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December 28, 2009


Jolly rancher


mr troutman



Getting caught up on reading all comments and as usual, enjoyed 86's article and nice pics!

Go Canes next season!

Oops, need to mention: The U might just want to consider getting rid of Shannon. What coaching and strategy was that? Never been a big fan of Shannon, but I still have supported the U... but I am just sayin...




That one hurt. I thought we might pull one out at the end. Oh well, that's who we are right now. We ran into a classmate of my Dad's at halftime and he gave us his tickets right behind the bench on the 45.

Jacory was standing right in front of us and I could not help but notice how heavily wrapped his throwing hand was. I thought that injury was healed? Oh well...

Damien Berry was wasted tonight. There was no excuse for him not to be utilized more than he was tonight.

The recruiting class should be stellar, but this loss will linger. On a happier note, the # 1 recruit in the country has decided to open up his commitment now that Meyer is working the late shift over at "The Waffle House"! He is a 5 star DE named Shaw out of Cali, and he said that USC and UM are on the top of his list. I would think that UM might have an advantage given the problems at USC right now. Lord knows we could have used a better pass rush tonight!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | December 30, 2009 at 02:37 AM

Incorrect information. They guy you are talking about is Ronald Powell not Shaw. And those are just RUMORS. I wouldn't put too much stock into ANY of them.




Curtis Porter looks like he can develop into a really good one



Gin & Tonic

The o-line and linebacker play has been inconsistent all year. Both needed to be imporved before next year in order for Miami to become an elite team. All Wisconsin did was remind the team, coaches, and fans of that fact.

Hope everyone had a good holiday. I've ben busy moving. Nothing like moving 3 days before Christmas and still having to play santa for the little ones.


Still amazed that the defense held up as well as it did - they were on the field ALL night.

The blocking (even more that just the line) by the ends and backs was - in a word - pathetic. Wisky was beating 7 with 4


Cat5 - great avatar!!!

Lurking Cane Fan

Finally, I am gonna give the totally delusional anti-Carlos positive spin on this:
We knew that this game didn't REALLY matter, and wanted to make OSU* overconfident when they play us next year. With this game in the can, OSU* will be throwing to their TE all game long, and we will be getting picks left and right. I don't really BELEIVE this, but I can hope this is the effect in the end, an important road win next year for this meaningless bowl loss this year? Nice trade.

Lurking Cane Fan

However, even beyond the cold, the difference was how freaken lucky they were on third down and how unlucky we were on third AND fourth down. We had plenty of third and shorts that we didn't convert. The offense would get into apostin in first and second down, and then do dumb things like a bomb on 3rd and 2. Meanwhile, we would stuff the run on first and second, and they would convert a third and 8 as their QB was getting hit. I would love to see an analysis of those third down plays, ad how by just changing a few of them, we get the win DESPITE being outplayed in time of posession and total yards.

Lurking Cane Fan

I am NOT happy with the cold temps.

GT last year, VT this year, these Dade kids are just not USED to that kind of bone-chilling cold.

And an injury like Jacory's can be felt more when it is cold.

If they DO lost though, i hope Randy puts these guys in a fridge before the next cold game. Not Mike Leach punishment style, but to get them used to the cold. Heck, get them to throw the football around in the showers, dressed of course, to get used to a cold and wet football.


Badgers? We don't need no stinkin badgers!



Darn, I hate it when I am right about stuff like this. Dade guys need to be put in a cold area for a while to get used to the cold. I bet they stayed in the hotel at 75 degrees until gametime, got into a heated bus, and from there to a heated locker room, and as the announcers said, had to run back in for long sleeves at the last second before the game because the cold was killing them. They showed a guy SHIVERING on the sidelines, so unused to the cold he was. And the crowd shots of Wisconsin folks in short sleeves while the UM fans were bundled like Kenny in hoodies helped prove that we are too thin-blooded for cold weather.

Dallas, I saw your response, and thanks. I have no issues with you. Let's enjoy this offseason. Faith in Haith and More wins for Morris.


Oh and the wisconsin band was way better too- played swing music which is kinda more marching band type music than ol Michael Jackson stuff.....


Also thought and prayers for MM01? Heard he went to the hospital after the game last night, any truth to that rumor?

When it rains it pours.

