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December 30, 2009



Here's to the offseason!


cheers to better things to come!


Dang Mike. Get better, man. Our prayers are with you and your family.

The Truth

This place is nuts

The Truth

Holy crap...

Mm01 get better!!! What horrible news...


Our thoughts and prayers are with U MM01.

Get well soon!


terrible performance by a team that is supposed to be progressing? Where is the progression? Show it to me.....Next year looks more dim at the moment. Tough assignment to expect this team to go after a National title next year when they can not even beat a mediocre Wisconsin team. Good luck in the off season! Somebody please tell Hurtt that it would be nice for Miami to once again have a pass rush...


Apparently A.J. Highsmith's aunt is a nurse and also lent a helping hand during the emergency.

She recognized Mike and Randy from their meeting in Tally and came over to chat with them while waiting for the players to come out of the locker room.

Hurricane FAMILY!


MM01 and family, you will be in my prayers. I hope you have a speedy recovery, and as pointed out this was just a game and their is more to life..so get over it already.



Posted by: the sky | December 29, 2009 at 11:31 PM

Funniest post of the night, IMO.

VA Cane, excellent posts last night. Still a young team that needs to, not just want, but need to win.

Six, Thanks again for your behind the scenes insight. I hope you're misreading Whipples reaction. Also, do U ever have nightmares staring Orlando Franklin? Be honest, we're all friends here.

Posted by: DZ8 | December 30, 2009 at 10:11 AM


All the best MM01 and RandyCane. Puts things in perspective.


Good to hear MM01 is improving and that he will be released tomorrow.

I hope everyone else got home safe and sound.

The Truth

Yeah J

That beating 7 with 4 part was what I alluded to by stating it wasn't just the fans that took wisky lightly.

Randys fault I'm sure...I think I heard that Randy said "you only have to play 75% tonight men, Wisconsin ain't sh*t"

And the ONLY reason Miami marched down
the field there when they scored at the end was half of wisky's starters where out taking a the rest of the game off...

That O wasn't going to do ANYTHING with
Jacory hurt and the OL playing Matador.

I hate waiting.

And once again mm01, get well soon.

8th Man in the Box


Stay up, you're in my prayers


That one hurt. I thought we might pull one out at the end. Oh well, that's who we are right now. We ran into a classmate of my Dad's at halftime and he gave us his tickets right behind the bench on the 45.

Jacory was standing right in front of us and I could not help but notice how heavily wrapped his throwing hand was. I thought that injury was healed? Oh well...

Damien Berry was wasted tonight. There was no excuse for him not to be utilized more than he was tonight.

The recruiting class should be stellar, but this loss will linger. On a happier note, the # 1 recruit in the country has decided to open up his commitment now that Meyer is working the late shift over at "The Waffle House"! He is a 5 star DE named Shaw out of Cali, and he said that USC and UM are on the top of his list. I would think that UM might have an advantage given the problems at USC right now. Lord knows we could have used a better pass rush tonight!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | December 30, 2009 at 02:37 AM

Incorrect information. They guy you are talking about is Ronald Powell not Shaw. And those are just RUMORS. I wouldn't put too much stock into ANY of them.

Posted by: bg1906 | December 30, 2009 at 10:53 AM



My prayers are with you brother.

8th Man in the Box


What are your thoughts on the assistant coaches, particularly on the defensive side, minus the coordinators. Are we STRONG enough to compete with the blue collar type teams? Seems to me those were the teams that beat us this year.


Mike get well soon. I was looking forward to hanging out with you guys today.

Randy my prayers are with you and Mike and I hope to hear from the both of you soon.


Wow. MM01 and RandyCane - stay strong. Health is everything. Thanks for posting the update 86.

Gin & Tonic

MMO1. Get well soon.


A lot of us blame ourselves when the Canes lose. I know I wore my Canespace Sean Taylor T-shirt but I TAPED the game (yes I still have a VCR)! The only two other games I taped were both loses (FSU and UF in 2007). As soon as the tape ran out Hankerson made that great one-handed catch and we went on to score. Too little too late.

