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December 18, 2009



JSQ will read later


Fran you just want that shirt - LOL


Then put your half of the U hand next to mine

A&W spewing from the nose LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How come my picks


are not on your list????

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 18, 2009 at 07:23 PM



I have to go with JSQ on all her picks, again. Hate to see this series not come back until August.


Hahanice song, Mary! I just might need to try one of your jello shots when KLjr & MiniKL aren't looking... :)

Cat 5 Cane

Soup... some are saying to wait till after the bowl game, before picking...

It's not a bad thing!...

Cat 5 Cane

I got U.... Babe!

excellent stuff!


No CGNC I waive the shirt I popped in by accident been out doing chores since 3PM LOL

Cat 5 Cane

Ohhhh and the girl with the beautiful eyes... Now that's what I call "A Brick House!"... and probably a beautiful girl inside too...

Ohhh, She's a Bric...k....House!



Old Skool

You're an original, a football version of "I Got You, Babe" That's a first in my book.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't play it too often. I think that's the song that made Chastity question her sex.



I want proof from you on your comment from the last post. You stated something along the lines of, "Shannon admitted R.Lewis was not that good as a starter."

Can you please explain where you got this interview, article, past paper, website????


Cause I tried searching for everything Shannon, Ray Lewis, Shannon Quote on Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis not that good in College.. I found nothing.

Now nobody is doubting he was better as a pro then as a CFB athlete.

I think most pro's are better in NFL then in College I just think sometimes they can't shine as well because they are used to too much talent on their side, playing against no talent, having no competition for their spot or no will..

Now we know R.Lewis had no issues with those, so trying to preface your comment.

Yes R.Lewis is a Hall of fame LB, but you could say the same thing about a # of Hurricanes considering college is 4 years and the pro's is soo much longer. It gives you the chance to shine.

Think R.Wayne
E. Reed
V. Carey
F. Gore
J. Kelley

all had so called "better" careers in the pro's..

If you have the skills, talent, and THE WORK ETHIC, mixed with some luck.. Then you "should get better as a pro".

I mean who says Chad Johnson was better in college?? Tony Romo? Dallas Clark? Devin Hester? Terrel Owens?

I mean if you are great in the pro's you are by default greater then you were in college because NFL IS HARDER!!


JSQ great article...

I rather vote for another year of Mary Knows Football then LOF..

Your articles have been well written, refreshing, and fun all at the same time. Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom with all of barbarian men weekly.


The Truth

I'll say this for the 15millionth time:

Stop listening to the pay services. Especially any with ITU in the name. They lie.

So do the kids.

Think about it for a little while and then let it aaaaaaaalllll go. The only thing that matters are the signatures.

The Truth

So you got jokes 86??!!


that's ok cuz that bottle of 18 year next year is going to be the smoothest ever!!




that's ok cuz that bottle of 18 year next year is going to be the smoothest ever!!

Posted by: The Truth | December 18, 2009 at 09:25 PM


Cat 5 Cane

Hey... just found Miami/Ohio St playing on ESPN Classic 2003 Festa Bowl... in OT

Miami 24/17



CSM the statement that Randy made about Ray Lewis was in one of his wqam interviews. He didn't say Ray Lewis was terrible in college, just that he was much better in the pro's


JSQ I like all your picks except for the Texas pick.

I think Bama wins because of TX's one-dimentional offense.

Making picks on college football is tough because 18-22 yr old football players are very inconsistent. Plus there are always the young players that nobody has ever heard of who comes in and has a great game on some random week. Picking pro games is far, far easier because you know what to expect from the players (for the most part).


it was this year in an audio interview about Arthur Brown, and I think maybe Spence having a little setback.

It wasn't a Lewis sucks comment, it was a one sentence reference to Lewis gettng better as he played.

I'm not going to go back and listen to every single Randy audio interview from last year.
You could probably find it means that much to you.

This entire Lewis thing came from
teaxascane makng the comment "how can a guy be better in the pros than he is in college,"
I said
Ask Ray Lewis

Immediately the people on here that don't remember Ray as a freshman over running plays and getting himself out of position, Marley actually making the initial contact on lots and lots of Lewis and Corwin Francis tackles
came out of the woodwork abut how Lewis was a perfect linebacker from the second he got here. Lewis got better and better, and he even made some all american fresman teams but he IS TWICE as good as a pro as he was in college.


thanks for having my back you posted that while i was typing my reply to canesaw


I mean if you are great in the pro's you are by default greater then you were in college because NFL IS HARDER!!

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 18, 2009 at 09:06 PM

so the whole how is someone better in the pros than he was in college is stupid,
just like I was trying to point out by saying Ask Ray Lewis

end of subject


Solar...how U doing and feeling? Snow?


Joe mcnight being investigated bout driving a car owned by a la car dealer... Wat a surprise???


Ok.... I guess it was your way of answering sarcastically.

I think the person that originally posted that comment was hinting at the fact that he thought this was a slight at the coach's and I did as well.

Barry Jackson doesn't generally make those types of comments since he specifically is referencing their draft potential.

To me it just seemed like you were affirming a notion, but I looked at it the wrong way.. Dis culpe!



its sleeting now turning to snow by morning .

it sucks lol!


its sleeting now turning to snow by morning .

