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December 25, 2009



Thanks, 86, one of the best presents I've ever received. Randy, too. Many Thanks. Can't wait to toast the New Year.

BTW Spacers, Me and RandyCane will be covering the Capital-One Bowl (Citrus Bowl, I'm and old schooler I guess), courtesy of 86. I will be taking photos and writing an article.

I expect a LSU victory. PSU's best wins are NW (8-4) & Temple (9-3). Didn't beat a team better than 6-6 after that.

Posted by: miamimike01 | December 25, 2009 at 10:06 PM


I already have a Canespace T-Shirt, and have a few to give!!!


That's a damn good article, no shat. I have to agree 100%.


Thats DZ8!


Great thoughtful post



how was your first Christmas with the wife?


DZ8, awesome article. I agree with every word.


great... great article!


Good stuff. Well written and lots of gret information.


very good article!


Boy, that pic is familiar. (Kevin & Devont'a)

I need to work on my comma usage! LOL!

That'll be one of my New Year's Resolutions!!


86, I need two ST #26 shirts for my buddy and his son coming in from OK.

L and XL? (maybe?, I'll get back to ya. Waiting on an email response from him)



Nice article. It included things that I strongly believe in, like giving Saban credit for turning UM into a solid team while recruiting guys like Jim Kelly, a fact that the documentarly left out, and of how folks need to lay off Shannon when it comes to recruiting. The article was well-written. Kudos.

Just checking in on the space while away. Hope all are doing okay and Merry Christmas/happy holidays to everyone.

BTW, I saw on the yahoo college bowl pick 'em that 79% picked the Canes to win the bowl game. I don't like seeing this, as the U traditionally plays better when not feeling the respect and love.


didnt dyrall mcmillan transfer because of the lack of playing time....and i wanna say he transferred to USF if im not mistaken...and i believe he didnt see the field because danyell ferguson was getting all the carries...edge was third string on that team...then the next year edge was the starter and james jackson was the backup and thats when dyrall decided to transfer


Hurricane warning through signing day

Posted: Friday December 27, 2002 7:43 PM

Attention all coaches: TheInsiders.com has issued a Hurricane Warning from Christmas Day through National Signing Day on Feb. 5. Hurricane Larry in Coral Gables is strong, predictable and gaining momentum. All regions, from South Florida, to the Northeast, and all the way to California, are under siege.

The Miami Hurricanes have now taken over as the team when it comes to college football recruiting. As one college coach said to me, “Miami doesn’t have to recruit prospects, prospects recruit Miami!”

Miami head coach Larry Coker and staff will once again put together a stellar group, re-fortifying the offensive and defensive lines and getting other position standouts as well. Kyle Wright, the nation’s No. 1 quarterback prospect, has committed to Miami and will report to Coral Gables next month. The Hurricanes, who dominate South Florida recruiting, already have commitments from three Pompano Beach (Fla.) Ely standouts -- running back Tyrone Moss and offensive linemen Andrew Bain and Cyrim Wimbs.

Nate Robinson, the nation’s No. 1 defensive tackle prospect, just committed to Miami. Linebackers Tavares Gooden and Glenn Cook and offensive linemen John Rochford, Kevin Williams and Derrick Morse, all are headed to Miami and they are big-time prospects. Throw in one of the top junior college tight ends, Kevin Everett, and you have the makings of a great start.

Look for the ‘Canes to close strong; they are gaining momentum as we head into January and should be tough to beat on most prospects they really want to sign.

Miami should battle the Florida Gators on several fronts, including linebacker Earl Everett, wide receiver Andre Caldwell, defensive back Demetrice Webb, and defensive end Tranell Morant, just to name a few.

They are going out of state to battle college football powers all over the country for such players as tight end Greg Olsen, center John Sullivan, defensive end Tim Washington, wide receivers Whitney Lewis and Craig Davis, safety Daryl Johnson, defensive tackle Lawrence Dampeer, defensive end Kirston Pittman, just to name a few.

