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December 30, 2009



I feel that the truth about some things needs to be revealed about some situations that occured on this blog concerning MM01 and Soup. I was going to keep things to myself but since Soup wants to reveal things so will I.

I speak entirely for myself.

When MM01 was banned it was because soup felt that Manny was being trashed on this site undeservedly.

That is not the problem. The problem with the relationship began with disparaging e-mails Tom sent to MM01 and Myself.

As many of you know I lost my job in October and MM01 and I both lost jobs due to lay-offs in Salt Lake City where we were working for some friends.

As a result of being under employed and unemployed we decided to combine our incomes
in order to survive. One way was to live together. Fortunately as father and son we get along.

Soup took it upon himself to ridicule and disparage the fact that Michael wasn't working and that he was living with me.

Soup has no idea about how hard MM01 was looking for work and to improve both of our situations. Tom took it upon himself to critize him for things he had no business doing so and for a situation he knew nothing about.

He also critized me for allowing Michael to live with me and was critical of us for other things, Telling Michael, get a job, implying he was lazy, calling Michael an ASS and involving himself in our lives in a way that was far out of bounds. If you want word for word I will give it to you.

I also know for a fact that others on this blog have had worse things said to to them by Soup.

Soup bears the responsibility for his actions and I'm afraid that although he has said dis-repectful things, To MM01 , myself and others that he comes off looking like a prince when he has engaged in things not many would not approve of.

You want copies of the e-mails he sent my e-mail is hankrbradley@yahoo.com













Don't forget Sharpton... he had some "coverage" issues, but he was a bad azz on many occasions. (Including last night.)

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

OMG Nebraska's D-Line looks great.


B Harris Cmac and Bosher are the only bad azz I saw this year

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Oh and its 15 degress warmer right now than at this same time last night.. Thanks Mother Nature!!


I dunno if 86, raize or playa mentioned it -but we saw some dude dressed from head to toe in a Canes uniform, helmet with reflective visor on it, shoulder pads, pants, socks ... everything ... walk past us

Posted by: Six | December 30, 2009 at 09:50 PM

I thought that was a dream, lol. That dude had me cracking up.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

I dunno if 86, raize or playa mentioned it - but we saw some dude dressed from head to toe in a Canes uniform, helmet with reflective visor on it, shoulder pads, pants, socks ... everything ... walk past us

Looked like something you'd see at a sci-fi convention or whatever, with those dudes who dress up as storm troopers or jawas or whatever the hell else

Posted by: Six | December 30, 2009 at 09:50 PM

LOL..I forgot about that guy.. Your right looked like he stepped off a spaceship or something..lol..Good meeting you too Six. good to put faces to all of the bloggers.


Arizona getting trashed by Nebraska


2 key players that will put us in a BCS game next year

#27 L Sizzle and #15 Jamal Reid

2010 is and will be the year we take center stage

No more company lines going into the season

Stick the damn mics in front of #74 and #57 and let them do their thing

Bash me if you must, but this team is way to soft right now

The 2 I mentioned above and RayRay might be the only badasses we have on this team

Enough of last year and what I hope happens next year

Its Canes B-Ball and NSD all systems go






Good news for MM01 and Randy

Four bags of IV liquids? Not bad at all, what do you have in you MM01, a 11 gallon tank or something? You get around 30 mpg?

Seriously, it takes a hell of lot more to keep a Cane down .. I mean damn, you see what Fran went through with his arm? Looked like he got attacked by a great white shark and they used rail road ties to sew him back together


canesteeler - it's cool. I got to meet raizecane and newly named "playa" (formerly Rashad) b/c they were hanging with 86/Mrs.86 at halftime at the south end of the stadium, right in front of the media room and across from the players locker room

I dunno if 86, raize or playa mentioned it - but we saw some dude dressed from head to toe in a Canes uniform, helmet with reflective visor on it, shoulder pads, pants, socks ... everything ... walk past us

Looked like something you'd see at a sci-fi convention or whatever, with those dudes who dress up as storm troopers or jawas or whatever the hell else


We were on the wisoonsin side 30 yard line 3 rows up and looking for a media guy in a crossing guard vest on the other side!