Posted by: DZ8 | December 30, 2009 at 10:22 AM




The Truth


Not sure where, maybe ESPN, but you can look up the game by plays...look at how many 3 & outs Miami had.

There's 80% of you're reason why Wisky had the ball 2/3 of the game.

I'm out. Go Mickey!!!


Also thought and prayers for MM01? Heard he went to the hospital after the game last night, any truth to that rumor?

When it rains it pours.

The Truth

Last thing...

While freezing my rear off we were talking about "Cane Dominance" and all that crap and I reminded the guys that Miami almost lost to Toledo in 1987.

And to Vatech in 2001

And other games too. Miami had it's squeekers.

Besides that, it's a completely different football landscape.

LSU won a title with TWO losses.

Or have you guys forgotten that?

The days you saw on the 30/30 special are GONE.

Miami will win another title but they're going to have to claw and scratch just like everyone else and once these kids get that, they'll be fine.

Those great teams had hound superstars but senior leaders that could play AND guide them. This teams leaders ARE the young guys and the young guys still have a lot to learn.

And to get healthy.


Agree w/Truth & aqua re: R.Phillips.
I've never seen Randy Phillips play well on a consistent basis. Every time I see a player getting beat it seems like it's a senior player getting beat. Our best players are still our younger players.

Sure hope Bailey returns. I think Regis or Vernon got the sack but Bailey straight up walked his RT back into the QB in the first half. Bailey might've gotten credit for half a sack but it was impressive. NFL scouts notice that ish. He might be gone.


In the 9 wins i do not remember the negative post or the coaching bashing taking place,but in the 4 losses those certain posters seem to always show up and make their case for what is always wrong with this team.BG apologized i won't,U bandwaggoners,sometimey so-called fans are the worst.Only have the worst to say after a loss,and yet can't be found after a win.


Truth, you are certainly right that the o-line was utter garbage last night and in large part responsible for the outcome of the game. But the defense cannot be left off of the hook. Wisconsin had the ball on offense for 2/3 of the game. We failed to make adjustment to cover anyone in the middle of the field and that just killed us by sustaining long time consuming drives keeping our offense off of the field outmatched that game but still had the ball in our hands and a chance to win at the end - which is crazy if you think about it...

The offense had issues all up and down the place, none more obvious than the o-line. They flat out got worked. Whipple didn't do many favors with his play calling. The entire first quarter he became nix part 2 by throwing on first then running on second. Wisconsin sniffed this out and whip didn't adjust. We got away from the run too early, especially considering we were having success on the edge when our backs stretched them laterally. The epitome of whips terrible play calling was when Wisconsin was in prevent and he dialed up a screen. That is not the time to bust that out. Jacory couldn't hit his own ass with two hands last night. That kid needs to heal up in the offseason and learn to manage the game better. His awareness in the pocket is unacceptable. He doesn't understand when to just get rid of the damn ball. Example was on the first play after the onside kick.

That game was disgusting on so many levels. I hope this loss does not affect recruiting for this class. But don't be fooled, how you perform in a bowl game does not determine your momentum heading into next season. Ranking, sure. But not performance. Look no further than last years champs bowl, gts bowl last year, USC, and cal just off the top of my head. Oftentimes you learn much more from your failures than your successes and this embarassment should resonate with them to step up the work ethic and get that refuse to lose attitude. The may have been a better outcome for the 2010 canes, despite how much it hurt the 2009 canes. And remember what happened to Florida during timmys sophomore season before Florida won the ship the following year... 9-4 with a bowl loss to Michigan (the michigan edition which lost to app st)... So fear not cane fans all is still well in coral gables.

The Truth

How does someone post that the OL was pushed around all night and then follow it up with why didn't we run the ball more?


Ok...I'm out to fight the crowds and drink and be merry.

Life is too short Cane fans...enjoy your holiday!!! Life is good!



Posted by: the sky | December 29, 2009 at 11:31 PM

Funniest post of the night, IMO.

VA Cane, excellent posts last night. Still a young team that needs to, not just want, but need to win.

Six, Thanks again for your behind the scenes insight. I hope you're misreading Whipples reaction. Also, do U ever have nightmares staring Orlando Franklin? Be honest, we're all friends here.

The Truth

Oh, and Canez...

If you're checking in, we ate at the Yahtsman the other day and it was TERRIBLE

Sizzler (if you go back that far) terrible.