Posted by: solarcane | December 18, 2009 at 10:21 PM

Sounds like FUN!



Calvin pointed this out awhile back.
on the Internet, things that are typed don't always reflect the authors meaning because you cant see the facial expression, or the sarcasm etc.
thats all that whole thing was.


Truth I understand what you are saying but you don't think this could have any negative affect at all for kids that might be cautious now about being recruited by Miami..

I know it is not Miami's fault but this will just be ammunition for other team's and other recruit's to try and persuade kids and we know how unbalanced they are.

And I don't subscribe to any paysite, but I do think this was a conscious effor by ITU to bash Randy for his little recruiting site comment. Which is totall phucked..

Everybody should make a commitment to ban those sites!!!!!!!!!!



Great article. Super job all season. I like the fact you take chances and go against the grain, like with the Texas pick.

The Tearboy and J12 pictures - priceless.

Go Canes!


canesaw, este,usafcane

This is what I was talking about
I used to see this lots of times.
perfect defense called, #52 right where he needs to be and


I think it was a draw or trap play down near the goal in the same ame where Ray gets caught going the wrong way.
He got really good really fast, but there were lots of college plays where his enthusiasm and speed got exploited.
I don't see it as a pro.


i like the UiF pick....fk em....hate to bring up the past but that osu vs mia game was a disaster at the end...freom every angle it was clearly a mfbs call....its all good paybax a biatch

anyone parking in P at the champs bowl? p is for procrastination!!!


Anybody see Avatar tonight????

Curious about your opinions on the movie..

Thanks in advance.


The NCAA should find a way to regulate these sites but they don't give two sh*ts about anything but MONEYYYYYYY!


a new Canes hi light reel, edited down from rusty and spoonersteet stuff



CSM if Randy can weather the 5-7, Nix as OC, you're going to be fired after 4 games storm, then ITU or whatever can be weathered as well. We gotta wait till the ink dries and take if from there. If words meant everything then Cookie would be a gator ect. ect.


I just saw the "GO FROGS girls picture above

thats just cruel


Money I know he can weather it, I just think something needs to be done.


I'm Skeemin

this ones for my bwah Calvin!



Yeah but what can be done know, especially with ESPN being involved now. It is what it is


CSM with the money college coaches are being paid these days and the influx of recruiting sites, recruiting will always be nasty, dirty and whoreish. Just worry about the ones who sign on the doted line and the ones who get away just get away. IT IS WHAT IT IS


when telestrators go bad


Cat 5 Cane

Hey Steeler... nice pic but U need to work on your U....lol

But it's all good!

The Truth

Solars dead on about 52. Great college LB but far from the monster he turned into as a pro. He learned out to watch film instead of soley relying on instinct. He was twice the player after 2 NFL seasons than he was as an all American here. He's 5 times the player now and he's already way past his peak.

The only thing I will add though is ALL the great players get trucked. They all over run plays and they all make the wrong read - if they didn't, no one would be scoring any TD's.


thanks Truth,

Lewis is one of my favorite players here ever.
I knew he was going to be a superstar, but at first he would be so anxious to make the play the other OCs baited him, but he learned fast.

It's tough as heck to be objective on here about anything.

The Truth

And yes CSM, it does Make Miami look bad - that's the point.

You have no clue as to how dirty it can get - like say, Lane Kiffen playing Christopher Stock and Fat Rudy to write up a bad piece, dirty.

Oh yes - THAT dirty.

I'm not saying that's what happened. I'm
not saying Lane Kiffen would do that. I AM saying it is a plausible and probable scenario for many an article written on many a internets recruiting site. That's no joke.

Then you have some kids or coaches with big $$$ paying these guys to promote them.

It's not limited to anti Miami. The sites are whores. Attention and money whores.

Miami doesn't offer and contributions to these sites so they have no loyalty to this program. They can and do write whateverthefucktheywant.

Just responding to a write up like that gives it some justification.

It's all so stupid. These are KIDS. BOYS you wouldn't want your daughter around and people turn them into gods for a year or so.

They don't care about you. They don't care about Miami. They care about themselves. ITU, Rivals, Scout, etc...same thing.

Hell - Lemming absolutely HATES Miami as a ND fan. With all the pull he has don't you think his "evaluations" might just be slanted a tad if a kid is Miami bound?

They are poison. All of them.

Worry about the kids that sign and wear that U. That's it.


About Ray Lewis, it makes perfect sense that he would be a better player in the pro's than he was in college.

Pro players are allowed so much more prep time than CFB players. CFB players are allowed a mere 20 hrs per week with the coaches (3 of those hrs are the game on Sat too) and have to make the grades to be eligible to play at the same time as get ready for a game.

Pro's have no such limitations. With so much more time to concentrate on football, why wouldn't Ray be much better as a pro?

It's just this sort of thinking by NFL scouts that make measurables and physical dominance so important to a player's draft value.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

JSQ, sensational photos. lol

I agree with your picks except for TX, as someone else said. After what Neb showed, and with nearly a month to prepare, I don't think TX has enough options out of that one dimensional offense to score enough.

Bama's much better balanced on both sides.

But anything can happen. This game will truly show how skilled Mack Brown is as a HC.

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