Posted by: CGNC | December 30, 2009 at 05:53 PM

Ouch CGNC ... that's just .. ouch

Ha. Nah, it's all good. And no, I was not wearing a crossing guard vest - only the ACC makes their media guys look like jackholes like that. I was in all white up top, with a white Canes skully on my head - exactly like the one that Lamar Thomas was wearing on his head



13-1 next game Sunday 7pm at Pepperdine(4-11)


Very disappointed in the loss. The Canes took this game lightly, and I am comcerned that these kind of losses are habit-forming.

Although Jacory was roughed up, he needs to not show the world how injured he is all the time. I don't see Manning or Brady or any other NFL QB or player always showing the world how hurt he is. Also, I wish he would spend more time studying defenses and less time sitting in a barber's chair.

Although the Canes took a step forward and I have been very supportive of them, I am just very disappointed in their inability to get 10 wins.

These Canes have a lot of work to do before they can take that next step next year. Still, I will be right there cheering them on.



Good news MM01... CHICKEN SOUP my man... get those fluids back up!

(Also, even though Urban Cryer would try to resign over this... we're not so easy here at the Space! You're going NOWHERE my friend.)



snowing like a sumbich all of a sudden



I was feeling for you brudd, I remember you telling me at Chiles you are the kiss of death on the road.

You're still a winner hauling those kids all over to watch the Canes.



Solar the first thing my smart ass kids mentioned after the game was my road record. I threatened to drop them off on OBT and drive home without them! LOL. Angry you had good reasons to be Angry last night!


CGNC the penquins blew a 3 goal lead the other night and were losing 1-0 tonight!




I hate when he gets ridiculously drunk....he hasn't been that way in a long time.

Posted by: canechic | December 30, 2009 at 07:55 PM

I thought he was just fine and with him till the end :-). BTW - I felt a lil rough today.

VA Cane

Good for him and family...and us. Like you said 86, its only a game; MM01 is a family member. We need him healthy first...football things will get better.

Great blog all season sir, you are outstanding. I blog a couple other places some, but this is home. I read it every day, all comments...and try not to impose all my thoughts. I do not always write....try to give you guys a break...just because I coach does not lead me to believe I know it all.


Awesome news! Get well, MM01


that would've been 6 points in a jiffy

who the hell in the entire world of football blogging uses the word jiffy in a sentence.. only Cal LMAO!!


All good signs for MM01

Get well soon!!!!!!!


thats great news soup thanks


BREAKING NEWS...MM01 update:

Looks like a one time event caused by stress, dehydration and exhaustion.

MRI was negative (that is good).

Four bags of IV liquids.

Scheduled to be released tomorrow...


Get better soon!


Also, the wisconsin o-line has 1 senior on the roster, and he wasn't a starter, the had 1 true freshman starting on the o-line a redshirt freshman, 2 jr's and 1 sophmore. Here it is we had 2 seniors, 2 juniors and 1 true freshman and than a redshirt sophmore replaced him. Point being, us against wisconsin was a good barometer of where we are as a coaching staff. While shannon has us heading in the right direction i go back to what i feel is the missing link to us gettign back to where we need to be as a team, and it's plain and simple, shannon is not only raising the playes to a championship mentality, he has to raise his coaching staff to that same mentality and it makes a big difference when a coach has either help coach his team to a championship or irregardless if the team record we have a unit on the team that is playing at a championship level and right now when evaluating this team, what unit is playing consistently at a championship level on this team, none, now we do have players who have consistelently played at a championship level, well brandon harris being one of them and hankerson being another 1, franklin may have answered the "whether he'll be the left tackle next year question" I was surprised at how franklin just let the outside man go unblocked a few times.

Good thing we're recruiting alot of o-lineman this year and after that game last night, if we get a true freshamn that can come in and start at either tackle position right away, that'll be great motivation for the current players as well as for guys we're recruiting right now, a spot could be yours.

