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December 07, 2009


Cat 5 Cane

Well, it's over. We got the Champ and the Boyz seem happy

The Gator Bowl... A tribute to Bobby!
I remember reading something about Bubba was going to have written on his tombstone... "I played Miami"

Searched and found this...
was Adapted from a St. Petersburg Times story by Brian Landman published Sept. 7, 2009

TALLAHASSEE — Florida State coach Bobby Bowden once summed up another gut-wrenching loss to Miami with his unique blend of folksy humor and biting commentary.

"They're going to chisel on my tombstone," Bowden said in the fall of 1991, " 'He played Miami.' "

At a time when other traditional powers were opting out of an annual series with the Hurricanes, Bowden defied that trend, and perhaps conventional wisdom, to continue taking on his intrastate rival in a game that invariably redefined the race for the national championship.

"We were going 11-1 every dang year, and what I was thinking when I said that was, 'Daggum. What we ought to do is drop Miami like those people did,' " he said. "Notre Dame played them and dropped them. Penn State played them and dropped them. Florida, too. I was thinking, 'At least, I played Miami.' "

At the time, it seemed a fitting epitaph.

At this time, too.

Bowden was always reticent to talk about his legacy, but said in 2009 that for some people, the Miami series likely will help define his place in college football history.

"That's probably why the ACC and ESPN insisted we play the game on Labor Day," he said of many later matchups with the Hurricanes. "I think it's because of what that game has meant down through the years."

Since 1983, the Hurricanes have won five national championships and played for three others. The Seminoles have won it all twice. For a while, seemingly every year, they stood in each other's way. Seemingly every year, it was the game nationally.

How could it not be a measuring stick for one's place in posterity? For player and coach alike.

"In college football, if you've got a great team, you're going to have two or three big games a year, and then you're going to have seven or eight that people are going to forget about," said former Miami coach Jimmy Johnson (1984-88). "How you fare in those big games is how your career is defined."

In 1987, Miami needed two fourth-quarter touchdowns and a stop on FSU's two-point conversion try in the final seconds to pull out a 26-25 win. Bowden unabashedly cites that game as the most exciting of his career.

In 1991 and 1992, the 'Canes eked out wins, 17-16 and 19-16, only when FSU missed field goals in the final moments. Those finishes added "Wide Right" to the sport's lexicon.

"We had some really, really great games and great athletes, and it was really fun coaching against (Bowden)," said Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson, who was at UM in the heyday of the series (1989-94). "I'm just happy that I was on the correct side of those wide rights. … I know Bobby very, very well, and he's an outstanding person. I've got tremendous respect for him. But more than anything, his legacy is Florida State football."

How he built it.

What he built it into.

During the Seminoles' run to an undefeated season and their second national title in 1999, they needed to rally to beat the 'Canes 31-21. In 2000, the eventual Heisman Trophy winner, Chris Weinke, led a Seminoles comeback only to see Miami score the winning touchdown in the final minute.

"To me, in 30-plus years of coaching, that was the most awesome game I've been around. Ever," said Larry Coker, the Miami offensive coordinator that season and later its head coach. "I don't think it's fair to define coach Bowden by that series (alone), because obviously he's got the Gators down the road, but it is a special game."


Ya gotta admire his ballz in a time when everyone else is playing conservative and looking for cupcakes...


Yea but DZ8 we want have that many early enrollee options.

Looks like they are dropping like flies. Everybody seems to foret what classes they actually needed to graduate early by the time that sh*T rolls around.

Where in the world are the guidance counselors and support system within the schools that should be making sure these kids are in the right classes?

And why are the kids not always at the guidance counselors office asking about what else they need to do.. (Me thinks they really don't want to graduate early)


DC the Steelers are killing me! My seats for the bowl game are in section 304 Row H seats 11-15. I hear the neighborhood is rough so I will be bringing my 6'5 270lb friend who makes me look small. We r looking to cause havoc in the hood surrounding the Citrus Bowl!


Canez1 we are going to miss you bro!


The only unit I can see taking a hit from transfer(s) is WR, and even there, with the way this offense spreads the ball around, I really don't see it. Kinda surprised that I didn't see Davon Johnson (moreso than Streeter) and Kendall Thompkins (moreso than Streeter) get that many touches, but in the end, I think that'll work itself out...


Why would Streeter transfer? He has burned his redshirt so he wont play until he is a Junior. By then Hank will be gone and AJ, Benjamin and Bryd will be seniors.


Vince I know!

I was getting all hyped up.

I'm pissed....

Looks like everyone is coming out for this one.




How many you got Canez?


