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December 02, 2009



See I don't understand the Tiger scenario either..

I understand the guy mentality and the illusion we create that somehow, just having sex with other woman .. one time will fulfil us, and give us some sort of thing we are missing. The problem is if a guy is going out of his household to "get some" from another woman that means there are generally serious issues we don't know about or... The guy is just an a$$.

The problem is guys rarely think things through.

Now I won't lie, I'm married. I still look at beautifulwomen and think about it sometimes or get approached by a woman (which definitely happens 50 million times more when your not available a.k.a married, engaged or take. Chicks can smell that and its a friggin' scented hormone they pick up on)but I never act.. Because what guys don't realize is as soon as you finishing in engaging in that act. You feel natural regret. Which only creates all kinds of internal turmoil.

Why not talk to your wife or girlfriend and try to work out w/e sexual, mental or physical situation that is occuring and having you go outside the home? If it doesn't work out, be a man and break up with your girlfriend if you want another woman. Separate or divorce your wife if you cna't be faithful.

I just can't fathom these A$$holes that think they deserve or are owed both worlds. An amazing wife at home, a girlfriend or two on the side. A couple one night stands.

Then if you are going to have an affair. Why would you use your regular cell phone? Why would you maintain regular contact? Why would you seclude yourself to one girl. If it is purely sexual and you have money like Tiger why not go to the bunny ranch in Vegas. I mean it is about as classy as phucking 10/hr cocktail sleeze who sold you out and emberrassed you in front of your whole family.

Guys need to man the phuck up in this world and stop making excuses that women do this that or the other. If you are good man, and find a good woman the right way. She is going to take care of you!


And just to prove my point and 86's...

How many guys are married, in long term relationships, and are happied and have never cheated on their significant other..

I'm numero uno!!!


LOL maybe I'm the only one. Or the only that is proud of it..


So the ACC is sticking up for their teams.

My apologies ACC. Now we just need Gatech to take care of business.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Other than that, you know that face that Shannon makes that solar calls his "walked through a fart cloud" look? I'm sure you'd get that right away if you asked Boss Man if he played soccer past puberty

Posted by: Six | December 02, 2009 at 08:52 PM


LMAO! Classic. But those Rosie O'Donnells aren't men, they're NEUTERED, STERILIZED, ASEXUAL women.

I'd never give them the praise of thinking because they chop off their hair and pull on a pair of jeans that now they're "manly."


Those broads are just trying to escape the discomfort they feel in being a woman. I had a fling with one in college and now she's a big-time "lesbian advocate" or whatever the hell they call it.

Yeah, right. You're the same insecure, uncertain girl you were when you were 19, only now you have a nice label called "lesbian", and a few letters aka "degrees" behind your name, that you can hide behind and that somehow makes you more important.

What irrational BS but these days anyone can say or do anything and it's A OK.


pb - it makes you wonder if these girls have any tread left on their tires, or if it's like rolling a hotdog down a hallway



Shandel back to caring about sports as he gets to cover his beloved basketball... Dude is def. by far the worst beat writer UM has ever had. I hate to say to because he is not a bad guy. He just doesn't bring anything informative to the table. Everything he says is a rip off from Manny or Canesport or even here..

... Too bad Omar turned his back on the program.


man i hate Duke, but we need them to win so the ACC looks better.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Canes stink...but win anyway in the fourth quarter with a two minute drill and a FG to win the game.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 02, 2009 at 09:25 PM


Sour puss....hahaha

Dayton, Soup's just mad that he dissed the basketball team in a 180 degree fashion compared to what he does with the football team....AND WAS WRONG.

Sounds like we have some things to iron out though....

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Soccer???? Skanks????? Clubbing????? Politics???? Basketball????? Retirement????

Man I hate when football season is over!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | December 02, 2009 at 10:34 PM


Sarasota, you forgot rugby and Tiger. lol


Posted by: Six | December 02, 2009 at 10:52 PM

Brother you couldnt pay me have any part of that skank.