The point is, be very wary of the Hurricanes because nowadays, they win more recruiting battles than they lose. Based on last week’s team recruiting rankings, Miami was ranked No. 10 in the country by TheInsiders.com, but they will be climbing and climbing the rankings fast.




off a cliff




While the Hurricanes are still loaded, their hopes for a second title in three years rest with some untested players

By Kelley King

Fast Facts
2002 Record: 12-1 (7-0, 1st in Big East)
Final AP Rank: 2
Returning Starters: 12
Telling Number
Consecutive regular-season wins for Miami dating to Sept. 23, 2000. Four more would tie the school record of 36 (1985-88).
Smart Move
Sophomore Eric Winston was a promising tight end, but his coaches believe he can become a great left tackle. With All-America Kellen Winslow and talented backup Kevin Everett manning the tight end spot, the Hurricanes figure Winston's size (6'7", 290) and blocking skills will help solidify an O-line that lost center Brett Romberg and left guard Sherko Haji-Rasouli. Winston will compete with incumbent Carlos Joseph for the starting job.

Miami running backs coach Don Soldinger never tires of telling his favorite Frank Gore story. "It was during two-a-days not long after Frankie had gotten to Miami [in 2001], and we were going over protections," says Soldinger. "There were about 12 or 13 to memorize, and I told the players to go home and learn 'em. So I'm fast asleep that night when the phone rings at 2:30 a.m. 'Hey, Coach,' says Frank. 'I learned the protections. You want to quiz me?'"

Two years later Gore still has that sense of urgency -- only more so. After gaining 562 yards on only 62 carries in backup duty to Clinton Portis as a freshman, Gore tore the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his right knee during 2002 spring practice. Then he watched his replacement, Willis McGahee, become a Heisman Trophy candidate last fall and play a major role in helping the Hurricanes reach the national championship game. Now that his knee is fully healed, and McGahee has moved on to the NFL, Gore faces high expectations in trying to sustain a Miami tradition. "I feel a lot of pressure because the running backs before me put up some big numbers, and people are talking about how I'm going to be the next one," says Gore. "When I get the call, I want to make the big plays."

For Miami to play in its third straight national title game, Gore will have to come through. While the Hurricanes' defense remains formidable -- among those returning are two of the nation's top linebackers, middle man Jonathan Vilma and outside backer D.J. Williams, plus all four starters from a secondary that tied an NCAA record for fewest yards allowed per catch (9.5) -- the offense will be breaking in a new quarterback. Junior Brock Berlin, a transfer from Florida who sat out last season, has played in only 12 college games and hasn't been tested in Miami's efficient, quick-strike system. So it will likely be up to Gore to provide the offensive pyrotechnics at the start of the season. Though Gore isn't as powerful a runner as McGahee, Soldinger believes the redshirt sophomore will meet the challenge. "He has the best raw skills and running technique of any player I've coached," says Soldinger. "On the sidelines we're always saying, 'Now, how did he get out of that one?'"

Gore was showing signs of his freshman form as early as March, in an intrasquad scrimmage. In his first contact drills since injuring his knee in a collision with safety Sean Taylor a year earlier, Gore insisted on shedding his hands-off jersey (much to head coach Larry Coker's discomfort). Running in his exaggerated, low-to-the-ground style, he carried five times for 37 yards, including a 22-yard run in which he dodged past three first-string defenders for a touchdown.

The session boosted Gore's confidence, as did a heart-to-heart with McGahee around the same time. "Willis told me that I would have no problem doing well if I remember to do two things to protect myself," says Gore. "The first was to never read what anyone says about you in the newspaper. The second was to get in the weight room and make myself stronger than ever."

Gore took the message to heart. During the summer he was up by 6:15 to be in the weight room at seven. In the team's notorious spring sprint gantlet -- the players run 110 yards full-out 12 times and have to repeat a set if anyone's late -- Gore pushed himself so hard that he fell into his bed immediately afterward. (The oldest of three siblings, Gore, 20, still lives in the Coconut Grove apartment where he grew up, so he can help his mother, Lizzie, a single parent who requires multiple dialysis sessions a week to treat a kidney ailment.) After briefly adding four pounds over the off-season (he subsequently shed the weight and comes in at 216), the 5'10" tailback worried about how the increased bulk would affect his mobility. "He kept asking, 'Do you think those four pounds are slowing me down?'" says left guard Vernon Carey. "It's a ridiculous question, because the guy's as quick as ever. He's become a perfectionist."

