, make that type "working."


JC, I don't know, Maurice Crums son went elsewhere, Patchens a Gator, Blades went to Pitt, so you never know.

Maybe he will want to play for RS and co.


I know this is out of context, but I'm so thankful we got Randy Shannon at the helm of this team.

Recruiting is his forte, and although that is not enough to win championships, you can't say that #1 recruiting class from two seasons ago hasn't made a huge difference.

Compare RS to Rich Rodriguez, a coach most would say is a better overall coach than RS. He inherited a team that as recent as 2006 went 11-2 and one loss away from playing for a national title, and that in 2007 went 9-4 and beat Florida in their bowl game. In other words, Michigan was NOT a team enduring an extended period of decline like the Canes were.

Two years into the Rich Rodriguez era and what do you have? A 3-9 season followed by a 5-7 campaign. Randy only had ONE losing campaign, and it wasn't as bad as 3-9.


9-3 never felt better. Boss Man Randy is the difference. He'll be our coach for a long, long time!



JC, I don't know, Maurice Crums son went elsewhere, Patchens a Gator, Blades went to Pitt, so you never know.

Maybe he will want to play for RS and co.

Posted by: RandyCane | December 04, 2009 at 11:41 PM

Yeah... There aren't many (any?) top NFL running backs that have come from an Urban Meyer offense. That alone could push this kid away from his dad's alma mater and towards a program better geared towards preparing him for the NFL.

Then again, Miami is loaded at the RB position.

The kid is class of 2013, and a lot can happen between now and then.



I agree 100% with CanesFanStuckInCali man I hope Randy is around for awhile. We keep recruiting players with the killer attitude and we will always have a chance to beat anyone on any given day. That is what the 2006 & 2007 teams lacked.... that killer instinct, and I think this team is starting to get that


Canes apparently are still interested in Miami Central QB Jeffrey Godfrey.

I always liked the kid but believed Miami had backed away from him, perhaps because of his height. I personally think he'd be a great addition to the Canes.

He's not THAT short--he's 5'11, which makes him one inch shorter than Drew Brees. Plus, he's only 17, which means he still might grow an inch or two.

He's been my top QB choice for this class for a long time now. Landing Godfrey would probably help us with Miami Central recruits down the road--an added bonus!

Supposedly Miami and Central coaches have had beef for awhile (according to Manny) so it would be nice to make some progress in mending this relationship. Conversely, South Florida has been making inroads at Miami Central. Last thing we need is to have an in-state rival develop a strangle-hold on one of the top programs in our very own city.



Cane soccer fans,

USA group draw was a good one. I see them making it out of the group if they play up to expectations. They should lose to England, but England are always slow starters so they might get a tie. Slovenia and Algeria should both be wins. I see then going through in 2nd place and playing Germany in the round of 16. That I'm afraid, will be it.

For USA their, fitness, work ethic will carry them so far but as always, no world class striker will cost them.


I forgot how Saturday without a 'Canes game feels....

Cat 5 Cane

Morning Crew...

Big East.. Gator Bowl

#5 Cinci is 11/0 (6/0) Playing #15 Pitt, 9/2 (5/1)...
Talk about topsy turvy... what happens to bowl outlook if Pitt stumbles on a win, who lost to W.V this year.

#23 W.Vir, 8/3 (4/2), playing At Rutgers, 8/3 (3/3). W.Vir has win history of 30/4/2 but... who has lost all 3 games on the road this year.

I'm thinking Up-set on a cold, rainy, sleeting day... go Knights

What happens If Pitt wins, now 10/2, does Cinci, now 11/1, go to Gator? and where would Pitt go?

getting back to Gator...

JMO... Since this is the last contract year in the ACC/ Big East match-up... They could care less what the ACC says... Now that they have the SEC brand on their bowl match-ups in the future.

Maybe the worst to happen to College football was the BCS, SEC and ESPN alliance for dominance and payola to the schools... even the bottom dwellers receive huge payouts just for being in the SEC.
Talk about unjust rewards!

BCS... don't care how it happens but the BCS needs to be dismantled for a playoff system.

Go Bama!


Roll Tide!!!


Really, USF is putting a stranglehold on Miami Central?

What will we do?


Had a chance to meet George Mira, Sr. recently. That guy is intense. When I finished talking to him, I felt like I needed to go out do more to make my community a better place to live.

Mira Sr. is a real class act and a true Cane, both on the field and off it. He has done a great job raising his kids, and they give back to their community in a positive way.

Mira was very positive about the current Canes and says he believes the program is headed in the right direction.






J/K - I will/and would like to write another article if you have an idea and think I could do a decent job.. Let me know.

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 04, 2009 at 09:47 PM

Go for it! Now that the season is over I need a season summary for UM. JSQ is gonna write one next week but several different perspectives might be good.

We need several positive ones (that will easy), a moderate/balanced one and a negative one. Who got next?


Really, USF is putting a stranglehold on Miami Central?

What will we do?

Posted by: aqua | December 05, 2009 at 07:39 AM

Say what they do?

Aqua...U got this?


