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December 30, 2009





u go raize


Ok Solar, why no more peace?

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

LOL...I think I had one too many glasses of henny and one of my dates Jack and cokes when I took that pic..LOL

mr troutman

yeah that was big dream until i woke up to a nightmare.LOL

All I can say is this loss is really tough but in a strange way it is just what the doctor ordered to get us fired up for next year.NO MORE TALKING JUST ACTION should be our next T-SHIRT WE SHOULD SPORT NEXT YEAR.No more i'm sorry i let my team down, I got your back next time, we just had the wrong scheme etc.....just keep QUIET and strike silently.NO WARNINGS , NO HEADS UP,NOTHING. THE FANS AND PLAYERS HAVE SAID ALL WE CAN SAY....WE HAVE RAN OUT OF WORDS.................SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Nick Foles from Arizona is 9-30 for 48 yards.

VA Cane

How about a picture of Keith Richards skull ring (which means we all are the same under our humaness) and the title of his first record...."Talk Is Cheap" Great record, great artist....great saying...we did too much talking....Wisconsin talked with their actions JMO

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Agree with you mr troutman..This team just seems to play better when the feel disrespected rather than being praised. I hope the Buckeyes have a big win in The Rose Bowl and are top 10 going into next season. A healthy, angry, underdog Hurricane team is exactly what I wanna see. Go Canes!!



I will forever promote peace among people.

Here is a story that always keeps me going.

The one time I remember peace being a perfect state was right after Hurricane Andrew

My wife and I were shuttling baby food, water, tarps, toothpaste, and soap for the Red Cross/Catholic Charities/US Army in my pick up truck.

We came up another street covered with broken glass tree limbs wires etc.

It was in one of the poorest toughest parts of Dade County.
My wife got out of the truck with a broom to sweep glass from in front of us while I was in the back of the truck pulling baby food cases toward the tailgate.

There was what was almost a mob mentality to the mass of people gathering quickly around the truck. I could sense their desperation and fear that only the strong would get everything, and the mothers and elderly would be left out.

A guy that appeared to be
either the most respected or the most feared
walked up to my wife and said, mam, we will sweep this street for you.

He told everybody there to form a line and he got up on the tailgate with me and started handing out supplies.

We shook hands and he gave me the look people give each other when there is mutual respect and dignity for each other.

I found out a block up the street he was one of the baddest of the baddest of all the baddest.
The guy that told me was a pastor and youth minister, he said if the big man wasn't there my truck would have probably been been mobbed because people were desperate.

Then he pointed to a kid directing traffic and said that kid right there is his right hand man, and he is as bad as he wants to be too.

I asked the guy why we couldn't live together like this everyday when there wasn't a catastrophe.

He shook his head and told me God blew all the material bullshyt into the everglades so we could take a look at who we are not what we have.

I was thinking after three straight years of reminding the Canespace Family to be kind to each other, if we haven't got it by now, well maybe we don't want to be reminded.



well maybe we don't want to be reminded.

Posted by: solarcane | December 31, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Solar great story and you know my business and how I can relate. I have been directly involved with the three worst natural disasters of our lifetimes up close and in person for prolonged periods.

Hurricane Andrew in 92', 15 months later the North Ridge quake in LA, then Katrina in New Orleans.

You want to talk about gratitude. I have witnessed people show humility and grace when things could not possibly be worse.

So bring back the peace. It keeps d*** heads like me in place every once in a while.



I'm sure you have memories of everyday acts that were extraordinary under the circumstances.
You have seen it all, and it's heartbreaking.

Todd who is one of my best friends is the guy that was on the news that jumps out of the pickup truck and pushes the stack of Home Depot Generators over on the guy that has them marked up 500% on the side of the road.
He also stole ice from the people trying to sell it and gave it away for free.
Either the cops were really slow, or they were really passionate cause Todd isn't very fast.

The gang members that protected me and the kids that were directing traffic are images that will always stay with me

Not speaking English and attending an all Spanish Mass under a blue tarp tied to two trees, with a picnic table for an alter.

Giving out cases of those white cans of Anheuser Bush water one at a time to cops out the window of our truck, all that cemented the notion, people are all one family, you take care of family.

peace < that one's for you


^ I meant my wife and I didn't say a word in English while at Mass, and didn't understand half of the Spanish, but it felt perfect.


im out

orange 'n green in the vein

Mr. Football II needs to get healthy and then bulk up some to protect the football while being tackled. I'm just thankful he played every meaningful snap this year and when he was protected looked like he'll break Dorsey's marks in two more years.