Gore expects near perfection again this year from the Hurricanes, who were 12-0 before losing to Ohio State in double overtime in the Fiesta Bowl. "As long as we stick together, we'll make another run at the championship," he says. "I'm just glad I have a chance to help us get there."




Posted by: SlingBlade | December 25, 2009 at 11:14 PM

Do we need one?


I told the players to go home and learn 'em. So I'm fast asleep that night when the phone rings at 2:30 a.m. 'Hey, Coach,' says Frank. 'I learned the protections. You want to quiz me?'"

yeah id say we need players like this...


I am watching Caddyshack and I am wondering if a Badger qualifies as varmit poontang? LOL


just bought our first house in margate.after 10 months of house hunting we finally got in..cant wait to get to orlando


I agree Sling, very much for the reason you posted.


stephen morris has his own website...lol



the ONLY thing that concerns me about Morris... His abililty to walk up to the line in the I-Form... read a defense, make all the appropriate calls, get our guys in a better play.

I guess J12 spent most of his time in SG, so, I trust the coaches in their assesment that he can make the transition as well.

It's about the ability to make the throws, read a defense, get the offense in a better play, and being coachable. I trust Whip and his experience.

Would like to see whole games starring Morris; unfortunatley, I don't live in South FL. Otherwise, I'd have him covered...

But, me and Randy live in the 904, not the 305...


L and XL on the ST #26 shirts for my buddies.


The Truth

Extreme Shake and Go racetrack.

Thumbs up on the child front. I bought two for more track and it's the $140 I've spent on a child. The grandson loved it...played with ALL day and reconfigured the things so many ways my head spun.

Very cool toy.

...and that's my public service message for the evening. :-)



trust me on Kevin. He's awesome. Playmaker on defense.

Devont'a has work to get bigger. Also trust me that he's committed to getting better. Also a Playmaker.

That's what I can give U.


Nelson and Davis are VERY physical defenders.


Wipe off that grin,
I know where u've been,

I can feel it comin'
In the air tonight...
O' Lord...
I've been waiting for this moment...

10 wins.


Miami Vice is awesome. That's all I have to say, for now.


damn, wrong again.

I always scored well in English classes. I'm a comma whore...


ORLANDO _Before the season, Dedrick Epps was one of the Hurricanes' most discussed players.

Everyone was concerned with his health after he suffered a serious knee injury before last season's Emerald Bowl. With the season nearly done, Epps' name has rarely come up. He was often overshadowed by the emergence of Jimmy Graham and Tervaris Johnson, who both exceeded expectations.

Still, Epps put together a solid season without grabbing the headlines. He is the team's fourth-leading receiver with 19 catches for 247 yards and three touchdowns.

“I think it went well,” Epps said. “But there’s always room for improvement. I always have things to work on. It was a good season for me, but it was good for all the tight ends.”

Epps' main concern now is remaining healthy. He was disappointed with the way last season ended, and appreciates another opportunity to play in the postseason.

“It feels good,” Epps said. “This is my last game wearing the” U” on my hat. You’ve got to go out there and just give it your all. I’m looking forward to it.”

A few thoughts:

--The Hurricanes held their first practice at the Citrus Bowl. Well, actually it was conducted on a rain-soaked field across the street. How bad? I nearly stepped in something that felt like quicksand. After practice, a Wisconsin writer fell in a puddle and almost suffered a "lower extremity" injury. It was nice to see the writer shake it off.

--Jimmy Graham said he almost chose Wisconsin out of high school. The Badgers were among his finalists with North Carolina State and Wake Forest.

--On Tuesday, the Hurricanes will be treated to shopping sprees at Best Buy. Each player received a $420 gift certificate. Sure beats any media gift I've ever received at a bowl game.

--Coach Randy Shannon says the team has a curfew, but wouldn't disclose the time.