I heard other bloggers talking about switching jerseys at halftime, etc... But remember Legion, it isn't on us. It is all on the players on the field, and as they get to the field.

"The Hurricanes, who were dressed in their all-white Nike Pro Combat uniforms, sprinted from their tunnel at the beginning of the game through sparkling fireworks instead of their customary smoke. "

So we can blame Sebastian The Ibis for not stealing a fire extinguisher.

Get well MM01.

Sarasota 'cane

Get well soon!

The Truth


I think we need more than a recruiter/cheerleader at DL coach. He's good. Not great and I'm not sure he has time, with his role as RC, to hone his craft as a DL coach.

That IS on Randy. He either needs to get a new RC or a DL coach. That's just my opinion.

As far as the rest of the coaching? It's fine. Good enough. Again, my opinion.

Look at the injury list. All defense and some of the kids playing aren't on the list and should be. But that's just an excuse.

And again...why the question about the D?

It was the offense that didn't come through. The D made plays. ST's made plays.

Jacory? No. He was hurt during the week. His hand is still an issue.

The OL? No plays there. Wonder where #20 was?? Uh, ask Figs and Trump and those bozos.

Our seating time was 11:00. Why am I still waiting?

Ok...really out now.

It's just a game people. Miami will be better next year. Just like they were this year.


8th man.

I don't think Swasey is the problem. I've been critical of him in the past, but NOW not so much. I became a believe in the OU game. We didn't take Wisconsin serious. Fox is undervalued, we truly missed him. But go look at the blocking vs OU. Whose DL is probably with UNC and now Wisconsin the best we faced. The OL was motivated. Same vs USF All-Americans...motivated. I think they didn't think Wisky could play with them but #99, #50, and #44 pushed our shyt in all night. Truth has said before Swasey isn't the greatest at strength training, but our guys did seem better physically this year.

My gripe and has been for awhile is the effort our team gives. We have not one with a TRUE non-stop motor. Did you see #50 from Wisky??? ALWAYS going 100 mph. Look at how he ran down Collier after that catch. All EFFORT and the EFFORT is what makes them so much better than just their physical gifts. We have truly PHYSICALLY GIFTED atheletes but MANY times their effort is PISS poor and that is why we are not maximizing our talent. I don't fault the coaches for that, though you'd hope the coaches could reach the guys to motivate them to give 150% all the time, but to me having played the game, effort comes from within. You have to WANT to get after it. Guys like Sapp, Kennedy, J. Brown, all the greats had that MOTOR that never quits. They were hell raisers that REFUSED to be blocked. We don't have that right now.


Six - thanks for the great sideline reporting. Keep up the great work my friend.


MM01 and RANDYCANE---Prayers and best wishes.Recover quickly.Games are fun(not this one)but life is priority.U guys do what you have to-to get past this.Your family is there,the Canes will be here,and of course your CANESPACE family is here.This puts everything in perspective.Prayers and immediate recovery is on order here.Do the CANE thing,bro. the"U"always

DallasTX Cane

MM01, thoughts & prayers w/U. Get well.


The game plan was simple: play tough physical football, control the clock and leave the Champs Sports Bowl with a win and a 10-3 season.

That's exactly what the Wisconsin Badgers did Tuesday night, dominating the No. 14 Miami Hurricanes 20-14 at the Florida Citrus Bowl. Considering it was essentially a home game for Miami, the result was especially impressive on a cold night in Orlando.

"What you have to understand a little bit with Wisconsin is we kind of take a boxer's mentality offensively," head coach Bret Bielema said. "Wear you out, wear you out, throw the body punches. Eventually that cumulative effect will be a 'W,' and that was what was able to happen."