2 PB

Should be around 50 yard line and the back row of that section.



dont know which I am looking forward to more, bowl game, or the 1 hr thing on us in the 80's on ESPN's 30 in 30 sat at 9 pm.....OLD school....it looked good from the preview

that clown from idaho aint worth bothering with......next year he pulls it, will be time to road trip to idaho


Good article on our bowl matchup from the Badgers' perspective:



You Bettcha 86, we will be in Columbus to see the Canes do their thing against those snobby Buckeyes. Two for you and two for me.
I hope everyone gets to Orlando for the game. We need to look our best and sell out that stadium. I could never understand why Canes fans hardly ever sell out their teams stadiums like so many others do.


i never said that Streeter was going to transfer. i said we should let the guy who said it back on here for a week so we can heckle him.

at least i'd take pleasure in it.



ACC fans can rest assured the runner-up in the conference championship game won't fall as far as Clemson did this season for the next four years.

In the ACC's next bowl cycle, which begins in 2010, the loser of the title game would never drop below the No. 4 bowl, which will be the Brut Sun Bowl -- and that's a bowl that will want the ACC runner-up. A matchup between the Pac-10 and the ACC runner-up would make for a great bowl game, should the loser fall that far.

The other rule change that will be in effect for the next four years is that the ACC has eliminated the clause in the contract that states if a bowl team has already selected the runner-up, it doesn't have to choose it again. This year, according to current contracts, the Gator Bowl didn't have to select Clemson because it already chose the runner-up in 2006.

Both of these adjustments should help smooth out the selection process for the next four years. While it didn't turn out the way a lot of ACC fans would have liked to see this year, the current rules were in place to help protect the championship game loser. Imagine how far Boston College might have fallen the past two seasons had that rule not been in place -- or if Wake Forest had lost in 2006. Next year, though, teams won't be able to bypass the one-loss rule, and the selection order will look like this:

1. Orange Bowl

2. Chick-fil-A Bowl

3. Champs Sports Bowl

4. Brut Sun Bowl

5. Meineke Car Care Bowl

6. Music City Bowl

7. Independence Bowl



I know it's useless and too late to think about now... but if Miami would've won just ONE more game, we might be playing UF in the Sugar Bowl!

Wouldn't it have been AWESOME to beat Tebone on his last game?

We would've been picked over Iowa and Cincinatti would've faced GaTech. Ratingswise, it might've been second all bowl season next to the NC game.

A guy can dream can't he.




Would you rather be in Jacksonville over Orlando? I didn't think so either Hurricane fan.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | December 07, 2009 at 04:20 PM

407 over 904 ANYDAY!


I will be bringing my 6'5 270lb friend who makes me look small. We r looking to cause havoc in the hood surrounding the Citrus Bowl!

Posted by: canesteeler | December 07, 2009 at 04:55 PM

It's the Canespace way. We would expect no less.


i said we should let the guy who said it back on here for a week so we can heckle him.

Posted by: Daytoncane | December 07, 2009 at 05:58 PM

Dayton...I would do that but we have better things to do. I gotta get the Billy Corben interview article written by 8 PM. Be back then.

BTW...ESPN loves them some Canespace!

Tee hee, tee hee


I will take 2 of those 86 but I will buy 3 more for the little ones, thanks


Canechic - you coming up with a pregame idea since you are there in Orlando area?

I would rather meet up some place, we could see if they can get us some drink specials but if you guys/gals want to tailgate I'll be coming with my wife/father/mother (Who unabashadly are probably as young looking as I am LOL)


Hey and don't blame me for being late....blame the Mexican that I live with!

Also I will be working so I may be late to this one. That is why I preferred the Gator Bowl.


Canesaw the tailgating around the Citrus Bowl is not that good probably better to meet somewhere. I work in real Estate and not really sure how many closing I will have on the 29th and 30th so I may be late to the game. I should know more in a week but angry and the kids will be free.


By the way that Badger fan was pretty well grounded and wrote a pretty balanced paper for an opposing team's fan.

SOUP you should ask him to write something for your site.. Them vs US article. Maybe I could face off against him with an article about why UM will win.


LOL well still set it up Canechic......

Where is the hot spot. I'll meet angry and crew. My wife and I are (Me -24/ her -22) respectively, so we get along with the college crowd still. Though not quite like we use to LOL... But Angry seems like a cool dude from everythign I've heard from the canespace crew. Plus my parents (mom-49, dad-47) are THE COOLEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD.. Think about my mom got tickets for all 4 of us for the game.

But.. where is a good sports bar by the stadium? Worst case scenario I can call up there myself and ask about any pregame deals for the canespace crew.


Canesaw Angry and my crew are a blast to be around. We will come up with a place to meet. Any ideas from the 407 crew? Canesaw sadly the area around the stadium is pretty rough. So have to meet somewhere and then drive in.


I think we'll have an good number of early enrollees. I forget where I read it but someone pointed out that Randy or Hurtt was talking about that (EEs) being our focus. The EEs count towards last years class. Thats why with the transfers and the small class last year we could see a decent number of EEs. I don't know if their is a limit on the # allowed.

