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January 12, 2010



Numero Uno


Snap into a Slim Jim!

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

I wish I could make that event



Is it safe yet?

Posted by: The Truth | January 12, 2010 at 07:36 PM

No it is NOT!

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

So around here in the 813/727 its looking more and more like Skip Holtz is the front runner for the USF job

Oh how sweet that would be, to crush another Holtz again!!!!!!!

I hope his pappi is there to witness it

The Truth


I'll wait till you sip a little more of whatever you're drinking...


Going against Nix and Chandler, it was great knowing they had decommitted from Miami, because when I went against Chandler in one-on-one and beat him I then hit him across the helmet and said "You know what that's for."

--Shane McDermott

I like this guy already.

Posted by: miamimike01 | January 12, 2010 at 06:09 PM

That is AWESOME! An O lineman with some BALLZ! Let's Go Canes!





(dumb question) Will U be attending?


Hahaha, ah man, I went back to read some more comments and it was like a big ass block of a swiss cheese blog - big holes everywhere where people commented on the earlier subject, missing all over the place


The things I miss while at work!


Smooth Beaver.

Yeah, I said it.


The things I miss while at work!

Posted by: canechic | January 12, 2010 at 07:58 PM

U and me both! Be glad, it got UGLY.


I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump n grind.


Snap into a Slim Jim!

Posted by: shwarma | January 12, 2010 at 07:35 PM

Oooooh Yeahhhh!


MM01...not sure yet. I am scheduled to be in North Florida that week, not the 305. I may have the JSQ cover it for The Space.

That is if I reinstate her after today? LOL

I have a bunch of basketball and baseball games already scheduled for my South Florida run later in Feburary, March and April.


When the cat is away, SOUP............


I think we've got Christian Thomas coming for his visit on the 16th. He's one of the better TE prospects out there and is from CA. However, like the snippet I put in a few d/a from scout:

Even if he's interested there could be some hurdles. According to ITU, Zach Swanson has now moved the U to the top of his list (TE who decommitted from Stanford over the last two weeks), so we have some options. There are apparently a few other TE options out there, but I wouldn't count on them.

This kid from Beach High looks like a bundle of raw talent. Hopefully he ends up working out better than Adderley did as far as our Bahamian U students go. Physically he looks like a man among boys.

Great to have Morris officially coming in as an EE. It will be a good time to have both true backups there to get lots of reps and for Morris to learn the system. Quite an opportunity on this team for a true freshman. Hopefully there will never again be the type of opportunity Jacory and Marve had given what Coker left us with.

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

If any Buc fans are around in here

Its going to come down to Morgan from Gtech and Mccoy from the Spooners

Morgan=Gaines Adams without the long neck
Mccoy is better but still bullied by lesser linemen

I feel for the fans because its going back to the Culverhouse days


Soup is going to have to apply for a Childcare Licence before next season rolls around.

Sorry I missed the circus, dam fool that I am I went out and worked all day.


back after dinner


I know it had to be done SOUP, but reading that was one of the funniest 30 minutes ever.

Aight back to American Idol


Hurriphin302-4-305 - I can translate a little of what was said, ha

#96 Curtis Porter - "They talk too much, but we fixed that though ... you see the jersey?"

#34 CJ Holton - no freakin clue, ask mac albuquerque to decipher it b/c he was talking like he had peanut butter in his mouth

#85 Hankie - "Number 1 baby"

#24 Chavez Grant - "We ran this town tonight baby"

#44 CMac - "Good to come back homeee"

#74 Big Ass Franklin - "Shouts out to Toronto Canada, 416 ..... I will now go destroy Tokyo for awakening me from my sleep with nuclear bomb testing". Well, he didn't say the last part, but his Godzilla sized self was thinking it, I know it

Baby J was talking about e-mock-o-leee .. Aldarius was screamin 305 til I die .. Damien Berry was talking about the Canes being back .. Dedrick Epps was about to bust out some "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe"



what # pick the Bucs got?

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)



I love it when the Spacettes start ish'!!

SOUP shuts the fellas down in a heartbeat, however he can only punish the ladies but so much.....


Guessing you have Suh or McClain 1 and 2nd? Otherwise go with either of those guys


Good lookin' Six! You know I gotta tease you hillbilly, beach boys when I get the chance.


Mel Kiper didn't have McClain in the top 6 (prior to the Insider access) so maybe I am over valuing him.

Berry could be a good option too.


I know it had to be done SOUP, but reading that was one of the funniest 30 minutes ever.

Posted by: moneycane | January 12, 2010 at 08:14 PM

Listen, I LMAO reading it. But it can't be.

ITU is drowning in criticism. Gary is barely getting by. Manny is struggling. Shandel is well, Shandel.

We have the bull by the horns. We have to show it, and earn it. The Holy Grail is there for the taking.

I can't let anything stop us now...


SOUP shuts the fellas down in a heartbeat, however he can only punish the ladies but so much.....

Posted by: Hurriphin302-4-305 | January 12, 2010 at 08:22 PM

U know how it go. ;-)



Something I noticed in that vid and something I've sorta noticed just from what I see on TV, but it seems like #11 keeps to himself. He was walking behind Swasey and Regis. I never really see him too excited or socializing with other players. Truth can you shed light on that? If #11 sort of a loner?

Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

They both have Suh and Berry 1 and 2

Then either Morgan or Mccoy going 3rd

Thats going to set the Bucs back another year or 2


I'd love to see big Frank' vs Ultraman, or against Voltron, or the Power Rangers, when they combine to form that Voltron rip-off they've got.


Kiffin to USC and staff.

HillViewCane aka Wyatt Gallery aka Bear Grylls

I go away and decide to come back and check on the blog and notice 1 post for every 3 I saw earlier. Lol classic lunch. Couldn't find and old school box juice to wash it down with though.