In all honesty, aside from the obvious moral angle, the thing I would be most critical of with these "celebrities" would be their piss poor taste in women.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Six, in my experience 95% of the time women cheat on their men (and I don't mean some high school or college BS) is because their man isn't handling his business.

How did Ray Parker Jr. say it, "A woman needs love, just like you do, and she can fool around, just like you do...."

Skanks have Vagies and Weiners, the behavior is all the same. But somehow women get the slander.

More irrationality. haha



Just received my canespace shirt in the mail today, Thank you very much! Large fits just as good. Anyway, on recruiting according to clint hurtt The U is planning on using 27 schollies and that Christian Jones is our Number 1 target right now...

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Why are y'all so girdled up about this bowl game?? It's actually better that we get shafted from a psychological perspective because Canes always play better when they're angry and feel slighted, even better if it's by a team they beat.

I believe it was Philly who noticed that ALL of our NCs came a year after a perceived injustice of some sort.

FSU has done it before. haha And look at the results.



Don't forget whining about bowl placement, the West Coast Hand J*B Bowl Game, Punt Formations, Pannunzzio, TE's, and most imporantly VAGTASTIC!!

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Guys need to man the phuck up in this world and stop making excuses that women do this that or the other. If you are good man, and find a good woman the right way. She is going to take care of you!

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 02, 2009 at 10:43 PM


POST OF THE MONTH!!!!! if not the year.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

In all honesty, aside from the obvious moral angle, the thing I would be most critical of with these "celebrities" would be their piss poor taste in women.

Posted by: pb(CSROH10) | December 02, 2009 at 11:04 PM


It is bizarre, isn't it? Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson are my favorite examples. hahaha

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Too bad Omar turned his back on the program.

Posted by: CaneSawMassacre | December 02, 2009 at 10:56 PM


Phuk that limp-dik hack. haha

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Dayton, I like Duke. Coach K doesn't have much in terms of offense schemes but they play great D and almost always play hard and get the most out of themselves, sometimes more.

Coach K hasn't had a thoroughbred class in a while though.


I just can't believe Omar got big headed and turned into a sour puss and bailed and back stabbed the program and fans that made that dude.

Hope he gets stuck covering the Marlins for pergatory!!!


i like coach K as well. he's a great coach and an even better person. i just don't like Duke.

Duke won't get a thoroughbred class unless they lower their standards.

Matt Drudge

Look guys, there are open marriages where the guy/ gal get to do whatever they want. From a purely philosophical angle, can anyone tell why polyandry or polyamory (or cheating) is bad? Are we supposed to monogamous? Why? All of us make promises and break them in all sorts of circumstances. More importantly, its the animal instinct in us, LOL. What about one night stands, multiple girl friends/ boy friends etc?

Six, the prepaid phone needs identification as well on T-mobile network. I am not sure they publish the info through caller ID though. I just converted my regular cell to a prepaid because I wasn't using the minutes most of the months and when I exceeded my quota a few months I got creamed. So, I switched from a monthly plan to a prepaid plan and was asked for all sorts of information, although they already had that anyway.


That is stupid Matt.

I hate that garbage about animal instinct... First of all WE ARE not animals. If we were we wouldn't be considered an andvanced species. One that dominates all animals because of our advanced consciencousness. Secondly, there are plenty of animals that only have one mate.. So what is your theory now?Humans are like the animals that have multiple mates.. Hmmm, sounds like a poor excuse for a confused individual who shouldn't be getting married in the first place.

No offense to anybody but if you and your wife want an open relationship... Then wake the phuck up.. and don't married. That is the opposite of an open relationship.


It is just an excuse to lack control of over your desires and physical ambitions. Especially an excuse conjured about by people who have no self control or will power.

Agian, I know that people have desires but the fact of the matter is we have choices to not act on them.

Same way a criminal gets a high from a theft or robbery or even sicker a murder. Now you going to tell me that, that is ok too because our chemical imbalance in our body makes it feel good as well?

It is time for people to step up and stop making excuses for diluting the lines of RIGHT VS WRONG!!


And back to football watched the film of David Perry DE from Ft. Lauderdale.