Speaking of o-linemen, it is now time for bryant mckinney to start lifting weights, guys have figured him out that he lacks that power to stifle defensive ends once they get up under his shoulder pads and they just walk him to the qb now the last few games, he went up against a julius peppers who's playing these last few games for contract purposes as well and got man-handled.

Back to wisconsin, they have a whole bunch of young linebackers just like us, in fact i think they're linebackers are younger, all in all, it was just a great indication of where we are overal as a team coaching and playing and last night the injuries definitely hurts us, that was the 1st game i can truly say i was looking for jason fox, we needed him a whole lot last night just to look average.


someone said something about andre debose to the U? What did that mean?

Posted by: SlingBlade | December 30, 2009 at 08:04 PM

Six hearing and spreading rumors (for now).

wink, wink ;-)


I think on any other field Collier might have snagged the last pass that was thrown behind him, he just shot a divot up trying to turn back.

Posted by: solarcane | December 30, 2009 at 07:38 PM

U are correct sir!


The game last night was another classic in the trenches beat down. All i know is this, between stoutland and coach hurtt, they got their work cut out for them come next year. Hurtt has to have a d-line that's producing on a consistent basis, in the meantime, soutland will have to put guys out their that proves he's an o-line coach. Right now, hell be going into his 4th year wit hthis team, which means he's been here long enough fo us to know if he's the right coach for the job, come next year though, no excuses for none of the position coaches on the team that's for sure.

Also, wisconsin got robbed on that nick toon catch, that guy caught that ball. wisconsin came to play and they played big ten football, that game last night in several ways reminded me of the 2003 game against ohio st. In that game we came out strong, roscoe parrish scores on a nice bomb over doss, than SEAN TAYLOR intercepts craig krenzel and we looked like we were on our way.

As far as whipple is concerned, it was another game where he looked a lil confused out their and all i kept thinking about last night was 321, because after it was real obvious our o-line was not going to block wisconsins d-line, i thu\ought the shot-gun offense was the way to go for the rest of the game. Quiet as kept, had we won that game that would've been probably the 1st game i would have been embarassed to say we won.

jacory was gun shy last night, on top of him being hurtt as well. Our team looked like the slow guys out their and i like how shannon went an snatched olivier vernon off the field at the end basically saying, don't try and fight now, save that type energy and focus for the game and dominate your man that way.

We all know this much, at least 98% of the positions next year are going to be up for grabs. Had that been lamar miller on that run where db got outside, that would've been 6 points in a jiffy. We're still missing more than 1 guy on offense who's a threat to take it to the house anytime they touch the ball. We know travis benjamin can blaze by people, once we add in lamar miller and with streeter out their, this offense should become more explosive come next year.

We have to dominate the trenches at least on 1 side of the ball and i prefer it be the defensive line, our linebckers are not good pass coverage linebackers plain and simple, our defense did a deceit job out their though, offensively, that was about as apathetic and ofensive performance i've witnessed in a logn time. I could see from the beginning though that jacory was hurt and not himself, the offseason couldn't have come fast enough for him that's for sure.

Are we and elite team, not yet, are we a team capable of beating any team in college football when healthy, absolutely, next year will be the trademark year, if whipple leaves that'll hurt us alot for sure at the same time often times in game whipple seemed like he was calling plays more for auditioning purposes than for the betterment of the team.

Also, last night jacory definitely was pre-reading where he wanted to go with the football. I like this team, i can see jamaal reid starting next year if smebody's are not careful. What dissappointed me though was the more so the fact that wisconsin was killing us with their tightend and we got 2 tight-ends in epps and graham and they were barely heard from all night. That thumb injury forced jacory to either do 1 or 2 things, when he tried to throe it in their strong the ball sailed on him, so he stayed away from floating passes period, he missed on several deep balls that he normally connects with as well, so rest & rehab will go along way for jacory come next year as well.

That's all for now!


Wuzz good Darksidehz,...