Aside from the usual star performers, junior tight end Lance Kendricks showed what the Wisconsin coaches knew about him all along: he has the ability to be a major playmaker in the Badgers' offense.
With the Miami corners effectively shutting down the UW receivers, Kendricks and Tolzien exploited the coverage of the Hurricanes' linebackers over the middle, as they connected seven times for 128 yards in the game.

"We had a long preparation, I put a lot of time into it, our scheme was well thought out and whenever the ball came to me, I took advantage of it," Kendricks said. "I was the open guy, so that's just how it came out."

According to junior defensive end J.J. Watt, the Badgers' dominating performance in Hawaii earlier this month played a huge role in that difference.

"This makes a big statement," Watt said. "It was prime time television, a lot of people were watching and we're really excited about the statement we sent today. Wisconsin football is back to where it belongs, Wisconsin football is power football, tough football and it's going to be a tough team to beat.

"We're really excited about what we did today."

With a Champs Sports Bowl victory under their belts, Watt and several other Badgers plan to stay in the Sunshine State a few extra days to celebrate.

"I'm going down to Miami to hang out with a couple of my teammates for a few days, then my family's coming down and we're going on a cruise," Watt said. "It's safe to assume that I'll be wearing red all over Miami.

"I saw the "U" a lot today, so I'm excited to throw up the "W" all over down there."

^^^These excerpts say it all^^^

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Hope you have a speedy recovery. Wow, just shows life could be gone at anytime.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

On a lighter note..
Im going to nominate AngryCane as the fan of the night. You had me ready to charge onto the field!! Great time with good people.


Can someone delete that italcop64 post? Or better yet, block him from the site?

I'm exhausted, physically, but more so, emotionally from last night. Nice rally at the end. We were one dropped pass by Mike James away from winning that game. Hankerson's gonna leave after that one handed catch. Our O-Line was horrible, JH held onto the ball too long and is now banged up even more than he was before. Cooper probably has to have surgery...the list goes on and on.

Still, 86 makes a good point. What could have happened to Mike puts things in perspective. My prayers go out to you, man. I wish u a speedy recovery. It was cool hanging out with you and RandyCane last night. Look forward to it again next season. Oh, and RaizeCane, I'm still waiting on my burger with cheese inside.

DallasTX Cane

From last blog:

Some of us will always stay positive because that is what a real fan do. Talking crap , doging out your OWN coach and players is something outsiders do... Some of you all will even TALK BAD ABOUT YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMBERS TO OTHER PEOPLE BETTER YET TO COMPLETE STRANGERS. Miami is my heart and i can't turn on them when things don't go well especially how far they come since 2007.

Posted by: MR TROUTMAN | December 30, 2009 at 12:48 AM

Does that mean U were/are a Coker supporter? Surely U weren't defending him a few years back, right? I'm not anti-Shannon, on the contrary I've supported him (in the blog world) from Day 1. However, he isn't above criticism, fair or unfair.

The "I'm a REAL fan & you're not" angle is lazy and stupid.

I do agree with U that the program is improving. Its disappointing tho that there's still such a long road to go.

Re: Posted by: Italcop64 | December 30, 2009 at 11:12 AM

I dont think I've ever expressed this opinion to another blogger in all the days since Omar's blog, but... SHUT THE FU@! UP


Mike get better, that is just crazy!


Oh, and RaizeCane, I'm still waiting on my burger with cheese inside.

Posted by: JameriCane | December 30, 2009 at 11:27 AM

It's so big.....it's still cooking, lol.

8th Man in the Box


Was just looking for your opinion, b/c I have my thoughts but didn't want to get too negative on here. The OL/DL appear to get beat up in the trenches whenever we play more physical teams. I've supported Swasey up to this point, but last night made me question that aspect of our team. In addition, I think Hurtt id doing a good job recruiting, but we need get those boys to the point where they're totally wrecking folks. I'd hate to lost Hurtt, but I have to wonder if we be better upgrading. I can't in good consciousness question the DB coach yet, b/c they're often asked to cover receiver way too long.

