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December 28, 2009


The Truth

I'm with you six

that wisky fan all the way to the right was alright.

I'm waiting for soup to drop the pics where he threw the mardi GRAS beads at her with her shirt pulled up.


The Truth

I'm out gents.

Que Frio!!!


I think The Colts should give the entire fans at the stadium one third of their money back.

That shyt is like going to a concert and the headliner cutting the show short because he doesn't feel good...
unless your Steven Tyler and knock off cause you're one clumsy sombiych

conch salad

im so friggin amped for the game tomorrow. gonna get rowdy with some fried turkey, chorizo and a whole bunch of IPA.

Soup, you look like you are throwing up a "W" instead of a "U" in that last pic... looks like an amazing time though


conch next pics he will be just throwin up

party on gang

like Truth said

que the Fritos

orange 'n green in the vein

I said before the season this was the year we get back to double digits. I meant it when I predicted that and I intend to see it happen! The Randy looks like he's a lot happier with the bowl game this year than around this time last one.


Six i remember those days. i never got a spanked a lot, but when i did it hurt like hell.

the worst was when my mom started to use slender belts instead of switches and thick belts. i would rather her punch me in the jaw than beat me with one of those.

and Truth, there is no benefit to resting your starters a week before the final game. keep in mind the Colts have a bye so they'll have the first week of the playoffs off anyway. it gets your players rusty.

the Colts never won anything when they were the favorites. it was only in 2006, when their defense couldn't stop anybody in the regular season, that they won anything.

they weren't resting their starters then because they had been playing so poorly leading up to the playoffs. when they got to the playoffs they were underdogs in all three playoff games.

the key is that they had to maintain the same sense of urgency that a wildcard team has to have. their recent play didn't afford them an opportunity to "relax" or play it safe with the starters down the stretch.

i think resting the players this early will come back to bite them, again.

Old Skool

Wow $100,000K a year per would have probably bought the women's silence. Being cheap cost Tiger about $100 million in endorsements and the stockholders and businesses who invested in him even more.

Once again the Heather Mills (Paul McCartney's ex) - Ashley Dupree (Eliot Spitzer's prostitute or in Tiger's case 16 Ashley Dupree's) breakdown holds true

Two University of California, Davis, professors have pinned the loss to shareholders from Tiger Woods' marital infidelity at up to $12 billion.

The study focused on nine sponsors: Accenture, American Express, AT&T, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf ( Electronic Arts), Gillette, Nike, Gatorade, TLC Laser Eye Centers and Golf Digest.

Shareholder value fell 2.3 percent — or about $12 billion. The pattern of losses is unlikely to stem from ordinary variation of stock prices, the researchers stated in their study.

Investors in three sports-related companies — Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Gatorade and Nike — fared the worst, experiencing a 4.3 percent loss, or about $6 billion

Old Skool

I see what you mean about the cheerleader pics. 1965 would have been the most recent year Soup would have been young enough to actually interest the women that surround him.


The day has finally arrived. Can't wait to see everyone at the tailgate

Start with straight shots, then pop bottles......


damn money... what U bringing to the tailgate and when can we expect you and moneygirl?


didn't get much rest, effing neighbors, literally. I'll tell everyone details when they get to the tailgate.

money, if you're second shift, bring some food... and beer!


Good Morning guys.....game day....woohoo...raize and 86 I will send you a text when I get there and you can guide me to the party! Nicole is making the punch...oh boy! Loading up on airborne cuz I feel a little virus coming on....but I am not sick! GO CANES!

Old Skool

Looks like the civil courts will get around to ruling on Reggie Bush's college years before the NCAA.

Reggie Bush has lost his bid to go to confidential arbitration to settle a lawsuit filed by a fledgling sports marketer.

The state Court of Appeal on Monday upheld a lower court's order denying Bush's motion to compel arbitration with Lloyd Lake, meaning the case will proceed in court.


Go Canes!!

I want to wish you all a happy new year. Canes 41 Wis 17

Rashad Reed

Very excited to finally meet everyone today!! I feel like all Canespacers should wear name tags so I know who everybody is..lol..Go Canes!!!!!!


I'm waiting for soup to drop the pics where he threw the mardi GRAS beads at her with her shirt pulled up.


Posted by: The Truth | December 29, 2009 at 01:26 AM

Just sent it to U via email. LOL


Soup, you look like you are throwing up a "W" instead of a "U" in that last pic... looks like an amazing time though

Posted by: conch salad | December 29, 2009 at 01:32 AM

Conch...in that situation U do what U gotta do!