O-LINE, O-LINE, O-LINE,....Simply said. Stoutland better get his shieet straight. I thought defensively we were aryte. Offensively why werent we screening n quick plays? Why all the long developing plays? Learn from these mistakes n move on

Talofahz from deh Islandz,....


Is Mr.T in the house?


Blazin Bob is a tile setter by day, and hardcore outdoor by night.
He works on jobs with me several times a year.
Hes fishes, races his motorcycles and cheers on the GT, he's an Atlanta boy.
I'll get some pics of him and me this spring if we work on Lake Burton together.




and our canes bb team is in a dogfight with bethune cookman right now.... up 35-23 with 2:23 left in the first half


did i miss something....?
someone said something about andre debose to the U?
what did that mean?


But he swears he was not that drunk, lol!


No I told the Security Guard he would stay with me the rest of the night and he said he could stay. I hate when he gets ridiculously drunk....he hasn't been that way in a long time.


Canechic - I was on the other side and we saw two fights break out on the miami side and the cops take people away......that did not include Mr. Angry I hope?


get well MM01


canesgirl you do not want to know but he almost got thrown out of the stadium.

I know Wisc played on that field too but they should not let the kids play on a field in that bad of shape because it is dangerous. I know the slipping and that stuff happens but Coop tripped in a divet and tore up his knee...crazy!


Canesteeler - this loss means one thing for us - its Penguins time - LOL


Blazin Bob:

no u r hurtin, won't badger u

I think solar has that multiple personality thing going on and IS Blazin Bob.


Canechic - LOL!!!! What did Angry do?



Mike James had a terrible time with the sod too.
I think on any other field Collier might have snagged the last pass that was thrown behind him, he just shot a divot up trying to turn back.


I don't see they why they need to play any highschool games there when bowl games are around the corner. Stupid. BUT Wisconsin played on the same field.........


wadshakin peeb?

yea just give it a chance, that's all we are saying


Cane steeler Angry has been in the fetal position all day and hugging the toilet bowl. His wife who really wanted to bring him home chili and greasy fries....brought him home some chicken noodle soup. He is working his way out of the dog house....I believe he was sipping whisky and God knows what else.




No comments on that deplorable field our guys had to play on? Now they are worried for the citrus bowl? You guys remember the game they canceled because the condition of the field in Veteran stadium? I am sure Coop wishes they would have not played that game....I know I would have been fine with that, lol!


canesteeler manages to keep his road loss string intact.
Although it got dicey for a second when Bosher recovered the onsides kick.


Six sorry we missed you, we arrived late. I also missed angry and canechic!




Try out wqam roach



Has anyone seen or heard any "extended" interviews from any Cane coaches or players since last night?

All I've seen are short blurbs like that SI site that bg1906 just posted.


Miamimike get better big guy, the legion is praying is praying for your full recovery. MM's situation puts the game in it's proper perspective, it is only a game! I was not surprised at the outcome as I voiced to Canez1 during pregame adult beverages the big corn feed boys on the ol and dl of UW worried me. At this time UM is a fitness team and they shoved around by a more physical team last night. We were soundly beat on both sides of the ball and our pass defense is non existant. In order for this team to progress next year we need bosses on the OL and DL, without progress in that area we will continue to be man handled by physical teams. Unfortunately it looks as if Coop has no choice but to return after possibly redshirting next season.



8th Man in the Box

I would honestly be surprised if Whipple left after one year. I think he still has something to prove. He obviously has a lot to work with and an entire off season to brainstorm. JMO

VA Cane


you were very close to me at Ft Lee. I'd say 15 20 minute drive.

I am very disappointed by last night...it just was a poor outing in about every way possible. Hope MM01 and Coop are up and about quickly.