Won't be long before #11 is walking around in street clothes, with his helmet and dark visor on, like Sticky Icky Ricky used to do.

Big Red

Wow,whats Rocky Top gonna do now? That has to hurt.


bg you're right. I didn't even notice AB. It's nothing wrong with being a quite person, but I don't think the team is making him an outsider.


moneycane - I've shot a few Cane games, whenever they're close, the sports department knows that I'm gonna go .. even if it's on my day off .. I usually already have the credentials waiting before I even have to apply for them

The job has lots of perks, no doubt, if only it paid more .. but isn't that basically every job. Get to talk to players, coaches, etc. off camera and build some relationships. Get to see how other media people perform/act and listen to their questions, listen to their thoughts while waiting for a press conference/post game conference or during halftime in the food room. You get tested by the newspaper/photographer morons that don't know the protocol on the sidelines ... if you notice in that shot I had of Brandon Harris intercepting the ball, it looked shaky as hell b/c I was trying to move to my left some as I was zoomed in all the way on a 2X zoom lens - b/c some photographer jackholes stepped in my line of sight of the field. There's a reason there is a dotted line for the media to stand behind - if everyone adheres to that line, it's just like seats in a stadium, everyone can see .. but if one or two people move beyond that line, then the people behind them get screwed out of a shot. You don't know how many times I've yelled at people or have heard other camera guys yell at people - and it's 98% newspaper honks or if it's high school games, it's the dumb parents who get in your way when they shouldn't even be on the sidelines in the first place. They'll be down there with their handheld video cameras, getting all up in your way - I've yelled at a few of them as well. I have a job to do, I get paid, your kid is getting free pub on television in a top 13 market in the nation if you just get the hell out of my way ... and believe me, your camera work is a hell of a lot worse than mine is, so you'll be even lucky to make out that it was little Johnny who made a tackle b/c the parents usually have it zoomed all the way in and it looks like the movie "Cloverfield" with the shaky camera that makes you want to puke

Everytime though that I've been to a Canes game, right behind the bench, listening to the players - man, they really are pretty close in their units and as a team as well. There are a couple you see that look a little down at times, probably b/c they're not out on the field ... and during a game, you might see just one or two peeps sitting by themselves (mainly kickers/punters). But I've seen them pumping each other up all the time, celebrating, teaching each other, yelling at others to get their ass over there to listen to what coach is saying, etc.

You should've seen my man Ojomo and Bowling Ball Pat Hill walking around with Coop during the Champs Game. While Coop was hobbling around on crutches, they were right on either shoulder of him, like Secret Service, helping him out. A little kid came up to Coop on the sidelines, asked for an autograph, Pat Hill talked to the kid and was joking with him, Ojomo put his paw on the kids head and shook it around, Coop signed the autograph. Was cool to see


Talked to my GT pals today at work.
Now that all their decent players and DC are leaving, they are already convinced we will stomp them into the ground again next season.
They say it's Miami for the Coastal next year.

We get a shot at Virginia Tech on a nice clear 75 degree day we roll.



Good ol Kiffin.

Very strange year!!

I don't like Tubbs at TT either.


Sebastian(2001U G.O.A.T.)

Speaking of the sticky icky

I see Broadway Joes daughter got caught with a little of the hippy lettuce

Updated Jan 11, 2010 2:23 PM ET
Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath's 19-year-old daughter has been arrested in South Florida.

Olivia Namath faces charges of possession of liquor by a person under 21 and two counts of possession of marijuana, including possession with the intent to sell. She has been released on bond.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, a deputy smelled marijuana in a car driven by Namath during a traffic stop Sunday. Authorities found bags containing a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana in the car's floor board and trunk. They also found a bottle of rum and beer bottles.

The deputy's narrative states that Namath denied knowing about the drugs.

A message left with Joe Namath's attorney was not immediately returned.


Damn, if it wasn't for this Taylor kid, I would've forgot that they even play football at Da' Beach any more. I remember when I was in HS in the 90's Da' Beach used to field some pretty good squads. The last significant name that I remember coming out of there was Devin Bush who went to FSU...


Who wants to go to USC with all the allegations comin through there???

A lot of questionable moves right before signing day.

I am shocked at this one.



WOW @ Kiffin to USC. WTF? I don't get it. Bet they just get a slap on the wrist as far as any punishment from the NCAA.


People get all wild about recruits playing games and switching back and forth but seem to forget that they get dikked around all the time by these coaches and programs.

It's a dirty dirty game.

And noone touches the Shaqtus.



bg1906 - ya, you know what brah, I've always noticed that as well about Arthur Brown from games on television and also games I've been right up there on the Canes bench. I didn't really think twice about it, b/c when I was down there on the field, Arthur always had his helmet just off the top of his head, ready to pull right down and run onto the field .... everytime I have seen him, he's always staring at the field, watching, studying I'm guessing. I never have seen him sitting on the bench, sulking or any crap like that - he's always standing right there, right behind the coaches or next to them real close to the field

I was watching him in pre-game drills before the USF game, if you remember some of the pics I posted, he was doing one-on-ones with Sharpton literally 3 feet in front of me. He was getting coached up by Sharpton and Lovett

I hope it all clicks for him and he gets out there. It's gotta be hard at times for him, just watching, but that's how it is sometimes. Think about the QB rotation that FSU used to have - you wouldn't start until you were a Junior basically, you'd sit and learn for 2 years. Weinke screwed up that rotation


Damn that says alot about Kiffin, but as if he wasnt causing enough trouble at UT he is walking into the problems at USC


Good staff replacing a good staff...sneaky Pete=krooked Kiffin.Whats BB going to do now?Can anyone say transfer?Miami?NAAAAH!! the"U"always

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