Stick to Shulas. The steak is good. I just think it's too pricey for what they serve.

You can get a better steak on I-drive at place called (I think?) Charlie's. It's in a strip mall but that place is really nice. They bring your steak to you to puck it before cooking. And it's worth the jingle you're going to lay down. They have a great wine list too...the good stuff.

Soup, am I right on the name? I know there is a Charlies but is that the place I'm thinking of...I think we spoke of it before on here...

Man, I just don't like Shulas LOL Its fine...stay clear of that Yahtsman though. The manager no likie me no more :-)


Wow, what a poor showing. It really sucks thinking about how much money you wasted to see a sh!tty performance like that. This team has no heart or desire. They got pushed around all night and looked like they didn't want to play. O-line and D-line are HORRIBLE. I don't care how good the skill positions are. Why was the run abandoned all night???????? STUPID. RUN THE BALL!!!!!!! Keep it simple and don't be cute with gimmicky plays. Pound the ball!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

When did Michealee Harris commit to Louisville???

The Truth

Ok gents and ladies, I'm out to chef Mickeys (Booooo) and then to Epcot for Mission Space, lots of beer and to eat later at Canada to grab a couple of bowls of that Cheese Soup!!

Now THATS worth coming to Orlando for.

I hope the criers don't cry too much today.

There'll more to cry about later I'm sure...


Disturbing loss:this o-line is way too soft,and i'm pretty sure stoutland will make sure that figs keep his starting spot.We can only hope that Gunn-Wheeler-Bunche provide some serious comp for RG.All five spots up for grabs,only certified hoggs need apply.

Cat 5 Cane

Give it 24 hours... would ya... my head hurts!


Well, finally got caught up with all of the posts after logging out at the end of the 3rd quarter last night.

(I was hoping shutting down the machine would make a difference, and it "almost" did... but, not quite.)

Gonna miss Sharpton's effort... man he played hard. Hope Cooper can recover... looks pretty MAJOR though.

I also was not happy seeing all of the smiling relaxed faces on the sideline with JFox last night... BHarris balled... like I think Solar said, WE GOT EVERY POSSIBLE BREAK LAST NIGHT... the game "could" have been about 48-7 without al of our good breaks.

It's true, we don't play well against the hard nosed blue-collar teams... we are just not as tough on the lines... (a point I have lamented for years... )

Jacory was way off... the ONLY time during the whole game that I actually SCREAMED was the first two plays after the onside kick. Getting puled down without throwing the ball away and then throwing it DIRECTLY to a defender... I knew it was not meant to be.

Why wasn't the clock stopped after the out of bounds first down? I saw 2:01 on the clock, it eventually got reset to 1:48?

Hope D. Berry is OK... underused as usual...

Hate to say it, but Six may be right... Whipple doesn't seem committed to this team to me... I don't know... I have no REAL facts to back this feeling, but I see him leaving. (I hope that is not the case, ANOTHER OC is just another excuse for not doing well next year.)

REALLY glad Hank and Franklin say they're coming back.

If they're not going to use A.J. Highsmith, they need to get SOMEBODY ready to backup JH... Jacory should NOT have to get severely injured because we have no one else to put in.

Disappointing... but, it is what it is... 8 more months and we tee it up again.


Old Skool

Dam. New Years is gonna suck this year. This will take a while to get over.

The Truth


It was pretty clear from the 2nd series, by the way he set his feet and released that his injury was going to effect him. And that OL was just terrible.

And Miami fans, it appears, aren't the only ones that didn't give Wisky the respect they deserved.


On to recruiting news for the next 2 months.....



I feel ya. Jacory was obviously not himself. I think Wis smelled that. The o-line has been the weakest link for too long. New coach needed. Badly.

I told my homies the Badgers were better in the trenches & it would be a fight. Everybody laughed at me. It don't always feel good to be right.

What sucks is most of that garbage front line & their coach is coming back.

On the positive tip. They have a chance to correct it in the off-season. At least they're getting better each season.

That still was a disappointing loss.


Sarasota 'cane


The Truth

You know who's fault this is?

It's #65, #74, #72, #61, #70

Figs & Pipho especially

Soft and Pathetic

And THANK GOD Randy Phillips played in his last game. He shouldve bought a ticket to the game cuz all he really did was watch it.


