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December 28, 2009


francis G

I assume you live in that great city :-(
One of my best friends suffered a Heart attack & his partners bought him out in an Anesthesia group back in 1998 He and I lived in Lake Mary unfortunately passed away in 2006. We met through a Yahoo stock board. We both owned shares in Iomega. Problem was we got in tpoo late to make the Big money.


Ummm, Jesus?

I gotta a question. Why did your dad take away Jerome Brown and Sean Taylor and leave us with a douche like Ray Lewis?


CGNC in the 407! couldn't log on yesterday with typepad but what else is new?? LOL


Aqua - that's uncalled for


Ryan Houston of UNC is very similar in size to Clay of Wisconsin and we shut him down, 24 carries for 76 yards. WE GOT THIS!!!


Coolest pics 86 & 404! Like this article a whole lot! Go Canes... Beat the Badgers!


valid question aqua....

and it makes me laugh that people forget about Ray Lewis and his very obvious involvement in the death of that person.

He is a great football player, but that doesn't mean you are a good person or good role model for kids.


Looking forward to meeting some Canespacers. LOT S Go Canes!!!

Posted by: LatinCane | December 29, 2009 at 10:02 AM



et tu Canesaw?

Ray Lewis didn't do anything except not want to testify against his boys, who were eventually aquitted. Does that make them innocent, no. But in no way does it make Ray Lewis guilty. JMO


CGNC in the 407! couldn't log on yesterday with typepad but what else is new?? LOL

Posted by: CGNC | December 29, 2009 at 10:47 AM

See U in LOT S or at the game. Meet at halftime in the open area behind the SOUTH end zone near the bathrooms at the ATM machines.


Bullllllshat. . .

You believe what you want. But our justice system is a complete fraud.



The City of Orlando provides FREE non-stop shuttle service for football fans attending the bowl game from satellite parking sites. Shuttle lots and parking garages charge $10 per car. FREE shuttle service begins at 5:30 p.m. for the Champs Sports Bowl.

Downtown Shuttle: Amway Arena 600 W. Amelia Street, Orlando, FL 32801
Downtown Shuttle picks up at Lot 1 at Amway Arena (entry on Livingston Street) and drops off at Nashville and Church. Shuttles will run from 5:30 p.m. to approximately two hours after the game.

Pointe Orlando Shuttle: 9101 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
Service begins at 4:00 p.m. and will continue until approximately two hours after the game.



Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium
1610 W. Church Street
Orlando, FL 32805

Eastbound traffic should exit at Orange Blossom Trail, proceed North (right) on Orange Blossom Trail to the Citrus Bowl Stadium.
Westbound traffic should exit at Colonial Drive/SR 50 and proceed West (right) on Colonial Drive to Orange Blossom Trail. Precede South (left) on Orange Blossom Trail.

Eastbound traffic should exit SR 408 at Tampa Avenue.
Westbound traffic should exit SR 408 at Rosalind Avenue and proceed West (left) on South Street.

North airport exit to SR 436 (Semoran Blvd) and proceed North to SR 408 (E/W Expressway toll road) Westbound. Exit SR 408 at Rosalind Avenue and proceed West (left) on South Street.

Florida Turnpike North (toll road) to I-4 East. I-4 East to the John Young Parkway Exit. Proceed North (left) on John Young Parkway to Church St. Proceed East (right) on Church St.


Jesus...what I do for U guys!


But our justice system is a complete fraud.

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 29, 2009 at 11:21 AM

No it's not. It is set up to let possibly guilty people walk to make sure we don't send innocent people to jail. Foolproof, 100% effective? No way. But a complete fraud? No way either.

Do U got a game plan for today down yet? Parking etc...

My keys to the game are pretty simple... stop the run.




DZ8 if you have money the system works completely different then if you don't..

That is a fraudulant system.

I won't get into much more detail, but it is corrupt and unethical in more then just one way..


Question for anyone that knows the Orlando area. I have to park and take the tram. Amway tram starts at 5:30 but is closer. Pointe Orlando is still quite a ways from the stadium right>>??

So it might be just better to park at amway and wait th 30 minutes for the tram to start?

Rashad Reed

Done with inventory meetings. Now listening to hype music!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!


That being said DZ8 would I rather have or justice system or that of some dictator in a third world country who imprisons you on w/e...... Yes.

I still think there could be vast improvements made.

Especially considering the way people with expensive lawyers are givin preferenntial treatment and verdicts versus people with public defenders.

Jesus Christ

Does anyone in here have any Tylenol?

One thing I've always wondered about the Muslim religion:

Why are all those dudes so excited about getting to heaven to do it to 40 virgins. Sounds like hell to me.

Do right by me and I send you to a place full of disease free insatiable nymphomaniac lesbian whores. THAT'S heaven.

I'm coffee'd up and rolling out. Y'all stay warm.

Blessings to all.


Jesus Christ

Expensive lawyers are expensive cuz they know the law better. It's not preferential.

I made it that way, and it is so..


OJ was innocent .. he was a HeisTman trophy winner, that's how I know why. That, and he was also a cop in a movie, so he must have tremendous respect for never engaging in criminal activity

He didn't really turn those people into human Pez dispensers

Man, when I was in college I said that to a group of women that were demonstrating against the decision by the jury on my campus .. (well, some of them were women, the others kinda looked like Rosie O'Doughnut or Andy Dick, but they had women body parts) .. and you'd think that I was the one that did the slicing and dicing of Ron/Nicole

Guess that was the wrong day to make a joke, and those people need to lighten up a little


86 back in 1986, video clip right here


Even same colored hair and style, yes?


solar - this one is for you




LMAO nice six... nice...!

