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December 06, 2009



Pittsburgh, Meineke Car Care Bowl (#17)

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

We're almost guaranteed the Champs Sports Bowl, any less than that would be a surprise!


Update 12/2 - Florida Citrus Sports will announce what teams will square off in the 2009 Champs Sports Bowl and 2010 Capital One Bowl this Sunday, December 6, as part of a special Selection Sunday event at Wall Street Plaza in Downtown Orlando. The event begins at 5:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Man, it's official, it's USC vs Boston College, reported by ESPN, saw them tweeting it!

Damn it! would've been nice to play USC, wouldn't mind going in a lesser bowl game aslong as it's the elite programs we're playing.


in what bowl game, Spence?

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Man, playing Northwestern would be an ultimate snoozer game, i'm not one bit excited about it!

Would prefer these teams:

Oklahoma rematch
Ok St

I wish they would just eliminate the contractual binding between Conferences and Bowl games, just play what is appealing, please!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Emerald Bowl, mike

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Texas A&M vs Georgia, Navy vs Mizzou, Stanford vs Oklahoma

So far, that's what they're reporting that are official!


I dont like the ACC .. just think we get treated like the step sister compared to FSWhoeee


One thing for sure there are going to be alot of really interesting bowl matchups with the way this season ended.

I like it. Teams that would never play each other are getting a shot.

keeps it interesting.


Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Miami, no.14 in AP


LSU vs. North Carolina, Chick-Fil-A Bowl


playing Northwestern would be an ultimate snoozer game...

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | December 06, 2009 at 05:27 PM

To say the least...

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Florida dropped to no.5, TCU and Cincy jumping ahead, but boise couldn't


I got a feeling with the UNC pick to the Peach Bowl, UM is headed to the MCC or Music City.

Champs Sports will pick VT, Gator gets FSU, Clemson to Music City, UM to MCC.

I think that's how it will go.


why is LSU in the Chick Fil-A Bowl all the time?

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

USC is a goner in the top 25, it's weird enough to see them past the top 15, it's even weirder not seeing them there at all!

Now you got TCU, Utah, Boise, Cincy ahead of the usual powers, it's just weird!

CaniaK aka True Canes

Chick-Fil-A Bowl is between the VOLS and VA Tech

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

mike, i hope UNC smack the hell out of LSU! do you think it will happen??


wait, that's wrong. Scratch LSU and UNC. That's the Kickoff Classic next season...

my bad, sorry folks

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

yeah, whatever happened to VT locking up the chick filet????


No. 19 Stanford to play Oklahoma in Sun Bowl.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!


LSU's got a contractual agreement to feed the entire school with chick filet, in return they will play in the peach bowl every yr, haha

CaniaK aka True Canes



Where you guys getting this information, which channel/website?


The Gator Bowl is official.


I hope WV beats the breaks of off FSU

CaniaK aka True Canes

MiamiMike it is official Tennessee will play VA Tech

CaniaK aka True Canes

North Carolina will not be playing LSU


The BCS BS and the Bowls fraud take so much away from a great sport which is college football...The NCAA needs to change the system...Soon!!!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

shwarma, ESPN is tweeting them right now on their website, college football section, atleast that's where i'm getting mine!


Nice job on the blog, 86 -- read it on T back from the BC gaem. Tough loss for our CANES tonight. Gonna be a slog thru the ACC AGAIN ths year. Me gusta Haith -- y the team -- but we aint that good -- need some power in paint no REBOUNDING at all -- I hate when we just come down court and chuck the rock w/o setting up...

Im biased to my Hoyas, but the great thing JTIII has instilled is an O that passes UNTIL a shot opens up. IT's sometimes annoyign to watch but it's a heck of a lot better than making a stop on D -- having a good outlet pass and then proceeding to turn ball over after one shot w/o rebound.
That's what CANES did tonight -- allot!

Oh well... the "crowd" in Chesnut Hill was reminicent of those at the BUC. It is final exam time though ---

remember when Paul Dee put the UF game during Xmas break a few years back? NO ONE but gaytor fans in the student section --- PAUL D -- the same "richard" who let Corker fire everyone and scheduled USF for five friggin years AND got the AD into bigger debt then even small banana republics have? F him and F the GAYTORS

Lots of good will come to the football program over the next few weeks --

bowl game in good weather -- espn gushing all over the "U" video --- stability at the coordinator level (yeah, I said it) ---

The future looks bright --- amigos!

Look on bright side, 86 -- the next ACC championship will be @ will be in the queen city --- and the CANES will be there!



86-- you got the juice. can't hear from manny or shandel. six is the beastly blogger!!!

(killian in the house-- c/o 86 btw!)


SSIB - Thanks

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Money, i guess you're one of those who doesn't care about conference bragging rights!

either way, i myself would love to see FSWho get the beatdown of their lives, be careful what you wish for!