--Shannon also said there were no academic-related suspensions. We all know what happened last year around this time.




pretty cool


Irvin's nephew was on the team .... NASTY

lol I saw him, kid looks as U said.....NASTY











Posted by: SlingBlade | December 25, 2009 at 11:05 PM

McMillan did transfer to USF.
I got the information for that part from Cane Mutiny.
You are probably right about all else but I'm sure Edge flashed in the Temple game his freshman year.


slated to be redshirted as freshman, but was forced into action when injuries depleted the Hurricane running corps ... saw action in seven games ... established UM freshman rushing record with 71 attempts for 446 yards and two TDs ... recorded six receptions for 90 yards ... became first true freshman since 1987 to eclipse 100+ mark after totaling 105 yards against Temple.


I also didn't mention that between James and Portis was James Jackson. I thought it sounded more impressive that way.


dont forget to root the ACC on today

north carolina vs pitt 4:30
boston college vs usc 8:00

wouldnt it be great if usc lost to boston college


DZ8...nice work young man. Very popular article and very well written. I am going to double your salary!


did you catch in that bio that, in the last 25 years only two people have rushed for more than 1,100yds for arizona?

edgerrin james is one, he did it twice.
otis anderson is the other....just goes to show that without canes in the backfield, the cardinals dont have a running game..


From www.hurricanesports.com:

The 14th-ranked University of Miami football team arrived in Orlando Friday afternoon and immediately went to work in preparation for Tuesday's Champs Sports Bowl, practicing for an hour-and-a-half in wet conditions at Thunder Field at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium Complex.

The Hurricanes worked on a soggy field late in the afternoon, with periodic rain showers and temperatures in the mid 60's throughout the session.

The practice was the first of three for UM in Orlando before the `Canes and Badgers will match-up on Dec. 29 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

"We'll have fun while we are out here but when it is time to work, we'll get back to work," head coach Randy Shannon said. "The guys will enjoy the trip but anytime we meet, it is back to the basics and focusing on Wisconsin."

Senior tight end Jimmy Graham is not only going through his first bowl week, but he is preparing to face a school that recruited him to play basketball before he chose UM.

"It's a lot of fun," Graham said about his first bowl experience. "This past week of practice has probably been the most fun I've ever had in practice. It's been physical practices, but overall I've enjoyed it more than I ever have before.

"I'm really excited for the opportunity," Graham added. "I think we all are. They are a great team. We are in Orlando. We are down south...it should be a great game."

The `Canes will practice again Saturday morning before spending the afternoon at Universal Studios. In addition to Miami's two remaining scheduled practices, the team will take part in a number of bowl events leading up to the game.


It's the kind of hit from which a quarterback doesn't want to get back up.

In Miami's 31-10 win over South Florida in its regular season finale Nov. 28, Hurricanes quarterback Jacory Harris had that kind of moment.

"They had a clean shot and knocked me out," Harris said. "I was ready to give it up. I was ready to give up football for the rest of my life."

that kind of talk from jacory surprised me...to even think about quiting during a game is very surprising...


Read this:


And this:



i cant read articles from the miami herald...it asks me to login...and i refuse to give my email to another website just to be able to read their stories..i get enough junk mail as it is...


Good Story Soup thanks for the links and I am with you slingblade I will not read the Herald anymore for that reason too.


DZ8...nice work young man. Very popular article and very well written. I am going to double your salary!

Posted by: SOUP | December 26, 2009 at 09:37 AM

Anything I can do to help the 'Space. You notice my article contributions increase during the offseason when it slows down. I try to help out when the Space needs it most.

Late May; The State of The U.
August; Where will they go?

I think inearly April I'll do something like a Where will they go? Part II. After combine and pro day workouts etc...


Champs Bowl seating chart courtesy of Solar:


We will meet in LOT S for the tailgate. Early crew will be there by noon. Late crew by 4 PM.

We will meet at halftime in the large open area behind the SOUTH end zone near the bath rooms. Look for the WHITE/GREEN Canespace banner and ORANGE Canespace T-shirts.

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