Da U N Houston

Any Canes fans in Indianapolis?

Rashad Reed

I got some soda for the non-beer drinkers, tried getting a couple of platters from Chik-Fil'a but they were kinda pricey. Cant wait til tailgate!!!


JSQ puts the wrong ingredients into her world famous jello shots at the tailgate ... the following is what happens - then she comes back with some food for the tailgate



Got some great news spacers....just spoke with my lawyer...being that my future sister-in-law was served, and she is not am officer of my company..and being she resides at an address that isn't my companies...they can have the complaint (suit) thrown out....i knoe they can always re-file, but I dont think they will and if so I will just avoid the "server" guy lol


and suddenly....there was silence...


UMike - nice, karma brah, that's what it's about

Alright, I'm headed out to the game. Gonna freeze probably


Six...i hope so...have fun man..im so jealous of you guys going to the game lol

francis G

I willl man ( literally ) the Blog & keep it warm till all U get back

francis G

UMike good news about suit I have experienced that terrible feeling when U open a supoena.
Go Canes


Yes..it was crazy...and what mad it worse was that it was all made up..all lies..but if I dont pony up the money for a lawyer and answer, they win by default.

Also Fran..I will be here on the blog as well helping you hold the fort..im un in Tenn so not going to the bowl


Most of the columnists are picking the Canes - CBS Sports, ESPN, Rivals, Phil Steele almost unanimous for the Canes and many have picked the Canes by at least a touchdown or two. Canes are favored, but they still must bring their "A" game so that they can show the world that they are a top 10 team.

Next year, the Canes will have a tougher schedule. They must go on the road to OSU and Pitt, and they still have some tough ACC games. If they run the table next year, they will be in the BCS NC game, and with 1-2 losses, they should still make a BCS bowl with that schedule. Two losses next year, however, will be a a step forward but still a disappointment.

Back on my concern about the focus on star ratings for Florida HS football and UM recruits rather than old fashion evaluation by coaches. Again, this upcoming NFL draft might be another indication that for Fla. HS recruits, star ratings are not a perfect indicator of success on the football field. I looked at some of the top players projected to be selected early in this year's NFL draft who played HS football in Fla., and saw the same pattern as usual

1. D. McCluster - 3 stars
2. J. Arenas - 3 stars
3. CJ Spiller - 5 stars
4. Greg Romeus - 2 stars
5. Patrick Robinson - 4 stars
6. Terrence Cody - 3 stars
7. G. Selvie - 2 stars

So, its not always the stars by their name, but how UM identifies, recruits and develops their game. This current UM staff gets that.

Go Canes!

Sarasota 'cane

On my way!!!!

Go 'canes!!!!

francis G

I lived in Ft. Louderdale when I was sued for $300,000 just for copying & pasting a 3 paragraph post on a penny stock board. I had to get a NY lawyer qualified to practice in Federal Court In Manhatten was extremely lucky it could have cost me $60,000 but the lawyer cut it to $7500 to cover most of his expences.


We are out the door and on our way!





I just wanted to let you know that your Raycom give away goodies are shipping out to you today. I've sent you a combination of hats, tees, and hoodies, so hopefully this will give you enough to work with. I think it's a great idea.



Fran..that sounds scary lol....I am being sued for $75,000 plus whatever..its also Federal, but in Florida. I found a lawyer that had a $2,000 retainer...by far the lowest out there..maybe the current economy actually helped me there lol...but it sure is an awful feeling..spending a lot of money you just recently earned by working hard to start your own business..and in December no less...all for nothing. But, I got someone on my side they dont, and that is the Lord, so however it works out i know im covered.



francis G

Cool , have fum

francis G

SLAPP law suits were prevenent for several years Stregic Lawsuit Against Public Partisipation First amendment thraets in mt case they should have been made to pay.
Check out this link


but if I dont pony up the money for a lawyer and answer, they win by default.

Again... the great legal system at work.


CaneSaw...yes indeed...also...in Florida..you cant represent your company, you HAVE to hire a lawyer...and there is no sort of assistance available for small business's. You either some how come up with the money or your out of luck.

So its either scrounge up a few thousand for the initial retainer and some how come up with a way to pay $175 - $300 an hour to fight for you company (or livelyhood)...or allow it to default and end up owinf over $100,000 to someone who wants nothing more than to see you out of business.

Its truely amazing that someone can actually make up things, provide ZERO evidence...i mean they didnt attach not one stitch of evidence to the complaint...but you still are forced to hire a lawyer or lose. If I didnt come up with the money..some of which I had to borrow...I would most likely lose my business, my only source of income all because someone else with more money than me could hire a lawyer and lie

Lurking Canes Fan

86, I bet your wife is glad you are not Tiger Woods.

Orange Temptation on one side....
Green Temptation on the other side....

And then just when you thought you were safe, Red temptation all around you.

(The Wisconsin cheerleader on the left looked like the Devil though, Jesus Christ, can you check on that?)

francis G

I think JC is out doing what-ever


Yes Da U in Houston. There are Canes fans in Indianapolis. My flag is flying from the house as I type.


Ryan Houston of UNC is very similar in size to Clay of Wisconsin and we shut him down, 24 carries for 76 yards. WE GOT THIS!!!

Posted by: DZ8 | December 29, 2009 at 11:02 AM

Sure as hell couldnt stop him the 4th qtr when we needed to

Canes - 51
Badgers - 16

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