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Northwestern to the outback bowl, looks like we get wisconsin if we make the champs

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VT and tenn are official in the chick-fil-a


Miami VS Northwestern in the Champs according to CBS site...


FSU will get beat down in Gator Bowl, some farewell...

UF will lose 2nd in a row...

Your Canes will destroy North-issouri or who ever they pick to be the dead team walking...

Hey recruits: Where is your future the brightest????

Go Canes!




And yes, wisconsin officially in champs sports...



As they become official, it gets filled in... Just keep refreshing


SSiaB I want the ACC to do well, but I think it's ubfair for FSU to get handed a premier bowl. And look at the type of team that WV is. A team where you D needs to have discipline to handle the mis direction. Unless they make WV give FSU the game it should be an ugly blowout

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

10 win season, here we come!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Money, maybe ol' Bobby needs more money for his retirement, that gator bowl payout money should only help out! lol


yep, Gator is official, as reported by moneycane...



Mike wat up. I was hoping the Canes would get the Gator so we could get up in J'Ville. How are you and Randy doing


Non-BCS Games
Date Game Location TV Time Matchup/Result
Jan. 6 GMAC Mobile, Ala. ESPN 7 p.m. MAC vs. ACC No. 9
Jan. 2 Alamo San Antonio ESPN 9 p.m. Big Ten No. 4/5 vs. Big 12 No. 5
Jan. 2 Liberty Memphis, Tenn. ESPN 5:30 p.m. East Carolina vs. Arkansas
Jan. 2 Cotton Dallas FOX 2 p.m. Oklahoma State vs. Mississippi
Jan. 2 Papajohns.com Birmingham, Ala. ESPN 2 p.m. Connecticut vs. SEC
Jan. 2 International Toronto ESPN2 Noon South Florida vs. MAC
Jan. 1 Gator Jacksonville, Fla. CBS 1 p.m. West Virginia vs. Florida State
Jan. 1 Capital One Orlando, Fla. ABC 1 p.m. Big Ten No. 2 vs. SEC No. 2
Jan. 1 Outback Tampa, Fla. ESPN 11 a.m. Northwestern vs. Auburn
Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A Atlanta ESPN 7:30 p.m. Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee
Dec. 31 Insight Tempe, Ariz. NFL Net. 6 p.m. Big Ten No. 6 vs. Iowa State
Dec. 31 Sun El Paso, Tex. CBS Noon Stanford vs. Oklahoma
Dec. 31 Armed Forces Fort Worth, Tex. ESPN Noon MWC vs. C-USA
Dec. 30 Holiday San Diego, Calif. ESPN 8 p.m. Pac-10 No. 2 vs. Big 12 No. 3
Dec. 30 Texas Houston ESPN 3:30 p.m. Big 12 No. 8 vs. Navy
Dec. 30 Humanitarian Boise, Idaho ESPN 4:30 p.m. WAC vs. MWC
Dec. 29 Champs Sports Orlando, Fla. ESPN 8 p.m. ACC No. 4 vs. Wisconsin
Dec. 29 EagleBank Washington D.C. ESPN 4:30 p.m. Army/C-USA* vs. ACC No. 8
Dec. 28 Independence Shreveport, La. ESPN2 5 p.m. Texas A&M vs. Georgia
Dec. 27 Music City Nashville, Tenn. ESPN 8:30 p.m. SEC vs. ACC No. 5/6/7
Dec. 26 Emerald San Francisco ESPN 8 p.m. Boston College vs. Southern California
Dec. 26 Meineke Car Care Charlotte, N.C. ESPN 4:30 p.m. ACC No. 5/6/7 vs. Pittsburgh
Dec. 26 Little Caesars Detroit, Mich. ESPN 1 p.m. MAC vs. Big Ten No. 7
Dec. 24 Hawaii Honolulu ESPN 8 p.m. Nevada vs. SMU
Dec. 23 Poinsettia San Diego, Calif. ESPN 8 p.m. MWC vs. Pac-10 No. 6
Dec. 22 Maaco Las Vegas, Nev. ESPN 8 p.m. Oregon State vs. BYU
Dec. 20 New Orleans New Orleans ESPN 8:30 p.m. Sun Belt No. 1 vs. C-USA
Dec. 19 St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, Fla. ESPN 8 p.m. Rutgers vs. UCF
Dec. 19 New Mexico Albuquerque, N.M. ESPN 4:30 p.m. MWC vs. WAC

this is what we know now.

Money, yeah too bad about the Gator. ACC and Swofford dropped down a notch in my book. Crooked, old fogeys running my favorite sport. What an outrage.


i would have loved for us to play USC.

i don't care if it was the Emerald Bowl or not.

The Meineke Car Bowl against Pitt wouldn't be bad either.

I want a good, tough matchup.

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Este, wisconsin has a good running game and decent defense


Kirby Hocutt is upset and thinks it's unfair
not to play in the Gator Bowl...

Do you have the bowls for the players and teams that deserve it or for a coach retiring....

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