I think it is a good thing we did not make a bigger bowl...would have been very bad to play like we did in a major. Yes we have a lot of problems that are going to take a lot of dedication and work. We have to get the point of attack straight, ie OL DL...guys who have not played a lot are going to have to drink deeply and step up. It is not impossible. Season starts now...hit the books so the brain still works, start eating right, hit the weight room hard lose that fat gain that muscle, study the film, plays....and come out in the spring...take it personal. Every player and coach is responsible for this loss...and they owe it to themselves first, us second to correct it. So take it hard, and personal and start working now to correct it. I am not going to dog anybody, I put it on all...Hell I feel like I did something wrong....and thats ok, cause maybe I will be a better fan. I think from a coachs point of view, and it needs a lot of work, but we can do it.



You are SOOOOO right... you KNOW I was loosing my shiite over the O-line play last night.

It is the KEY to the whole SHOW I tell you!

I'm real curious as to what happens with Randy's coaching staff. My guess is HE has NO PLANS to change anything... but others, (Whipple), may cause him to HAVE to replace people.

I still think Stoudland has NOT pulled his weight...


I'm tryin to get The Blazer to post here but he is antiblog 100% for some reason.

he is as funi as it gets tho


Solar now THAT is funny!


Blazin Bob:

Tell that jacory kid to shave that whack shyt off his head and look like a leader.
We don't need another Brian Bosworth looking stupider and playing worse everytime we see him.

the dude might have a point lol!



How does a guy like June Jones take teams that are jokes and turn them completely around in on season?

Randy is coming into his 4th yr of my 5 year patience plan.
I see a lot of better things going on, but most of it isn't on gameday.


Just got back in town. First and foremost, get well MM1. We are all praying for you.

Now to football. The absolute worst performance from our lines (defensive and offensive)I've seen all season.

For the first time I am going to really question the coaching.

Despite an obvious inability to block their pass rush yet we continued to run plays that took forever to develop, and rarely left a running back in to help that pathetic right side of the line. Half the times Jacory would get sacked, I'd look down field and we would have 3 receivers 30-40 yards down field.

And on defense, how many consecutive 3rd and long plays did we get beat on without adding a blitzer? No adjustments, no change in our defensive looks.

Finally, the Onion. I have supported him blindly for three years. But I am sick and tired of seeing an unmotivated, out coached, mistake prone team in big games.

And I'm sorry but I'm not buying the natural progression theory.

We play OSU and Pitt on the road to start next season. If this team comes out like it did last night we are going to get SMOKED by those two teams. And that is before we even get to the ACC schedule we have far from dominated.

There needs to be a lot more self accountability among the coaches and players on this team.


Cat 5 Cane

Glad you like it... Nothing like losing the last game of the year and have to listen to all of the complainers, as to why we lost...

How about... We got beat by a better team!

The coaching staff doesn't have to be fired, the kids don't have to be kicked under the bus.

What's the up-date news on Mike?


Best part of my Day

Campbell approached him outside the courtroom and told him that win, lose or draw in the hearing, Leach was out effective immediately.

harr harr


got a text message from my pal Blazin Bob:

no u r hurtin, won't badger u

I was The Sky last night, thanks.


just got home,

Frig that bowl game, one of the best spacers ever goes down.
Mike I hate that more than I can say brother.

Praying everything gets right Randy


Cat5 that avatar gets me every time


Oh and LOl SOMEBODY please explain to me that play where one of our wideouts knocked the pass away from the other receiver? Forgot who it was, but thought about stepping in front to make a catch. why, why, why?????

Had lunch with a friend who said "your QB was obviously off, why all those deep pass attempts?" Me: I dunno LOL

Cat 5 Cane

Get better Mike...


Six - sorry! We were on the wisoonsin side 30 yard line 3 rows up and looking for a media guy in a crossing guard vest on the other side! You gotta wear the uni my friend j/k

Aqua read Manny's article today. it's pretty good.

As for Pipho - I am feeling a little sorry for him - put in a position that he really shouldn't have had because, well, there just wasn't anybody else



You are so right! I never try to sh*t on a player but DAMN, Pipho was awful. I didn't think he could play any worse after watching Jason Worilds use him like a turnstile at the V Tech game. Then I watched this game at home....with a Badger Fan....who wanted to fly down for this game...and watched these no-name Wisconsin players simply A-B-U-S-E him!!! SIGH

I'm going to have to listen to my boy like he did back when we ate their food 51-3

That's my vent!