I expect us to get better next year, but not sure how much. The question is how do we measure improvement? Is it only by wins and losses? Is it by noticeable player development? Or by showing more resolve? I look at all aspects, but many of us focus on W's and L's. Has Randy been a great coach..no but he hasn't been a bad coach either. I'd give him a B- up to this point. This off season will be pivotal towards our chances of NC. Some adjustments will need to be made, I just hope a true internal assessment is performed and weaknesses address.

I know I've gone on a tangent, but needed to as I sit back mentally digest this part season.

As I said last night, if this beat down is what we needed to push us harder in the off season,I'll take it. Being a resident of Columbus, that last thing I want is for the Buckeye faithful to leave the stadium happy next Sept.



Hank already confirmed his coming back.


MM01 - I am wishing for a fast and safe recovery for you!

For all you haters and nay sayers out there.

In 2007 the Florida Gators, with Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin lost three games and went to the Citrus bowl (also in Orlando) to play a Big 10 team (Michigan) who had lost earlier in the year to Appalachian State!!! The Gators were favored to win that game and were dominated losing 41-35 to finish the season 9-4.
You all know what happened the next season.
This is still a young team which showed flashes of greatness, there is no reason why they could not play in the NC next year.


Mike and Randy Cane - My prayers to you. Get well soon!

G & T - With moving before Christmas, etc...so really, how many did you have??

Randy Phillips just made me shake my head last night. I told my wife that this was his last game as a Cane. He is the one who has to live with that. I guess I just don't get it.

Truth - God bless you for dealing with the maddening crowds for your family's sake. It takes every bit of me to suck it up and not say anything while dealing with crowds, etc. Just don't take out your frustrations on Mickey: )

With the way the OL played, what is your outlook for this unit for 2010 when healthy and do believe Stoutland is the right man for the job?

Go Canes!


Yeah, 1906, I just saw:

Posted on Wed, Dec. 30, 2009
Miami Hurricanes' Leonard Hankerson to return

University of Miami wide receiver Leonard Hankerson comes up with a 28-yard reception for a first down during the fourth quarter against Wisconsin during the Champs Sports Bowl on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009 at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando. ORLANDO -- Receiver Leonard Hankerson, who had a key 28-yard catch in UM's 20-14 loss to Wisconsin, told reporters after the game he will return for his senior season.
``I'm staying. That's where I was leaning all along. I just wanted to have a little fun with the media,'' Hankerson said. ``It's still going to be better off in the end. I've been feeling this way since it first started up. I knew I was going to come back all along.

``I know we have a great team around here. We know next year is going to be our time.''

Running back Graig Cooper, considering entering the NFL Draft as an underclassman, injured his right knee during a 27-yard kickoff return with seven seconds left in the first half.

He was unavailable for comment after the game.

As Cooper was making a cut near midfield, his right leg seemed to bow out awkwardly and he fell to the ground after another step or so.

There was no contact before the injury.

Medical personnel rushed onto the field, and fellow tailbacks Damien Berry and Javarris James helped to carry him off the field.

The injury must have brought back bad memories to Hurricanes fans, who watched star running back Willis McGahee tear his anterior cruciate ligament in the Fiesta Bowl national championship game after the 2002 season.

McGahee chose to rehabilitate the knee, left UM early and was drafted 23rd overall by Buffalo.


After spending his first three seasons at wide receiver, Sam Shields was moved to cornerback as a senior. He started 10 of 11 games, finishing fifth on the defense with 40 tackles. His best game of the regular season came at Wake Forest, where he had a career-high seven tackles, in addition to forcing and recovering a key fumble in UM's come-from-behind victory.

On Tuesday, Shields had an exciting first. He returned his first career kickoff on an 84-yard reverse to open the game, the longest kickoff in UM bowl history. Before that, Kevin Williams' 45-yard return at the 1991 Cotton Bowl was the record.