Cooper really will benefit from using the next redshirt and then senior year to ensure his body is ready for the prolonged suffering it will experience in the NFL. I know he's got to be crushed by how this injury timed out but if he doesn't let it beat him he'll have a better pro career in spite of it I can foresee. There's a reason the first recruit The Randy visited after getting the head coaching job was Cooper back then and how he responds to this challenge will illustrate why exactly that was to all of us I hope in time.


My wife put a 24 hour delay on canespacing, lol. She was right. I was too pissed and still am. Let me tie this to the U documentary.

Craig Erickson shook off a sluggish start to throw four touchdown passes, including two to Wesley Carroll, as Miami routed Wisconsin, 51-3, today in Dennis Erickson's debut as the Hurricanes' coach.

In other words, the Canes started a new ERA with a new coach and kicked WI ass. They played not to just win but to annihilate them. Annihialating an opponent was important, it sent a message. It said, for that year, we were going to be bosses. Last night, we had a chance to say we were going to be bosses in 2010. Instead we said we will be chumps. Mags and TV or radio can say you will be good but you have to prove it on the field.

We didn't. There was no boss last night. No one to step up and be a hero. It was same old same old. Catch a ball and fall to the ground instead of taking it to the House. No running back willing to take it to the House instead of the hole. Jacory was more interested in avoiding intterception 18 that placing his team in position to win, until it was too late.

Jacory has an out. He can blame the finger. But geez, he didn't man up and put his team in a position to win until it was far too late to win the game.


I have been reading alot of blogs tonight. Mike Leach being fired has me thinking. Last night, we lost because of a poor offense. Whipple has at least interviewed for one other job we know about. Could be alot more, if Cowher takes the Tampa job. We have the recievers to make his offense work. If Whipple does leave, and I would not be surprised if he did, because Randy doesn't let him communicate with the public, might Leach take over the offense here, and then the team a year later.

What Leach did wasn't wrong. The kid claimed sensitivity to his eyes as a result of the concussion. Leach put him in a room that was within the Doctors restriction. Nobody getting a free scholarship should be excused from practice when others are busting their tail. Some teams make these players ride a bicycle while the team practices. What Leach did was just ask the James kid to put forth some effort to show he was a part of the team during rehab. ESPN blew this up just because James is a commentator.

We should position ourselves ready. If Whipple leaves, we need to be ready to move on Leach. I am just saying...


SJ - no way. Leach would be a disaster. Randy is on the right track but he may have to do some fine tuning with his assistants. We as Cane fans were spoilt to expect to win every game.
Reality - we maybe 2 years away from knocking on a NC game.

orange 'n green in the vein

Seriously, the Esteban rule has to extend to the bowl game too. It's the most important time of the year now, recruiting. This is where next years and the year after that and especially the two years after that's games are won and lost. Forget the (worthless) Sports Bowl, concentrate on the class coming in and how they are going to assist the upperclassmen in winning the national championship but who gives a flying freak about the stinking badgers? The Hurricanes didn't eke out a win, Wisconsin did, bully for them, but it means nothing in the long run.


Forget the (worthless) Sports Bowl,
orange 'n green in the vein | December 31, 2009 at 05:55 AM

This is exactly what Nick said after the game, Angry was going on and on, Nicole was going on and on....Nick looked at the and said "Guys we just lost the Champs Sports Bowl....it is not like it is the playoffs or something". That son of mine is a smart guy!

Go Canes!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Hey mike, you alright man??? read the previous article, hope all's well from your end???

Always good talking to you on the night shift, get well!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

There is always next year!

Love my Canes good or bad.

C-A-N-E-S, Canes!

Wish i was there with ya'll at the Citrus.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Anywayz, hope we land C. Jones and Corey!

Cat 5 Cane

Morning crew reporting in...

First off... Happy New Years eve... May tomorrow bring happiness and a successful year of enjoyment!

Good advise
I've given it my 24 hours... and feel allot better for it. Before, I use to carry the torch the next day and it eats you up.


Mike, Glad your OK... It's not worth dying for!