I'm not a "Sky is Falling" type guy. Some of ya'll need to chill out; I'm sure the players and coaches feel worse than ANY of us...and those that don't...won't be here next year



I patted myself down last night, twice.

It felt kinda good...


raize pat yourself down, lol!


This some garbage:



Boy.....how about that Champs Bowl Security? I could have walked in with my Glock 9


LMAO like forreal I read this and it makes me want to go steal from the H.R. lady that sent it out.... Geez..

Tough loss last night.

MM01 get better buddy!




Not that it matters that much since we're loaded at WR, but MNW's Michaelee Harris committed to Louisville recently:


2010 people! Get well soon MM01!



CSM...oh my!


This email was sent out by the head of our Human Resources team.....

Tell me that I don't work in special land..


Hello Everyone,

Good Afternoon!

It has been brought to my attention that things are being taken from agents desk. Please do not take things in the center that does not belong to you. If this happened to you, how would you feel? Please put yourself in their shoes. It is not worth the guilt taking someone else's belongings. What if what you took was sentimental to them? What if they have had that particular item for years? It is very hurtful for anyone to have something taken from them, especially if it has value to them.

Please do not take other people's belongings.

Take Karma for example, if you lost your cell phone, wallet, or your purse... What would you want to happen? Someone to return it back to you right? If you take someone else's belongings, you may have good Karma when it comes to you receiving your lost items back.

Thank you for your immediate attention!


I cannnot believe, simply CANNOT believe for the life of me that Pipho was the best RT the Canes had on the roster.

But if he was I'll put it this way:

We were LUCKY to win 9 games.


how could these guys be worse than Matt Pipho? I thought I saw Pip throw guys into Jacory, they got there so fast.

Posted by: aqua | December 30, 2009 at 04:15 PM

They CAN"T be worse. Why Pipho was playing will forever remain a mystery and probably just provide more ammo for the haters to use against Randy Shannon.

Aqua, U know that U or I could have done what Pipho did last night, and probably even better. Bucky the Badger, big head and all could have done better.


MM01 - hope you are ok, sorry to hear about this. Again, really enjoyed meeting all the Spacers, always a good time. Needless to say, the tailgate was the highlight!


In a very quiet locker room Tuesday night, players vowed that would continue.

"This is the University of Miami. I didn't come here to win nine games," Franklin said.

So let me get this straight. The players are "allowed" to think like this but the fans are NOT?

OK, OK, yeah I got it now.


I bet the oline play was killing our OL gurus, Esteban BG and Roach.

But you know who feels worse than us?

Ben Jones
Jared Wheeler
Ian symonette
Harlan Gunn
Cory White
Jermaine Johnson

how could these guys be worse than Matt Pipho? I thought I saw Pip throw guys into Jacory, they got there so fast.


Now quick, delete this comment before someone finds out we got whipped in front of a national TV audience--again.

Posted by: el ponce | December 30, 2009 at 03:58 PM

Ponce...U are NOT going to get deleted. U expressed your opinion in a proper manner. No harm, no foul. Blog on...


I wonder how they're gonna feel when they read it (YES I did forward it to them) and realize a CHICK said all the same stuff to them the night before. LOL!!

Posted by: KLCaneFan | December 30, 2009 at 03:57 PM

KL...U are notjust ANY chic, U are a Canespace CHICK!

Very, very different.

orange 'n green in the vein

Not to be callous or anything because I really do hope one half on my CSHOF choice's well being is a lot more important than some random college game, even possibly including four of five BCS games, but it was JUST the Sports Bowl which means just about . . . zero. Yeah watching the OL play like punks is always bad, but it wasn't like we didn't know what the weaknesses were for this team coming into the game, pressure Harris, beat him up, and watch the offense sputter in order to stay on the field on 3rd down. If anybody has any right to ticked off by the result today, it's the Don first and foremost. If she isn't sweating it, I won't either.

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