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December 17, 2009





rashad sweet work there brudda


Ahhhh, Truth... play nice!

Nice pics, btw.


Rashad gots him some mad skillz!


Truth lol


What are the chances of tying in Elton John and Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters with a Hurricane sports blog. Where does this ish happen? LOL


soup...only you my man only you


Soup what's up with the Stetson avitar? Did the Stetson OG errr cheerleader beat you up and make you use it


that was unnecessary, she has some 18 inch biceps...and unfortuantly some 18 inch
ta-tas to go along with them.

im jus sayin


ya 86 what's up with the avitar... booo


There is a reason they call them the MAD Hatters!


OK, OK, yes, I was threatened by the Mad Hatter Cheerleaders to use the avitar "or else".

Mrs. 86 had to run to the car, start it up and drive up in front of the basketball arena for me to jump in through the window while she floored it!

If not for Rashad I never would have made it out of there alive. We left him behind to fend for himself. I sure hope he made it outta there OK? ;-)


If Rashad is in trouble we can tell mac jones that the Herbie Conhuxers kidnapped him and it will be all over for them


Posted by: moneycane | December 17, 2009 at 08:14 PM

very, very funny!


New photo of Fran, Jean, Rashad and me is up in the blog article.

Fran/Jean = Hard Core


Great pictures!


86 bought the kids tickets for the bowl game in section 314, did you say we were in 304?


CC - we are in section 314.......I am sitting right next to all u knuckleheads :-)


Vince, T, Come on up my brothers!!

I am still pissed I wont be down to see everyone for the bowl game.

Its about zero degrees up here. Not sure how long you guys will last!

My Cane bro's and Ho's are always welcome in my home.

T lmao at the panty basket.

Back in the day I used to have a box of like 20 or 30 of them in my closet from all the fine azz that crept up and crept out of there.

I use to live upstairs from the bar I bartended at. How friggin sweet is that!!!

I got some stories for you guys..... Wouldn't believe them unless you seen it yourselves LOL

My boy moved in there after I left and I forgot the box in the closet. He found it and was like what in the fukkk is this???? We still laugh to this day about it.

Canez was gangsta back in the day with the ladies!!




Oh yay so I did good with my ticket selection! Finally I did something right....it has been that kind of week!


Canez1...I understand...I got some stories to...my ex was a bisexual stripper..aahhhhhhhhh the stories...but way before that we had some good times..and made 3 beautiful babies!! lol


Mike LOL!!!

Nothing long term. Sounds like you found out the hard way.

Yo did you have some HD questions before?

If so shoot away.



my ex was a bisexual stripper..aahhhhhhhhh the stories...

Posted by: UMike | December 17, 2009 at 09:14 PM

Sure, sure...everybody says that.


CC, Raize and Rashad...we are in Section 315, Row D, seats 1-6. Close enough.


Soiler pants...I'll know something for sure next week on that thing we discussed.


lol Canez!..yes...found out the hard way..yeah..had a simply question that i think someone answered..i have a hdtv / lcd...my fiance (no not the stripper) wanted a blue ray so I got it and got an hdmi cord..i was just wondering if that was all that was needed


86..i use to have pics and video to prove it..but had to um...depart with those items lol


UMike...that's a little more detail than we needed. We believe U.

Now go write me a blog article. And skip the pics!





86..i never got into detail lol


soup thanks!


86...I have been thinking of doing a recruiting article..but have been really caught up with this lawsuit mess and christmas etc..I will get you something soon



Did you mention an espresso martini in the previous blob?

Sounds like a good way to start the morning on a game day.

How's it made - care to share?


Here is a good an example on how leading the team in tackles is misleading.

I mean Lewis Morgan, Vilma, McCarthy are all tackling machines, and some of my all time favorites, but a lot of tackles are add ons.

Watch this clip on Rohan Marley sticking every ball carrier that comes near him, then a step behind after he makes the collision, you will see the next player, usually the super stars come get the clean up ast. tackle.


Rohan is to me, Hurricane Football.


Rohan was/is the man when it comes to the U, Solar. There were many like that it in the early days of the growth of the program, which is why it happened, but few to the intensity level of Marley.

Check out what the Heat is doing to the Magic tonight, up by 29 in the 4th.

FWIW, I saw that Corvin Lamb (RB from the 'West) verbaled to Louisville today. He's a small RB who has mostly flown under the radar but is probably a solid catch for Charlie Strong. I have no problem pulling for Strong to do decently now that he's away from FU.

I may have little time for the computer the next two weeks, so happy holidays all and yell an extra time or two for me vs. the Badgers. BTW, happy b-day, Six. My recent birthday was spent at work all day until rushing after to help coach my kids' team. Birthdays definitely have changed over the years....


CCC that sounds like a great idea to start the day.

Start with starbucks espresso and cream double shots. They come in cans in the grocery store. Simple and easy.

Some Grey Goose or whatever vodka you like.