The kid is a baller. Great hands, excellent instincts, relentless motor.

I'm not sure if he will enroll early but he is a kid who can have an impact if he gets here early and gets to build some muscle. I've never seen a high school DE with those types of instincts, technique, and natural athletic ability.

Now I've seen better pure athletes but he is very very well rounded for a high school star with excellent size and ball skills.

He will be my freshmen to get some PT pick, even with a crowded DE rotations. With that said it makes me even more secure that Dye should move to TE.


Cav wrote

"Those broads are just trying to escape the discomfort they feel in being a woman. I had a fling with one in college and now she's a big-time "lesbian advocate" or whatever the hell they call it."

So how did that Meredith Baxter Birney thing go for you dude? Was it you or she that did not know what you were doing, lol. Was embarassing the other day on the Today show when she said, I had my Cav before Canespace and he wasn't enough to turn me around but wow I wish I had him now. :-)

Just kidding lol.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

From Pat Forde of ESPN

The Dash dishes out the annual end-of-season awards, one conference at a time:

Season in a paragraph: The year started badly and ended worse. In Week 1, Duke and Virginia lost to FCS opponents, the league went 0-2 against the SEC, Wake Forest lost to Baylor and Maryland was mauled by California. Then the ACC closed the regular season with divisional champions Clemson and Georgia Tech being upset by mid-pack SEC rivals South Carolina and Georgia. That sound you hear getting louder? It's dribbling.

I have so much problem against this article in so many level.

1st, didn't Wake forrest, ACC average middle tier team beat one of the best team in the pac10 Stanford, same team that beat USC and Oregon this year!

2nd, didn't VaTech beat Nebraska, the big12 north champs that is now going to play in the big12 championship against the number 3 team soon to be number 2 team in the nation in texas.

3rd, didn't Miami beat Oklahoma this year (I know they didn't have Bradford), the same Oklahoma without bradford (got injured in the 1st) that texas only beat by 3 points and was actually held only with 16 points despite having an explosive offense in bradford and shipley.

4th, didn't Miami beat this Oklahoma team (don't get fooled by the score, Miami dominated that game than what the score indicates), same Oklahoma team, also without Bradford, completely shutdown and dismantled ranked Ok State with the pressumably better defense in Bill young as DC!

5th, now, i know our acc record against the sec this yr ain't great (but could redeem ourselves in the bowl games), but didn't GT beat both Vandy and Miss St., same Miss St. that beat ranked Ole Miss, the same Ole Miss that beat LSU with the madhatter clock management meltdown!

And 6th, don't forget Miss st. giving LSU all they could handle, with LSU needing to win with a lucky defensive stop in the end zone with time ticking out!

Now tell me, what is this Pat Forde tool talkin about????

This fool is most definitely blindsided by his nuthugging to other conferences, give credit when the credit is due, because i really do think the ACC is so underrated this year and is definitely one of the strongest conference this year, even better than the big12 and is for sure stronger than that west coast conference!

The ACC play is difficult enough, and teams ain't scared to schedule even more difficult non-conference schedule unlike the Floridas and the Alabamas of the world!


CSM, we are animals. Top of the food chain animals, but still animals.

I definitely wouldn't call monogamy "natural" but if you make they choice then stick to it. Unless it was a shotgun wedding no one put a gun to your head to partake in that unnatural act.

And this bowl talk is premature. Like someone said already let things playout before going nuts. plus, Could end up in the Emerald Bowl with an awesome matchup or in the champs bowl with a boring match up.

Old Skool

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out for Tiger's game. Will he still be the fist pumping alpha dog or become the PW'ed beta bytch.

I can't help but think of Kathy Lee and Frank. When he got caught, suddenly he had a nose ring with a leash attached. She took control of the relationship and he had to make the public apologies, endure the rehashes of his transgressions and then play the extra adoring, attentive spouse whenever they were in public.

Fortunately for Tiger, Elin doesn't have her own media outlets, but she could if she wanted or needed.

Cat 5 Cane

... AM crew reporting...


