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December 28, 2009





Curtis Porter looks like he can develop into a really good one




That one hurt. I thought we might pull one out at the end. Oh well, that's who we are right now. We ran into a classmate of my Dad's at halftime and he gave us his tickets right behind the bench on the 45.

Jacory was standing right in front of us and I could not help but notice how heavily wrapped his throwing hand was. I thought that injury was healed? Oh well...

Damien Berry was wasted tonight. There was no excuse for him not to be utilized more than he was tonight.

The recruiting class should be stellar, but this loss will linger. On a happier note, the # 1 recruit in the country has decided to open up his commitment now that Meyer is working the late shift over at "The Waffle House"! He is a 5 star DE named Shaw out of Cali, and he said that USC and UM are on the top of his list. I would think that UM might have an advantage given the problems at USC right now. Lord knows we could have used a better pass rush tonight!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | December 30, 2009 at 02:37 AM

Incorrect information. They guy you are talking about is Ronald Powell not Shaw. And those are just RUMORS. I wouldn't put too much stock into ANY of them.




Getting caught up on reading all comments and as usual, enjoyed 86's article and nice pics!

Go Canes next season!

Oops, need to mention: The U might just want to consider getting rid of Shannon. What coaching and strategy was that? Never been a big fan of Shannon, but I still have supported the U... but I am just sayin...

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