White Cream De Cacao

And finally some Kahlua.

You gotta fool around with the mix a little but put more of the espresso and cream in at first and then tweak from there.

Awesome tasting drink and the more vodka you put in the better it gets.

By the end of the night the whole party is drinking them.

The caffeine keeps the party going and the liquor keeps things interesting ;)




Thanks! That sounds so good I may just try that tomorrow, but defintely on game day. The fun part will be tweaking it - my MO will be at least 2-3 oz of vodka and then create several different versions using differing amounts of the Cream de Cacao, Starbucks, & Kahlua.

It's like a safe speedball.

Go Canes!


Rohan Marley interview from the archives circa July 2007:

Aqua: What was it like in the Canadian Football League?

Marley: I'll tell you about one play from the CFL. My first game playing, the Quarterback scrambles I was on the weak side, he scrambles to the strong side. I drop into the curl, he started to break out of the backfield. So I'm running at 90 MPH, and I'm saying [to myself], I'm gonna kill him. In my mind I'm not gonna throw down, I'm gonna run right through him. I don't care I'm gonna finish him. Five yards before I got to the QB he steps out of bounds. Well it left me one-on-one a 6'7" 350 pound lineman, and you know what I had to do him...I HAD TO FINISH HIM. I said you know what I'm hitting somebody. I HIT HIM SO HARD I KNOCKED HIM OUT! I almost knocked myself out too. I didn't really get knocked out, but I was kind of disoriented. As I tried to get up off the ground, I had no coordination, I was like what's going on? I'm telling myself "Rohan, you better get up before his guy gets up." I'm fighting just to get up and then I look out of the corner of my eye and see the ref calling for the stretcher. The guy is out, he's sleeping. I knocked him out cold. I said I'm OK, shook it off, and I crawled over to the side and jogged off the field, saying to myself, “Job well done Rohan.”

Aqua: Speaking of hitting, what was your technique, most running backs were heavier.

Marley: I wanted to knock you out pure and simple. I didn't want to hurt you, like hit your knees or anything. I WANTED TO HIT YOU IN THE MOUTH. I want to bend your facemask. My job is to get there and annihilate you. I don't want to ankle tackle you I wanted to hit you in the face. Oh, I enjoy when I hit you, my eyes would water up. I enjoyed that tingle you get. I use to feel like I could run through a car. I felt like I could go through anything. It's the power that's inside you.

Nobody can run sideways on Canes. If they try to run a toss and the fullback is leading the running back the first Linebacker has to spill the play back into the pursuit. I come up underneath take the fullback with my inside shoulder and force the running back deeper into the backfield. You spill the play to the belly, back into the middle linebacker, and 10 angry men!




CCC Ya it's an awesome drink and you never get sick of it either.

I can slam them all night.

Rohan was a true gangsta on the field.

Love that dude!



"Oh, I enjoy when I hit you, my eyes would water up. I enjoyed that tingle you get."

" back into the middle linebacker, and 10 angry men!"

How can you not love that man?


Two chances to vomit in the same 5 minutes...

the Flutie game on CBSC and PointBreak on the channel next to it


QB 11 Frank Costa/QB 8 Ryan Collins

TB 33 Donnell Bennett

FB 23 Lary Jones

WR 85 Chris T. Jones

WR 3 Jonathan Harris

TE 81 Syii Tucker

Tackle 73 Ricky Perry

Guard 60 Rudy Barber

Center 63 K.C. Jones

Guard 51 Tirrell Greene

Tackle 77 Zev Lumelski

DE 91 Darren Krein

DT 71 Kenny Lopez

DT 43 Pat Riley

DE 86 Kevin Patrick

SLB 58 Corwin Francis

MLB 52 Ray Lewis

WLB 2 Rohan Marley

CB 34 Dexter Seigler

CB 4 Paul White

FS 6 Terris Harris

SS 19 C.J. Richardson


I went to my daughters christmas play tonight and performing solo's was not 1, not 2, but 3 of her classmates with the last name of "Flutie". And yes, there is a relation there.....talk about pain.


I feel you raize, I feel you

I'm out


The perfect sperm donor - It has to be a record



Canez1, Solar, 86

Rohan (in my best Jamaican lilt) "be hittin' mon"

I remember a lot of ooh and aaah hits by him. He literally terrorized people - he just threw his body at them.

You all are right, a true Cane.


Did anyone see that Reggie Wayne game-winning TD?!?!


I'll post it up as soon as it's online.

The U = NFL U = RB U = WR U = LB U = DB U = BOSS U



I don't have the NFL ticket so I missed it.


Here's the Reggie Wayne catch!


The catch itself isn't THAT impressive, now that I'm looking at it for the second time, but the context in which it happened--4th quarter, Colts are down, perfect season on the line, 3rd down on their own 35, and BAM, a TD--that's what impressed my about it.

Plus, Reggie made it look so easy!

Won't be long now before the not-so-baby Canes are in the NFL and making game-winning TDs!


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