1965 would have been the most recent year Soup would have been young enough to actually interest the women that surround him.

Posted by: Old Skool | December 29, 2009 at 05:48 AM

No, actually that would have been 1986. And don't forget, I still had "the hair" back then.


I'm telling U, U just had TO BE THERE! We had a blast. 404Canes (Julian) and his wife (Stephanie) are good people and fun to hang out with.

See U all at the game!



"I'm privy to a lot of stuff going on down there, and I think whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I'm totally in support of coach Leach," said former offensive lineman Cody Campbell, who was part of Leach's first recruiting class at Tech. "I've heard Adam James was involved with it, he supposedly had a concussion and that Leach basically made him adhere to team rules and guidelines when it comes to injuries. And (James) was upset by that.

"Leach has unusual methods for doing things a lot of times, but he's never cruel and never out of line in doing them."

Former Tech offensive lineman Daniel Loper, who now plays for the NFL's Detroit Lions, also was stunned and surprised by the allegations against Leach. Loper said the incident in question is nothing like the one earlier this year at Kansas, where head coach Mark Mangino resigned amid allegations that he abused his players verbally and physically.

"The whole time I was there, and as well as I know coach Leach, he would never do anything to publicly humiliate or endanger someone's wellbeing, and he would never do anything unprofessional," Loper said. "... I never saw him show any kind of favoritism or any kind of hate toward any singular person."

Former players Graham Harrell and Eric Morris, who finished their Tech careers last season, said Leach handles injured players appropriately and equally. They said Leach and his coaching staff do not pressure players to return to the field before they're healthy enough to do so, and Morris also said injured players are required to participate in practices just like every other Red Raider.

For example, a player with an injured leg would be required to do pushups during a workout so he could maintain his conditioning and continue to build strength. Former Tech offensive lineman Glenn January referred to the common practice as "Muscle Beach" and also said Leach "doesn't deviate from the (NCAA) rule book at all and wouldn't do anything to put a player in harm at all."

"If you're injured, you're required to still participate in some form or fashion. You still have to be outside and doing something," Morris said. "At times people have tried to get away with faking a little nag here and there, and to get away from people doing that, you always need to let everybody know they're not going to stand around and do nothing. It's a great thing to have in place. Some people want to get complacent and do different things because things aren't going their way."

Harrell, who finished the 2008 regular-season finale against Baylor despite breaking several bones in his hand during the first half, said Leach left the decision up to him and did not pressure the quarterback to play through the injury. Harrell also said he had the blessing of Tech's trainers and doctors.

"He was hard on us," Harrell said, "but it wasn't like he ever threatened us or put us in a situation that was dangerous to us."

Some former Tech players, who said they have been in contact with current Red Raiders and the coaching staff, questioned the validity of James' complaint as well as his motives and intentions. They also said James has a reputation for being soft and somewhat of a prima donna.

"I think some people honestly are not tough enough to play college football, and (James) might be one of them, especially if he's worried about being called out or humiliated," Loper said. "... Sometimes that happens, especially at the collegiate level. It's not like high school and Pop Warner, where everyone gets to play and gets a pat on the back. Sometimes coaches can be mean and yell."

January said the shed in which James spent practice on Dec. 17 might have been the most appropriate place to deal with his concussion, because it kept him out of the sunlight. January said he and his teammates on the offensive line often retreated to the same shed during practices to rest and escape the heat.

"It's not like it's some dungeon," he said.

January and some other former Tech players also suggested the incident wouldn't have been scrutinized if James wasn't the son of Craig James, a former SMU and NFL standout who now works as a television analyst for ESPN.

"It's basically a non-issue," January said. "The only reason it's getting any attention is because of who his dad is."

Neither Adam James nor any other Tech player was made available for comment Monday after Leach's suspension was announced, and Craig James did not return multiple calls from The A-J seeking comment.

Regardless of what happened, many former Tech players said the timing of the Jameses' complaint and Leach's subsequent suspension is unfortunate. The Red Raiders face Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl on Saturday, and it's also prime recruiting season.

Former players such as Harrell, Loper and Ryan Aycock said Tech administrators, recruits and even fans should not rush to judgement.

"Anybody that looks into this story should not be shied away," Loper said. "I don't know the whole situation with Adam's father and his influence, and I don't know if they're thinking they're being mistreated like the deal at Kansas. I don't think this is a situation where (Leach) should be fired or even suspended. Form what I've heard, I think it's a little over the line."


cold as fuk in orlando this a.m.....drtycane will be sportin the st#26 t tonight...hope to get to lot s too

orange on 1 side, green on the otha

Jesus Christ

No body cares about Texas Tech and stupid Mike Leach.