Those hammering Jacory for not producing, need a branding iron, slapped side your head... Saying "Moron".
It's hard to throw accurate passes when somebody has their foot up your azz and Jacory azz was getting kicked all night long. When he wasn't being sacked, he was being hurried and still got slammed to the ground or jacked up!

You want to bbitch, then ask yourself first, where was the Max Protection?



Any game U play, U play to win.

If it makes U feel better to say: "It was only the Champs Sports Bowl so it doesn't really matter if we lost", then you are not a competitive person.

Losing is never good nor is it acceptable. Someone once said: "Show me a good loser and I'll show U a loser."

Maybe we should just stop keeping score so nobody has to lose?


Cat5...then ask yourself where were the draws, screens and quick slants?

How do you slow down a fierce pass rush or an all out blitz? Read above. We saw NONE of that. Very strange.


Not one person on this blog enjoys losing.....and not one person in the canechic household loves losing...I promise...you should watch us play connect four. Nick does this to keep himself grounded and I think I try to do this too. I am so tired of going to a game with so much happiness just to come out wanting to vomit. So with all that has gone on in my life in the last year....I will enjoy the game for what it is a game. Love my friends, love my canes, never want them to lose but I am not going to go into a state of depression when they do!


I know I have said this a bunch of times but everyone on the blog needs to see the movie Fever Pitch....watch it for the new year when football is done!

Cat 5 Cane

... where were the draws, screens and quick slants?

Come on... you don't think Whip called those plays... get real and look at the rerun again.
Wisc played us the same way we played GT... They were ready and shut us down.


I will enjoy the game for what it is a game. Love my friends, love my canes, never want them to lose but I am not going to go into a state of depression when they do!

Posted by: canechic | December 31, 2009 at 07:46 AM

Well said. I agree 100%!


Come on... you don't think Whip called those plays... get real and look at the rerun again.

Posted by: Cat5Cane | December 31, 2009 at 07:59 AM

I saw the game, I was at the game. I thought the play calling and the execution were both very poor.


Wisc played us the same way we played GT... They were ready and shut us down.

Posted by: Cat5Cane | December 31, 2009 at 07:59 AM

So then I guess U are saying that our offense is predictable and we made no adjsutments to counter their defensive scheme?


The problem with draws and screens, UW started off with 8 in the box, and blitzing a lot, but as the game went on, they were beating the OL with 3 and 4 man rushes. Pipho was being turnstyled all damn day. Draws and screens don't work against a 3 and 4 man rush.

Pipho was not a good lineman for most of the year. When there was a break down, it was more than likely his man that got through. Even though over matched, he played hard and probably played as well as he could possibly play. The problem is, he shouldn't have been out there. I would've much rathered throwing an overmatched freshman out there and getting some experience, (and getting his butt kicked too) than having an overmatched senior that can't help your team next year.

Cat 5 Cane

So then I guess U are saying that our offense is predictable and we made no adjustments to counter their defensive scheme?

No, I'm saying their LB's shut down the run, I'm saying their DE's played a great a game containing the end around and rushing Jacory, I'm saying their line dominated ours and push us off the LOS... I'm saying, Jacory didn't have time to set-up when passing and when we went short or deep, Jacory pass off target or was over thrown, why you ask, because he was too busy picking himself off the ground.

Wisc's list.
#1... Get to Jacory. check
#2... Shut down the run. check
#3... force the throw. check
#4... bring the house. check,check

I think, I was the first to complain after the game, but the field condition was a disaster and played a big roll in our losing...

Ask yourself, what effect does solid ground mean to a track star... bad footing, reduced speed, then throw in sopping wet/cold exposure... Yeah the other team played in it to, but who's used to it and who benefits!... maybe 30% when you can dig, can't cut, can't sprint, can't drive for extra yards.


Herbstreit breaks it down and tells the truth.



My last comments about Wisconsin game. But I am critical of coach about the attitude of the team towards the bowl game. I love coach and I support him. BUT, he continually downplayed the bowl game. Kinda just said its fun, and the players have a chance at 10 wins, and this that and the other. The players played like that and I really think they thought they would STEAMROLL Wisonsin. Whereas Wisconsin came into the game as if it was a business trip. They got embarrased last year and was DETERMINED NOT to let that happen again. It showed.

I just hope in the future the staff imparts on the players that EVERY SINGLE TIME you put on that green and orange and that U you are representing the Miami Hurricanes. Its ALWAYS business. I think mental state and preperation played as important a part of this game as the actual playing of the game.