Truth you are right that was all on the players. It will get better just stings to see that they did not show up and get embarrassed. but again did I mention that these are 19 year old kids?




The Truth

Laying this game on the D is so absolutely moronic it's worth another post.

How many stupid sacks did Jacory take?
How many runs did he avoid making?
How many overthrows?

When he looked poised, how much time did his joke of an OL give him?

That OL is eons better than it was - when everyone is healthy - but they still suck.

Jacory CLEARLY is beat up and can't throw because of it.





See U all at the game!


Posted by: 86Cane | December 29, 2009 at 08:07 AM

Well I was HALF right!

There now I feel sooooo much better.


The Truth

Man I hate this fan base. Not everyone, but the face of the Miami football fanbase really is Carlos.

"This is not Miami Hurricane Football"

WTF does that mean, man?

Lay this game on the D? Really?


The Truth

You know what the problem is? Some of you idiots ONLY come out when things go wrong. You know you'll look stupid otherwise. Can't thump your chest - you're really fat chest - about Shannon if Miami wins.

Some of you make points like "why can't Shannon find a coach that can..."

Newsflash - cuz it ain't the coach this time.

Nix was bad - great. Wonderboy Whipples offense got shut down last night. So, what does that mean? Whipple can't coach? No...Shannon can't coach? Or is it that a below average OL got it's a*s handed to them?

Last year it was Nix's fault. Who's fault is it now?

You chest thumperS still can't get it into your head that your Canes aren't as good as you think they are.

And last night was about 2 factors:

1. The OL couldn't block
2. The QB is hurt.

It didn't matter how many times the O got the ball, they were NOT going to score. The OL couldn't block ANYONE on ANY play.

So let's fire another coach.

Miamis D has ALWAYS had issues covering the TE.

I guess you guys can't remember back to the Washington game in 2000.

And I'm not going to back and rehash every game in the past that Miami got beat by the TE underneath.

Randy Phillips is a joke. We knew that before the season. At least Aqua and I did.

How this game gets laid on the D though, is rediculous. They made plays. ST's made plays.

The O made NO plays.

Whatever...only a loser will come back and say "blah blah blah Miami lost 4 games"


If you can't see improvement from Randy year 1 till today, you're stupid. And some of you are.

This team is injured and beat up and looking for better players.


Sadly the canes proved my point last night...never can predict a bowl...never can tell which team shows up....I wish I was not right. Go to go to work.


MM01-hope everything is all right-I think some took it to the extreme last night...Angry is really in the doghouse today! Not sure what he was drinking in the stands?


Feel really bad for Cooper bad, bad injury!




Let me tell you this as well, when I arrived at the game ... FINALLY, DUE TO JACKASS TRAFFIC IN ORLANDO ... it was like something out of Grand Theft Auto, trying to get to the Media Lot

There were people that would just jump out in the middle of the street with signs to park at their place, yelling and pointing at my car as I was driving past them. Let me tell you, it wasn't exactly lit too well on Church Street off of John Young Parkway ... and then you have these people literally running out in the middle of the road at you, yelling at you to park at their place?

Hell no, I wouldn't freakin park there unless I had on a Kevlar vest and was strapped with a few SG 552 assault rifles


Ya, it was even more frustrating watching it from the sideline, right next to the Canes bench

There were some players who were taking it seriously, they were pissed and trying to get others up

I like Brandon Harris more and more, every time I see him. In between plays, he's going around and trying to get people fired up, hitting them on the shoulder pads, trying to get them hyped. Other guys on the D were as well

C-Mac was beyond pissed

Jacory's body language was SHOUTING, not telling, out a lot of how he was feeling

Wisconsin's lines just beat the hell out of the Canes lines - plain and simple

How many damn blown coverages happened out there? There were Wisconsin guys running wide the hell open in the middle of the field

I dunno, like I said, I'm already over it. Nothing can be done about it. I'm not even going to go back and read what was written on here during the game


And this was basically a home game for them - lots of fan support


Six, it was a freaking mess. Half the time they didn't even look ready to play


If you guys only knew what I saw and heard as well on the sidelines and also in the Canes locker room after the game