Say three Hail Mary's and move on.

Blessed thee



From Manny Navarro:


This is going to be another tough, hard fought game for the Canes who are basically taking on a better version of the North Carolina Tar Heels. Wisconsin is physical and can create turnovers and loves to run the football. Sound like Carolina? The difference here is I don't think the Hurricanes will turn it over in this game. UM coach Randy Shannon said Monday he's been stressing all week about winning the turnover battle and protecting the football. I think in the end, UM makes enough stops on Clay and the Wisconsin running game to force the Badgers to throw the football more than they want to and Orlando Franklin has another great game at left tackle.

I'm going with UM 34, Wisconsin 24.

Now, go read his article and tell me what U think? See if anything sounds familiar?


Yeah I agree, enough already on Leach.

At least the Urban Liar story had relevance because it's in Florida and DIRECTLY impacts Miami recruiting.

The TT story is completely irrelevant to UM.

Let it go...

The Truth

Jesus it f@cking COLD!!


The local Fox Station "traffic chick" just through up a "U" on air!!! Let's Go Canes!

Tonights going to be good night!!!


Drty...U better wear more than that! It's freezing out there. Dress warm and stay thirsty my friends...

Jesus Christ

Yes it my child..

It is as it should be...be cold and prosperous.

Goeth thy Canes!


of course

Jesus Christ


I know I made your head extra big but you make me proud with all the wisdom you fill it with.

Old Skool

It's a pity we don't have a Flash animator amongst the legion. A wheel of Urbie would fun.

Divide it into: In, Out, Leave of Absence, Doing it for family, Doing it for players, Doing it for God.

That way we'd have just as much insight into his thinking each day as everyone else around him.


I will move on...it must be noted, for posterity's sake, that I did not start the TT discussion on this board.

...and it did liven up a late night session...


Maaaan it is cold up here in Orlando! It's gonna be colder for the game tonight!!



I know I made your head extra big but you make me proud with all the wisdom you fill it with.

Posted by: Jesus Christ | December 29, 2009 at 08:51 AM

Thank U Lord!

Jesus Christ

They really need a Starbucks ON Disney property.

Jesus loves pumpkin spice lattes, too.


Anybody know how to get my hands on a parking pass???

Or 86 didn't you say there is a place you can pay to park and take a tram to the stadium???

Help would be appreciated. I tried to go there last night and pay and the passes were all sold out.. I know late for the party.. Happens when your broke!

Cat 5 Cane

It's a Canes thang!


I started the Leach thing with breaking news...

If it's football related why not talk about it. It's only other bloggers who don't want their opinions challenged who say drop it. F group think.

Anyways I've said my piece. IT'S GAMEDAY!!!!



Somebody parking help!!!


canchic??? My local Orlando gal.. Should I try and go to the tram spots now?? Or look for a lot somewhere near the stadium..

Parking passes are sold out.

francis G

86...."Just sent it to U via email. LOL"

In your "spare time" can U do that for an injured canespacer? No hurry I'm not going anywhere.



Is it just me, or is anyone else getting an Animal House vibe from the cheerleader picture. Kind of like Blutarsky snuck in to get his picture taken at the Omega house.


Orange on one side, green on the other side

Orange on one side, green on the other side

Orange on one side, green on the other side

Orange on one side, green on the other side


I'm going back to Orlando..Orlando..Orlando...I'm going back to Orlando....Nahh I don't think so. Corny, but old school. Driving north on the turnpike as we speak. Was last in Orlando for the UCF game...Wisconsin will see the same fate. Looking forward to meeting some Canespacers. LOT S
Go Canes!!!


For those of you that are concerned with parking issues, I read that you could park your car at the AMWAY ARENA, and there are shuttles that will bring you back and forth. First shuttle time is at 5:30 p.m. I don't remember where I read it, so please confirm for yourself. Go Canes!!!


This is the "after" picture...



Go Canes! Hope everyone there has a GREAT time- I'll be with U vicariously watching on my new 65" tv- can't wait!!!

Jesus Christ

Did somebody say parking help?

Tryeth my greatest of all creations: Google

Stop being so lazy my child. This isn't your personal assistant.

Be well. I'm heading to downtown...uh, I mean heaven.


I already googled

Thank you Jesus..

I was seeing if anybody had anymore info..

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