Belen? Isn't that were all the "Bad" Hispanic Boys go who get kicked out of Public School (when I went Miami Christian in the old days that is what is was known for) Also the school of boys who could not get accepted at Columbus. Up early on a Saturday to study. You going to the ACC game Soup?


Oh and my word of advice to Nicole before she started UM, "Stay away from the boys who say they graduated from Columbus...nothing but trouble".


If U have commented thank U!

If U haven't commented yet, please do:




playing USF makes my skin crawl.

But the way the Canes handled them proved that USF will never be on the Canes level talent wise.

USF could recruit nothing but Dade and Broward kids and still wouldn't come close to beating UM.

Why? Cause Miami can walk into any kids living room anywhere on the planet and get kids to play for them.


CC...yes I am going over to Tampa. I'm covering the ACC championship for Raycom.

I am taking photos for the team blogs over there and emailing them to Raycom to use as they wish.

Go away rain!


Aqua...did Ethenic Sands tell U about WR Allen Hurns?


It should clear up before the game but with all this rain it will probably still be wet. But take your jacket it will be chilly. Ugh and Clemson fan is truly the most annoying.

I may be out of the loop due to working 48 hrs this week but I thought I heard on ESPN that the ACC was not going to allow the gator bowl to pick FSU?



Allen Hurns video:



Carol City is traditionally one of the most talent rich schools in Dade County. Santana Moss. Kenny Phillips. Eric Moncur. Willie Williams. At over 6'1, Allen Hurns might be the next great for the Chiefs. He had 23 catches for more than 400 yards as a junior and possesses the ability to be a difference maker at the next level. Hurns will be the leader on offense in 2009.


Cat 5 Cane

New Playoffs... set up (16) FBS 1-A, conferences with 9 teams each. No more split divisions... totaling 144 teams

scratch out of conference games.

Start the season playing 8 games.

Each conference has a top 4... who then have a 2 game playoff...

Winners progress up the ladder playing, based on record, scores, point totals determines where game is played in conference.

Top bowls come into play after 10 inter-conference games with 16 teams progressing on to play in 8 bowls.

NC Bowl does not rotate and stays in Miami and we call it the U bowl...HeHeHe


NC Bowl does not rotate and stays in Miami and we call it the U bowl...HeHeHe

Posted by: Cat5Cane | December 05, 2009 at 08:20 AM

Budweiser = Breakfast of Champions!


Looks like whoever it was that posted we should look at that wide receiver who committed to ole miss up in delray, Canesports read your post. I'm sure UM was going to go after this guy at some point as well, bring him in, and like alot of us have noticed, once this next recruiting class gets here, the competition will once again be at a supreme level.

Our roster right now is loaded with talent galore, i like how we bring in the next recruiting class to solidify the one before it. The pieces to the puzzle are coming together real quick, and the only way you're getting on the field from here on out besides jacory is unless you're a baller and work hard at the game. If you dont have a good work ethic, don't waste your time and come here.

THe environment is set to make players a whole lot better, we'll have alot of guys in the pipeline now who can redshirt and make noise on the scence when they coem in the game, and if we can get alot of this done before 2012, we'll be straight.



yeah he's been telling me about him for 2 years. He's a player. Good kid, humble, but he's got that Carol City attitude. He's like a more solid version of T. Benjamin. Not as fast but makes plays deep.

First thing I said to Allen was get your grades ready and enroll early. Hopefully he does. I haven't seen him since he got hurt.

Old Skool

Info you or at least I never knew. The wrestler Umaga died. His last name was Fatu and here's his background.

Born in American Samoa, Fatu, 36, was a member of the famous Anoa'i wrestling family, which includes cousin Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, his two uncles, who wrestled as The Wild Samoans in the 1980s, and brothers, Sam "Tonga Kid" and Solofa Jr. "Rikishi,


NCAA Rules may trump ACC/Gator Bowl agreement...



NCAA Bylaw: Exception—12-Game Season. [FBS] An institution with a record of six wins and six losses may be selected for participation in a bowl game under the following circumstances: (Adopted: 4/27/06 effective 8/1/06)
(a) The institution or its conference has a primary contractual affiliation, which existed prior to the first contest
of the applicable season, with the sponsoring bowl organization. In the case of a conference contractual
affiliation, all conference teams with winning records must be placed in one of the contracted bowl
games before any institution with a record of six wins and six losses may be placed in a contracted bowl
game. There shall be no contingency agreements with other sponsoring bowl organizations intended to
enable an institution with a record of six wins and six losses to become eligible for those contests; or
(b) All contractual affiliations per Bylaw have been fulfilled and all institutions with winning
records have received bowl invitations (either through a contractual affiliation or as an at-large selection).


I'm kinda happy the season is over.

Obviously I'd be more excited if the Canes were playing today, so I'll be frustrated watching GT and Clemson. Knowing that the Canes were clearly better than both those teams.

I guess I'll take delight in a 10 win season. No more Randy Phillips. No more Matt Pipho. Somebody actually finishing the year with more than one int. Damien Berry. Ray Ray.


The real scoop...


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