In essence, I agree with Kirk Herbstreit







Lurking Cane Fan

I agree with canesluvr.

I know that we have avoided the bubble screen since Nix overused it, but it wouldn't have worked in this case. It wasn't that they were blitzing, it was that their regular pass rush of 4 was getting past our 7 blockers.

Heck, (can that be said here?) that first pass that ended up being a two pass play was terrible in itself, because you use that against a team that is committed to the run, not a team still waiting for that first pass.

And if that had been a good turf, we win that game with Copper getting a runback for a TD as well, and we are talking about Wisconsin's poor special teams instead of our poor offense.

Does anyone know where people can watch overhead shots of the game, I KNOW we had guys open all night, but JH just wasn't seeing them. Should he wear elevator shoes next year? (j/k).

See you all in August, thanks for letting me lurk....


matt pipho good fkn riddens!! i am not here to blame one player but j12 was getting destroyed from that side all game. the team looked unprepared, and the plays all looked similar...especially that te catching it in the middle of the field. i'm hearing we did not get enough practice in...or the coaching? whatevr the case may be...i think the adjustments will be made prior to next season..and we will have a lot of frosh that will have opportunities to play right away to fill the holes...nelson, linder, williams...
1 more thing, today is tell a gaytorfan to fuk off
Happy New Year spacers!

The Truth

I'm thinking maybe Jacory missed all those open guys cuz of all the red jerseys draped all over his back...but that's just me.

The Truth


I can't believe I'm going to write this

I agree with 86. It was really strange. Jacory was very injured and it wasobvious from the 1st qt. Doesn't matter when it happened, you call what you need to to get him help and protect him.


1 more thing, today is tell a gaytorfan to fuk off. Happy New Year spacers!

Posted by: drtycane | December 31, 2009 at 09:53 AM

I thought that was everyday? My bad!

The Truth


What did Herbie say? I'm still up in o-town getting the full court press to keep our rooms for tonight and I can't seem to utter the words "no f@cking way" even though I'm screaming it VERY loudly in my head.

Is NYE worth $3600?

Someone please say "no" cuz according to these people that's chump change.


Straight from The Onion himself:

You never prove anything to anybody in Miami,'' he said. ``If you can't win it all, you're just a guy. That's how Miami is. Miami is not a town that wants a guy to win 10 games or a guy who gets you to the championship game and loses. Miami wants it all. All the time fans get upset. They care about the program.

``I don't look at it like [there's hostility] toward me. They just want a winner.''

• Spring football practice will begin the last week in February, when Shannon expects seven to nine new players to be enrolled.



Posted by: The Truth | December 31, 2009 at 10:16 AM

Posted the same thing yesterday. Every time Jacory went down there would be three players 30-40 yards down field.

The play calling was awful.


Truth, look at your options. Good memories with family has no price tag. If you don't do that route what will U be doing?


7-9 Early Enrollees is nice. Hope most are on the O line.


Bg, I really liked what my imaginary husband had to say this morning as well. I had to wake up at dawn to drive to Palm Beach Gardens in the pouring rain to get my stitches removed from last week's surgery (thanks to Mike, Randy, Money, Raize, Rashad and the rest of my Canespace family I healed perfectly and the Doctor couldn't even tell I had a 20 hour driving/tailgating/screaming on D until I lost my voice/driving home nauseas day on Tuesday) and Kirk, as usual, helped me piece things together, deal with my emotions, and keep me entertained while in snow bird holiday traffic. He's such a good imaginary husband.


I know I have said this a bunch of times but everyone on the blog needs to see the movie Fever Pitch....watch it for the new year when football is done!

Posted by: canechic | December 31, 2009 at 07:55 AM

Great movie.

The Truth

Yeah pb

It was weird. Don't know either...

DZ - I love my house. The drinks are free. I cook on my grill by the pool and if I feel like jumping into the salt water, I can. My tvs are bigger and my couch is comfier.

My whole family fits there and I don't have to deal with some of these Disney dorks - freaks - whatever you call them, bumping into me.

I'm just sayin...I wanna go home. But I'm losing. The kids are stoked. The girls run my life and I do whatever they want. I love them. They bring me more love and happiness than and amount of $$ I have ever been lucky enough to have earned. So, if it makes them happy to watch fireworks at midnight in EPCOT that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm a sucker. And I'm ok with that LOL!

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