I think Whip is as good as gone .. I dunno, but from what I saw and could gather - he seemed in a pretty ok mood after the game, talking on his cell phone. I brought the guy from the ESPN radio station here in Tampa, with me to the game, he was talking with Whip right in front of me while I was texting ... he joked with Whip about how if Whip needed some help looking for some places to live in Tampa, then to call him up. Whip laughed, kind of shook his head while laughing, but never said anything else about it. He then proceeded to stay on his cell phone away from the buses that were loading everyone else on it, not looking too disheartened with the loss

I dunno, you tell me what you guys would think if you saw and heard that

Saw Drew Rosenhaus hanging all over Jason Fox after the game, he also was all over Sam Shields and even went and talked with Darryl Sharpton for a while

Talked with Robert Bailey, he was working with Rosenhaus on Fox and Shields - real cool cat

Talked to Edge and Lamar Thomas, they were on the sidelines

Already told 86, raize and Rashad (or playa now) about the rumor on the sideline was the part of the Seminole trio that went to UiF, wants to play with his boys in Miami .... take that how you will

Coop looked pretty damn down after the game. Ojomo and Patrick Hill were walking around with him, trying to pick him up

I wish I had one of those big ass boxes of Popeyes chicken that the Canes players all got after the game

Orlando Franklin looked like he was about to murder EVERYONE that got in his way after the game

Wisconsin just flat out wanted the game more, their OLine beat the living crap out of the Canes DLine ... remember that quote I put on here a while ago about how Sapp said that the Canes don't have a DLineman that he can really even name? Ya, Wisconsin proved that tonight

Wisconsin looked like they were playing during the summer months ... Miami looked like they were playing in the Antarctic. I've never seen so many players huddled around a heater on the sidelines as I did with the Canes players

I'm not even mad about the game anymore, I got over it after being in the Canes locker room and on the drive home

Jacory looked suicidal in the press conference. While Shannon was answering questions, Jacory just sat there with his head down and staring at the ground


Well this pretty much kills the discussion of whether or not we will be ranked int he top 5 come next season........

pretty awful game to say the least

Sarasota 'cane

That one hurt. I thought we might pull one out at the end. Oh well, that's who we are right now. We ran into a classmate of my Dad's at halftime and he gave us his tickets right behind the bench on the 45.

Jacory was standing right in front of us and I could not help but notice how heavily wrapped his throwing hand was. I thought that injury was healed? Oh well...

Damien Berry was wasted tonight. There was no excuse for him not to be utilized more than he was tonight.

The recruiting class should be stellar, but this loss will linger. On a happier note, the # 1 recruit in the country has decided to open up his commitment now that Meyer is working the late shift over at "The Waffle House"! He is a 5 star DE named Shaw out of Cali, and he said that USC and UM are on the top of his list. I would think that UM might have an advantage given the problems at USC right now. Lord knows we could have used a better pass rush tonight!

Go 'canes!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad


Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

John Clay had his sixth consecutive 100-yard rushing performance, rushing for 121 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries

Thats it?????????I swore he had lose to 200 yards.


Sota...missed U at the game. What did U think?


This was a pathetic showing despite your nice tea party. Makes me want to puke before the 12 guys who puked before me.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | December 30, 2009 at 02:05 AM

Me too.

Sarasota 'cane


Sarasota 'cane



Well glad tailgate rocked, but would have preferred team came out to play with an attitude. Does anyone think the 51-3 team spared niceties with UW before kicking their butts? No they came out on a mission and destroyed them. This team has so much to learn. This was a pathetic showing despite your nice tea party. Makes me want to puke before the 12 guys who puked before me.



Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Posted by: raizecane | December 30, 2009 at 01:58 AM

You were a great date, and didnt even take advantage of me while I was buzzed..LOL


Well at least the tailgate ROCKED!

Posted by: SOUP | December 30, 2009 at 01:54 AM

In my opinion......that was the best part. Damn room is spinning, lol.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Well at least the tailgate ROCKED!

Posted by: SOUP | December 30, 2009 at 01:54 AM

Oh without a doubt. Most fun Ive had in years..Really wish we didnt have to wait til September to do it all again.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

There's a new playa in town and his name is Raizecane, lol.

Posted by: raizecane | December 30, 2009 at 01:42 AM

Ok co-playa Rashad...lol


Well at least the tailgate ROCKED!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Whats up Soup??? I cant sleep, keep replaying that last possession in my mind over and over again.