Listen if you want to be a bachelor then stay a bachelor. If you cannot be monogamous do not get married. Life is pretty simple and you make all the choices. Maybe men cheat, maybe women cheat but in the end the ones who suffer most are the kids. I suggest everytime a man thinks about cheating.....just think about your daughter and what would you do if her man was cheating on her? And vice versa for women.


Enjoyed OGV's article and previous on B/Bowden. Huuh; waiting on which bowl is for the U? Go Canes!


Posted by: canechic | December 03, 2009 at 06:52 AM

Agreed. Think of your daughter, sister, mother and same for women to think of a son/brother/father. Best scenario for some people is to be bachelors.


Went to the bball game last night, sat right behind Ray Ray, Franklin, Gordan, Philips, Holmes, Dye. Cool seeing them all out together......wished them luck in the bowl game. For the game itself they love that 3ball. Scott#1 good player real ugly shoot....good win though 8-0




Cat 5 Cane

Welll, I've read most of the posts and caught up...

Sorry it happened to him but... for some, the best part of breaking-up is making-up! and hope it works out for the kids.

Haven't read all the articles and don't know how Tiger ended up in the tree but I have visions of seeing his wife running down the street with club in hand, chasing the car while breaking windows!

Ohhh Shiit!




Cat 5 Cane

Where's Truth when you need him...?


Cat 5 as sad as the situation is....that vision is just laugh out loud funny....especially in that uppity neighborhood they live in....she went all out Apopka....

Cat 5 Cane

... Yeah... U should have seen me laughing as I wrote it!... almost spilt my coffee!


Someone once told me swingers have lower divorce rates than nonswingers because both get some on the side with no deception or cheating going on. It is a mutual sexual thing. CC your logic would work if a man was thinking with the head above his shoulders. My 17 year old is dating and my advice to him is remember that girl is someones daughter and trat her like you would like someone to treat your mother.


At least we all know Tigers wife can get ghetto because she 9 ironed his ass. FORE

Cat 5 Cane

I guess we'll know soon enough... lets see if Tiger orders his next car with High Impact Windows!

Old Skool

Regarding Elin Woods.
Is that where the term whack job comes from?


Miami basketball:

1. No offensive strategy
2. Awful execution
3. Terrible coaching
4. Ugly performance

Miami trails 30-25 to Minnesota at the half. Nothing has changed since last year.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 02, 2009 at 08:19 PM



Whoh runs this space???

I do... b*Tches! LMAO - just playing. Morning folks!


I love how people have to justify certain things to make them sleep better at night....

W/e helps you guys get through.

Matt Drudge

Posted by: canechic | December 03, 2009 at 06:52 AM

On what basis how can one approve of sex between two adults who are not married and not the ones outside of marriage? I don't think one can argue from a moral angle against one or the other. If one were to say, one shouldn't have any sexual relationship outside of marriage, then that is a more consistent position. Having many boyfriends/ girlfriends breaking up/ breaking down isn't a philosophically consistent.

I understand the daughter/ son angle, but I think selfishness drives some of these things, and then people rationalize, particularly when they're not satisfied with what they got. canesteeler mentioned swingers, then there are gang-bangers etc. What about them?

CSM, thinking we are not animals is not a accurate position either. We are animals that are capable of controlling our urges to varying degrees is probably a better representation. Now when you talk about varying degrees, one man's garbage is another man's treasure.

Philosophically, I like the christian position though whether I accept it or not. I think all of us are sinners and need salvation and help from outside of us seems more philosophically palatable.


The basic principle is just because something feels good, and we have urges to do it doesn't make it right.

You guys know what is right and what is wrong.

Yes we have chemicals and all kinds of stuff that fuels attraction and desire, but we have the god given ability to make intelligent decisions in life.

All of you who are saying this is just natural are buying an excuse to make you feel better. Same way a theif justifies stealing, a killer justifies murdering and a liar justifies lying.


and I never said sleeping around with a bunch of women was right or natural either...

I was just agreeing with canechic that if you can't stop sleeping around. DON"T GET MARRIED!

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