Nobaody said or wants Streeter to transfer. From what he himself said he is 110% Cane. IMO he already has gotten thru the hard part and will be just a RS Sophomore next year, the sky is the limit as our depth there will start to spread itself out AFTER next year.


I have to admit I was neglegent today I thought it was Dec 6. I was shagrined to learn it is Pearl Harbor day Dec. 7 I always fly my flag on holidays and special days of rememberance. Today is one of those days.
BTW my two sons and I may make it to the bowl game


Helps put it all in perspective:



Yea but DZ8 3-4 of those people Randy was referring to have come out in the last few weeks and said that it doesn't look promising for Early Enrolling some have said straight up it isn't going to happen.

I know there is still a few but I'm not sure if Randy will be able to find a few more EE candidates.

There was a whole group that was suppose to EE and they have been dropping. i know Buxton, Glenn, and there was one more within the last week.

Looks like Glenn is possiby going to be jumping ship b/c of Nix situation. Nix is going pretty hard on the coaching staff. Since Tapley was going to commit as well until Nix blasted the Cane coaches b/c of his nonsense.

W/E though, more studs will come.


Earliest I will be in Orlando is probably 4:15 ish.. I'm leaving Tampa at 3..

Is that enough time to find a place by the stadium???


I think so CSM. It all depends on traffic and hopefully people will be on vacation that week so it may not be too bad.

Email me at tlwflores@hotmail.com
so we can exchange numbers.


ed reed is out for the game tonight, nick is not feeling very good about a win.


Well I'm down and I've heard great stories and read some from you the canespace crew about your group.

But my family is pretty awesome I can't lie. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Too bad only 4 of the crew are going. You guys would all love my sister (who also just recently got married.. To a USF guy at that) She was sporting UM from head to toe and painted in UM gear for the USF vs Miami game. While her man was wearing a USF hat. (That is it). She has a 3 year old.. Little Man who is THE CENTER OF OUR LITTLE ITALIAN FAMILA...

Because I was on honeymoon in Italy. Stupid British Airways messed up our flights. My mother who is the youngest looking almost 50 in the world, went to the USF game in my stead.. Painted and decked out in UM gear as well. She on the other hand wasn't as thrilled with the stadium atmosphere and USF fans.. She doesn't attend games frequently unless she is with me and my father and she felt a bit unprotected in hostile territory. I promised her we would be running deep at the Champs Bowl, so maybe Angry could help me out (And I could back him up) for extra security.

Always want to make sure the ladies feel protected!

MY brother is a trip and 18 months younger than me.. Though at 6 foot and 245 pounds he is my little big brother lineman. He won't be at the game either because his fiancee' (AN FSU FAN WHOM IS 32, 10 years older than him and CRAZY----- Hope nobody from my family reads today)

My father has been met by a few on here (86 and a few others from the FSU game this year and a few games last year) is the spitting image of me and again very young looking for 47 when his hair is short (the grey cut out --- but don't say anything about grey. I almost have all grey and I'm 24. GEEZ) He is my HERO and my best friend in the world. We talk about everything sports in Miami and we learned it from the best Pepa in the world.. R.I.P. Guyitano Disalvo..

That is just our immediate family and we are very tight knit, always together on game days and holidays (Games are holidays for US) and we have an affinity for good drinks, good food, and a good time with each other. OOOOOOOh and if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. A fair warning way ahead of gametime. So don't step out of line and make me have to hurt somebody. Cane family or not, my family and their well being always comes first.


a suggestion to meet on SR 50 Colonial Dr. 1 mile from Citrus bowl is Pollo D Oro a 4.5 rated restaurant@ 2525 W Sr 50
Phone# 407-299-2210


I hear U CSM but Randy can't refer to anyone yet. We can read between the lines and guess who he might be talking about but thats all we're doing. They might be educated guesses but they are still just guesses.

One thing I have confidence in Randy is his recruiting ability. We have a few guys who commited and then haven't been heard from again. My guess would be that those are the ones getting everything lined up to come early. Just my guess, I don't follow recruiting as deep as some on here. But in recruiting at least, In Randy I Trust.


Can't wait to meet everyone CSM.


phillyscott, good news... "The U" 30 for 30 episode Saturday night is 2 HOURS!

Yeah, we're THAT SPECIAL!


DZ8 Randy isn't referring to anyone> He said we might have this amount of people.

I'm saying interviewers with other sites were asking kids who were suppose to be enrolling early and it seems like all of them have not been good.

If you are saying, he might be talking about other places .. it is possible. I just see less than we were expecting.


I hear you CSM.

Anybody know if their is a limit to the number of early enrollees?


Cool article 86. Just catching up in reading the blog. Go Canes!


Posted by: canechic | December 07, 2009 at 07:35 PM

Yeah, I hear you (all). Not the same if Ed Reed is not playing.




Pretty calm here. Remember the chaos on this board a little over three years ago, when we were speculating on who would be the head coach?

ESPN Classic is showing the 1992 FSU/Miami game right now.

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