Here is the point, in the 1980s EVERY game was played by EVERY member of the team as an us against the world event. That is why we won 58 straight at home. We have become so Cokerized to accept losing. Under Howard, Jimmy, and Erickson, we didn't feel like losing was EVER acceptable. What pisses me off about this team is that they accept losing as a natural reality. If they were kids of average ability, I could understand it. But these exceptional kids seem to think it is okay. And to me, acceptional less than you are capable of, and really what you deserve, SUX. And that is all I will say about the 2009 Canes.


shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh U go to bed ...

just wait til next year huh ?

c U in August 2010


There's a new playa in town and his name is Raizecane, lol.


hey gang.....just got home. I am not sure what to say as i am still really really buzzed.

But I want everyone to keep MM01 in there thoughts. Apprently he had to go to the hospital right after the game. My thoughts and prayers are for him and his family...




To win in life, whatever you do, you have to have a certain level of motivation. Sometimes, that is self contained. For most, if not all of the 1980's teams, it was self contained. Regardless of their circumstances, JJ recruited players with an axe to grind. And he provided them with some motivational speech to resonate with the players why they had to win EACH game.

We haven't seen that type of motivation from Randy. Look, I love him, and think he is a great guy, but you don't play Lovie Dovie with your opponents to your team even if you do so with the media.

Jimmy would tell the media he loved ND and his team would come out of the locker room ready to fight ND. Your team has to be ready to fight, to play your heart out, and I didn't see anything during this game that tells me this team will be different next year.

Sometimes you have to be belligerent to win.



Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Oops forgot the new name

Playa..The Blogger formerly known as Rashad.

Rashad Reed

Back home in Altamonte..Great meeting everyone. Had a blast at the tailgate and other than the first play of the game I was cold and pissed..




You know what, I question that Killer B. These kids get a great diploma from UM regardless of what happens. Pipho will use his to do medical school. Good for him. B

But in the 1980's these guys had to win for their future. Robert Bailey was born in Barbados and went on to a great career as an NFL'er. If he didn't succeed at UM he would have been another player from Barbados but he had a desire to win.

Rohan Marley? Great UM player. But where did he come from? Some elite prep school? No Miami Palmetto. If he doesn't succeed, he is a name in Palmetto but not in life. Ray Lewis? If he doesn't excel at Miami he goes back to Lakeland.

I'm just saying being a Brandon Harris is not so bad as these other guys. They just aren't as hungry. That was the 1980's difference i8n my opinion. Harris is a GREAT player but it is different. Those old guys had to win to have a future, Harris will have a future regardless of the win or loss.




good post killerbeez...just wish we had more of u and I on here to keep us upbeat..

keep believing brother


We got beat tonight and that suxs a lot, but for some reason I feel like this team is gonna take this loss and learn from it. I dont know any of these kids or the coaches, but from what I read and hear from these guys is that they want excellence and are going to do what it takes to get there (hard work). I look forward to what next year brings and hopefully its something great. I wish the players and coaches nothing but the best. Keep working guys, fight fight and fight some more. "Power is made by power being taken." Go Canes!


Oh, and btw, although recruiting may seem small at the moment, M. Harris reported gave a verbal to Louisville earlier this week, following his rb teammate, C. Lamb. I think he liked the idea of having Strong there as well as having the potential for PT earlier.

Okay, time for shuteye.



yea that was a real turd, I can't find much positive stuff there.
aight I'm out


I was one of 8 people who showed up at the airport after Miami lost to Tennessee in the "Rocky Top" game. I will never stray from the Canes. I was even on Channel 4 when they asked why, lol. But I do think this team under achieved this year. They should never had lost to UNC and losing this game. They were better than both teams.



The team is definitely better this season than it was the past few seasons. I think the worry is that there are games where it clearly is not better at all, like tonight, vs. VTech, etc., and good teams typically show more growth and consistency. I hope they will do so next season. I believe it is possible they will, but I also have some doubts. When I look up the sky is still there though!

Gonna get some sleep. Hopefully everyone else here will, as well.

U shut Up  til September 2010 now U hear  ?

U dopes now know the difference b'tween ooops n yeahhh ?

9-4 ... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....