Officials changed a key call after reviewing the replay at the start of the second quarter. First they ruled that Wisconsin running back John Clay had fumbled on the Wisconsin 40-yard line, and that UM had recovered. Then they ruled Clay was down.

The Badgers continued their drive. Five plays later, UM defensive end Allen Bailey got his hand on Scott Tolzien's pass, and it deflected into the arms of defensive tackle Micanor Regis. After that, UM couldn't make it happen and had to punt.


• UM defensive end Eric Moncur, who has missed most of the season because of various injuries, played.

• UM quarterback Jacory Harris had his hair cut into a mohawk before the game. On one side, the logo from the Super Mario Bros. video game was etched into his hair.

• The Hurricanes, who were dressed in their all-white Nike Pro Combat uniforms, sprinted from their tunnel at the beginning of the game through sparkling fireworks instead of their customary smoke.


If this blog doesn't put things in perspective I'm not sure what will. God speed in your recovery, MM!
The game was lost for two simple reasons: Our OL and DL got their clocks cleaned all night long. No pass rush from the front four was an issue, but really I was impressed that the D played hard for the netire game and came up with enough stops to keep us in the game, with no help from the Offense. I saw the Raiders-Redskins game live a few weeks ago and saw the Oakland D quit when it was obvious that the O couldn't help, so I don't take that effort lightly.
Also, I'm convinced Jacory's ankle was bothering him more than his thumb- he wasn't planting his front foot on throws, and all of his passes sailed on him.
Consider this game Exhibit A and B for the need for OL and DL recruits. Also, please recruit or develop a backup QB who coaches feel comfortable putting into a game. Lastly, Shannon still has more to learn, not the least of which is how to use the bowl practice time more efficiently.
This season was a building block and progress was made, even if we're left wanting more. Hopefully this site won't devolve into a "Fire Shannon now" free for all that Scout is today.


Speedy recovery, thoughts and prayers to MM01. Best in days ahead to Randy & Mike!

86, Thanks for your article! It puts things in perspective. BTW: Nice pic.

Go Canes next season!


"Can someone delete that italcop64 post? Or better yet, block him from the site?"




LOL DTC throwing the "f" bomb around - too funny.


The tailgate last night is the reason canspace is the best blog I've ever been associated with. We are like one big family. We are all from different walks of life, but we share the love for the U.

I just wanna thank 86 for this great thing you have built that has opened the doors to freindships that I would never had otherwise. Raize, Playa, Jameri, JSQ, 404, MM01, Randy, CC, Angry, Canez1. I had a great time and hope to do it again. If I am leaving anyone out blame it on the henny.

And last night confirmed that Angry and I can never sit in the same section. I had to go off on a Wisky fan and scared half the people in my section.


On Tuesday, Shields had an exciting first. He returned his first career kickoff on an 84-yard reverse to open the game, the longest kickoff in UM bowl history. Before that, Kevin Williams' 45-yard return at the 1991 Cotton Bowl was the record.



and along comes 86 to take out the trash! Good job. Sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you all - we got there late and at half time I was not in the mood to go looking for anyone....LOL

Six, I feel ya on the crazy roads of Orlando - parked by Amway and took the shuttle over there- man what a bad part of town that bowl is in


Money...it's ALL good! I think it is safe to say that a good time was had by all at the tailgate in spite of the game results.

No place but The Space!!!


i was in lot a i went to lot s several times and never saw u guys...where were u at 86?..worst game of the season in my eyes.hope we can rebound from this shyt


5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 11-2?

All signs point to an 11-2 record next year. 86 we might have to revise our bet depending on the health of Coop. And #38 owes Sheilds a steak dinner or something from costing him a TD as his last game as a Cane. Props to SS for all of the hard work and lessons learned while at the U


Thanks for throwin' out the trash, 86. Money, the pleasure was all mine, man. My wife loved talking to your wife last night. Still working on Columbus...

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