Some of us will always stay positive because that is what a real fan do. Talking crap , doging out your OWN coach and players is something outsiders do... Some of you all will even TALK BAD ABOUT YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMBERS TO OTHER PEOPLE BETTER YET TO COMPLETE STRANGERS. Miami is my heart and i can't turn on them when things don't go well especially how far they come since 2007.


I am going to go to the pound and get a dog because I need someone to kick, j/k lol.


No one says Randy should be fired. I don't blame him. He actually did a good job during the bowl. Lovett was okay. Whipple was okay. I don't think Jacory executed the plays called.


Gotta give UW some credit, those guys by no means were a push over. They were bigger, stronger I dont know. But bigger for sure and with that extra weight on the oline they pushed around a bit. One of the things we had to get done was to stop the run and make them one dimensional and I think Lovett and the team did a decent job of that as the game went on. They got some plays here or there b/c guys were pressing a little bit trying to make a play. It just was not our night. Oline didnt quite show up tonight, hopefully they (THE WHOLE TEAM) work their butts off during the spring to get better. Great things come from hard work, it's gonna pay off eventually.

Everyone settle down man, its football and even though the team we ROOT for didnt win it doesnt need to spoil your day. Its not the end of the world and you shouldn't beat your wife or anyone else up about this loss. LOL. Will we be better next year HOPEFULLY, Will we win a Nat'l Championship HOPEFULLY. What gets to me a bit is some of us act like the coaches and players are laying on their azzez and pulling shi+ out of a hat. These guys are bustin their azzez and all we can do is sit there and give em crap for not winning. I know sometimes I get upset and blog some things I regret later, but dam do any of you ever take a moment and just chill. The team is getting better, maybe not as fast as a lot of people would like, but you cannot sit here and say this team is not better than previous couple of years.


I didn't say I disagree with your facts what I was trying to explain was, everybody understands how you feel, there isn't a need to run your point into the ground.


Hey Solar:

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when there are games like this one. There were too many negatives, and it's not the game you want to remember until the next season but there is no choice.


Boy what a difference a few hours make! Less than 4 1/2 hrs ago it was all "In Shannon we trust", now it's "Shannon sucks and should be lynched then fired"! Some of u are so 2-faced that your blogging under a new name after all the pre-game trash talking. U can't roll wit us during the bad don't expect to ride wit us when it's all good!

VA Cane

Don't get me wrong, I hate losing...(my Senior team has won 36 in a row, 3 Super Bowls, but I know it wont last forever) but I still love this team, and I will not insult individuals. I am 50, so from playing since I was 8, HS, College, coaching from 20 til now....I have never played in or coached a game where it was one mans fault...and I'll go to the grave thinking that...everybody helped lose this one, just like everybody helped win 9 of them...so we got some work to do....and we all think different thoughts about how to get this work done...respect each other and listen as well as post...lets get back to work cause football is a 365 day effort...

my kids are done,won the Super Bowl in our county but we still are going out and tossing it,running plays, talking, communicating..I will catch hell tomorrow about 2 pm...about 15 of my kids andf I are gonna get together to stay sharp...they will razz me...and then we will talk about the game...and try to learn from both teams showing..good and bad...I learned a lot from the game tonight and hope you all did as well...we gotta stick together, and not get down on these kids..


BTW, anyone know what caused Berry to go down after that late run and then late hit? He seemed to be okay right after and then went down a moment later after trotting part way across the field. Looked like when he landed he landed on the ball hard, like possibly bruised ribs or wind knocked out of him, but his reaction wasn't like that.



We just got home back in Altamonte/Apopka...

What the hell kinda game waz that?? Enjoyed meeting up with the Space faithful... Great tailgate action partying w/JSQ, Canez1, MoneyCane, Ocala, 86, and all the rest... but I really thought we'd show-up much better than that on the gridiron. It started out with a bang, and then cr@ped out to the Angry~One almost being tossed out of the stadium... For being too fired-up!

Are you kidding me?? IT'S A FOOTBALL GAME... GET OVER IT!!! I don't know Legion... Hopefully we have a better spring and injury free summer.



Wisconsin schemed that play well. They walled Vernon (who is seriously under sized for the position), and the LB, whether it was Spence or Buchanon (and it was different guys in the first half) and made it one on one against the safety at 185 pounds against the tight end at 220. Neither Spence or Buchanon won that battle. In the second half we shut that play down.

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